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  1. 4 hours ago, Yasmina said:

    They have officially done it in France. UK will shortly follow. Of course they always intended on this. It is in their agenda21 docs. 

    Do you think France is being used as a test ground to gauge public reaction? I cannot for the life of me see how the French people will put up with this?


    Update…….kicking off in France big time apparently.

  2. 3 hours ago, Daithi said:


    Yeah, 100% agree.


    We have seen attempts constantly too from government/shady forces to derail the marches as well as the obvious "illegality" of the earliest demoes due to full fat lockdowns. The BLM marches and last months extinction rebellion and NHS pay protests are suspiciously timed to coincide exactly with the start times of the anti-convid march in roughly the same area. But it is clear from June 26th what the bulk of people want to support on that day.


    The thuggish behaviour of the police as well has been changed completely by the marches. Until quite recently they were evil bastards on march days. But when the crowds got to the now massive sizes the police can't do shit anymore, just too many people.


    If anybody disagrees with my enthusiasm for the marches, no problem, but please I ask everybody to make sure they go to at least one march and see it first hand for themselves before they express a negative opinion.

    Out of likes but well said my friend!

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  3. Make sure you keep all corespondence concerning your employers and covid (emails, letters etc). If anything is said verbally ask them to either put it in writing or in an email so you can take time to read through it and not have to make any rash desicions (that way you have a copy of everything) Keep this information and back it up. Something tells me in years to come people/employees will be held to account for their actions and compensation will have to be awarded. I wouldn’t go around broadcasting you do this with your work colleagues who have sold their souls. Keep it to yourself.

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  4. 8 minutes ago, Seeker said:

    Not that I’m aware of, just keeps making more videos. I heard 9th November as a date for first hearing I think, was a while back he said it. Which in English dates is 9/11... maybe I’m looking too deeply at it


    Another thing to consider too, is that we see no sign of politicians being worried about him. They are rolling out, full steam ahead, tip toeing towards mandatory jabs. If they thought there was a chance of Nuremberg trials, they’d have taken steps back, but nope, full steam ahead... this could be a very cruel psyop, and if it is, I wonder how many of the guests are aware. On a potential positive, he is working with Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, who if I remember correctly, helped stop the rollout of the swine flu vaccines. As we keep saying, only time will tell, and the elite can throw the kitchen sink at him to stop it going to court. Power outages, alien invasion etc 

    It’s sad times to live when everyone is doubted because of public mistrust but I guess this is what ‘they’ want, everyone questioning everyone. Let’s hope this is legit. I have my doubts though sadly.

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  5. On 6/30/2021 at 2:48 PM, writer said:



    Deeply impressive explanation of the plan to create justice for humanity.  No less !!

    Broadcast Monday 24th May 2021. Reiner says in two to three weeks (-47:33) + (-42:43) we should see some movement on this? Is there any follow up on this? Seems yet another deadline not met……..?

  6. 1 hour ago, Mikheil said:

    So how do you stop the school bully. Ah yes, I know. Mass marches and peaceful protests.

    The school bully never bothered me, had he done so I would of dealt with it 😉

  7. 24 minutes ago, Michael said:


    Well if their job is to prevent an uprising, they do a terrible job at it.

    No one with a decent brain puts all their faith into a questionable court case that will be 99,9% dismissed, because courts and high courts are corrupted.

    In fact, no one really sits here and thinks: Lets wait for Mr. Fuellmilch and his case.

    We know that the only solution to this problem is solved by the people themself. Thats why we dont wait for anyone.


    It also wont be solved by a political party. I dont care about parties.

    They wont solve this problem.


    Reiner Fuellmilch basically talks a lot like everyone else does. His information is nothing new.

    David Ickes news is nothing new. There isnt a magic person that knows it all. Everyone just talks the same things basically. I simply fail to see what a supposed controlled opposition would gain out of it, if all they do is to keep saying what everyone else in the resistance already says.

    He just does what lies in his profession. He is a lawyer and thinks he can solve the problem this way. Not this time i suppose.


    What really keeps me personally thinking is why the official Icke webpage trusts Tucker Curlson a lot where there is real evidence, that Fox News is owned by a man named Mr. Murdoch, a Bilderberger.

    Do i trust a news outlet that is controlled by such a man?

    I dont think so. So thats where the real questions should start.

    Great points raised. I do however have to say Mr Icke does point out Carlsons short comings where he sees them.

    Look at sky News Austaralia, some pretty good stuff on there as well in between the obvious BS. I suppose if you see something of relevance broadcast by the MSM (a very rare evant) you want to share it with people, if nothing else it gives a glimmer of hope?

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  8. 6 minutes ago, Daithi said:


    Not sure I agree on the marches/demos. I'm pretty sure that if there had been no monthly marches in London then July19th would have seen no rollbacks. And the vibe on them is like nothing I have ever experienced. If you believe in vibrational frequencies like I do then the energy signature of the hundreds of thousands, possibly over a million is significant. Folk will not believe this point at all, but that's my faith and belief I guess rather than logic and intellect.

    I agree that government take note of public reaction BUT they only act accordingly at the time. They WILL push the agenda a little more each time until they reach their goal so I can see where Mikheil is coming from. Small steps....manageable reaction from public......small step...manageable reaction from public.......small step.......manageable reaction from the public......and on and on and on until goal reached!

  9. 18 hours ago, theanonymousbear said:

    out of curiosity, what are people sick with if there's no virus? i personally know a dozen people who have been sick with something they claim is worse than anything else they've ever had and were diagnosed with COVID but if there's no COVID, then what is it? these are educated people too of varying backgrounds and locations, and are not prone to being overdramatic or evidence symptoms of hypochondriasis or somatoform disorder. most of them are typically healthy too and some claim to still haven't fully regained their sense of smell or taste like they had before. 

    Did any die?

  10. 14 minutes ago, ItsTheTruthThough said:

    That was a well reported, in your face clear scare tactic. This is a quiet, not spoken about plan so seems rather different to me. When they want to scare you, they talk about it in the media and out it out there. 

    I hear what you are saying but I have heard/ read about it, you obviously have and so we must assume have countless others? Who is to say it will not be ramped up a notch or two as flu season gets closer? My guess is no doubt it will, they used the exact same tactic last year.

    To me the story is doing it's rounds and in doing so, doing it's job of scaring the shite out of the elderly etc etc wether it is true, false, going to happen, not going to happen or who is reporting on it, it has been 'put out' for a reason.


    My concern is that apparently a great majority of the country are now vaccinated and they are still scared by the MSM even though they are 'protected'? Quite unbelievable really.

  11. I am wondering if these passports will ever materialise?


    If you notice they only raise them when they are in 'push' mode to get people jabbed, it then goes quiet for weeks or months and low and behold up pops the passport again ready for the next 'push'. 


    Firstly is there any government in the world who could make this work logistically? F'in doubt it, they have the intelligence of a peanut.


    Secondly, and although no legal expert, I am not sure how the UK government would stand if this was imposed on the people then challenged. I would imagine it is a minefield for them legally and they would have been advised as such.


    The only reason they bring up passports every couple of months is to try and get a few more think......I may as well do it otherwise.......I won't be able to go on holiday....yet I can still go with just a test because of the legalities behind it all 😉 and they know it!


    I ignore it as I do anything the government says, as they seem to say what they like when it suits them.

    They act like the school bully. No self confidence, no belief in themselves and just want to use bully boy tactics to stop anyone challenging them.

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  12. On 7/13/2021 at 9:33 AM, Mr M said:

    I commute daily on a route used by ambulances to reach the local hospital. I'm seeing a significant increase in ambulance and paramedic traffic, higher than last year at this time.




    I wonder how many of these you are seeing are as a result of people not going to the doctors, being diagnosed or having treatment/ operations in hospitals over the last 17 months (millions upon millions of people) and are now dropping like flies? I wonder how many in those ambulances are there because of recent treatments administered?


    It is pretty obvious as we are nearing flu season here in the UK there is a build up of fear again in the MSM Isn't it?




  13. On 7/13/2021 at 8:08 AM, ItsTheTruthThough said:


    Interesting the government are advertising for a mass temporary body storage to be built - they expect it too. 


    What, you mean like the Nightingale hospitals they made a big thing of last year before flu season to scare the shite out of people? Oooops forgot to add......that were never used!

  14. 50 minutes ago, JH8520 said:

    I am used to it in the last 6 years or so. I guess once i started to open my mind and perspective on so many things that aren't the main stream narrative I have been meet with the same response. 


    Same here initially. However my wife who for years and years used to give me the rolling eyes and tell the kids I am off on another one has, to my absolute amazement opened her mind and does not believe a word of this C19. In the very beginning we were both warey about what was happening but after a few weeks I told her I would not be having any vaccines and to my total amazement she said neither will she! To say I was amazed is an understatement. The rest of the extended family, well it is up to them what they do. I personally am not interested who has or has not had it. We are all adults, all the information is out there. You make your choice, you live by your decision. The best thing my mum ever said to me!

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  15. This is in NO WAY a criticism of this forum or others like it but I do wonder, how many people visit forums such as this one looking for reassurance and reassurance alone?

    How many people are hoping to see a 'breaking news' post that will link them to an actual court case concerning C19? How many people are hoping for a post from a group of doctors who have come together in great numbers to say they are no longer taking part in this? How many people are just living in hope that SOMEONE ELSE is doing the work that needs to be done to overcome this?




  16. 8 hours ago, Seeker said:

    Do we know what his situation was with Deutsche Bank? 


    Ive watched quite a few of Reiner Fuellmich’s videos, because a lot of really good info comes out from them, which can help wake people up, if it’s not already too late... 


    im on the fence with him, I guess he is recording the videos, so we can spread the info easily. Or he’s got us eating popcorn. Only time will tell, I think our only way out of this is revolt. None of this ‘opening the heart’ bollocks, because that doesn’t wash with this tyranny incoming. This is war, and it’s time we did something about it. 



    I have to agree. Up until the beginning of this week I felt protest was the way to sway this.......now I am not so sure if anything can be done?

  17. 1 hour ago, MoonPhase said:

    I cant see the advantage of Reiner being there to mislead us, why would they allow such damming info into the public domain when other lawyers and individuals could use such info to start their own proceedings. I just watched the video concerning patents for example, it contains verifiable information which proves premeditation at high levels. Reiner said in another video that the Pharmaceutical companies are not free from litigation if it can be proved they knowingly released a harmful vaccine, Dr. Robert Malone, creator of mRNA vaccine technology and also Dr. Peter McCullough are now on video saying they knew from the beginning that bio-distribution studies on rats showed spike proteins were toxic and accumulated in many organs primarily the ovary's.


    I understand that it may be thought the purpose of Reiner is for people to pin false hopes on him therefore taking no action themselves but him releasing so much evidence can only be a disadvantage for the scum behind this whole thing. 



    An advantage of buying time maybe?


    Every day that passes is another nail in our coffins. I think the time this is all taking is highly suspicious indeed and that is what is worrying a lot of people now who first thought this was all legit.


    I hope I am wrong, but as with Covid something just does not feel right about this whole Reiner thing.



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  18. 8 hours ago, wideawake said:


    You have a link for that? I would love to read/hear about it.

    One thing to consider is if that is the case that he is fighting the cabal and not playing us, the court system will drag its feet to process a case against the elites. Not to mention how much work it involves to get as many reliable and scientific proofs that it is a scam. If it was to go like a Nuremberg II, it's a big apple to chew...

    I had a quick look last night for a link but with the internet the way it is, it will take some time. I vaguely remember Mr Icke commenting on it....maybe I read it in one of his books? Pretty sure it was something on Youtube. In the mean time maybe somone from Mr Ickes team or anyone who has read or heard could step in and correct me if I am wrong or provide a link. I am not here to say "he said or she said", it is pointless.


  19. On 7/8/2021 at 9:25 PM, Mikheil said:

    The public DEMAND more lockdowns, more masks. You should wear them in bed. EVERYTHING must be shut down. Stay in your home, Amazon will deliver food to your home by drone. The Foodbank will deliver food by drone (if they remember). Close all schools and universities. Brainwashing is easier online (subliminal advertising - OBEY).


    Ban all protests (except BLM and Global Warming). NO travel. ALL shops closed. All business closed (except Amazon)


    Monthly booster vaccines. Make sure that any newborn babies get "The Jab" IF there are any


    IT'S DEADLY and it's coming for YOU!


    Don't worry, you won't have to pay, nor will your grandchildren They'll all be fucking DEAD!

    F’ing Talk ‘bollocks’ radio today had a presenter saying that the government should come out and say the vaccine is as safe as it can be then make it mandatory so that 18-25 yr olds get it. His argument basically boiled down to women on the pill can get blood clots! F’in unbelievable people lap this shite up.

  20. On 7/1/2021 at 3:57 PM, Mikheil said:

    Absolutely. ALL these so-called "Lawyers for Freedom" have one purpose and one purpose only.


    They are they to keep you having false hope. Having false hope will prevent an uprising. 


    An analogy :


    In the late 1980's back in South Africa, the white population were getting very militant with Chrome Dome de Klerk, poised to hand South Africa on a plate to a bunch of child murdering terrorists. There was a political Party called the AWB, led by Eugene Terreblanche who was preaching violence and the overthrow of the government. More and more people (both black and white) were joining.


    Another high profile politician, Andries Treurnicht, actually walked out of Parliament and started a new political Party called "The Conservative Party". The premise of the Conservative Party was NO Violence. Peaceful Demonstrations. Refuse to vote in the upcoming Referendum. He assured everyone, that only as a very last resort, would they support any violence. Several high-ranking military generals were among the prominent.


    They had massive rallies, massive demonstrations (all very peaceful) Violence is not the answer, they said. The AWB should be shunned and so it went on.


    There was only one teeny problem. Andries and Chrome Dome had agreed that the new Conservative Party should be featured as prominently as possible and people should be encouraged ro join.


    What was the actual effect of the Conservative Party? EVERYONE was fooled, They truly expected the CP to stop SA being given away. What did they actually DO?


    FUCK ALL! But it worked, South Africa went with a whimper, not even a shot was fired..


    If this doesn't ring bells with Fuellmicht and Doctors for Freedom and all that shit, then you deserve all you get.


    BTW - I see almost ALL of these "Freedom" Parties are now handing out the begging-bowl now for support. I'm getting one or more emails every week trying to pry money out of me. They can go fuck themselves!


    I guess you'll all be giving generously so they can join the rich and powerful. 


    Because of the shite we could see coming in SA we moved to the UK in the mid 80’s. I have followed how they operate all my life and I totally agree with this Mikheil.  Absolutely spot on. A great example of how things work worldwide……….Apart from the obvious shite, Trump is a great example…..people banging on he will change things……oh right when he get’s elected in a few years time…..ok we will just wait for that. Don’t be f’ing idiots in a few years it will be too late…..and that idiot will not change one damn thing anyway.

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