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  1. 1 hour ago, Golden Retriever said:

    Italy is to make it compulsory for all workers to have a Covid "green pass" - proof of vaccination, a negative test or recovery from the virus.

    The measures are a first for Europe and some of the strictest in the world.

    Anyone without a pass will reportedly face suspension from work and may have their pay stopped after five days.

    The measure, due to come into force on 15 October



    Jesus Christ this is now moving at a very worrying pace. I think we all knew this was coming but this quickly? I thought we would have a least a few more months of the media terrifying the sleepers then this shite being brought in to justify something.

    Is this panic by the b@stards running for the finish line because they know the game is up? Whatever, the people need to put a stop to this. FFS cannot believe this.


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  2. To be honest I have lost faith in this. Yet another table, with people sat around talking to a computer screen.


    Why are we not getting any updates on actual court proceedings? Nothing at all! The last video I watched showed Fuellmich saying we would be seeing some results in weeks.....I think that was around 3 months ago?!? Nothing since?!? No updates, no explanations.......NOTHING! 


    This stuff is just giving people false hope, who might otherwise act differently if they were not 'relying' or rather 'WAITING' on Fuellmich.


    I have said on this forum on more than one occasion this needs to be addressed by David and/or Gareth. What do they think? Will Fuellmich be interviewed by Gareth and Gareth ask some tough questions? Please!!!!


    As I see it if this is not addressed then it is working as a tactic by the cult (if indeed that what it is) and certain people's silence is putting us all at a disadvantage and playing right into 'their' hands.


    Please, Please David or Gareth tackle this subject (hopefully word will get to you).....if you know a reason as to why we are not getting regular updates by Fuellmich or his team then let us know. If you're dubious let us know. Please just let us know your thought on this.




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  3. 11 hours ago, DarianF said:

    Potential 'game-changer' from the Fair Work Commission, Australia



    Official Facebook video, Tanya Davies MP:



    Fair Work Commission [DECISION] – 27 SEPTEMBER 2021:



    MP – Parliamentary Profile:


    Thanks for posting.......Looks interesting. Let's hope it's not yet another red herring that comes to nothing.

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  4. 14 hours ago, Mikheil said:

    Dream on!

    You do not think that companies will suddenly be held accountable for things like this in the future? Interesting.

    How many small businesses that survive this shit now and have decided to dismiss those who are not vacced (because they are afraid of being closed down if they do not) who are then in future taken to court for discrimination will survive that as well?.....The fines, the negative publicity etc etc. The 'little man' will be finished.


    Mikheil in a lot of posts you ask people what they have done.....and you also answer for them FUCK ALL.


    Can I ask WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Or is your contribution just telling people they have done FUCK ALL. In which case you have done FUCK ALL😂


  5. Always sceptical with this stuff. Will we see them locking down in a couple of months because cases are rising. Then world governments telling their citizens to look at what happened with Denmark and Norway when they opened up. I have learnt to question everything and not trust any government.

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  6. On 9/15/2021 at 1:32 AM, PerpetualBS said:

    So, I live in Australia and my workplace has issued us all a form that we are required to fill out regarding our vaccine status. It asks for evidence of the fully vaccinated, evidence and follow up appointment dates of the partially vaccinated and an explanation and medical exemption from the unvaccinated. There is no option for personal opinions. 
    I have spoken to the union and they said it is a “reasonable request” and that I’m required to fill it out. 
    not only does this breach my privacy, there are no “legitimate medical exemptions” that I am aware of for these death jabs. I am well aware that this is just a precursor to mandatory vaccination. I work in retail and I guarantee you the company I work for will not enforce mandatory vaccinations for customers. Can anyone help me? Is this legal? What should I write? 

    Only thing I can suggest is LEAVE. Make sure you keep all paperwork/ letters/ emails regarding this and back them up!!!!! There WILL come a time when you will be able to claim for discrimination for this stuff. May seem unbelievable at the moment but the time will come when you get pay back.

  7. As I mentioned in a previous topic, I remember Mr Icke once talked about how VW had been set up to practically force them in to electric cars (emissions scandal) My alarm bells were ringing when I learned Mr Fuellmich was involved in the VW demise, yet now he was going to save humanity......ok maybe that's a bit strong but you can guess what I mean. Deep down I think I knew this was all a scam. Having done a bit more research I am now more than convinced it was a scam designed for the very reasons Mikheil mentions in the above response. It would be interesting to get an opinion from Gareth or David on how they think the Fuellmich route is going? There has been nothing but silence on what, looked like the only saviour? The silence is deafening....if this is thought to be a scam shouldn't people be told?????

  8. I do not want to criticise Mr Fuellmich BUT nothing of his work seems to be coming to fruition. Am I missing something? Are we not hearing anything because cases are live and he does not want to jeopardise anything? I am done with watching him and a few others sat around a table skyping somone, asking the usual questions then moving on to the next person…..what is happening or was it all q-annon style trickery to quell the plebs for a few more months?

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  9. Have read ‘The new church of Christ’ apposes vaccines. Not read into it much as yet but may be helpful for those who might choose the religion route. I wonder how schools would stand if parents contacted them arguing it would be an infringement on their and the childs beliefs to vaccinate their child/children?

  10. Is It because of Covid 19 and what this scamdemic will do to human society if WE do not make a stand?


    I think things happen in all our lives for a reason. The other day I wondered why I was led to Mr Icke many, many years ago?


    I first became interested in Mr Icke when I was twenty years of age. A mere youngster enjoying life to its fullest. I had absolutely no interest in politics or 'conspiracies'. Yet quite by chance (and it was definitely not a programme I would normally watch) I happened to see the Wogan show where Wogan and the audience tried to bully, humiliate and destroy Mr Icke. I remember some of my family members commenting he was nuts, but I disagreed. From then on I followed Mr Icke as best I could with the information available at the time. In the last twenty+ years Mr Icke has become more and more a factor in my life and I could not understand why a man I had never met who many thought was nuts kept appearing in my mind/thoughts. Thoughts to look at this, look at that, read this book, watch that video...........and here we are 30+ years later faced with the biggest threat to humanity the world has and will ever see. For me personally I now know why I was led to Mr Icke.


    See you ALL London September 18 2021.

  11. On 8/28/2021 at 6:54 AM, ChristopherB said:

    I have read a lot of David Icke's books, and listened to many interviews, though by no means all - so I will give an answer to 'Who the spiders are', as well as I can.


    First of all, I think it is a great question, and only someone who has gone into the subject of David Icke's research, to some degree, will pick up on. 


    I think the answer will touch upon the concept of 'reality' which, I understand is David Icke's main interest above and beyond global conspiracy.


    The basic answer, I would say is that David Icke simply doesn't know!! Sounds strange, but we are talking about the spider rather than the shadow organisations around it, and then the organisations coming out of that which will hit the cusp of public knowledge. But also, I would say that David Icke didn't know what *exactly* happened on 9/11! But the amazing thing is that that is not so important. He demolishes the official story to such an extent that he will have a fairly good idea of what happened on 9/11, and more importantly how the thing was controlled by the few people at the top, and thus have a strong handle on how the few can control the many. This is a big message that came to me from his book, 'The Trigger'. And of course, if such a worldwide conspiracy has been carried out before, it is certainly the case with the Covid-19 scam.


    Now, back to the spider. What it is, or more accurately what I see David Icke believes it is (and this will be a fairly well-founded opinion coming from him) is a distorted consciousness (ie: one very much disconnected from the absolute oneness of everything) which is either the matrix itself, or that which created the matrix (I don't know which). The matrix being a computer simulated hologram which is probably a bad copy of another computer simulated hologram that itself is probably being based on oneness reality (which doesn't vibrate). The differences between the two computer simulations (bad copy Vs good copy) could be summed up by the example of nature's struggle for existence. For example, in the bad copy, animals have to eat each other in order to survive. Many creatures have the right colours and markings to trap others (David Icke in 'Infinite Love is the only truth... everything else is illusion' says this 'evolution' is actually the matrix program and nothing to do with Charles Darwin). We see this in nature programmes. In the good copy, there will not be this struggle for existence and something like breathing would be enough to survive as air contains energy whilst here in the bad copy, we get energy from the gross body of things. Now this bad copy will be a food source (fear generated by the struggle for existence) for the distorted consciousness that feeds of it - that is why it has created the matrix (or indeed is it the matrix itself?). Though perhaps the interspace (space between dimensions where these reptiles appear to live/exist) is just stuff contained within the matrix itself and not the source of the matrix.


    The next stage from the interspaces, would be the channelling from that realm down to the earthly one. I remember David Icke said in his early books about dark magicians doing this, but here we will have reptilian/human hybrids = royal lines - families - illuminati and the concept of pure blood lines and the pyramid system.


    Now, as far as I see, David, like 9/11, does not know exactly, but can give such a good educated hunch as to deem of great substance his research work for the last 30 years on this, when he talks about how it works and therefore provide some insight as to how we can get out of this.


    For instance he was saying in 'Infinite love...' that the matrix works on things that vibrate and thus polarization/ playing one side off against the other is how they generate their food source, but if we transcend that and take both sides and calm that vibration down then their food dries up. This is why David doesn't want people to become radical about this and why his focus in on helping people just coming out of this illusion rather than just banging one's head against the brick wall trying to convince someone fast asleep. So his method seems to play in with his philosophy.


    I have rambled a bit, but hope I have made myself reasonably clear. There is a lot I don't understand too well especially bits about trying to communicate with a quiet voice within (David Icke says this at the end of the book, 'The Answer'), but I do get a strong sense that connection with reality (what I call 'trying to become sane') is the positive way forward in this, and very recently, David Icke has been saying that he will be writing more about the concept of reality especially as he believes many deaths will be coming from the vaccine itself and people will need this on whichever side (vaccinated or non-vaccinated), they are. I thin in the last two weeks, he went up to Derby to film a 13-part series on this very concept 'reality'.


    I don't know these guys well at all, but I get my information from, as I said at the start, his books and the interviews he does and I am picking up some stuff which is useful to me (trying to become sane), and I hope it is of use to anyone else.

    Interesting read. Thanks.

  12. There seems to me to be an increasing number of people asking David who is who within the spiders web. Who knows what? What level are they? Some ask who the spider(s) are?


    My personal opinion is (and that is all it is), is that maybe now (in the current situation we find ourselves in) is the time for David to write a book revealing what his decades upon decades of research has turned up about who or rather what the spider(s) are. Where do they come from? How does the spider(s) operate? For example, are they known and seen by the inner, inner core as they appear or do they shape shift into something the inner, inner cores understand? Do the inner, inner cores actually know who or what they answer to?


    I wonder if people could handle the truth at this level? It would be a fascinating read that's for sure to see who or what is at the centre of the web and who knows what and their part and position at each strand of the web.


    I just think now is the time for this information to be put out there to allow us to face the challenge of the next couple of years with the full knowledge of what we are dealing with. More importantly the information could be used one day in the future (maybe for future generations) to hold those responsible to account.

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  13. Been a member here for quite a while but did not notice this topic section!


    Although I have experienced a few things through my life which I have questioned did that really happen? Or did I really see/hear that?


    I thought I would share my most recent experience. The best part is my wife was with me and experienced exactly the same thing.


    About four years ago my wife and I were sat in our living room having a chat. No tv on, no radio on, no pc on. Our stairs were towards the back of the living room off to the left hand side, with the door to them open. During our chat I heard a young boys voice slightly louder than a whisper calling: "mum" "mum". It was so clear it took me by total surprise, as if the child was trying to get my wife's attention away from our conversation. Thinking rationally I said absolutely nothing to my wife apart from asking did you hear that? To my surprise she said she had. So I asked her who did you hear and what was said? She said it was a little boy sat on the bottom of the stairs calling: "mum", "mum". I was absolutely stunned. Like I say I have experienced quite a few things in my life that I have doubted, but to have a witness with me was just way out there and just confirmed to me death is not to fear and that there is much, much more out there on different levels/frequencies.


    We had another experience of his voice talking normally as if he was talking to another child in one of our back bedrooms, when I walked towards the door to open it he stopped talking as if he knew I was approaching. I also had the kitchen light switch physically move to the off position......I heard the 'click' of the switch and the light went out! On turning around I expected to see my wife fooling around, but I went through to the front room and said why did you turn the kitchen light out? She said she had not been near the kitchen.


    We lived in the house for about eight years and it was only once we decided to move and had sold our house (a process here in the UK that took two months) that the child made us aware he was there. Not sure why he did not make himself known earlier?


    We have since moved from that house. People may think I am stupid but I felt I was leaving something behind so as we left the house for the final time I loudly said to the boy that if he wanted to join us in our new home he was more than welcome to come with us. We left and very sadly in our new home neither I or my wife have experienced anything so far with the young child. Maybe he is here and will make himself known when/if he feels he needs to. I hope he is here and I hope one day he let's us know, it would be great!

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  14. Apologies if this has been covered. I have searched but to no avail.


    Maybe it might be helpful to some if they had a 'religion' to 'follow' that is against medical interventions/ vaccines. Discrimination of the anti State Injections is one level but religious discrimination moves it to a whole different level along the lines of Nazis Germany in peoples eyes maybe (even those who have had the State Injections)?


    So exemption through religion? Exempt from the State Injections because of it?  What are peoples thoughts on it and what religions would apply (if any!)?




  15. 1 hour ago, bamboozooka said:

    the sun had the article



    and bbc news had the telegraph front page showing it


    i looked on telegraph twitter to see the comments but theres only a handful of them.

    twitter will no doubt delete comments they dont like

    I wonder how many other 'covid' things will be introduced or ignored whilst the distraction of Afghanistan takes place. Absolutely shocking.


  16. For years I was feeling up and down about Brexit and the tactics used to ignore 'democracy' hmmm hmm and the remainers, the demonisation, the lies etc etc etc. Aren't we seeing exactly the same thing with the latest BS that is Covid (apparently).


    I have learn't more about myself over the last decade, which has surprised me. Little me NO MORE ;)


    We will come through this, as we did (kind of) with Brexit.....ok Brexit bollocks BUT the scum did not get what they totally wanted from that.......for now?


    As has been well documented recently, the next few years will be extreme, and demonisation, blame, segregation will be notched up to 11 compared to the Brexit BS remainers endured. Some will cope, some will not, harsh but true. When we reach the other side of this there is a better world waiting if WE take the opportunities this presents to us.


    Just my opinion!

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