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  1. Looking at the traffic in my city and people walking past each other on pavements, but even more important of all is the panic within and the lengths the msm and the usual suspects in government are trying to ‘convince’ people how serious Covid 19 is. I have noticed this today especially. Why are they doing it? They do it because they can see people are seeing through this bs (would they need to tell us how dangerous covid 19 was if it really were as deadly as they say?) I would say a very high percentage think it is BS. One thing for sure......any surveys which will no doubt soon start appearing are total and utter BS and that you can guarantee!

  2. 3 minutes ago, rs1978 said:

    If this virus is real then why hasn't it been isolated to prove it exists or can anyone prove it has ?

    Your absolutely correct. Not one country in the world can prove it exists. I think it was forty or so freedom info requests made and not one (who could be bothered responding) could provide correct proof. Amazing isn’t it!

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  3. 15 minutes ago, rideforever said:


    I remember Thalidomide being a horrific thing that was taught to people ... but I doubt many know about it any more. 

    In fact there are indications that another vaccine has caused Covid, namely the yearly flushot ... this is now heavily promoted around the world but seems to cause as a byproduct a weakness in immunity towards Coronaviruses.  There was a big study by the US military last year that discovered this ... if you had flushot you have 36% higher chance of getting a coronavirus infection ... and imagine if millions of people around the world get flushots.

    Also in Bergamo N.Italy ... they had a major death in Spring from Covid, and the only unique feature about Bergamo is that there was a special meningitis vaccine given to that city only ... about 1 month before Covid hit.  So it seems the vaccines have the byproduct of weakening your immunity for other things.

    Canadian CDC also found that the flushot had weakened the immunity of Canadians making them more likely to get H1N1 bird flu which hit Canada that year.


    All told vaccines seem to damage your immunity for some types of disease ... and the flushot may be the reason we have a Covid pandemic today.


    Some documents with those studies:









    Interesting thanks. Weakening the immune system prior to this makes sense. Thanks for the links.

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  4. Sorry to hear about your friend. I hope he recovers soon which I am sure he will do.


    Until we see the correct scientific papers of an isolated, purified virus then how can that virus exist?


    I was taken in by this at the beginning but once I realised what was happening I (in my opinion) thought this was a severe strain of seasonal flu. I think it was David who mentioned a while back that an article had appeared in a newspaper (I do not recall which one, I think it was an online paper) warning that a severe strain of flu was thought to be coming......that was not long before all this kicked off. Unfortunately I have not been able to find any online reports relating to it, but with things the way they are is that surprising? Forgive me if it was not David who mentioned it, it may of been someone else in the real media.


    Wether you think this virus does or does not exist isn’t really the question anymore in my opinion. I think with all the data available, the information shared by people challenging this, it is clear there is a HUGE over-reaction happening and as a result people who are not fast asleep are asking why and quite rightly questioning everything to do with this so called new virus. I have my opinion and that opinion is of a few manipulating societies as they have done for years upon years upon years. if we do not stand together and stop this madness we have had it.

  5. Why is there not much information out there by the alternative media about vaccines rushed out which years later were proven to be devastating to humans?


    I remember thalidomide and its devastating effects years later. I never seem to see much about it in the alternative media and I do really think it should be mentioned much, much more for people to be reminded of the dangers of vaccines especially vaccines that have been hmmm hmmm ‘rushed out’. It is something the western world (if not the whole world) can definitely relate to and make a connection with.


    I am not up on this but intend researching. I am presuming thalidomide was not the only vaccine that has gone horribly wrong years later. Most people will remember the horrors of thalidomide, I just think it is worth reminding people of the vaccine dangers that have been proven without any question or doubt (even amongst the sleepers!)



  6. After the ban by Youtube was lifted I was amazed at some ALL of the presenters’ reactions and of course the dicks that are ‘allowed’ to talk to them. What a joke they are. Freedom of speech must be allowed they all chant. How can Youtube be allowed to stop freedom of speech they asked.

    What a joke! Yep you have freedom of speech on Talk radio as long as you do not question the PCR test, question NHS bed occupancy or Covid19 or it’s vaccine.

    What the hell is happening? Surely the presenters know they are talking shite? Can they really be that brainwashed? It’s not just Talk radio, it’s f——-g everywhere in the MSM. I just do not get it. Why the hell can they not see what is happening?

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  7. Can’t people remember that EVERY winter the NHS cannot cope and that is WITHOUT tens of thousands of NHS staff off because they have taken a bullshit test for covid? Amazes me how asleep the sleepers are!

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  8. I tell my children to think with their heart. They laugh and say how can you do that. I reply.... one day you will learn how.

    if you haven’t tried it, try it.....think with your heart. It’s amazing. For example, if someone makes you angry, and you have those angry thoughts in your head, ignore them and switch your thinking to your heart and you will be calmer and more understanding of the situation. You will react in a peaceful, understanding way rather than with anger. It truly is amazing once you know how, it really, really is. As for the book, sorry cannot help but would also be interested.

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  9. 2 hours ago, mooseman said:

    I had heard David Icke as a football commentator years. I had read that he was declared a nutball over being the Son of God?

    Everyone says David Icke is a conspiracy theorist and secret cabals dress up as lizards.

    After this Covid 19 scamdemic, I had probably thought where is this guy David Icke. I google him, but cos a lot of his stuff is censored I only found him and Alex Jones through word of mouth.

    I thought there are some nutballs out there as a realist. But after this 2020, I can sincerely believe there are people out there who run secret societies and probably do dress up as lizards.

    I can safely say after the past few weeks whistleblowers coming to David Icke.. The mans voice need to be heard by people. 

    He has got a lot of things in common with my theories on 2020. I actually think he does not talk nonsense is a lot of things, but some things he claims are still unproven.

    I have gone from people calling him a nutball to someone who makes sense to people who have a brain. 

    So has this Piers Corbyn.... I am open ears to them now, and Alex Jones... 

    He is not a nutball to me now... He is actually quite interesting is the way the world works.

    This guy is very clever... 

    More and more people are realising that David and others are talking sense. The fact you struggled to find anything about David doing Google searches tells us all what we already know......’they’ are scared of David and the information he has and continues to put out. The fact you are here is great. Spread the word my friend.

  10. Stand fast. There will be many, many challenges to this throughout the world. Many surveys around the world show people are doubtful over this vaccine. My advice is stand fast and keep explaining to people your reasons. I have noticed lots (and I mean lots) of people I know have started questioning what is happening.

    Something will deal us a good hand soon that will make even more people aware of what is going on. Stand fast!

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  11. Tuned in to hear David and others speak at the awakening summit. Unfortunately it constantly buffers and audio hit and miss......I hope this is due to vast vast numbers tuning in worldwide. I will keep trying to get through buffering but if not can a full video be put on website after the event? You have my support.


    I posted this on my facebook. I have held off posting anything to do with how I feel about this bullshit virus but this has pushed me over the edge (seeing how others have been taken in) especially with a crackpot 'fire break' kicking in here in Wales at 6pm tonight. I have had it with this bollocks and I am vocal about it to anyone who will listen. Oh and by the way I am of the opinion this virus does not exist. At first, like many I was cautious. But the sheer lunacy of the claims that were coming out soon convinced me (with re-research as well) that this was all a load of bull.

    Thanks David. I sincerely hope your contribution to our world is recognised in history one day. I seem to think that years and years from now children will be taught about your work and from those teachings they will live a more open, loving and truly free life. 

  13. I have heard some shite about this supposed deadly Corona virus but what I am about to write just about sums it all up......a total load of absolute Corona virus bullshit.
    My son catches a minibus to school. There are a number of various aged students in the bus, all in close proximity to each other and of course a driver!
    Yesterday it was confirmed a student on the mini bus has tested positive for this supposedly deadly virus. The student in question also happens to be in the same year in school as my son.
    So with this deadly virus that is apparently spreading like wild fire and killing people left, right and centre, what is the solution to stop it spreading concerning the case on the mini bus....................?
    You may need to read the following twice......
    Obviously the positive case student has to isolate....makes sense right?
    Obviously my son has to isolate as he was on the mini bus.......makes sense right? NO it doesn't make any sense at all because all other students NOT in the same year as the positive case can still catch the bus and go to school! My son has to isolate NOT because he has been sat in a mini bus with a positive case but because he is in the same year as the positive case!
    I and my partner can carry on as normal but my son who is in the same year as the positive case has to isolate! Oh and ALL students in that year have been notified and will need to isolate....but the students on the mini bus NOT in that year can carry on as normal!
    Please people do your own research on the PCR test used for testing for covid19. The test is a joke and they are using the results of it to ruin peoples lives and the world economy for reasons far greater than this post can go into.
    Ask yourselves why no one has Isolated and purified and has given the full genetic code of the virus 'covid19'. Without the genetic code how are they able to test for the virus when they do not know what they are looking for!
    Research takes a few minutes of your time and gives you a bigger picture of things and from that picture you can draw YOUR OWN conclusions as to what is happening. Please, please don't believe everything you see on the news or what politicians are telling you without looking at things from a different angle. Then and only then draw your own conclusions.
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