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  1. As this is a football related thread and I am not on any social media platforms so cannot show my appreciation to Matt directly, I would (in the hope Matt may be looking in) just like to show my appreciation here for the work Matt Le Tissier is doing. What a genuine, great bloke. I am not and have never been a huge fan of football so am not influenced if you like, I just think Matt comes across as a calm, genuine person who no doubt is ‘educating’ more sleepers (soon to be known as pin cushions) than he realises. Great work Matt. Together WE WILL win this.

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  2. On 12/6/2021 at 11:09 PM, Ethel said:


    I have a few people in my life, including immediate family, who have taken all of the injections. I don't respect their decision. I accept it, but I have zero respect for their decision, or for them. How do you respect people who trust the trash created by Big Pharma over their own bodies natural immunity?


    I tried too, but not very hard actually. That's on them. They attack with ego and with aggression. So be it. I tried, albeit briefly. 

    I was talking to my wife last night about this subject and found myself basically saying what I have just read in your post. I said to my wife if your below 65 years of age (above that age I consider they are a generation that trust government, bbc etc) and having this stuff in you then be it on your back and reap what you sow….family or friends…..my wife asked if I meant it……I now sadly certainly do. With what is now happening in only last cpl days…..these people rolling over have allowed this and worse still to come to happen. How an opinion can change in such a short space of time.

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  3. The BBC, Sky etc are acknowledging the Moronic variant is mild. What is going on? Are they backing down because they can see the numbers of people questioning/ seeing through this latest ‘variant’ bs? Or is leading up to something?

  4. 6 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    As I see it, the vaccine itself won't cause deaths. What I do believe is that anyone who has had their jabs and their booster will have a compromised immune system, so if they end up catching cold or flu (as many people do round this time of year), the symptoms will become more severe and thats when the more serious conditions kick in.


    The 'messaging' being put out in the media is urging the vaccinated to 'get your booster', while the plea to the unvaccinated is to 'please take the vaccine'. This is all while of course there is little to no scientific evidence that the current vaccines will have any effect.



    The "Nudge, nudge" effect; there are those 'in the shadows' that are desperate to instigate another lockdown to finally bring down the economy, and equally desperate to force mandatory vaccination and Covid passports on everybody, as its all part of their social credit 'total control' agenda.


    But equally, those in power are desperate to stay in power, and will be mindful of instigating anything that isn't a 'vote-winner'. There are more by-elections forthcoming, and the Tories would not want to be implementing anything that would damage their reputation (😄🤡🤪) and cause them to lose those seats.


    I certainly get the feeling that there is a co-ordinated attempt in the media to undermine Boris Johnson and his government (which to be fair is entirely justified) and I feel this is angling towards a potential General Election next year, which would be designed for Labour to 'win'. And of course, all Labour would have to do is to sneak in a 'pledge to introduce vaccination passports and mandatory vaccination' into their campaign manifesto and hey presto, the masses roll up at the polling station and vote Labour because "sick of Boris taking us for fools" and then... well, you get what you voted for...


    Or failing that, Boris ends up resigning in the New Year and the next 'chosen one' wins the resulting leadership election and becomes your unelected Prime Minister. Sajid Javid or Priti Patel anyone?

    Great post.

  5. In Mikheil’s defence, he has been consistent and we should all really remember that we are all individuals who express ourselves in different ways to get a point across. I myself have disagreed with Mikheil in the past, but I have to say it looks as though he is correct…….where has banner waving got the world? No-where.


    Getting back to the original question…….We are in a psychological war, on a scale of which has never been seen before? Dirty tactics, endless money to promote their tactics and endless media cover to nudge us where they want us. YET people still talk about playing ‘fair’! Oh come on please! Top human rights lawyers are now saying there is only one way to end this, and they do not mean sitting on your backsides in silent protest do they?



  6. On 12/7/2021 at 3:11 AM, DaleP said:

    Not only that they didn't have time(?) or have space to think of others i.e. future generation.

    By having the injection, basically they said fuck our future. They voted to end it here.

    Of course you could say they don't know nothing.....but may be they didn't have the ears to listen to in the first place.

    If this the case, this is an awakening for you....i.e. slap in the face. WAKE UP!!

    I have a lot of elderly relatives. Some not even on internet. Their only source of info is the dreaded tv and newspapers…….what chance did they stand? I was hoping some of my advice and hopefully advice from the younger family members may of helped them. Unfortunately it was a lost cause. Don’t think the younger members can now see past Instagram or Facebook. One, did some research and changed their mind and will not have the jab so at least one had the brains to at least re-search things first.

    For me if you have access to the internet, you have no excuse. But hey ho that’s life I suppose.

  7. I don’t think the thick idiot will be going anywhere.

    For me this is just another show of - we will do what we want and nothing will happen to us (apart from one or two of the plebs that work for us way down at the bottom of our greasy little pole.)


    All day today interviews with people who had relatives who died from hmmm hmmmm covid at the time the supposed parties took place. The relatives telling us how angry they are at the thick little terd. 

    It’s all a show…….The thick little terd will be going no-where and the plebs will except ‘they (meaning the thick little terd & co)’ can do what they like but WE must do what they the terds say…..which I don’t btw


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  8. It’s an interesting post.


    My opinion is it is a worldwide cult strategy for censorship carried out on their behalf by halfwit politicians.

    It is hard to look at this as work by individual governments trying to get one up on their populations. This is clearly centrally co-ordinated as almost every government in the world is behaving the same. All this for a virus with a +99% survival rate. Don’t get me started ✌️

  9. It is a nice image I agree.

    I just wondered if it does have any significance with David, as he has displayed it for years. It is prominent when David broadcasts from his office and now it also appears on Davids Ickonic backdrop broadcasts. Maybe a daft question really but it just interested me as to why it is always that image In shot? But agreed, it is a nice image and I suppose it represents what the population of the world needs to be like. Especially now!

  10. On 12/4/2021 at 12:07 PM, Covidiot said:

    The only part of whats happening now that I can't figure out is... What is UK Gov waiting for? Why the pause? If they know as we do there will be no fight back what are they waiting for? Just roll out the mandatory vaxxes already!

    The b@57@rds are like a great white shark playing with a seal pup before the final f’in kill!

  11. Apart from the obvious, Scientists, Doctors, Politicians, Police etc I wonder in this digital age who else could be held responsible for ‘following orders’?


    A woman on a NHS tv advert telling everyone how important it is to get the covid jab? A radio presenter throwing ideas about on how to punish those who refuse the jab? The teacher telling pupils getting the jab is the right thing to do? The restaurant owner refusing entry to a non jabbed customer. A presenter on a tv show criticising those who refuse the jab? A ‘celebrity’ doctor telling people to get the jab?


    In this digital age it is all out there to be seen. There will be no denying what they have done/said. But how far should the ‘following orders’ prosecutions go?


    I doubt we will ever see any of this in a court of law but if we did it would certainly be interesting to see who would be considered for trial. 




  12. A close friend, last week told me he was due to get his booster today (3/12/21). He knows my opinion about this BS and I know his on the virus. As all decent people should be able to do….we agree to disagree. It will never get the better of us, as it has to so many other people out there.


    When he told me about the booster I did my upmost to try and get him to hold off for a few more weeks to see if the jab at the moment will be any good against the moronic version hmmm hmmmmm. I tried to explain the current jab may not be any good hmmmm hmmmm against the brand new moronic version hmmm hmmm.


    I am amazed how far gone these people now are. He had his booster today and will get another jab in a week or two or three if it is recommended because the current booster is no good against the brand new moronic version.


    As a friend and the same with my family, I have to respect their decisions as I hope they respect mine. I did my part time and time again. Not telling them not to get jabbed but asking them to research the subject first. Evidently I failed! I do hope to the higher frequencies that what is predicted by some to happen to the jabbed doesn’t.

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  13. 19 hours ago, CrowintheSnow said:

    Quite ridiculous. The vaccine is NOT stopping people getting and spreading the virus. The narrative is that "boosters" will. Oh yeah? Really? Don't think so.

    Vaccines protect? If they really protected why would the unvaxxed have to worry about those who didn't have a vax?

    Remember TB vaccinations? Those who'd had it could sit right next to someone with TB and not catch it.

    This is all pure obvious bullshit.


    The problem they have is if they say a certain jab stops you getting and/or passing the imaginary virus then they will not get the cases they need. All the restrictions and the advancement of the agenda relies on cases. Always has and always will. In my opinion they can never say a jab stops you gettint ‘it’ or transmitting ‘it’. The whole point is to gradually jab everyone over and over again so eventually everyone gets a dose of the real stuff and not just saline 🤮🤢🤮

  14. 1 hour ago, Covidiot said:

    I can't shake the overwhelming sense of foreboding which tells me we are now entering the endgame. Thinks are moving at a very rapid pace. Scary times.

    Or is it panic from the cult? 
    These F’ers know what the opinions are of people on-line, they know the true numbers of who have been vaccinated, they know the numbers of resistance. End game or panic? I opt for panic. When you rush you make mistakes. If you had the numbers you say you have and the control you claim to have then panic would not be needed. Stand firm. The time is coming.

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