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  1. FFS are we going to take this anymore? The usual suspects spouting the usual rubbish. This is so in your face now it is unbelievable. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-tony-blair-says-uk-should-lead-global-push-for-immunity-passports-12201104
  2. In my opinion It will be very hard for government to make the Covid vaccination mandatory if enough sleepers roll up their sleeves. I do not know about others here but I feel at this moment in time I myself have done all I can at providing information about this Covid scam to the sleepers I know (and some i don't). I have had some success in getting through and of course some glazed over eyes, the rolling eyes, the talking over me, the laughing and of course the accusations of how dangerous I am. I think, like many others I have read about (not only on this forum but elsewhere) the feeling is if the sleepers do not get it by now they never will and are a totally lost cause. With this in mind should we pull back trying to educate the sleepers about Covid/vaccination? Should we just leave them to be the 80% of lab rats the government want. Surely it would be very difficult to make the vaccine mandatory if enough sleepers take it up? The lost cause sleepers could actually be doing us a huge favour.
  3. From a different point of view..... I think any airlines, venues etc etc who say you will have to be vaccinated to use their services will face legal challenges. These businesses will be on the bones of their arses and lucky to survive by the end of this scamdemic. That's the plan! Would you want to have to face what could be huge legal costs if you were on the bones of your arse? I wouldn't! I would want every arse I could get sat on my seats! Arses mean money, money is what these businesses will require to get them out of the shite this bull-shite has caused. I think air travel will be so expensive after this scam most won't be able to afford to travel by air anyway! Ferries and railways may do well if they play it right!
  4. I'm with you. Anyone who CLAIMS they are or offer a platform for freedom of speech, when they clearly know they are misleading the public by stating this, will never have my trust either.
  5. Yep you are absolutely correct. Talk Radio....the 'free speech radio station'.........so long as you stick to the 'rules' of what you can and CAN'T talk about! I have to laugh at how Youtube live chat is turned off as well.......UP WITH FREEDOM OF SPEECH TALK RADIO! YOU ARE DOING A FANTASTIC JOB......NOT!
  6. I was surprised this morning listening to JHB on Talk Radio. Julia was interviewing a Dr Jason Oak. During the interview Julia asked various questions about Covid deaths. Julia to her credit (though I don't think she has actually grasped what is really happening) put some, what some may consider 'tricky' facts before the Doctor. She went into the number of actual Covid deaths reported and how other deaths like cancer, dementia etc were well below average. Julia asked if the Doctor could explain that. The Doctors answer.....well, ha, I'm not sure I can quite explain it. Bloody hell! Isn't it bloody obvious! Julia did the usual and DID NOT pursue a point that should of been doggedly pursued. The usual MSM response.....just passing 'unchallenged' comments. What a joke. I have attached video it starts at around 2:47:10
  7. I am guessing in his first and only term he will invade two countries; one being Iran the other being the USA. I am guessing He will murder countless children, women and men in doing so. We usually hear....”God bless you America” I think .....”God help you America” would be more appropriate for this moron.
  8. It’s a good point you raise. Particularly when you listen to the lady (ex pharma) who died suspiciously a while ago (sorry can’t remember her name) who said a lot of drug licenses were coming to an end and pharma were looking at ways of making up the losses. Who knows the real reason? I certainly don’t.
  9. Good on you my friend. I would say most if not all members of this forum have lost some friends, family etc due to them thinking we are mad. Not that it is any conciliation but one day some of those people will realise we were on the right lines with what we were saying.
  10. Love it! Spot on mate. On an upbeat note....I read today that some ‘top’ (whatever ‘top’ means) employment lawyers have said that employers are NOT allowed to force people to have vaccines to work for them. If it happens, I think we will see a few cases go to court and the employer will loose (as it stands at the moment) BUT us being a cynical lot ;) would know that government will change things to allow employers to enforce the vaccine/employment route......maybe for new employees to start with so we all get used to the idea. You know that thing they do in little steps that David so often refers to........oh and thats assuming there are any jobs left by the time these [email protected]*s have finished! BTW thanks for the heads up on the new normal video. I will be sharing it with anyone I can.
  11. I reckon this is the tip of the iceberg. I do not know about others but my city and it’s surrounding roads are busy as hell? Is anyone taking this Covid serious anymore? The response to frighten people into doing as they are told.....and I bet this is just the start. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-new-800-fine-for-people-who-break-lockdown-rules-by-attending-house-parties-12194777
  12. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-ice-cream-tests-positive-for-coronavirus-in-china-12188761 Are we really supposed to believe this BS? My worry is it is being used to introduce covid link with food to the sleeping public. Then comes the food testing, then comes the factories forced to stop production.......
  13. I am a true believer that things happen for a reason but the most recent thing to happen has me aghast! As I child I grew up in South Africa. TV stations in the late 70's and the 80's was somewhat limited (the good old days). As a young boy there was a program on tv called CHiPs. I loved it and had to watch every single episode I could. Two days ago I was scrolling through tv listings on my tv here in the UK and on 'forces' tv (a station I never knew existed until then) there was my favourite tv program CHiPs! It was starting in around 5 minutes just after the 'forces' news. I selected the forces channel to watch my childhood favourite program CHiPs. The 'forces' news had a few minutes to go. I am not one at all for watching the news PERIOD! I have not seen a MSM news broadcast in years. However, I was drawn to watch 'forces' news that had a report on the Tower of London and it's 6 Ravens. I found myself deeply interested in the report and what was being said. It was totally unlike me to take notice of anything on a MSM news programme. This morning I am catching up on a few things on-line and I read about a Raven that has gone missing presumed dead. With one missing presumed dead it brings the number of Ravens at the Tower below 6 which legend has it that at least six ravens must be kept at the Tower of London or the kingdom will fall. WOW!
  14. Imagine if David (and others) did not have the energy to carry on all those years ago when people laughed and abused them? No matter what people think or say, it is YOUR right to speak about what you like. If they choose to ignore, doubt or even laugh at you, that is their right. At the end of the day we know we are right, right?
  15. I have recently learnt there are some damning claims being made by eminent scientists about lockdowns etc that have been published I think yesterday? in the European Journal of clinical investigation . I have tried searching but cannot find anything and I am in work so time limited. Does anyone have a link please so I can share?
  16. I did not realise this has been raised in another thread, For repeating a thread I apologise. I had just listened to a live interview on Talk Radio where a woman describes how she was treated by Nuns, things that were going on with really really young pregnant girls and other horrible stuff carried out by Nuns.......all in the name of religion? As usual the church will not be held to account. Thank you to the strong people who stand together to tell people about this stuff, if it was not for them we would never see this stuff in the public arena.
  17. Isn’t it funny how since Covid 19 apparently struck terrorism has all but disappeared? I bet once Biden is in place ‘domestic terrorism’ in the USA will be back with a vengeance. No doubt more killings of children and minority groups that will justify taking guns off the American people in readiness for the final assault on the American people.
  18. It’s a very good point actually. I’m guessing the same corrupt [email protected]@—s that run banking also run the insurance scams as well. In other words they know Covid 19 is bs and know they will not pay out a dime as no-one in any one place will die in vast numbers........even though it is a highly contagious killer virus apparently! Very good point raised though.
  19. David Icke has to be my number one real news journalist. I have read not all (that’s a work in progress) but a lot of his books over the years and followed his tv and radio and online work for many, many a year. In my opinion David has been second to none in his tireless quest to expose not only the Covid 19 scam but also his immense work before this scam came along. I do not always agree with everything David has reported on but I think that is a good thing that people can have different opinions on some things but agree on others, it allows for balanced individual opinions to be reached. I guess my question is, other than David who do you think are good credible real news reporters? Who do you consider as trust worthy with their information as David? Just thought it would be good to mention a few names that might point people who are awakening and beginning their own research to good trust worthy real media sources.
  20. I post as much info challenging this covid 19 BS as I possibly can on social media. It has to be said to start with not many friends were reacting to my posts which I took as them thinking.......maybe he is mad after all :) Recently however I have started getting some positive comments so i see the tide of opinion slowly but surely turning. As for talking to people, I find more people in the public arena agree or share some of my views on supposed covid 19 but differ on others, but that is a good thing. Those who outright disagree look dumb founded at some of my comments but hey ho that’s freedom of speech for you! No one has ever threatened me or got irate. Had more negative reaction over my pro brexit views.
  21. Hang in there. As I am sure you and your hubby are, we are also all working on getting info out to those still asleep. It is only a matter of time before the tide turns. The truth always wins in the end. They are winning the battle at the moment but WE will win the war. p.s your french is perfect. It sums up the way a lot of people are feeling at the moment.
  22. Great post. We are our saviour. We will win this.
  23. Looking at the traffic in my city and people walking past each other on pavements, but even more important of all is the panic within and the lengths the msm and the usual suspects in government are trying to ‘convince’ people how serious Covid 19 is. I have noticed this today especially. Why are they doing it? They do it because they can see people are seeing through this bs (would they need to tell us how dangerous covid 19 was if it really were as deadly as they say?) I would say a very high percentage think it is BS. One thing for sure......any surveys which will no doubt soon start appearing are total and utter BS and that you can guarantee!
  24. I can see the psychological benefits of it......people drink to unwind. Let’s take away another thing they enjoy. Also those who need the stuff because they are addicted turn to ‘other’ means to try and get some. It’s a winner all round for the cult in my opinion.
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