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  1. A close friend, last week told me he was due to get his booster today (3/12/21). He knows my opinion about this BS and I know his on the virus. As all decent people should be able to do….we agree to disagree. It will never get the better of us, as it has to so many other people out there. When he told me about the booster I did my upmost to try and get him to hold off for a few more weeks to see if the jab at the moment will be any good against the moronic version hmmm hmmmmm. I tried to explain the current jab may not be any good hmmmm hmmmm against the brand new moronic version hmmm hmmm. I am amazed how far gone these people now are. He had his booster today and will get another jab in a week or two or three if it is recommended because the current booster is no good against the brand new moronic version. As a friend and the same with my family, I have to respect their decisions as I hope they respect mine. I did my part time and time again. Not telling them not to get jabbed but asking them to research the subject first. Evidently I failed! I do hope to the higher frequencies that what is predicted by some to happen to the jabbed doesn’t.
  2. F’in frightening. They are basically spelling out what most of us have been saying for ages. It’s funny how they really do like to tell us what they are going to do. They must get some sort of kick out of it. Good will always prevail!
  3. The problem they have is if they say a certain jab stops you getting and/or passing the imaginary virus then they will not get the cases they need. All the restrictions and the advancement of the agenda relies on cases. Always has and always will. In my opinion they can never say a jab stops you gettint ‘it’ or transmitting ‘it’. The whole point is to gradually jab everyone over and over again so eventually everyone gets a dose of the real stuff and not just saline
  4. I am guessing at their next weekly meeting, Drakeford and his collection of power hungry terds will introduce passports to get into restaurants etc. I could be wrong but I doubt it very much. After-all the reason the moronic variant has been invented is to forward the agenda isn’t it?
  5. One question I have is where the heck is Reiner Fuellmich as his country falls? Where the f’in hell is he?
  6. Or is it panic from the cult? These F’ers know what the opinions are of people on-line, they know the true numbers of who have been vaccinated, they know the numbers of resistance. End game or panic? I opt for panic. When you rush you make mistakes. If you had the numbers you say you have and the control you claim to have then panic would not be needed. Stand firm. The time is coming.
  7. I wonder if we are about to see a lot of vax related deaths this winter and Omicron has been invented to take the blame? It’s pretty obvious it has been invented to bring in more restrictions and to scare the sleepers into getting even more shite in them, but I do wonder if it is indeed a cover for what is about to happen to the jabbed this winter?
  8. It’s all because of Covid ……..nothing to do with vaccine……nothing to see here……….f’in lying [email protected]
  9. I think Fuellmich is a shrill. He is merely pretending he is going to use law to stop what is happening, when in reality he is assisting it, and waiting for his reward. Why anyone wastes their time being interviewed by him is beyond me. I have said it before and will keep saying it………Gareth needs to get him on Ickonic and start asking him (Fuellmich) some serious questions and let’s find out what is really going on? Let’s also get David’s opinion on Fuellmich. Does David think he is legit or just another Qanon style load of bollocks? Come on Gareth and/or David what is going on here?
  10. Surely there must come a point where these reports can no longer be ignored. The clear control of the worlds media is so blatantly obvious. WHY can’t everyone see what the hell is happening!
  11. Towards end of UK summer we were invited to a family bbq. Everyone vaxxed (22 there including four of us) two banging on about how they will continue wearing masks no matter what, the two concerned didn’t surprise me! Myself, my wife and our two kids left the bbq the earliest. Not because of any animosity but because we were so worried about the way our closest family members have been sucked into this, and were tired of listening to them repeating everything they had heard on LBC, in the car on the way to the bbq. Alarming really. I can understand the more elderly members believing the BBC as there was a time (many, many years ago) I suppose they could be partially trusted……or at least did not lie so blatantly as they do nowadays. The younger members (65 yrs and under) have NO EXCUSE…….we will see I suppose. What I have noticed is how for everything extreme that is brought in as an excuse to stop the ‘virus’ hmmm hmmm spreading these people are now making excuses for the government doing it! I shake my head in dis-belief but I am sure others have noticed this as well.
  12. We can’t have autopsies in the western world……just tell them it is coincidence
  13. Personally I think you have to have them for people to realise they do not change a thing.
  14. Yep and I’m a celebrity get me out of here starts on Sunday to entertain the F’in Idiots and keep them occupied for a few more weeks.
  15. I had/have a lot of respect for the miners who stood up for themselves. I think (for me) the last public show of balls here in the UK was the poll tax riots. Ok what did it achieve….fuck all…..the poll tax was simply re-branded as council tax. For me it was the last time people from all backgrounds and professions came together to fight a common cause. WTF has happened since then? F’in petrol prices went up, people protested…..Blair said if you do not stop protesting ambulances won’t get fuel. So what did every f’er do? They backed down and all went home! What is it with the Brits and the NHS? Governments use the NHS as a weapon against us! Where from here indeed!
  16. And anything the court rules against government, government will appeal and the appeals court will find in favour of government (watch the latest US court gimmick with government telling employers they must mandate vaccines for work). It gives impression the courts are 'doing their job' when all they are doing is screwing us all and they know it.
  17. So from today more places require a passport to enter. Small steps………………………………. Cannot believe people are falling for this.
  18. You did your best, that is all you can do. Personally I am not 100% about the affects of the jab on people. All I know is what I am hearing and seeing makes absolutely no sense to me and for that reason alone I will remain unjabbed. With two young children to look out for, I too was taken in at the beginning of this. The point for me when I stopped believing the ‘official’ narrative was when they were reporting people infected on cruise ships and only one or two had died (mostly elderly people cruise and very often because of their age one or two die naturally on a cruise anyways!) I have been on cruise ships prior to this BS and hand cleaning in public areas was a big thing because if you get a virus on a ship it will ravage the ship…….yet Covid Sars cov2 an airborne virus only affected one or two out of thousands onboard? It was bullshit from the start but that’s what got me doing a bit of re-search and having followed David for over 25 years he was naturally for me a starting point in my research.
  19. With everything that has happened in last 18 months or so, I suppose we all understand why there is so much doubt about some professional people who claim to stand against the system. I hope I am wrong about Fuellmich. His involvement in the financial ruin of VW has always weighed heavy on my mind, as this was done to FORCE VW into the electric car development/manufacture. As with everything, time will tell.
  20. I congratulate you. You spoke your truth. In a free society there should be no issues with that. If you are afraid to speak your truth because of consequence then I am afraid you are part of the problem.
  21. I am getting that feeling from some of the Aussies I have talked to. I wonder If Dan Andrews advisers have told him his arse should start twitching about now ;)
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