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  1. I can understand why ‘they’ want rid of cows, chickens etc, etc so they can bankrupt yet another industry. I guess it will also allow ‘them’ to centralise ‘meat production’ for those who will be able to afford it in the future…….presumably it will be a luxury item, a status symbol us plebs will not be able to afford. But why are ‘they’ really trying to get everyone off meat? We all know the climate bs is just that- a load of old bs, a scam. So why the determination to get us off meat? Will it have health implications on us i.e the plant based ‘substitutes’ will be full of all sorts of cancer causing, and dementia causing chemicals? Why the determination to stop humans eating meat?

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  2. With most of the worlds population now in a state on constant fear, and IF WWIII is not triggered by the BS Russia/ Ukraine pantomime, wouldn’t the fear of UFO’s do quite nicely to up the fear a few more notches and move the agenda along?

    Over the past year or so we have been drip fed evidence that UFO’s do exist. Why over the past year has this happened? Why now?

    I’m willing to bet we are not far off seeing an Alien craft/s (holographic) in our skies somewhere in the world……I’m guessing in America but wherever it is it will be filmed clearly showing its full detail, with no shaky cameras or blurring or focusing issues……it will be like eye candy, all nice and clear for all to observe, probably with something else in shot to give it scale.


  3. Oh and lets not forget how MSM will expose those who have a different opinion to theirs (shame they never gave people who shared different views about covid on twatter the same opportunity to reply on their doorsteps?)

    It’s a Pitty the BS MSM did not pursue the McCanns in the same way about child neglect. But hey if the last two years hasn’t exposed them for the government agents they are then nothing ever will!



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  4. 6 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

    Some of the foreign media gave the McCanns a much harder time than the complicit British media imo.


    This video was all over Youtube a few years ago, but I just spent about 15 miutes trying to find it, mostly deleted.


    Spanish TV Telecinco asking about traces of blood found in the apartment.




    Thanks for the video. And as usual she just sits there saying sweet fa and looking un-easy with the situation she finds herself in, as she is in most interviews. Us humans have a thing called intuition. My intuition has been screaming at me for decades about this.

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  5. On 4/23/2022 at 5:00 PM, Bombadil said:

    He looks like nasty spiteful cunt. See the contempt dripping from his murderous chops

    She looks like a women with a lot on her mind. Notice how little she has/says when they have been interviewed over the years. He does all the talking. Maybe it is grief? Maybe she has been told to say as little as possible? Who knows. I always remember my brother telling me way back when this shi7e happened there was a documentary about the Mccanns and in it was a short video recorded when they were travelling for a holiday and the father was acting like a right tw@t because (according to my bros opinion) he wasn’t the centre of attention. Never saw the documentary myself but what my brother said always stayed with me and always springs to mind when I have the misfortune of being reminded of these two.

  6. All this ‘poor turnout’ seems to be becoming a thing…….almost as if it is being engineered?

    I can hear the WEF in the distance…….”populations throughout the world have lost faith in their leaders. It’s time for something different to restore the worlds faith in leadership………..”

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  7. 1 minute ago, Golden Retriever said:

    Alex Jones Info Wars?



    Did he mention this?



    Of course not. Just like MSM he is very particular on what he likes to talk about. Are his money problems due to the ‘elites’ trying to destroy him OR people finally seeing through him? I know what I think 😂

  8. 35 minutes ago, MarcusOmouse said:


    Dare I find it insulting when someone cannot recognize the extraordinary recent rise in such incidents as if to suggest that this might not be due to the clot shot?

    I am not into arguing the toss with like minded people, it becomes as draining as the last two years have been. Maybe we all need to show some respect rather than try to convince we are right about something with tacky headlines…….just a thought! 

  9. People of all ages die of heart attacks, always have and always will. It amazes me when I read Warnie had a heart attack and was fully jabbed? Is it because he was a ‘celebrity’ he would have been automatically immune from suffering a heart attack naturally and needed the jabs to suffer one….a bit like the Queen is so special she doesn’t ever take a shit!


    I know we will never learn what (if anything untoward) caused his heart attack. All I know is I find it insulting, people using cheap headlines/ titles for their own gain when the guy is probably lying in the morgue still warm.

  10. Apparently Mr Penn has been making some kind of documentary. Some might say it's absolutely convenient timing!


    You have to laugh, the picture has a title; Penn is keeping a low profile......sat in the front row wearing sunglasses inside a darkened room.........Jesus Christ will humans ever wake up in great enough numbers?


    Think this latest BS that will go on for another cpl years will need a thread all of its very own just like the covid one.



    Screenshot 2022-02-25 at 11.49.52.png

  11. The beauty about the digital age we are in is that everything said over the last two years by those pushing the Covid narrative is out there to be seen and heard. Remember their tactics when WE presented them with data and arguments that did not justify what was happening? Debates they just could never win so resorted to name calling, talking over us, cutting us off air etc etc. With this in mind, wouldn't it be great if we put together videos and recordings of individuals doing their evil acts, just to remind the ‘back trackers’ who they are and that WE see them.

  12. On 1/14/2022 at 10:00 AM, Mikheil said:

    After a 6 month wait, I finally got an appointment with the ophthalmologist that performed cataract surgery in 1 BC. 


    We weren't allowed into the building without a muzzle, but faced with a muzzle or going blind, choices are few. Once inside I had to laugh.


    What a complete and utter fucking farce. There's a 1.5 metre social distancing rule here, but 15 people were crammed into a small waiting area and there wasn't even 2 FEET distancing. 25 minutes later. I was called in.


    She was wearing a muzzle, like a good little sheeple, and I couldn't understand a word she said, so I just mumbled nonsense into my muzzle. She went through the testing, but I made her show me everything that I had to do and she was getting nicely pissed off. 


    Finally in desperation, she led me to the front desk and I mumbled at them as well.


    The result was I got a bill and a piece of paper with 1 Feb 17:30 for treatment.


    Now, I still have to wait until 1 Feb to get treated. Fortunately over here, it's illegal to ask anyone if they've been 'Jabbed', but I'm certain it's on the medical records.


     One rule for the fucking plebs and one rule for everyone else. What a load of utter bollocks!

    Reminds me of last summer in West Wales when punters were told to wear muzzles to their tables in restaurants. Me, the wife and kids walked in with no fucking masks. We were taken to a table and the people behind us were touching back to back with us. Complete fucking joke. BTW not one customer or member of staff asked us to wear a mask or asked why we weren’t. Why the fuck do people do fucking stupid things and pro-long this bull shit?

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  13. 28 minutes ago, spideysensei said:


    Well well, the plot thickens. I'm sure i've been seeing him on youtube more or less since covid began, but i never knew he was a carer. You'd think for someone so apparently aware of what's going on he'd be hesitant to take these jabs under any circumstances (was he so hard up he needed to be a carer? can't have managed his money well from his BBC days and i find that surprising). To be fair, he's not singing the praises of the jabs as far as i can gather, but yes when he needs that booster what is Alex Partridge to do. Is he not aware of the sports injuries? I'm sure he's done something on it. I think you're right, there is more to the guy than he lets on.

    To be fair to Mr Belfield, I think it was his Aunt who was in a home and he says he had double vax to be able to see her. I think calling himself a carer is being over dramatic on his part (something he seems to do a lot). Is his vax status a personal sacrifice or is the reason an excuse? I am not sure. Each to their own I suppose. The thing I do not like is, he was reluctant to talk about his vax status (fair enough) until people questioned it and he was then in reality forced to admit it. For me personally, someone who claims to be the voice of reason and questioning most, if not everything in MSM should not be vaxxed……but hey thats just my opinion! For me he was happy to be vaxxed to begin with, VOR took off and he realised most, if not all of his audience were awake so he had to get on side with them. Maybe I am wrong but as with Covid 19 Sars Cov 2 something aint quite right about both of them!

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  14. 17 minutes ago, spideysensei said:


    Huh. Has he mentioned that before or do you have a source/twitter post or something?

    Just watched his phone in from Florida or wherever he is. Claims he was/is a carer so HAD to have TWO jabs. Around 37.44 he says he is. Reckons he will not have a booster, but he will when push comes to shove, believe me. This bloke has just tapped into what some people want to hear and has an audience because of it. Might be wrong but I just get the feeling there is more to this guy than he let’s on.



  15. 1 hour ago, RobSS said:

    Of course it's necessary to defend yourself but that's not the same thing as having a solution, which is why violent uprisings and revolutions often never achieve anything in terms of a better society,. Violent uprisings can even give rise to a regime that's much worse! 



    Having given a lot of thought to this lately, I have to agree. Non violent non compliance for the time being is the way forward. Country after country throughout the world using violence is not the answer. We must remember we are smarter than those imposing this shite on us. Turn to violence and we will loose the support of the people we need on our side…….those who are and will continue to wake up as more and more time passes INCLUDING those in MSM etc. Violence will play into the Cults and MSM hands and they will have a field day with us and the ‘fight’ will be lost instantly.

    Time has always been the cults biggest enemy, and it will be time that brings them down NOT violence.

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  16. Only really seen Bellfields vids for a short while, so can only comment on him. He comes across as some self important ex BBC presenter (which surprise, surprise he is 😂). He is a nobody who has jumped on the Covid band wagon. He basically tells his audience what THEY want to hear. He has now jumped on the merchandise band wagon to make as much as he can whilst the Covid BS is still circulating. Once Covid is forgot (when WE have won) so will the likes of Bellfield be forgot. Just a fake vaccinated man spewing out what he has learnt people like to hear about Covid!?!?…….within the boundaries of Youtubes free speech that is 😂

    As I understand it he is currently in Florida or somewhere whilst his ‘team’ carries on his work in the UK. He says he needs a holiday because he works severn days a week………….He truly is an ex BBC employee!


  17. I am reading and hearing some previously devout 'Covid' enthusiasts in the MSM beginning to question what is now happening, after spending nearly two years supporting and promoting this lunacy. One man in particular (who personally makes my skin crawl) is Dan Hodges. My God what a piece of work that man is! Today I was surprised at this rats (Dan Hodges) back peddling, questioning nearly everything he was previously supporting......and he is not the only rat doing it. Will they be told to shut up in the coming hours/days.....of course they will and they will resort back to the rats they truly are. BUT DAMN, IT'S GOOD TO SEE THE 'GREEN SHOOTS' OF REALISATION APPEARING AMONGST THE MSM RODENTS.

    We are now slowly but surely making headway against this utter nonsense.

    Hold your heads high people. Not there yet and a long tough road ahead. I have never felt so confident in two years....The tide has turned.

    When the rats start to jump ship, the ship is in serious, serious trouble. A few will remain and go down with the ship, the others will try and save themselves but ultimately drown.

  18. 1 hour ago, moosehead999 said:

    Its funny how these recent David Icke interviews sound like he is a nutter.

    I watched that film prison break last year.

    After watching that Snowden and years ago Enemy of the State.

    It seems like this is all real.

    NSA and "The Company".

    Like we are living in a world 40 years behind the Cabal.

    In the Bilderberg interview with Alex Jones.

    These people are way ahead of the world or global situation.

    How are these people so clever to  be in front of everybody else I ask?

    In the recent Icke interview, he states a family of generations that interbreed.

    I know who he is talking about.

    I have been researching how this Cabal came about.

    Who is the cabal? I mean is it all these billionaire families? There are some I have never heard of.

    An interesting film to watch about a the Du Pont family is called Dark Water.

    I hope David can research and to an ickonic about t he history of these familes in the Guilded Age.


    Certainly would be interesting if David did put out more on the history of these families. 


    I think the billionaires out there on 'display' are as David has said just Gophers, very rich Gophers but just Gophers who are given lots of lovely delicious cash to forward the agenda.


  19. Is Boris setting himself up for resignation?


    We all know MSM has been controlled from day one. What the government do not want us to see will not get seen, plain and simple. So why all these images and criticism of Boris all of a sudden by MSM? Boris who up til now seemed to tow the line for the agenda is now a target of MSM? Could Boris be getting cold feet and no longer want any part in what is going on and is basically setting himself up to be forced out/resign?


    With big names around him now resigning (obviously they now finally realise what's happening). Boris can hardly come out and say he does not agree with the way things are going and that he is being forced to do things (his handlers would definitely not allow it). He must know the terrible things he is expected to do to his fellow countrymen going forward and the likely consequences if he EITHER succeeds OR fails.


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