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  1. Can you believe this? What a joke. Talk about ignoring the f*in obvious! Makes my p!55 boil🤬🤬🤬


    Could this be addressing the problem (awareness of it now gathering pace) but not addressing the true cause, to try and lead people away from the real and obvious killer.


    For me this is a great sign more and more people are now understanding what has happened and MSM is trying to deflect. 

    To all those responsible, who took part and coerced others………….Your time is coming…..but more importantly…..so is OURS. WE will make sure every single one of you are held to account. Wether it be a year from now or twenty years from now…..the truth will out and you will be held to account, and I look forward to that day.



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  2. 3 minutes ago, Freaky Dragonfly said:


    They must have put the tube at the wrong end.           (sarcasm)


    It's like when someone dies in a car crash "with" covid. Stop looking for sense.

    Yep, I hear what you are saying. It just amazes me people read articles like that and do not realise the BS they are being fed? Ah well on we go!

  3. 32 minutes ago, webtrekker said:


    3 words - WHO Pandemic Treaty.


    Another smoke & mirrors job.




    Yep distraction could be the answer and I suppose anything now in the news is a distraction.

    I can't help get the feeling there is more to it though. Especially as Oakeshott is in a relationship with Tice. To me it looks orchestrated, and I guess we will see why in due course. Defo something going on though.......and it's not about holding Hancock to account....that will never happen.

    It just does not add up. No way would a so called journalist break an NDA. In the real world she would be skint by doing so and never work again......and all because of public interest? Since when does any MSM journalist give a stuff about the public?

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  4. On 2/23/2023 at 10:50 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:


    If there is going to be intrusive surveillance, I can understand it at airports and borders because of the age we live in, and the world is tribal. I don't just want any nutter entering my country, it puts vulnerable Brtitish people in danger. Intrusive domestic surveillance of citizens like in China is going too far though. Surveilling the borders helps protect the citizens of that country, but if you surveil the citizens living their day to day lives domestically then you're just becoming a tyrant that doesn't care about the people.


    I hear what you are saying but, hasn't it ALWAYS been this way?


    Because of the age we live in? Is this the age of......'they' create or exasperate a problem (or at least an illusion of one), the public react (no offence), 'they' offer the solution?


    Now, how did we manage all the years before this? I can't remember......says the next generation!


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  5. 1 hour ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    If this is still all over 'local' news sites that aren't in Lancashire, then its definitely a distracting psy-op.




    As well as the mainstream media, there now seems to be hours and hours of videos from Youtubers and Tiktokers all offering analysis and commentary on this story - don't take your eye off the ball and let yourselves get distracted by all this, even the 'alternative' is just as bad as the mainstream.


    Start looking at the news stories that AREN'T getting that much attention (if you can find any).


    "Energy flows where attention goes" and all that.

    Yep, keep both eyes peeled!

  6. 7 minutes ago, greatdayforfreedom said:


    This is what is so odd. You'd think the police would appreciate the help from people offering to find Nicola, as it could hasten their chances of finding her. On Crimewatch, they were always appealing for help from the public in finding a missing person. 

    Yep, it reminds me of…….don’t go to the doctors or hospital if your ill because there is a virus around 😂

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Observations said:

    Sky is doing a lot on this tonight.


    And Peter Falding was just on GB saying all of this is very strange that info was held back as normally he would be privy to info. He said he helps with 10 drownings a year. He says has Nicola wandered off somewhere else?


    Why do you think it has taken so long to come out?


    He says the public can usually help by checking their sheds.


    And ... the family didn't tell him.


    He says they are in pieces. 


    Hopefully Nicola has just wandered off.


    Let's all just work together (end quote)


    Nicola's children are 6 and 9, the presenter's final words 

    Looks like somone is in a panic as things are not panning out as planned maybe? MSM trying to help them out maybe? Who knows?

    One thing for sure is the Police are always criticising the amount of people getting involved. I always thought the more who get involved the better. The more you have to check the more chances you find? Maybe not!

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  8. 19 minutes ago, DaleP said:


    Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Yes, there are awful lot of junk yet there are plenty of good info for research.

    I think discernment is the key. Your obsessive research wasn't wasted. You got the overall picture of how things are.

    Nothing is wasted.



    When they have taken tinternet, you still have paperbooks you have been collecting?

    If they take everything, you still got you?

    And hopefully you have learn to astrally travel that you don't need a passport and can go backwards and forwards, anywhere you like....if you are really bored, visit Matt Handcock and spook him for fun? 😂

    I cannot take credit for the words above I have been quoted as saying. I simply quoted another poster and commended his post.  😂

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  9. So now Nicola had a drink problem and was struggling with the menopause? Does that really justify jumping into a river? If it does women up and down the country would be missing. Is this REALLY why the Police are so convinced she entered the river? Really?
    More interesting for me is when the police had to attend their address on January 10th.



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  10. 1 hour ago, Saved said:

    You're right. I spent a good eight hours watching videos of the case yesterday. I woke late this morning and went straight to a new video that I posted above. I do have an obsessive nature.


    Yet in my overall understanding, everything we are fed by the media is from an agreed upon script. This in turn tempts one to find out the real truth of any matter they feed us.


    But so what if I find out the truth - what have I gained or avoided losing?


    I knew the covid thing was a lie at the beginning but must have subsequently spent thousands of hours on this site alone. I did not get jabbed and pleaded with people I knew not to get jabbed - and that should have been the end of it.


    Since splitting from my wife 15 months ago, I could finally live in a place without a bloody television. Yet here I am watching countless videos that are (at root) based on what the people on television are telling the general public.


    I think I need to start treating the internet for what it is - a commentary and extension of all that people see on the television. People rarely talk of anything else, whether it's the news or sport or a particular program.


    I guess the allure of this particular forum is that one is generally reinforced because of like minded thinkers. There's a certain comfort to be had in no longer being the only weirdo you talk to.


    I think that we ALL need to prepare ourselves, our children and loved ones for when electronic heroin is taken from us. Eventually, no internet access will be allowed for those who show disobedience to those who rule over us. No travel likely, either. 


    I guess that when that happens, getting on with life will mean either compromise or internment.


    In the meantime, I need to remember and do those things that used to cost nothing and made me joyful. I know what they are (both creative) but they somehow got mislaid and forgotten about.


    Time to get the spade out and dig up those talents. Also, thanks for your post.

    What a great post! Absolutely love it!

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  11. We are starting to see a pattern around the world with this. One resigns another with the same mindset (or puppet masters) replaces them. Then once they cause damage and conflict they resign and someone replaces them......and on and on and on until the next election, then whoever wins the election has the same puppet master operating the winning leader........Clever eh!



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  12. What is this all about?....dont blame me gov I never said that.....


    Again NO real challenging questions from the reporters. One does push for an explanation on vulnerabilities but is fobbed off and she does not pursue it.


    Love how at around 30:00 the man with the coloured badge takes over to say how happy he is with how things progressed after the missing report was received. Everything must of been done correctly then....the man with a uniform and coloured badge says so!


    Just love the question about the dog running between bench and gate and not bench and water and the woman officer seems at a loss but says the dog could have left the field.....I would have asked if the dog is trained and if so does the dog know the command stay, which may of caused it to be cautious about leaving the area?


    In my opinion this 'press briefing' will cause people to question more things.


    I understand she may be vulnerable.....what has caused it? Money worries, work, partner, recent tragic event, what? Why the secrecy? Surely this may be a reason why she has taken herself off somewhere not realising the reaction it would get? Things have now spiralled, and an already vulnerable person is feeling worse because of the fuss she has caused, so she could therefore cause even more harm to herself?


    There are too many questions unanswered on this. I'm afraid this 'briefing' didn't help at all.



  13. How about debating the people outside these hotels? How about hearing how they are worried about the safety of their children? How about hearing about how they are worried about crime in the area rocketing? How about hearing how the residents feel unsafe in their own communities?.........Nah.....lets just do the usual and label them extremists. Good old MSM doing their dirty work again.......bloody fools cannot see what they are doing to their own kids and grandkids in the future? Bloody fools.




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  14. Soooooo, it’s pretty obvious to us, and has been for many, many a year,  msm worldwide is nothing more than propaganda machines…….surely in the last 3 years more and more people realise that now as well.

    So I ask myself………..why would msm suddenly start introducing extra terrestrials/ aliens into their headlines when not so long ago they took the p!55 out of people who claimed they exist? Then we get the following from the White House where some of the same reporters who write the headlines claiming ufo’s over Canada and America could indeed be extra terrestrial then laugh about the claims ufo and aliens could exist.
    Drip, drip, drip


  15. Just look at the headlines. They are starting to ramp it up now.


    Are we witnessing the beginning of the next 'thing' humans need to be very afraid of, all to continue the constant fear theme. I wonder when the WHO will say we all need an injection to protect us from an 'alien' virus!


    Shouldn't be too long now before that lovely detailed 4k image of a ufo appears (hologram of course). 


    This has now become so predictable and will only wake more and more.



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