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  1. I realise there is a covid thread running so please accept my apologies if I shouldn't post here and act accordingly.


    This is so encouraging to our cause but I guess the real test will be when they spin a new deadly virus:


    "However, uptake of an initial third dose has declined, with less than 0.1% of eligible people coming forward each week since April last year."



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  2. I wonder if Russia has absolute proof/evidence where the missiles were fired from and intelligence realised?


    I find it interesting it hit a grain store of all places. MSM photos showing a barn charred from the explosion yet the grain spilling out in the background unburnt!






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  3. Boris Becker tried dodging tax, not council tax admittedly but tax never the less. With all his expensive lawyers, what did he get.


    Yep tax is more than likely illegal, but when you have an illegal system backing it up I’m afraid we are all f’ed.

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  4. The internet is nothing but a mass information gathering tool for the ‘cult’. 

    Vast, vast amounts of public opinion data available to them at the click of a mouse.


    I’m guessing they are seeing lot’s of questioning of recent events and lots of opinions changing.


    These are certainly scary times. But exciting times ahead for us as well.



  5. It's a shame Julie Powell had the views she did.

    We have now seen quite a few who pushed the juice and condemned those who wanted to exercise their basic right of freedom of choice. Those people have since died of heart related issues?

    It's time this issue was debated in open and let's see what is happening?




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  6. 42 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    If you or I were caught sloping off for paid jollies while planning to continue collecting our salary, would we get temporarily suspended (probably for the same duration as the jungle jaunt, so not even punative, just convenient, but it's too tedious to try checking that)? I know I'd be handed my P45 and given a 2 fingered salute.


    I'm sick to the back teeth of this lawless set of c*$ts and all their devious antics. I sincerely hope that one of his challenges goes horribly wrong and his ghastly physog is filmed slowly disappearing into a giant anaconda.


    Yes, I'm sure there will be some extra, ulterior motive, and the rest of the uncelebrated there demeaning themselves in the name of fame and fortune will accept him like a long, lost friend and encourage the git to hold court.

    The best part is the to55ers do not even have to get permission off anyone. I couldn't believe it when I read it....If they want to take a day, month or whatever off for a jolly they just do it......and all on full pay. It makes my p!55 BOIL!!


    Not sure how true this is but I just heard on radio he might not do any challenges because of his dyslexia.

    I know what some of us might say and rightly so.....why would dyslexia hinder his ability to do a challenge?

    Unfortunately in this snowflake world anyone claiming anything now can have a reason for not working or doing anything they do not want to and people are just to scared to question them or challenge them.......hence the world we now live in!

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