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  1. No she will not be the new saviour at all, she is a politician.

    In my opinion, Braverman is being presented as this tough, take no messing politician. The woman who has all the answers to stop the boat crossings. The woman who talks tough and has the answers to sort out all the problems the current puppet ‘seems’ incapable of doing. She will be the Cons last hope in turning their doomed future around.


    My guess is, with the latest resignation and party in-fighting, the Cons will get rid of Sunak within a few months and Braverman will be ‘selected’ as the new saviour. The Cons will hope (and she probably will) appeal to all those who have lost faith in the Cons, and the good old gullible UK population will be programmed that she is not only the party saviour but also the countries.


    Of course it will all be another con. It will be a last ditch attempt by the Cons to save their own necks and to try and buy themselves another five years of doing…………….absolutely nothing for us but everything the puppet masters want. Either way we are doomed!

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  2. I always remember David talking about how all that happens today has been planned decades in advance. With that in mind, I now ask myself if people like Rose, Brand, Peterson and a number of others have been  ‘put in place’ now as was planned many, many years ago?

    Firstly, GB news interview.…..all sat as they did during covid….socially distanced. The woman constantly saying it wasn’t government trying to influence Rumble. But not challenged about the letter sent to Rumble on official government headed paper, and no challenge on the suggestive wording. I do like Neil Oliver and at least he has the decency to refer to David as David Icke. But he was a let down on his questioning of what both guests were saying. I wonder if we are seeing an edited version where, any positive things about David were removed? Who knows. But, my word what a back stabbing bloke that Rose is……that’s if what we saw IS what he actually said.


    The way Rose refers to David as Icke, the way Rose introduces the link of ‘crazy ideas’ with the name Icke……where have we seen/heard that before? The way Rose dose not give any credit or mention to the fact it was the information David was sharing that caused the ban. The way Rose basically knifed David in the back! Yet when Rose talks of others I.E Brand he refers to him using his full name…..Russell Brand……to me it is a psychological way of showing respect for one but not the other on a subconscious level. I have in the past criticised David for putting people like Brand down because he has a big following……I was wrong. I am starting to see what is going on now. I am even beginning to wonder if people such as Alex Jones have been ‘put in place’? Divide and conquer……surely they must of planned years ago that an ‘alternative media’ would be born to counter what was going on in the msm? So why wouldn’t they hatch a plan decades ago on how to deal with it now? 

  3. Seems to me certain people in the alternative media have joined forces with msm and are sticking the knife into Russell as well. I always thought they were better than that. How wrong was I. I was and continue to be extremely disappointed at this person who continues to talk negatively of Russells work. The even sadder part for me is he uses his platforms (as recent as today) to show videos of  women accusing Russell of this and that. It’s a real shame, but as I said, it has been an eye opener for me. One from the camp saying, lets see how this plays out before making judgement and another from the very same camp slagging Russell off and posting videos like a jealous child in the playground, jealous of the more popular boy with lots of friends. I get the impression some don’t like how popular Russell has become in the alternative media and are most definitely jealous of the numbers who follow him. Ok, all MIGHT not be as it seems. But in my opinion EVERYTHING and everyone highlighting what msm won’t is helping the cause. Look at the numbers who would of looked at Russells work since this BS began……how many of them are now thinking……maybe that Russell is onto something? If the alternative media cannot support each other (no matter what personal opinions someone might have) what hope is there?

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  4. I saw an interesting interview a few weeks ago about nurses who have been, in the past, accused and sentenced to prison for apparently killing babies. I think the programme covered five or six cases involving nurses in the UK. Even though all had been convicted, they were all later found innocent. To keep it brief, It was explained that over many years in hospitals, baby deaths have, can and will occur in 'blocks'. Not because someone has killed them, but because of bad management and also bad decision making by those higher up the medical ladder.

    When asked how experts in court could get it so wrong, he explained that NEVER in one case of the 5 nurses he was referring to was there EVER a postmortem on any of the babies who sadly died. There was no medical evidence presented to the juries. The cases ALWAYS rely on 'expert' interpretations as to what they THOUGHT had happened/killed the babies, very often months if not years after the deaths took place. When challenged on Letbys diary saying she was evil, the psychologist explained that she could of wrote that for many reasons and he gave an example that she may of thought that of herself because babies, she had cared for had died on her watch. 


    When I see the following news reports I just wonder.....nurse, wrong ward, wrong times?





  5. 52 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    MOD NOTE: Please remember that speculation on the individual's identity is not allowed as it puts the forum (and possibly yourselves) in problematic legal positions. If someone in the public eye decides to makes a statement themselves, then discussing that in itself is not an issue.

    It aint too hard to guess………he’s on tv and radio, now he is not 😂👍

  6. 36 minutes ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    Methinks it’s like the bojo bollocks and other stories, a nice little distraction from something massive happening. 

    Or they needed to bump this billionaire off, like the tech millionaires a few months ago. 

    Or it’ll be an attempt to regulate or pass some new legislation within the maritime arena…

    Or it’ll be an ongoing mystery that captures the worlds imagination for the next year. A useful fill in story for the news outlets, after all, it’s all content! 

    Wouldn't surprise me for one moment if the Russians or even the Chinese had something to do with it. You know, the usual bollocks. I think you are correct......let's wait and see how this plays out.

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  7. It's great the way we, the little sh*7s have to be told in big bold headlines .......A BILLIONAIRE is missing.

    These billionaires will do these things the rest of us will never be able to afford.

    Maybe now in a situation they for once cannot pay their way out of. What's the saying? Oh yeah..........pays your money, takes your risk!

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  8. Yep, we seem to be getting a lot of "lack of clarity from the Police, leading to wild speculation on social media". Nicola Bulley as well? Now I wonder if this is being done to help 'promote' the online safety bIll.........of course not, don't be silly, it's just pure coincidence with the timing again.



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