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  1. Just to add a little light relief to what is now a very, very serious issue in the land of Aus………….enjoy!
  2. WTF?!? Andy Murray backing this.....what a tool. ALL tennis players need to unite and refuse to play in the Aussie Open. FFS can you not see where this is leading??????????? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-10049139/Victoria-government-demands-athletes-fully-jabbed-end-November.html
  3. Here they go again right on time, as predicted. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-sky-news-blog-latest-uk-coronavirus-daily-cases-rise-12431158
  4. I cannot quite get my head around how they are going to get the excess deaths needed to justify the green pass. Obviously the deaths have to be much worse than last winter for their scam to work. I am thinking that if people who have been jabbed get the flu then their immune system will turn on them which will kill some, make others seriously ill, some disabled etc. OR is it just the jab itself that will do the job? If it is just the jab then how will the deaths all come this winter when people have been jabbed over months and months? Would live to read what people think will happen. As I say, can’t quite get my head around how this will play out over next few months to get the excess deaths they so clearly need.
  5. Certainly is interesting…..two gone in such a short space of time….mmmmmmmmm
  6. Will be interesting to see if he is jabbed. I am betting he is because he is considered ‘high risk’. Maybe somone here knows more about the process these people go through (especially the ones with health conditions) before they are allowed to appear on a show like this. Do they go through medicals? Who knows? Maybe as you say there is another reason but surely if he has been vaccinated it could raise a few questions?
  7. Your writing it because it’s how you feel. Nothing wrong with sharing your feelings. Can I share the one thing that helps me no end (this may sound stupid but what the hell) It’s singing to myself. If I’m not feeling on top I put on a few songs that have some great memories, take me back to a time or place in my life, reminds me of a person I loved but no longer around. You know the kinnda thing…….a tune that reminds you of a holiday with the boys (or girls) when you were younger when life was a great laugh. A song that reminds you of your first love that never quite worked out. A song that takes you back to a particular moment in time. And I just sing out loud. I do not care who's listening I just give it my all…….and my voice is crap. If anyone is around it puts a smile on their face (probably because I am so so bad at singing) or a positive response. Singing picks me right up. It’s my medicine if you like, my way of coping with the many, many problems we all have in life. I suppose it’s just finding you natural medicine and going with it. The funny thing is when we do go on holiday my wife and kids always tell me to get up and do karaoke but I never do because it would terify me! Weird eh Will just add this…..one of my fav songs…….how powerful singing can be
  8. Robert Webb had surgery for a heart condition I think around two years ago, so this story will obviously concentrate on that in the MSM. BUT being on the BBC, with his medical history wouldn’t he have had medical checks for his condition to make sure he was ok to do the show? Wouldn’t he have had medical checks to make sure he was fit enough for insurance purposes? Wouldn’t he have had medical checks to prevent the programme (multi million pound) programme being disrupted? Another question I have is…….HAS ROBERT WEBB BEEN VACCINATED? https://news.sky.com/story/robert-webb-extremely-sorry-to-quit-strictly-following-urgent-consultation-with-heart-doctor-12433177
  9. It has not changed me or my family at all. The worst part (so far...) is we cannot take our annual holiday abroad to a place we love to be, but that's about it and I see it as a very small price to pay. I made a conscience decision at the start of all this sars crap that I would not allow it to 'get at' me or my family. Of course some days you wonder what the hell is going on? But for me that is about it. There is a saying......Don't let the [email protected] grind you down!
  10. Be very surprised at that! It's funny how whenever MSM or Government report how well things are going it's always mid 80% and never seems to move.
  11. It's sickening....not only the wording BUT a kid with a plaster on his arm giving a thumbs up. Absolutely disgusting and should be seen for what it is surely.
  12. FFS this looks like a modern day equivalent of something the Nazis would of drawn up. One day people MUST be held responsible they MUST.
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