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  1. this year. (Something happened there - I pressed a wrong button).

    From the credit cycle the activity picks up again in 2028. (thus buy in 2027).

    Part 3.

    Finally, we can consult the alchemical timetable (metals and gemstones from the earth and rocks)

    and, all being well, find the final frame of direction.

    Gold may be king between 2030 - 2040.

    (The ancient Egyptions had gold and lapus lapillli - a great colour combination).


    Personally, ide bet on something like 1910 - 1920 rather than 1970-1980.

    The gold price might reach a low in 2027 but debt may win until 2030.

    For my money I'll bet on the emulation of alchemy as the main motive force

    behind civilisation.

    All the best.



  2. Hi,

    OK, we've a spare 10 mins to put the main news itm ont Professor Kondratiev's econ.


    It's from that prt of the world, after all.

    Part 1. The groups of people involved : watch for the bandit classe.


    Part 2. We can refer to the credit cycle. If we assume July 2022 to mark the start of a decrease

    in econ. activity we can assume the six months to July '22 involves a peak in econ. activity(similar to 1917 and 1944).

    Thus the war may decrease in activity later 

  3. Hi,

    The prob is, as I see it, when you buy gold your name and address go on a file somewhere in central government. This means that

    your purchase is know to the Vamps who can check you out, and, if you haven't moved your address they can send people round to 

    steal your gold. (Did you ever see the movie 'Clockwork Orange' where bandits attack a rich man and his wife. nasty in the extreme; but

    personally, I would bear it in mind if planning storing 'big gold' in the house.

    Insurance? Definitely, but the Vamps could steal the gold from the vault when they know the gold price has peaked , short the gold,

    and get the insurance company to replace the

    gold 4 weeks later from the peak in the gold price.

    You've lost any chance to sell the gold into a price peak (such as occurred in 1980).



  4. Hi,

    We see the three elements of the control mech used by the Vamps. (in my humble opinion, anyway - 2/3 being satisfied)

    1> Division of people into fixed / nonfixed. 3 groups in former and 2 in latter

    2> emulation of Alchemy as base metals turned into gold via silver 

    3> regulation of above phases (debt, cash/money and gold) by the operation of the credit cycle

    Thanks to David Icke and Professor Kondratieff. I thank them, anyway.

    (When David read the sports news on a Saturday night he wore a blue coloured jacket without a tie.

    I think he must have been the first to do this).

    A portent of his work to come, maybe.



  5. Hi,

    OK, I think that the cards can be put on the table and the main driving  mech. of civilisation stated. 

    The plumb-bob keeps swinging as the system emulates the work of the Alchemists and the 

    Immortals get to own most of the gold in the world. It's their system and I accept this but like

    David Icke, I think that it shouldn't be secret. The human sacrifice and the cold,  heartless 

    interactions explained against the alternative of the worship of the God of love as laid out

    in the first five books of the Bible.


    Thanks to David Icke we can explain all.

    The phases of the economic cycle as it goes from debt to cash money to gold. The time 2030-2040 being

    when gold will be at it's supreme as a store of value. Time will tell if this is correct or not, incase thez any



    One 60 years swing discerned:

    1909 LLoyd George      1910 - 1920     1920-1921       1921-1928               1928-1939     1939 - 1951   1951-1952     1952-1970

    'Peoples budget'           Gold is king     cash-money   Debt - base mets   cash-money  Gold is best    cash money   Debt again

    Dole paid. Great relief!                          (silver)                                             (silver)                                   (silver)


    Next 60 years swing discerned:

    1970 'Barbor boom'       1970-1980       1980-1981      1981-1988               1988-1999     1999-2011     2011-2012     2012-2030

    Budget                             Gold                Silver               Base                       Silver               Gold              Silver             Base


    Next 60 years 'swing' :

    Budget to start              2030-2040

                                            Time to move to Switz'd?


    Is the above correct. Let's hope so.



  6. Hi, Mr H,

    Interaction with Google shows 69ers to be a basketball team.

     69 hidden in plain sight(?).

    I would say time to buy gold may be around 2030. 2027 low point but still property doing better until 2030. (2 x 60 years)

    years from 2034 is 1914-1918. Certainly a time to buy gold. 

    Always a news item says gold doing badly as investment. That'll be the time to buy. Lowest spreads and lowest prices.


  7. Hi,

    Two great movies with interesting scenes.

    Two great Hitchcock  movies that have been on pay tv : 'The Birds and Dial M for M.' 

    Did you notice how the great Ray Milland keeps drinking throughout  and how the rows of bottles seem to get

    more in the scenes as the movie progresses. The alc is  a narcotic drug in large doses and the medical researches

    warn that narcotics make a person over optimistic and narsty. 

    In 'The Birds' there are alot of bottles in The Tides restaurant bar and one of the bottles looks like a magnum.

    Is there anything in those scenes about drinking too much leading to trouble.

    Why do I think that J. Eps. is a vampire who deliberately entrapped the two Brits in the news about it?

    (His mates -prison guards and a Doctor - got him out of the prison by saying that he had  committed suicide)

    Firstly - it is difficult to get rich on Wall Street without getting info from other vamps about the exact price and time

    when the market is going to be shorted.

    Second there were many cameras around his house. Why would a crim want cameras around? Surely he

    would want to keep his vile activities secret as poss? Vamps trap the rich - destroying them is something demons do.

    What about the film Double Indemnity'?. Another superb movie. Babs trapped the Insurance salesman and her husband.

    Was she a vamp in this story. I reckon.





  8. Hi,

    I watched this tv documentary on Alchemy where they were trying to change base metals into gold.

    I reckon that's what drives the 'mechanism' of civilisation forward - the change of

    base metals into gold over time. This transformation being represented by the phases of the economic cycle.

     The money lending (representing base metals used in stuff to buy or mortgage such

    as the copper and lead used in building construction) turns to cash-money (silver) and this (later in the cycle ) is then sent into gold.

    The Vamps eventually owning all the gold.

    I reckon that this was what the Vamps wanted their economic cycle to 'mimic' - the activity of a (mythical) Alchemist. They really

    are masters with a pendulum (or in Ancient Eygypt - plumb bob)


  9. Hi,

    So we see the 3 components of the economy

    Debt -- Cash money -- Gold.

    Debt is regulated by the Credit Cycle. 

    Cash money has phases when it is just sitting in a bank account with no attempt to increase its value. (although weak banks can take some peoples money away)

    Gold investment phases. When  gold increases in value - its price and because inflation decreases value of cash. Such as 1910 - 1920 and 1970 - 1980.

    (the weakness in the currency in which gold is sold being a 'buy' signal. In 1907 there was weakness in the markets (get ready to buy gold) and in 1967

    Pound Sterling devalued and at that time gold sold in Sterling.

    The economy is thus in a 120 (two related 60 year cycles). We thus approach 1910 - 1920 and should look-out for equivalent 1907 market weakness.

    The Illuminatae do not buy shares but short markets where cash has been used to buy commodities, stock, currencies.

    All the best



  10. What is being said.


    Are you saying that the world is controlled by international city-linked groups of Illuminatae Witches

    who started the First World War to create debt that would then drive forward the processes involved in human civilisation?

    Does this mean that the L'ter bombers that flew over Germany would have been expected and their location known at all times

    so that fighters could be sent up to attack them? Does this mean that military radar is a sham? The only valid use of it being for the

    control of civil aircraft. What about the markings on each aircraft (their unique id)? You must be saying that these were for

    the Illuminatae to identify specific aircraft that they wanted to sacrifice in their Voodoo 'aircraft downing' rituals.

    My own thoughts shock me, Sir.

  11. Sir / Madam,

    Here is the ecomomic up by reckoning. Other years down by varying degrees .

    Appropriate on Armistace day.

    1809 -(9 yrs)-1818

    1824 -              1833

    1839 -             1848

    1854 -        1863


    1872 -(6 yrs) 1878

    1887 - 1893

    1902 - 1908

    1917 - 1923 (1917 war 'peters out' after 1917 peak)


    1929 - (9 again) 1938

    1944 - 1953 (1944 war 'peters out' D-Day expense represents peak)

    1959 - 1968 (1967 gold reserve currency devalued)

    1974 -  1983


    1992 - (6 again)1998 (1997 time to buy property - sell 2001 and into gold)

    2007 - 2013 (2011 sell gold and 2012 into property)

    2022 - 2028 (2030 out of property and into gold - biggtime! 60 years after UK pound devalued the US Dollar may weaken prior to stong gold price rise.

    2037 - 2043


    6 again for upper. 


    As well as credit cycle there is the gold investment cycle and the cash investment period (seen after 1987 crash).


    Cool Huh? 6 and 9 being flipped,as numerals anyways.


  12. So is it possible to invest my savings and protect them from inflation?

    Very difficult. The Illuminatae Witches have the enslavement all 'sown up'. 

    Gold is a store of value and, over time, it does maintain its value (and sometimes for a time more).

    But, in the past, governments have stopped people buying gold when inflation is set to rise.

    1914 war the gov said give up your gold so that Britain may win the war. In the late 1960s

    the gov stopped people buying gold. In the states they actually forced people to return

    it to the banks.

    When one buys gold one's name and address goes on the file so the Illuminatae know who's got

    any. They can send around the bandits to rob the owner and they can force the return of the precious


    This is probably why the 'super rich' maintain a home in Switz. because they don't hassle as much.

    What about protecting wealth by buying to let? Can try it and, at some point in the economic cycle

    the property can be sold at a price that would reflect inflation but the Illuminatae can mess about with the

    laws and taxes to interfere with the theory. Once the property is sold, of course, the capital released becomes subject to

    inflation devaluation. The rental income is good and some people can make  it work, even through Inheritance tax.


  13. So what is the economic reason for Covid19 at this stage in Professor Kondra''s economic cycle?

    Increase indebtedness and reduce the capital.

    Activities that have little or no debt are reduced/removed and companies that have large debt are empowered.

    Gov borrowing increased by loans to furloughed comps and individuals. 

    Rising inflation will soon reduce further actual value of capital only items.


    Bye the way tomorrow evening Randall and Hopkirk episode Auntie goes to Monte where the Maf try to eliminate her because

    she knows about 4/7/11 and 3/2 and two 9's 13 28.

    Blimey, I hope they don't find out Dr. Icke and followers know about it too!


  14. Hi, The excellent tv program R & H (deceased) has one ep. where Auntie goes on a trip to Monte.

    The numbers taht come up on the Roul. tables are (4;14) (before they go) and then ((11); 29;13;28) at the big tab le.

    These are the marker number series for the Illumin. 2 nines to start, 13 mark and 28 to complete. 

    Watch out for 4/7/11 and 2/3(the marker for the middle.

    Think about 4/7/11 - the name of an eau de c. - agreat secret hidden in plane site?.

    Anyone indicating a knowledge of the above number sequences (esp. 4/7 and 3/2) would not survive. Just

    as Auntie got the world's Mafia following her in Ran. and Hop. with Jeannie taken hostage.

    I watch out for 13/14 as well


    Thank goodness for that super tv program being repeated now. The Auntie / Monte ep. should

    come around soon. Unbelievably brilliant and ide like to know who wrote it.


  15. Covid 19 - sounds like a contraction of Coven #19 - probably the witches coven responsible for creating the bug.

    Happily, the pandemic has been neatly fitted onto Professor 

    Kondratieff's economic cycle - like WW1. Like the controlling Illuminatae suddenly start to worry about

    the health of its population after sending men onto machine gun fire during the Battle of The Somme.

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