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  1. Sirs, We learn today that the 'Sputnik' vaccine is 92 percent effective against the Corona virus. We already know that David 's Illuminatae Witches supposition and Professor Kondratieff's economic cycle are 100 percent effective in explaining the pandemic.
  2. So is it possible to invest my savings and protect them from inflation? Very difficult. The Illuminatae Witches have the enslavement all 'sown up'. Gold is a store of value and, over time, it does maintain its value (and sometimes for a time more). But, in the past, governments have stopped people buying gold when inflation is set to rise. 1914 war the gov said give up your gold so that Britain may win the war. In the late 1960s the gov stopped people buying gold. In the states they actually forced people to return it to the banks. When one buys gold one's name and address goes on the file so the Illuminatae know who's got any. They can send around the bandits to rob the owner and they can force the return of the precious metal. This is probably why the 'super rich' maintain a home in Switz. because they don't hassle as much. What about protecting wealth by buying to let? Can try it and, at some point in the economic cycle the property can be sold at a price that would reflect inflation but the Illuminatae can mess about with the laws and taxes to interfere with the theory. Once the property is sold, of course, the capital released becomes subject to inflation devaluation. The rental income is good and some people can make it work, even through Inheritance tax.
  3. So what is the economic reason for Covid19 at this stage in Professor Kondra''s economic cycle? Increase indebtedness and reduce the capital. Activities that have little or no debt are reduced/removed and companies that have large debt are empowered. Gov borrowing increased by loans to furloughed comps and individuals. Rising inflation will soon reduce further actual value of capital only items. Bye the way tomorrow evening Randall and Hopkirk episode Auntie goes to Monte where the Maf try to eliminate her because she knows about 4/7/11 and 3/2 and two 9's 13 28. Blimey, I hope they don't find out Dr. Icke and followers know about it too!
  4. Why is Halloween significant in the occult? The date is 31/10 add the two numbers and we get 41 to go with the 31. Turn them around and we get 13 and 14. The marker numeral pair for the Illuminatae.
  5. Hi, The excellent tv program R & H (deceased) has one ep. where Auntie goes on a trip to Monte. The numbers taht come up on the Roul. tables are (4;14) (before they go) and then ((11); 29;13;28) at the big tab le. These are the marker number series for the Illumin. 2 nines to start, 13 mark and 28 to complete. Watch out for 4/7/11 and 2/3(the marker for the middle. Think about 4/7/11 - the name of an eau de c. - agreat secret hidden in plane site?. Anyone indicating a knowledge of the above number sequences (esp. 4/7 and 3/2) would not survive. Just as Auntie got the world's Mafia following her in Ran. and Hop. with Jeannie taken hostage. I watch out for 13/14 as well Thank goodness for that super tv program being repeated now. The Auntie / Monte ep. should come around soon. Unbelievably brilliant and ide like to know who wrote it.
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    Mr GV

    Covid 19 - sounds like a contraction of Coven #19 - probably the witches coven responsible for creating the bug. Happily, the pandemic has been neatly fitted onto Professor Kondratieff's economic cycle - like WW1. Like the controlling Illuminatae suddenly start to worry about the health of its population after sending men onto machine gun fire during the Battle of The Somme.
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