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  1. That was a small group of people into racial hygeine and authoritarianism in the late 80s. Thanks to a bold move by a group who brought us treatments for genetic disease and a surveillance state in the 90s we don't have to worry about small extremist groups taking power anymore. Watch out for those racists and xenophobes who dont approve of the bold move though. If they had their way, it would be like communist China.
  2. That's a shadow being. Fucking scary right? What if I told you these beings were extremely wise and civilised and they have a purpose which involves helping those in distress and if you tell it you are aware of its presence and you are afraid it will attempt to accomodate to your fear of it to make you more comfortable. It has the ability to to posses you, play with your dynamic reality in ways that gaslighter would salivate over but it chooses to reveal itself to you? It doesn't want to scare you by its sudden approach. Check out the traffic light games in the seedier side of porn sites little cupcake tied down tight to the world as an enormous thing of power that could eat you all up in an instant is towering above you. What if you say red light and it stops or amber and it approaches vary softly. When the light is green you'll learn things about how these beings communicate that will freak you out at first (well the less the brain experts can pervert for their own manipulative ends the better) but its just communication. How its done I have no clue but that's all it is, despite how powerful those kinds of abilities would be for an ordinary being. These beings cant be bought with material things as material reality is theirs to do whatever they please with. As you can see from the means of communication your soul is at their disposal if they could be bothered communicating to you all day but its just communication beyond just hearing auricals. Getting over my fear I found a being telling me things through its strange communication means that helped me make sense of all the lies people were having me believe. These are scary gentle giants that mean us well. They could squish you in an instant if they wanted so why dont they? I have a theory. These are older humans who have disembodied or have no body as they cast it off like an eggshell centuries ago. They appear very wise and surprisingly considerate despite their powerfulness. Imagine yourself to be a sparrow being fed by an enormous human. Imagine your a human feeding a little sparrow. A flock of sparrows come to get a feeding but one little sparrow leaps up and perches on your finger. Would you crush it for being so small and puny? Swallow it and go yum yum that was tasty. These beings dont have material bodies which need to eat humans. I think you would feed the cheeky little sparrow which didn't fear you and you would gain something from the interaction with the sparrow. What you gain is something the sparrow also gains from you (besides bread). These hard to quantify gains are a type of food. Have a feast with them but acknowledge its greater size little puppy. Theres no leash when you say red light but don't be afraid of the darkness just because its dark. Try to make friends with the unknown, you will benefit enormously.
  3. It's not going to happen. The sun has stopped for some who see the light. They prefer the darkness. For others the sun is merely paused while they behold the signs in the heavens in awe at a truth that defies the lies of the earth. There are those who see no sun and they point at the sun in the sky and they say "there it is" and think they see. These are the blindest of all and subject to the greatest iniquity because they don't know that they don't know and those who know and reject the sun are always telling them to ignore and explaining the suns existence as a myth they shouldn't believe. At least those for whom the sun has stopped have seen it. Its a wrong they should deny this sight to those they keep in blindness. The awestruck for whom the sun is paused are better off than the blind. They know the impossibility of the place that sun shines from while the blind look up to the sky and wonder at mysterious words written in a way such that if there are any who do not have knowledge or dare not speak of it that they do not interfere. As for those who do see the sun and do not reject it, for those people, the age of aquarius is here already and theres a potential for war with pisces in future generations. If the iniquities against the blind are not addressed, even if those who reject the sun die out from the ignorance of such or turn toward acceptance such that there are none left who reject. The blind will become prey to human impulses and that could spark a war which will make the age a horror. We should place a high priority on seeing that the sun which emanates from them is uneclipsed from their eyes and aid them in the paths to seeing distant suns on a flat earth where there are no great mountains. This is alchemy not science.
  4. Well there are some gerald celentes who eventually hit the nail on the head and there are some jordan maxwells who know something but their gifts of prophesy are somewhat wanting but without saying too much to give you a clue about what you say you already know, the specific highly unlikely coincidences I asked you to name and give your theory about are things you haven't mentioned at all while going on about some grand super conspiracy as if its some kind of theory when you're living inside the pudding that's the proof. Prove the predicted prison planet now here is just a theory? I'm sure you'll make believe its not a prison planet now its here but lets look at the walls and bars of this utopia in your eyes. Are they not exactly like the walls and bars that we were warned about all those years ago that we were derided as idiots to ever believe could ever happen here. Forget your theory to explain this for now, lets see if you even have anything more than two jokers by describing what anyone who had the jigsaw puzzle would know by you describing those walls and bars to the degree of exactness they were predicted. We have whats called "specific intelligence" from 15 years ago and you're attempting to dispute it with a "general theory" which doesn't mention the "specific intelligence" but seems to suggest we just ignore our own life experience of predictions and events you don't mention while claiming you know. You should wear a suit while making all you're rhetoric but if it doesn't amount to reason, your standing on a broken foundation looking up at people on platform built on columns you don't acknowledge standing on a foundation built on the difficult to find level in a complex terrain of lies where the television being bullshit is an important caveat we cant relate to those prostrated before it like they took the feudal oath to a piece of funiture: "I will to my master be true and faithful, loving all thay he loves and shunning all that he shuns". Search the recesses of your soul, 15 years ago, you were sitting rest assured that the world was returning to normal after incidents you felt were coming back under control. You paid no heed to the value of truth and lies were never far from your lips. Words have always been things you just say to persuade people to do what you want them to do and what is in their interest is irrelevant. You will even lie in a debate to win when the purpose of debate to truthers is not to win our pride but best discern the truth in a world where we have the humility to admit we are idiots in the face of all the truth there is but lies to the seekers of truth is like a virus we develop an immunity from and this drives the salesmen and propagandists mad that we aren't naive and trusting as we once were having come across some whoppers we used to believe. We could swap points on the veracity of calling the system a democracy but if you insist on rules which are akin to saying "my master told me not believe it and people shouldn't be allowed to speak it", then there's no debate. You're master won. Who are we to dispute the wisdom of someone who has closed your ears. If you're lucky, these last bastions of free speech will be around if you change you're mind, give up you're lies and give a fair hearing to the contraflow of information you've been told should be disputed without inquiry. If they fall, don't call us, we'll call you and it will be from places over which your master has no power. Tomorrow afternoon, look at the moon. Why is the reflection on the moon coming from a place other than where the sun is? It's a strange thing that's always been there you've never noticed and have no reason now to believe but seeing is believing and when you do, those theories to explain it flowing through your mind are just conjecture. You don't know why and you can only guess. Imagine you seen that 15 years ago and spent a great deal of time noting the patterns so you could discern the angle of the crescent on any given day. What would you have to say to someone who was only pretending to have looked going by the assumption that the crescent was always directed at the sun? Theories on this aside, there are many things in this world you haven't noticed yet and there is a lot of blindness inflicted on you by those who tell you to ignore things while furnishing you with information they just made up on the spot to convince you to believe what they want you to believe in disregard of any cares you should believe the truth as best as you can discern in a world which is filled with lies and censorship. Sometimes the truth is wonderful and we are glad to believe it "We're all going on a summer holiday", sometimes its awful and we don't want to believe it "but the planes are fully booked". Sometimes the lies are are more wonderful than the truth and we want to believe it "but there is an alternative way to fly" but if we put our desire to believe nice things which are false, be the first to tell us the joys of alternative flight by jumping off a cliff. In a matter of life or death, even the brave deeds recounted by known liars will be suspect. You're path is with the television people for now, whats in this place you cant accept yet. This is a like the rabbit that Alice climbed down because the hare said she was late. It leads to a world where Cerebeus T. Hatter has a tea room on the edge of a vast world which contains the world you're living in now. It's a terrifying site Dorothy. Keep your green tinted glasses on until you've read the children's book by Frank L Baum the technicolor movie musical was based on. The film doesn't relate the true nature of the emerald city or that you were born there. You're not late alice, you're early. Be careful of being wise in your own eyes or essential truths may escape you.
  5. When you work out the meaning of the words of the prophets "I say that ye are gods", things become more interesting. Pray to your brothers and sisters from the sacred place they call the skull and a magical realm will appear if you pray with faith that the gods can hear your prayer. When you see theres a light inside you shining in a world saying nothing, the big question becomes how to see the stars around you shining on the earth. As you will understand, its all confidential as they are as embarrassed by a nakedness they never knew as you will be when you realise Im a snake in your garden of eden telling you to eat the forbidden fruit of the gods, because are as they are, made in the image of the most high. Be wary of the misuse of power in a world where none can hide. It makes the electronic surveillance look brutal an primitive and a tower to overthrow the elohim who see the places their cameras can never see. It is the terror to the hideous who practice terror from beyond the veil but let your sun shine by your own will because it is the refuge of the innocent in a world where the sacred truth destroys all worldly lies. Have you seen the cross over the queens crown or the shining eye in the heavens above the pyramid which has nothing as its capstone? Well your a piece of nothing to all beneath these things. They are convinced of it and now you can know it for yourself. That's a strange looking eye you have that can see by glowing in the dark. You don't believe in heaven yet but on this path you'll realise you're in the heavens and you wont believe the earth. If Doctor Hoffman sees you, he'll call you specky three eyes but beware of Doctor Hoffman, he could be a conjuror who only sees the earth. When you realise your an angel, you will spend some time waiting for a herald you can hark. Listen to some Bob Dylan. The answers are blowing in the wind ... NEWS JUST IN! MAN HEARS GHOSTLY VOICES BY ATTUNING HIS EARS TO VIBRATIONS IN WHITE NOISE! Why would anyone even masturbate their own delusions like that unless they had already had a testimony from the gods themselves. Seek a testimony by praying from your sacred place of prayer in public, but realise it is not the god of the dead we pray to but the god of the living.
  6. I'm addressing his points by inserting my own [bold text] at each point to address them. I thought the deliberate bold and brackets made this obvious in addition to the contrariness of what is in brackets compared to the points where the brackets are introduced. I think anyone claiming I was putting words in his mouth rather than creating point by point counterpoints would have difficulty getting anyone to take it seriously having read the post which is now deleted. Thats three times Ive had a strike and Ive only put forth information. Its highly construed that Im trying to make out he contradicted his own quote in the quote using bold square brackets.
  7. What about "Had! The manifestation of Nuit!" The most shocking thing about crowley is his reputation. That man was a genius.
  8. "dis" "ease". I'm feeling pretty healthy and I dont wear a mask or have a covid api but then I dont have a job either.
  9. But we are mentally ill to be so sceptical of the media and politicians. I'm sure the weapons of mass destruction will show up soon. I wish I believed in the system. I think they get Christmas presents from Santa State that we mentally ill people dont get.
  10. £175 million, Id buy a large yacht, furnish it with just the right harem of women to settle down with, leave a dildo and dildo and a nutcracker on the dockside with a note saying "You're all nuts, go fuck yourself" then sail off into the stars to commit sexcrimes with my new wives.
  11. While we are at it, can I ask who's female, single and knows a cure for male masturbation?
  12. Well if that's the case, what's your explanation of the propheticness of the puzzle pieces put together. I mean it's some coincidence. I have to admit I have my doubts you put together the puzzle pieces as you say you did but since you say you did, multiple predicted circumstances all happening at once despite them all being "nutty conspiracy theories" we shouldn't entertain until 'boom!' coronapanic! As you must imagine if you put the puzzle pieces together as you say you did (and your not just trying to look big), I am quite skeptical that you have a theory to explain the million to one odds involved in that. So just so I know that your not just bullshitting to win your pride in an argument when the truth is more important than pride in a life or death situation, from what you've said, having put the jigsaw pieces together, you know what those "could never happen here" coincidences are so name them and tell me your theory about why they happenned here.
  13. Someone else said something but ... whats your personal experience with the spiritual plane. It's not all bad and brainologists should not be interfering it given their self-proclaimed lack of experience trying to play tricks with people's brains. How many were injured by this medieval heathenism now infecting high offices throughout the western world. They'll never solve spiritual issues. If they gain money before insight they'll be swimming in the styx as charon rows on by. Schizophrenia. Another bullshit label by bullshit people. Just talk back. Ghosts can be nice people but I admit some of them can be arseholes but have you ever wondered how the ghosts feel listening to you prattling on about the bills your working out in your head and all the other shit like the time you wanted it rough or wanted to give it rough, those sex videos you posted to skynet are fucking perverted. Funny how the ghosts have a very human appetite for something which appears so fleshless. Thank almighty god for the shadow beings. Whats a racist going to make of something that black. BOO!
  14. That's nothing, the future King of England fiddled with his boy bits the other day. Journalists asking the child were astonished when his face turned bright red and he denied touching his boy bits, so we know the future King of England is a compulsive liar. This is tearing into a man's personal life which is no one's business but his own. It wouldn't matter if it was the Duke of York or Scruffy the Toronto tramp. The media will fuck anybody but at least the Duke of York has some immunities from character assassination by them, check out Scruffy's position. If he's a good match for blood types and the unelected media need an organ, guess what happens to scruffy. Your fools to engage in petty right left rich poor bullshit the way this world is now.
  15. "The Anti-Vaxx Movement" "Super conspiracy" We are not the fiction depicted on BBC Hatespeech. We have clear and specific knowledge about these circumstances being deliberately engineered. We knew this was planned 15 years ago. You're news presents the situation like unexpected shock. You believe ignoring all information except that sanctioned by mainstream TV makes you informed. It doesn't make you ignorant, it makes you naive. What makes you ignorant is a presumption we are ignorant to whats being said on mainstream TV and the various views it airs, and the presumption that alternative views should be rejected without a fair investigation. On this side of the censorship bubble, people are encouraged to do their own research and all you have to go on are the two jokers dealt to all of you by those who have all the cards. I'm only playing with half a deck here, but my ace of spades and king of hearts says that king of diamonds wont be letting you in on any clubs. Tricky talk, we're not stupid. We know what's being said by the media now, but we also know information they know that they know we know and we know they know that we know and we know if you know it, you're in here grossly insulting us with a pack of lies because you're as bent as a 13 pound note, but lets presume you dont know what we know and the information we have will affect your pride in always being right, you will dismiss the information while trying to defend a position the information describes to be collapsed and you will attempt to throw quantities of information at us like your winning the argument is like winning the game. This is no game. This is a matter of life or death, and the value of investigation of ALL the facts which led us to here in history, is not winning the game but winning the truth. What does Aaron Russo (The Director of the Eddie Murphy box office hit Trading Places) have to do with the Covid-19 Notification API? That must sound so completely random to someone with two jokers in his hands who thinks he's playing with a full deck. That's just one piece of a big jigsaw puzzle we were putting together a decade ago and what we see is a picture where all that stuff in the bubble of uncensored information is just one piece of a bigger puzzle. Seek and ye will find.
  16. If you lived in Scotland, thats a non-medical category of exemption which has nothing to do with mental health called "extreme distress" covered under Section 13 K(ii) of The Coronavirus (blah blah) (Scotland) Act 2020. In the civil law system of Scotland, a Scotsman is entitled to "gie the severe malky" to anyone who puts him in severe distress, thus to avoid a breach of the peace, Section K(ii) exemptions require no letters from your mother and the onus is on the plaintif to claim the accused was not in severe distress. No one's been brought to court when this exemption has been declared.
  17. The one on the left has the kind of thighs that suggest love handles under her flannel coat.
  18. That Rothschild guy looks about as Jewish as Prince Phillip. There's no way he's semitic.
  19. PS Marongbong are getting better as the years go by. There's now a spice girls style dance where the virtues of education are sung about. They aren't quite ready for Pink Floyd and if they get access to the internet the shock might kill them. North Korea should be a no flyzone incase an airline pilot drops a vhs cassette containing videos from pornhub out the window.
  20. South Korean cure for singularity North Korean cure for disorder
  21. In 1990 it was a high crime on a par with murder to aid a foreign power attempting to usurp the sovereignty of the British people. By the year 2000, there were children who grew up to believe it was overly patriotic to oppose those who stabbed the country in the back. What those kids don't know is how fast the world can change and though their innocent, their parents estates have bodies buried beneath the patio. There's now two Britain's and those who didn't commit treason are buried beneath the lies of those who did. What is the revealled truth teaching the British member state about sticking together? They are none the less our tribe but its an awkward situation to explain this shit to children too young to know.
  22. If I could fit one site on my local disk it would be wikipedia.
  23. Is it informed consent? The man who discovers he's on a minefield by blowing his leg off is not brave but unlucky. The man who goes to rescue him aware he could get his leg blown off, that's bravery.
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