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  1. I'm at the point of 'just let it happen but don't say anything to the crazies unless you really care about them and they really care about you and you wont be burnt at the stake for not believing in coronavirus'. Stay in touch with people who see through the bullshit and avoid its affects. In ten years time there will be some new bullshit narrative about the government needing even more new powers to protect everyone from some new threat. We are at the stage where you have to fill out a form to claim your own organs back from these lunatics whove bequeathed them to themselves. We are well beyond bayonneted pregnancies and into cannibalism under the guise of peace. Osama bin Laden come build your caliphate, these people are monsters and look at the obedient zombies going obey, obey, obey ... you first!
  2. I'm now a troll? You're pissed off at my genocide the people complaining about overpopulation joke right? If overpopulation is such a problem ... lead from the front ... but because you don't ...
  3. Some people take the whole simcity mayor thing a bit to far,
  4. I use humility for a purpose.
  5. Get over what? I'm floatin in 4 dimensional space. I have no idea which way is up or down to get over or under and I dont know when I got here, only that the klingons could see me and tried to blow me out a sky I didn't know I was in. They've cloaked their vessels again? It's hard enough trying to phone the police and tell them invisible klingons tried to blow me out a sky that cant be seen without taking mushrooms to try to prove it to the infinitely dense black holes so unskilled at being supersleuths they wouldn't notice crown jewels disappearing if Claude Junker put the Edward Crown on his head and improvised a karaoke mike with the royal sceptre.
  6. I didnt realise he made a mushroom lore
  7. Its spiritual food that comes from a place which is not of the earth - extra-terrestrial - not even the sky, but heaven. Its not a mushroom. Terrence McKenna is gnome. He's got mushrooms in the brain! The bouncing balls though, those are from heaven. They have manna!
  8. There's actually been people censored by the vested interests dependent fact checkers for posting diplomatic ways to say no to the lunatics.
  9. Phone them and tell them there's people who are filled with hate when you mention how the dirty fuckin' hippies were right. Tell them you think it could be hate speech against people their cult leaders call 'nutty conspiracy theorists' which turned them toward hate. Ask if there's a reward for helping to identify the hate cult leaders pushing drugs, silencing people and brainwashing their dupes who watch them on TV.
  10. The quote from John 6:53 is the conclusion of a parable which begins at 6:35. It's about manna.
  11. Steph


    I identify as a coronavirus. Why should I be discriminated against for my weird reproductive mechanisms?
  12. Roughly the same number of dead and injured due to unseasonably cold weather near Delhi taking temperatures down 10 degrees from normal 'just below room temperature' in Dehlis winter. Airflow through Delhi going south east from a cyclone over central afghanistan.
  13. Bury genocidal maniacs in mass graves! (Some people will be confused at this, some people will be angered, whereas other need their heads spiked on sticks speaking messages to the petrified thongs about the dangers of rushing toward the cliff edge)
  14. Covidiots versus maskholes ... everybody was kung fu fighting ...
  15. Steph

    10 types of geeks

    What kind of specs?
  16. Deleted gripe about the destruction of liberty.
  17. If you blink you miss it. Quick as a flash. Now that didn't hurt at all did it? What if you wanted to see something that wasn't there. We nutty conspiracy theorists get accused of this but when we attempt to put forward our objections to those calling us nutty conspiracy theorists, rather than reasoned counterpoints to our reasonable objections, they spew at us rhetoric, character assassination, 'you must believe because everybody believes', and everything and anything to get us to believe the brainwashing machines. (This kind of thing pointed out to them just makes them retort back in kind, without any care whether the instant retort has any validity.) What if this is a massive gas lighting operation which highlights the "idiocy" of the people who believe in idioms.
  18. Pi to 5 decimal places is 3.14159. To 3 decimal places it's 3.142
  19. There's a lot of people with asymptomic head bumps. The condition can be treated by hitting them over the head with a frying pan.
  20. Did you her getting jabbed with something that could have been a saline solution. You dont want to distract them but just leave them to see if they see clearly or not. Theres no way you can have seen her jabbed with a saline solution if you look again carefully.
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