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  1. They can't "not see" it. Were they born yesterday? Are they so stupid to "not see" what is now beyond all reasonable doubt. You are wise to distance yourself from them. Wiser still to build a wall against them. A friend will be on the level with you. What is their explanation for their deceptions against you. Offer them no assistance in what appears to be simply an error. Among them are people who seek to conquer you as a possession and these deliberations are not errors but mistakes. People are not having their human rights destroyed by oopsa-daisy. There are wolves out there dressed as sheep. Until you can discern who is who, seek only the straight people who's stories actually add up. The sheep have a mental illness to not see that human rights have been destroyed. This can be repaired if they can be separated from the wolves and given time to smell the ashes, seeing the work that's needing done. Happiness is not the truth. The wolves in sheep's clothing will rouse up hate against you through gossip and slander behind your back you don't even get to hear. They aren't mentally ill. They are criminally insane. Be careful what you say to who. Even this place has google analytics running on it. Get a TOR browser and find a fifth column from things you know they claim they can't see. If they find it, they'll block it, break it, stop it or infiltrate it and co-opt it for themselves. A wolf can pay lip service to human rights but the answers to the moral maze do not come easy to those who have only learned the things to say off by heart.
  2. On January the 31st 2021, if EU law is still applicable, either treason was successful or there never was any sovereignty or democracy in the first place. Regardless of the reasons of the past whitewashed in spin, its the present that matters and there's little value in contributing to the further degradation of our basic rights. We are as well to live off the fat of the deceivers and the deceived making out they consent to these abuses they claim they cant see. Hide in the places they claim they cant see and make sure theres a cage for them when they go looking ... as for what they call law ... in france its mandatory to wear a face covering unless your an islamic women banned by law from doing so ... thats how absurd their law is.
  3. At this moment in time the earth will change from moving its north pole away from the sun to moving its north pole toward the sun. Whatever brought the earth and the sun into being has brought it about that a natural moment occurs every year that can be witnessed by sky watchers everywhere in the world. the christians have to tell the converts that the 25th is special but if the creator of earth and sky is to be considered, its this moment that an undiscovered tribe in the mid pacific could discern simultaneously with an undiscovered tribe in the amazon just by watching the signs in nature. All round the world from the australians having their midsummers day to the equatorials seeing the sun is as far south as it ever gets to the people on the arctic ring noticing a night that lasts two days without a daylight sun between, the whole world could share a moment where nature itself dictates the special day.
  4. The Covid-19 Notification API bomb shows ddg is as guilty of search results manipulation as google, yahoo and bing. Furthermore, old school search engines like lycos and alta-vista are no longer search engines in their own right but engines that look up the manipulated engines which have become portals for media corporations (since 'net neutrality' changes pushed for by the powerful media corporations). Two internets are now opening up, one, the original now corrupted by powerful vested interests creating an illussion of free speech and the more secure internet which cant be seen by those not taking precautions online.
  5. What was the context though? In the context my use of the N word is part of a passage against prejudism in regards to the world beyond things made of flesh and blood. I could compare it yo the spaceport in MiB where if you have issues with people being different that boils you up inside, you should avoid the holy place until you are at peace with the most overt differences of biological form. These pale in comparison to the diversity of hearts in the holy place.
  6. In the early internet, fuckbook was asking 'asl?' in a chat room. age-sex-location. It was really easy to mate and date then ditch a bitch when you found she was a bunny boiler. Now I only date four eared two toungued extra-terrestrial intercosmic porn stars.
  7. It's just a nutty conspiracy theory. I haven't sent it to be checked by independent fact checkers or anything but I suspect St Mathew might have been a Jesuit. Look at this: Mathew 6:22 "The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light." Maybe he was a Belarussian spy who built a time machine.
  8. That wasn't done by burning and looting. Look at that building. You think looters did that?
  9. Please do your utmost to make this go viral. Coersive measures have been used against you here and as for those incapable of protecting their own human rights, they cannot be expected to protect the human rights of the people within their care. You should be promoted above those less capable for negotiating mandated violations unscathed. Can you protect those in care from the same?
  10. Surely they wouldn't be lying to people?
  11. This is computer science 101. The lecturer looks at the students telling them that essential infrastructure isnt connected to the internet as that would be silly. And the lesson progresses along the lines of common sense anyone could get. Now Domion voting systems obfuscated by the rental of a Chinese server the Chinese authorities must know when Donald Trump (The President of the United States of America) doesn't know who owns the official server for Dominion. Given that the movie Conspiracy Theory is old hat now, I find it unlikely the president wouldn't know when the server's owner could be easily guessed at just by the IPaddress and certain meta-data associated with that. Let's just say it's not going to be on faux news anytime soon and I hope there's some popcorn left when Dorothy gets back to Kansas.
  12. A cv- has certain connotations and a cv+ has certain connotations. I don't know the ins and outs of having cv- connotations applied to you but its easy to get a cv+ but it will cost your cv0 status. cv- seems like "I will obey hitler to save everyones life, especially my own" cv+ seems like "I will just go through with this bullshit, even if there's a risk" cv0 seems like "I'm not fucking playing with you, you're all crazy!" Personally I prefer "I'm from the planet vulcan and you're primitive earth medicine is unsuitable for my metabolism" but the crazy people will think I'm mad so I'm staying hush. More popcorn!
  13. Never underestimate the power of people who don't like having voices in their head to deceive the whole world!
  14. It will test the hearts more than an extremist human rights abridging government. Consider how much is censored about covid-19. The existence of a firmament between two worlds which has always been would be like the whole onion network going mainstream internet and the daily mail and co barely getting a mention on the search engines. The extremist human rights abridging government is a minnow compared to the media who hires and fires them telling the voters what the media says everyone wants. The appearance of Jupiter occulting all its siblings is an event which cannot be seen by those so blind to look for gods in the sky. The kingdom of heaven is within you. I say that ye are gods (Psalm 82:6). The polytheism of the bible from the Elohim who fought against Babylon, to Jesus who repeats the words of Psalm 82:6 is replaced by a false monotheistic "god of the dead" which is Chaos to the Pagans, and the mysterious nameless unknown thing from which the heavens sprang. The only monotheistic god is the maker of heaven and earth, the god beyond the celestial sphere. Jesus condemns that the truth should be kept beneath a basket, saying it should be shouted from the rooftops. The monotheists have much to say about the deus excelsius creator of heaven and earth and they have much to say about the terrestrial plane but theres a wall of silence about the extra-terrestrial plane - Celeste! Hidden in stories of doves but also toungues of fire, the spiritual realm is rarely described in any way except for legends which can not be understood by those deceived by the deceiver to be looking for the gods within the sky. They are in the heavens and the heavens are within. The thunderbolt of Zeus is a terrifying apocalypse only because the truth has been eclipsed to be apocalypsed by a great revelation. What authority have the earthly governments to not know this thing even a fool can be shown. The men and women march left-right left-right like machines to be disintegrated by the stone they lost at the beginning of time left do far undiscovered. The truth is not left, nor is it right. It is not infront, behind, above or below but in a direction they have never considered to be even possible. Only nutty conspiracy theorists would believe in that rubbish! To the deceived the truth is impossible until its seen and then from the illusion of their deception it is like magic.\ Welcome to Disneyland but this magic kingdom isn't mickey mouse! It's foundations are the sister of the foundations of the earth. The kingdom of Tefnut is close at hand! Can the bigots keep up with the voodoo users stirring them up in the cookpot, they'll soon shout I'm the racist for using the N word to salute the eternal president of North Korea and their lack of capacity to love their enemy means they see those rocket missiles firing into the heavens but when can it be said for them that the eagle has truly landed? They need to establish global governments to deal with the problems of global harmony. They ways of heaven are not the ways of nations. The empire on which the sun never sets is some pun when you consider the expansive conquests by Britain and the pre-war hopes of an empire which would last forever. The kingdom of heaven contains the soul of every creature from the tiniest protozoa to the enormous hump backed whale or redwood pine. It is not some man made empire, but the thing that rides upon what the blind consider to be life. Its power over the nations is that men and women are creatures too and just as they are malleable toward the money or lack of it which buys them food and shelter, they are malleable also toward the manna or lack of it which buys them things that money cannot buy. The heaven is as old as the earth and the favoured are treated like prime possessions in a game of slavery you would not believe in this modern world. What does Kim Jung Un care for this? He has his pride of place sneering at south koreans opposite but unable to discern himself in a mirror. Oh the hippocracy of a man to speak of shadows in the crypts beneath the the palaces of the great. The wise who find these places find writings on the walls and chew on them because they could be red in different ways. Binary options, choose your path. May the labrynth provide what you deserve. Metaphor of a world beyond the world where there is no stone but that which is written in the heart. Watch out for bullshit. The minotaurs been there already. How is it your brain is chewing on something here. Strangely, your single eye will see you have more senses than you can cope with. Oh highest gods who rise above me in perception, raise me up to be with you, away from the savage vagueries of the earths deception. Paradise isnt founded on hate deception and injustice.
  15. I find the whole "pedophelia" thing a twisted perverted witch-hunting abuse cult that has its origins in the bold new media of the early eu using the diabolical accusation against the media personalities, politicians and church figures whose reputations they deliberated to destroy with the nw buzzword "pedophile". Prior to this the word was an obscure socialogic term contra-indicative of child abusive. A pedophile in the pre-90s unbastardised meaning of the obscure word would be ideal priests, teachers, social workers, childrens entertainers etc because they would be the least likely to engage in child abuse since they could form phelial relationships with children that government robots could not. Phelial love in the places such terms are not obscure is held to be distinct from erotic love and agape love. The brave new media character assasinated any who may be opposed to their new international regime with a misnomer suggesting erotic attraction to children. A culture of bullies calling the virtuous a bunch of gay boys. 27 years, 4 wars, a expansive surveillance state, abolished sovereignties and seriously degraded human rights later and emotional, psychological and physical child abuse goes on unabated as everyone focusses on concerns that Prince Andrew might have shagged a 17 year old while Luke Rudowsky is emailed kiddie porn. We hear so much about Rolf Harrises caught with compromising pictures of children on their computer but we hear very little about who takes those pictures and who publishes them and whether is lawful excuse in pictures being taken (Julia Somerville) and pictures being held (evidence of physical abuse versus blackmail gangs). That these practices can be ascertained to be going on while the police chase whatever wild goose the brave new media feed them, the state is visibly powerless in the face of sophisticated criminal gangs where public order is a smokescreen for the surveillance state ruling over an anti-democratic farce where the public are deprived of human rights while the priveleged pretend its a mental illness for anyone to notice. How convenient it is that I kill no cow when I buy minced beef from ASDA but when the desperate are seeking organs and the overpopulated are seeking abortions in a world which intends an electronic policeman for everybodies phone, where are the pedophiles? Who is who in a twisted world of lies turning children into obedient blinded slaves while pushing sensational slander against anyone who stands in their way. Where are these innocent weapons of war in the hands of blackmailers who have no concept of right and wrong? Were you a child used for sex pictures in the past 27 years? Where are you? Wheres the evidence?
  16. Hazel O'Conner - What a gem you've show me there. I've found this song here from her: What kind of things are you that deliver papers White papers that you say apply to me Reams of rules constructed for protection Protection for yourselves, but not for me You hide behind your walls of bureaucracy I find that you've nothing to do with me You're all aliens I opened up my eyes, and saw to my surprise Monsters in disguise, wearing bowler hats and old school ties Shouldn't this be on the Reptillian Spotters thread or a new thread for Vogon Constructor Fleet ship spotters.
  17. Imagine there's no John Lennon, it's easy if you try. No hell above us, beneath us Rupert Murdoch's Sky. Ageist? The baby boomers stole the very heavens from their children in a never ending party where all the human rights won in World War 2 by their parents were spent on package holidays and surveillance apparatus to keep the party pooping baby's in a prison that many claim they cannot see. Celebrity idols have crucified the immortal god and replaced it with a plastic replica and you think the government can hide this calamnity? That's not a gumtree your vlimbing because you're onto plums. Oldies4truth.com
  18. talk "we're not big on censorship here" RADIO These guys are stirring up shit while lying through their teeth. They all are. There's no more media. It's gone. Actor's bullshitting the public to lead their audience up the garden path by psycho-social programs. Turn it off, tune in to the auranos - the very thing they have crudely mimicked then tried to delete. The auranos isnt full of actors, its not even full of fairly honest people either, its filled with the very hearts of peple. No lies, wise teachings, a world that the baby eating cannibals of electronic radio broadcasts have brought you from the cradle to believe is just a myth or a mental illness if you experience it first hand. It plays to your emotions and sucks you in filling your soul with greed and pride and vanity telling you these are strengths. They are weaknesses by which they buy and sell you everyday.
  19. Bradley Manning was homosexualised by psychologists. You wonder where all these strange genders are coming from? It's time for Drs Freud and Mengeles to have a seat on the couch and explain psychological experiments on those deemed to have lives unworthy of living from 1933 to 1938 when Freud skipped the third reich to slowly reintroduce the same eugenical ideologies which had been stamped out. Manning is a man, not a woman and the degrading inhumane treatment which led him to his sex confusion stands as further testimony against the coalition of the willing.
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