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  1. At some future time a hidden enemy will arise and it will require everyone to unite and put up with a temporary restrictions in our way of life as the hidden enemy is being tackled by a united front which will be essential to protect our way of life. There will be naysayers and people allied to the hidden enemy speaking blasphemies about the leaders of the united front and the most rewarded citizens will be ignore the naysayers who everyone will know to be idiots stood against our way of life. This will come to pass at some future point in time and it will happen within our lifetime. It is a prophecy known to every prophet yet it will come as a shock to those hearing this news on the news services tommorrow. Please give a '<3' if you know this prophecy is inevitable. It is one thing to live your life according to how things ought to be but if you are not yet aware of how things are, you must live through the apocalypse so as to have the gift of second sight.
  2. If they don't ignore it they will make a reply that doesn't address the issue with any substance. They work for the parties, the parties work for international media corporations.
  3. The cop who stood on George Floyd's neck, the social worker who organised a legalised kidnapping because she felt someone wasn't prostrate enough before them, the celebrity who funded a hit squad of gang stalkers for targets who rejected msm as lies. Who is this shadowy 1%? Some minoritised group who are lucky to have castles while abuse runs rampant no one notices or are too afraid to speak about let alone intervene. There's predatory behaviours everywhere, in organised forms and even inside the corridors our courageous protectors walk in. What's the point of going its the 1%, its the jews or blame Iraqis or the hilariously upside down accusation about racists and xenophobes made by the most bigoted of all. If only the evil that goes on in this world could be blamed on a 1% all the evil in the world tell their victims to blame while preventing anyone from getting through the walls behind which the scapegoat lives. A policy man steals the shirt off your back and says "its the law". You think "this is a democracy, the will of the people would never support such abuse" so you ask to speak to a senior of the policy man and maybe you get the chance to or maybe you dont. Somewhere up that chain of command is someone stealing the shirt of your back and they block your way to injustice being prevented. There's your 1%.
  4. I'm just strange. Maybe I should speak what I have learned as an evil witch!
  5. You only need two! What I'm saying is that there is a massive deception going on about the nature of our senses. Let's consider the reader and the writer. Are you unable to read this because a third party hasn't verified it's possible. It's like a whole world of lies, deception, superstition and gossip is manufactured to say to the reader, you cant read, its just a bunch of meaningless scrambled symbols. You're delusional to think someone is trying to communicate by strange symbols. At the same time, they are saying to the writer, dont be silly, no one can be communicated with using strange symbols. Thats crazy. The symbols are to be written as the tv dictates and anyone who reads them are delusional unless they are part of a cult engaged in the deception. Are you incapable of recognising someone is communicating to you because a third party hasn't verified it? What about writing in a world telling you only dead people can read your writings and that your mixed up if you believe the living can read what you write? Can you speak with your mind? If you've been deceived, provoke the gods for a testimony, I KNOW they hear our prayers, not because some third party says so, but because I see it for myself. Get a testimony. Prove me wrong by trying out the world in the way I recommend. You will know it too. Nothing else is possible. In time you too will hear the prayers of others but those who will now know you have a mind that knows the truth will tell you its impossible for you because of bad genes or nanobots or the latest line of bullshit. You're full form is a telepathic being but they want you to be nothing more than a piece of meat waiting for the grave to be in a world you are in, right here, right now. Speak your mind to people in the most abusive manner ever but do so without moving your lips concealing any signs of body language. It is not possible the world reacts to that, yet you will find it does. Can you turn your mind from fire to water instantly? These sudden changes alter a world in which you are powerful. A world the deceivers desire you do not believe while they manipulate what your mind should write to a world they pretend does not exist while exercising power over it through you unaware of your own god given power. This is why Elijah hears the voice of god in true Christianity and you haven't yet heard the version of truth told by the voices in peoples heads allegedly telling them to do unconscienable things. Before you can discern the truth, first discern the liars, they will even be in your own household! Put my words to the test goddess and dont fear El Shaddai!
  6. The less information the enemy has, the less able it is to act. The enemy is exposed. The nutty conspiracy theorists have been telling the truth, you either defend human rights or you don't. You're a slave in the hands of those pretending they do not know what they are doing. They can't even protect their own human rights let alone anyone else's but they wan't to be in charge. They'll steal your organs and pretend they don't know anything about it. Steer clear of the frauds who claim to know nothing. That surveillance state didn't build itself. Despite their assurances to the contrary it really did happen here and the Fourth Reich is getting worse. What's "crime" in this situation. The system is lawless and crooked.
  7. Understand this you'll understand everything. This is the diamond of your freedom. The truth enslavers want buried. This SHOULD BE taught in every school and spoken in every church and the first thing a brainologist must know and relate, not to mention the whole history of the suppression and persecution of spiritual beliefs. Right here. In a nutshell that is always buried because thats the type of world you live in. A fake world dreamed up by the simple being deceived by ... well watch the way this information is buried when you mention it anywhere ... put the information to the test. The sheep wake up, but thats not sheep burying this essential knowledge, its too deliberately and consistenly buried and mimiced and shunned.
  8. Satan literally means "false accuser". If music merely touches on spiritual themes, it is not in itself satanic but could be considered devilry to those who wish to deceive the world to believe that the spiritual realm does not exist, but the deceiver is itself devilry to those who want to know and should not have their paths perverted by nanobots and artificial telepathy rubbish made by those who hope people will trade their souls for some key to a manmade delusion.
  9. Where does it teach them how to hear the prayers of the living God? I could produce reams of evidence they are being told to pray to the dead which stand as testimony in the light of truth that they are deceived that the living also hear their prayers and amongst the living who hear the voice of god praying to the ears of god, the great deception about the ears of the living is a source of a lot of trouble on the earth where the inhabitants kept blind are manipulated and demoralised by god like beings no different from themself, who intend that prayer is made to idols by those kept in the slavery of the deception that man can hear their prayers and that man is not "mentally ill" because this is so but iniquitous to the extent that man, a god like being would deceive man, a god like being from the truth that man hears mans prayers and enslaves man by deceiving man that their spiritual life should not begin until their physical body dies and that meantime, they should pray to the dead and never know the deception and manipulation of man who hears their prayers. To those who pray I say know that you too are gods as the deceivers appear and just as you can speak to god in heavenly prayer, you can also hear god with heavenly ears. The light that shines is prayer and the eye that sees the light are the ears that hear the prayers. The eye of the deceiver is greedy, sneaky and false and hates that a hidden sight that none can hide from is now a place that those with hidden sight should no longer hide. The truth is out there. Let those naive declare their incompetence, let the deceiver be treated amongst them. The naive can be awoken because they're not pretending to be asleep. We are not their slaves. They have a bill to pay no complex monetary scheme can pay for. Our souls are the oil they've been siphoning. Let the innocent eyes bear testimony, let the naive lights put my words to the test by praying to god most high that the spiritual deceivers speak the truth!
  10. My original point is that people are talking about prayers to the bearded man in the sky and the plastic Jesus who hugs tax collectors but never rejects their ways. There's dead silence that people can hear other peoples prayers... how can a society promulgating deception against itself ever be in unity? There's no point discussing prayer and/or "mental illness" without first addressing telepathy and acknowledging there is suppression of the knowledge about where our prayers go and where the voices come from.
  11. A telepathic person can hear your prayers and we are told people who have voices in their head are delusional despite Elijah, etc having the same so called delusion. People can hear peoples prayers and occording to the bible they hear the voice of god as people pray to god and Jesus says what psalms says ... I say that ye are gods. The big question now is whether you hear god or speak to god and how to acquire the gift you don't have. As for those who say its all a load of rubbish, well they have their beliefs and are entitled to hold and impart them so long as they respect the law that they should treat others the way they wish to be treated, but if they are outside the law, then Jesus grants no protection of eye for eye and tooth for tooth type retribution as it always was. I believe god is in everything, and the zealots who shout mental illness against beliefs they dont want told should take their own medicine. Is my religion unjust? The god of the living, not the dead!
  12. The lapland santa is fake. The greenland santa is fake. The supermarket santa is fake. Fake media, fake democracy, fake santa! The real santa, as you will grow up to understand, lives in the north pole. Look up to the heavens at night and you will see that all the stars are circling round a star that cant be seen. Polaris is the closest but but it is not the point about which the stars go round. It is something that cannot be seen and its under that point that santa delivers presents to every child in the world from his interdimensional workshop which is just a boring old interdimensional workshop the same as any interdimensional workshop used by ordinary elves but santas interdimensional workshop is special because santa is flushed in red while the elves are green like ivy! HO! HO! HO!
  13. Do you have any evidence independent of the censorsphere inhabitants that a fancy new virus exists? If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it must be an enormous fire breathing dragon to everyone fed that shit in the censorsphere. What do your own eyes see independent of the mind control of propaganda in a censor bubble. There's signs in nature that the virus doesn't exist but what will the propagandists do with that information if they have it? There's signs in the ever changing narrative that the virus does not exist but how will they change the narrative again to accomodate the things the eye can see that their interchanging mind control cannot hide? How are your fundamental human rights looking in the censorsphere saying "HAIL TELEVISION!"
  14. "The Nuclear Family" is not traditional christian but a 20th century invention.
  15. Why do the people who build the roads need to pay to use the roads they built for those who didn't build the roads to own. Take Tony Blair for example. His contribution to "society" is lies, wars, destruction of rights and looking cheesy. He gets paid a mint to swan about in a bullet proof car over roads built by people who's rights have been demolished who need to pay him to use their own creations. Thats slick!
  16. If TOR is slow try a new identity or get tools to be selective over entry and exit nodes. TOR is barely visible in it's standard mode. Much more invisible than VPNs which do flag up. Alternative mechanisms are available to thwart attacks by terrorist cells operating within state party apparatus. For example, there's a terrorist organisation in China wilfully violating the Article 12 rights of Chinese citizens. TOR-obs3 was the internet of last resort as the terrorist gang operating against the people of China from inside the government begun to block access to the the then world wide web which for non-TOR users in China became the China-wide net. TOR users still had access to the outside world until the terrorists inside the Chinese government marching against the liberties that the "dictatorship of the people" had promised shut down TOR. Smart cookies began using alternative mechanisms which made TOR undectable so that the terrorists against the liberties of the Chinese people are getting angrier and angrier that there is free speech in China that the angry little hitlers can't control because they can't even see. Fortunately in Britain we live in advanced liberal democracy where there's not a hint of censorship or angry little hitlers trying to undermine free speech. Only nutty conspiracy theorists would believe that the world would be any other way and they would be so busy studying how to practice free speech safe from little hitlers using TOR that the little hitlers would have nothing to worry about as they don't exist and nor do the TOR mechanisms to stay invisible from little hitlers who dont exist and the narratives which tend to shut down free speech on the internet are purely accidental. Everyone is then happy, no little hitlers, free speech for all because TOR doesnt exist as far as anyone who might be a little hitler is concerned.
  17. The BBC leaves out so much regards its own selling products like twitter and facebook. Twitter is now advertised on the back of police cars in Scotland. This is 'normal' to people who see mandatory vaccines as 'normal'. It mentions nothing about the rejection of media corporations while pushing people toward platforms its freinds control. The best sites can't be found on this side of the internet and they make the dark web sound like the place of pedopjiles and hired assassins. The reality is that the BBC and its media buddies killed 768 British Citizens in an illegal war in Iraq they promoted while swearing allegiance to a foreign power which misled the world into a world war in the middle east by way of the office of the EU's prime minister for it's British member state Tony Blair. The violation of the sovereignty of the UK has never been addressed by these media corporations which are now out of control unaccountable unelected rulers of the minds of television addicts. This is a story that cannot be televised and that they must erase anywhere it rears it's head. Any fish can be trapped in a tunnel it can be bated to because it cannot turn back. The fish is big and the trap is abstract, but the exact same principals apply. MediaCorp will behave like MediaCorp regardless of its rhetoric. Right now we could pull the gate and it would have no way out but is everybody seeing the reasons why we need this enormous fish trapped? Is everybody ready?
  18. The coronavirus says it plans to infect people of all colours and creeds worldwide and is not a racist, although the more puny influenza virus is a racist and a xenophobe. It says the name was chosen by looking at a random object in a room it was in while drunk. It has no specific plans to specifically target spain.
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