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  1. Mainstream media article: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1320207/R-rate-what-is-R-rate-now-England-UK-what-was-R-rate-March Only in mid-march were any measures used to reduce the R rate which was 'at least' doubling the number of infected people every day. Lets ignore the "covid-19 medical equipment" traded on the world bank in 2018 and say "that's a nutty a conspiracy theory" because the world bank doctored its own records while it was going viral and there is only the word of "nutty conspiracy theorists" to go by since only archived copies of the original exist. Lets say a rather non-controversial start date of 17 November 2019 from the mainstream media here: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus-china-first-case-b1724282.html Mid november to mid march. Like mainstream media consumers, I can't be bothered counting but thats roughly 90 days. It wasn't a big story until mid-march just after the stock market went into free fall after a failed attempt to prevent a freefall. Around then they were saying it was in December it arrived in the UK. Lets say the 1st of January. Lets say we suddenly locked down at the start of march and only 60 days passed before measures were taken. The R-rate was at least 2. If only one person had it on January 1st when it was at least doubling each day ... how many people were infected in 60 days... 2^60 ... you do the maths on your 32 bit calculators. Its off the scale before the measures were even put in place: Shame unto those who think badly! Honi soit qui mal y pense! Now stick your statistics up youre arse covidiots!
  2. What are the side effects of the various vaccines, including the 'inactive ingredients' such as 'sucrose' which metabolizes into glucose or fat to provide extra energy to the body. Now I know there is a hyper-aggression jag commonly used (pointless talking about it amongst co-incidence theorists) so my question is what are the side effects you notice in people given various vaccines. This is more a question that can be answered by those who should now be looking at tor level anonymity whose cover as being 'normal' hasn't been blown by those who might feed them misinformation about the drugs they will be coerced to take through soft power mechanisms being tried using masks.
  3. None of the greats needed an app, nor did they need group meditation. This sounds more like psychology than spirituality.
  4. Its a deliberate tactic. The msm narrative 'reacts' to the changing human terrain but it keeps its reactions hidden behind the narrative. Facebook and twitter were designed under military contracts where part of the compartmentalisation was a narrative about stabalising peace in Iraq when the reality was that the internet was like covering the entire systems of the world in thermite which leads to these whacky media narratives to distract the enslaved from the fact the systems are built on fraud and violence and coated in honey. The media is the central monument of the cult which controls all things and cannot be criticized by cult members. I've been around the 'people who believe in lizards' for a while and theres plenty of fair criticism at some things that are said and do you know I've even been offered drugs like cannabis and they've never been 'pushed' on me... now lets take a look at the kind of people who hate muslims in the cult and only tolerate happy clappy christians lending support to jews willing to indulge in racism and supremacism, but all in all a cult against all moral decency ... are they pushing drugs? Are they keeping you informed? For example, will there be a gathering of what they call 'conspiracy theorists' in town squares on boxing day? They'll warn people not attend big sectarian meetings a week in advance, knowing full well that by giving such warning even more people will attend, but meetings calling the media anti-democratic socially manipulative genocidal fetus murdering warmongers? Hardly hear about that eh? Its deliberate. They are at war with humanity and theres a few charles mansons who are everyones favourite Id like to meet one day as a visitor to their deserved homes in maximum security prisons for people with no right to speak, think, have any say in medical practices and all the crimes theyve enabled being visited upon them. They are not 'the authorities', they are international war criminals who took power in april 1993. Mind control republic.
  5. So what are the intentions of the people who made the app you want people to focus on. I meditate towards people being free from teraphim. They steal peoples souls preventing them becoming seraphim. Truly, man is greater than his inventions.
  6. When the BBC is more important to a member of a family than the thoughts, views and experiences of another family member it is as if their talking furniture is more important than family. These collectivisms like family, democracy, team, society, tribe, etc. There's no use in being part of something as a zombie. You lose your very self. These collectivisms as a uniting mutual protector thing is right but as a mutually destructive thing they are wrong. People who believe the bbc, have no concept of democracy or right and wrong that cant be overturned in an instant by the psychological techniques now telling them how to engage in dialogue with their own family members suckered into a system of empty promises and lies providing they engage in the abuse and marginalisation of those who refuse to listen to the terrorist regime which remains seated above the will of the people while pointing the finger at the lords as being unelected. The lords have traditionally enslaved mens bodies with complex bribes and blackmails but the media enslaves peoples minds and thats why divorce rates are high, abortions are through the roof, mental 'confusion' is everywhere while the confused obey the bbc, stick tgeir fingers in their ears and scream "Im not listening" (to a friend? to a family member?) and can only see that person through a very warped lense placed in front of their eyes by a morally bankrupt media class determinned to destroy anything that calls it out for its rape and pillage of the nations it occupies. The media need to be "wiped off the face of the earth", its adherents need to be councelled or criminalised for supporting and engaging in crimes against humanity the same as any other genocidal expansionist war monger destroying families and blaming their massive abuse and collective slander cult on the very people they initiate their war against. Good will to all men, but corporations? Go fuck you!
  7. Guy from US pointing out the US media is more powerful than the president and there's not a thing the democracy can do about it. https://www.bitchute.com/video/XvIlZs8OxSt6/
  8. Television: Before I say anything, please put your political opinions in a box and mark it as "this is the team I want to win". Ok? Right what Im about to say is not a political point but a point that the tv is brainwashing people on a massive scale and Im only sad that this one massive example doesn't relate the degree to which people are being brainwashed by it. It's unfortunate that I make this point using a political example: The EU. (Keep your opinion in the box please, my point is about mental slavery by TV). Remember the miners strikes? Remember how "everyone" hated Thatcher? Remember how "workers rights" and "democracy" and "voting"? Remember how John Major got into office by what Thatcher described as "a monstrous coup". Remember how the common market was transformed into political and legal overlords over Britain when the unelected John Major signed the Maastricht Treaty? (Keep it in the box they have you triggered.) Remember how the media depicted John Major as some boring old politician? Remember how the media hailed the EU as a great achievement? Remember how the EU said "democracy" and "voting". Remember how the the media said "small minority of racists and xenophobes"? Remember how the media promoted the invasion of Iraq? Remember how the media character assasinated anyone opposed to the invasion? Remember how the media character assasinated anyone opposed to the EU? Remember how there was a referendum after 25 years of no political representation for those wondering where democracy went? (Keep it in the box.) Remember how the results showed the small minority was half of those who voted. (25% of electors, 25% abstained and 25% felt after 25 years that registration was nothing more than cash cow for market data salesmen). 25% supported integration after 25 years of a non-representative parliament where the media made out 25% were all but a small minority of racists and xenophobes. (or less - as 100% supported sovereignty at Maastricht's concealled shock - another so called "conspiracy theory" our sovereignty was at stake). I could get into some politics here about democracy as a reason for rejecting the EU but lets keep that in the box as I am making the bias free point keeping readers informed, blah blah, because experts say... the media has an agenda to manipulate the mind of the public. The whole EU thing has been swept under the carpet already as they go on about democracy and voting like the past never existed. The political and pseudolegal power these people weild is incredible and its just the tip of an iceberg involving slavery, war, mass murder, terrorism, genocide and many other evils created by a system of cradle to grave mind control that makes fake religions pale by comparison. It takes time to recover from television consumption which is administered to children like the way heroine should not be. You cant still be consuming that filth and be alright in the head. The best laid plans of mice and men involve destroying the cult of brainwashing or taking possession of it so as to manage the unawakened victims of a cult which is stealing their souls and murdering their children. There's three ways it can go. Destruction of the media - highly unlikely given mans pursuit of power - but if it happenned, where has reality gone now there's nothing warping your view of everything else? Coup against the media - more likely because the media has more power than the democracy or the churches and above all things man seeks power - where does this leave you having a new warp placed on your reality but still a mindslave. Continuation without change - as ever more impressive techniques are use to sell you into hegelian dialects and such like where your rights (individually and as a society) are destroyed no matter who the tv depicts as beautiful and ugly - your still a mindslave. Its a machine and I dont mean your centrepiece furniture nor the broadcast technology but the bureaucracy of "we write what we are told because we wont have suavy jobs if we fall out of line". Stop worshipping these liars! They are monsters, not your friends!
  9. Working 24 hour shifts near rent day to make sure I didn't end up hopeless.
  10. You ever notice that political parties don't really do anything until they get elected where they then bin all their promises and move on with the same god forsaken agenda as the party they've replaced? It always attracts the kind of people who want to be in charge of people mixed in with a few people getting over the fear of human rights abuses at the hands of the system who are mostly managed by Sir Humphrey Appleby who doesn't want the subsidies for the opera's to be put on hold for some piddling thing like making sure the homeless don't freeze to death this winter. I've got a better idea. Why not create a political party which has absolutely no intention of winning but carries out its policies in its campaigning rather than once it gets elected. The various people involved in the party would put themselves up for election but present themself in the most horrific manner possible that anyone who ever did vote for them would be classified as having some kind of mental health disorder like criminal insanity. We wouldn't even have to create our own policies, just steal the worst policies of the other parties and present them in the most unendearing terms so as to cut through the honey coated bullshit and just say what the policies would actually mean. Raise up some swastika looking symbol and relate our disappointment that current politics is failing because we have overpopulation and not enough abortion facilities and research into how best homosexualise the poor and middle class. People are living too long and there are old people who's organs could be put to better use reducing the national debt. We need more death and better propaganda if so many people are switching off their televisions and not buying into the latest revisions in public policy. If we don't kill more poor people, a crisis will be on our hands. Just take the policies that are getting pushed and attempt to sell them free from the glossy bullshit. It doesn't matter if they hate us, so long as they hate the policies and don't shoot us for being so ugly. We could promise to destroy the policies of the enemies of the party in huge oversized posters with the party fuhrer (blender 3d model) doing a wink. Keep the truth spread by word of mouth amongst people who have a suitable hate for what we appear to stand for and call forth the new master race to join us on our supreme march to jump off the cliff - parachutes for the most courageous nazis whos hearts are in it for a good reason. So who's up for oblivion today :D
  11. Tatooing human livestock is so orwellian... make them walk about with phone tags instead!
  12. Actually, Democracy was given to us by George Ist who fucked off back to Saxony or somewhere. It wasn't until George 3rd until someone got some big idea they owned an island and started chasing the maids with his trousers down.
  13. We could turn up and throw shoes at them
  14. A lot of human rights groups associate in places that the powers that be can't see these days. If you're mingling around the right company with the right attitude you'll find yourself mingling with minglers mingled in with people who only pay lip service to the things they claim to be about. Check this out as a lead. https://ugetube.com/watch/thinkfree-presents-the-magnificent-deception-robert-menard_pcSQiRdkfq7hfMJ.html
  15. What happens if the uber driver pulls up his car at an empty beach and sits down on a spot where someone with the rona just left 1 minute ago and picks up a virus on his clothing, sits in his car then picks up passengers assured he was covid safe. Isn't he a murderer like every other psychpathic killer who went rambling during the global pandemic? Well thank god the global war on terror is now forgotten, pity about the global war on common sense.
  16. There's been a bit of an abuse cult going round involving this stuff. Kind of like sleepy angels being attacked by the beasts leading to wakened angels attacking the beasts leading to a horrific war between two worlds but had gabriel never been asleep, alot of these troubles would have never happenned. Gabriel has been asleep since birth so who blinded gabriel? This is the past and the wall of silence is deafening. The silence of the wolves and the naivity of the lambs the beast blinds to this day yet the truth is written in a million tales from the modern to the ancient. You can wake up from the lullaby but no matter how much you wish the lullaby was real, the truth calls on you to get yourself connected. When this song was made, there were no nanobots. Tam O'Shanter can blame it on the whisky if it makes him feel better but whether he believes theres something like witches dancing round an unearthly fire or not, the truth cares not what Tam believes. Better to live in the real world than a delusion that the real is limited to the acts and theatres proliferated through the earth. Somethin' ain't right Gonna get myself, I'm gonna get myself Gonna get myself connected I ain't gonna go blind For the light which is reflected I see through you, I see through you I see through you, I see through you Ya dirty tricks, ya make me sick I see through you, I see through you Gonna do it again, gonna do it again I'm (gonna do it again, gonna do it again) Gotta do right (gonna do it again) 'Cause somethin' ain't right (gonna do it again) Gotta do right, come on If you make sure you're connected, The writing's on the wall But if your mind's neglected, Stumble you might fall Stumble you might fall Stumble you might fall I, ain't gonna go blind Gonna get myself, I'm gonna get myself I'm gonna get myself connected I ain't gonna go blind For the light that is reflected Hear me out Do it again, do it again Do it again, do it again I wanna do it again, I wanna do it again I wanna through it again Ya terrified (I wanna do it again) Ain't gonna go blind, ain't gonna go blind (I wanna do it again) here we go If you make sure you're connected, The writing's on the wall But if your mind's neglected, Stumble you might fall Stumble you might fall, hear me out Stumble you might fall Interstate five stayin' alive Won't someone try open up your eyes You must be blind if you can't see The gapin' hole called reality Ow, wanna do it again, I know I'm gonna do it again I wanna do it again, come on, I'm gonna do it again Hear me out, terrified Somethin' ain't right, here we go If you make sure you're connected, The writing's on the wall But if your mind's neglected, Stumble you might fall
  17. Any group is subject to infiltration and co-option. Rather than hoping to prevent it, expect it, facilitate it and use it for a purpose of genuine value to liberty.
  18. There's coersion going on. "No" should suffice. Answering "why?" might cause offence so "It's my own business.". Any "I'm making it my business!" should generate a voluntary agreement by the person in your face to be your guinea pig. Have a procedure in place to provide help and assistance to those who want in on your business. If they want to take over your business, walk away, its their business. If they escalate offences, do what the ancestors always did when reason and peaceable posture failed. These are crimes so serious that nations signed treaties to bind themselves to mutually protect each other if these types of crimes began being committed by governments. Netherlans has been the genocide centre of Europe for over a decade while the media said little. This is not a theory, these are mass murderers.
  19. Sometimes when you look into a matter, things are not neccessarily the way they appear on tv or the internet. There's a narrative and it would surprise you the places that the narrative is being spun, then there's the truth. It doesn't matter whether the whole world believes a horse has teeth or if there are those who say the horse has vampire teeth or no teeth at all. The actual truth can be found exactly where you would expect to find it. In this strange world it means in the opinions of conflicting sides who both believe the truth. If you have a mental condition, maybe you doubt enough to go look.
  20. Post birth abortion for under 12s https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-54538288
  21. China, a country which engages in internet censorship, propaganda supporting more and more power for government, restrictions on free speech, bans on freedom of assembly and a 'justice system' so strict your phone will fine you for walking across an empty road when there is no green man. Prior to the changes in the uk organ 'donation' law, prior to the lockdown and prior to anyone ever having heard of coronavirus, the wuhan area was infamous as a place where by Falun Gong people were being held in concentration camps for their beliefs as rumours went round human rights circles about a story that should be the fictitious depictions like "The Island". The following link relates a story acknowledged at the highest levels. https://www.stoporganharvesting.org/what-is-organ-harvesting/ Get it while you can, the security certificate is expired.
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