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  1. There's a branch of applied mathematics taught where triangles have 90 degree angles. (Not all triangles have angles which sum ip to 180 degrees). I thought the postgrad was shitting me. I can now see a triangle with three right angles. If the earth is flat there's going to be a lot of people who want that shushted.
  2. Its also funded by media corporations, intelligence agencies and anyone else who has an interest in protecting their arse from being seen. They all use TOR, why shouldn't you?
  3. Science is the discernment of truth by philosophical investigation of nature. Micro-chipping a cat is an engineering thing. Science discovered semi-conductors and engineers built transistors. Science is as neutral as the mysterious ocean but engineering with what science provides can blow up the world or blow up all things that blow up the world. Being led by science isn't about a high priesthood of men in white coats, themself capable off folly, but being led by demonstrable principals in distintion to gossip and rumours and what people wish was true but isn't.
  4. Bizzare that its to be ratified by a subjugated parliament enjoying less than 25% of the electorates support and the 25% who oppose the subjugated parliament who still vote wont get to see the extent to which they aren't represented. A further 25% dont vote and a further 25% dont register. The 75% of the country should establish their own sovereignty and box in the traitors.
  5. 1. Big question. You use client programs like a tor browser or tor chat and you use server programs as hidden services. Its a big question but you probably only want to know about a tor browser. 2. You can access the mainstream web using a tor browser as always but you can only access onions from tor. Onions are like domain names except their locations aren't known to icann. 3. You can use this site on tor and you can use most sites on tor but some sites block tor so you have to use a special tor mode (see bridges) so sites cant tell your using tor. Tor detection is data intensive and only large corporations would block it. Facebook is now hosting an onion itself whereas before they blocked tor if they detected it. Generally the whole internet is available through tor, even the us sites that the eu blocks. 4. To maintain your security and therefor your privacy, you should use a regular email service but only ever access it through tor and never via an email client that may access the mail server using your regular ip address. To get a new regular email address, you will often be asked for personally identifying information (pii) such as your phone number or an alternative email address. You should never allow your anonymous free speech identity to be connected with anything outside of tor. Get a temporary email address and use that as the pii to get a regular email address. When you meet people online make assessments on their own security procedures before agreeing to meet them. For example, what mechanism did they use to prevent breaches of their privacy by google? Did they use any? Would you want to meet up with people with fleas in their hair? Those who arent practicing electronic security have scabies!!! Make sure you're meetups through online anonymous aren't just bullshit artists 'could never happen here'. The regular truthernet isnt just filled with obvious trolls, the fact we unite for truth speaks volumes about the amount of lies so watch out for social hackers and those not taking precautions about organised stalking. 5. VPNs are a response to tor. Access porn sites for £100 a year and only you, the vpn and the cia will know about it. Watch the movie "the lives of others" about the east berlin surveillance state. The people who run the system now navigated that to get out of it. Now we are in the prison, this will help you catch up on some basic ideas.
  6. I cant vouch for the ecuminical side of things but the episcopal side looks legit.
  7. How big was Anna Brees' mainstream profile and the guy that set her up in business, who is that and what's his story? Has he cut ties and if AB needs a loan of 5k from him, where is the dough from her alleged career with the MSM. She looks like another attempt by the facists to look 'alternative' as they seek to help all the nutty conspiracy theorists to have their memories and speech erased. Someone should interview brees to see if she wriggles are stands straight.
  8. Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf (Also known as "Comical Ali") Was the Iraqi minister for propaganda up until the day Saddam Hussein's Baath Party lost their lead at the polls to a batallion of coalition tanks parked round the corner from the Iraqi Mainstream Media headquarters that Saeed not only failed to mention but deliberately lied about to the Iraqi audience. His denial of reality became comical and on a par with the British ministry of propaganda make believing the war was legal even after the secretary general of the security council declared "It is the view of this council and that of the UN Charter that the invasion is illegal." All of NATO was sent into a quagmire in the middle east which exists to this day due to misinformation being produced by the European Union which used the second gulf war to consolidated the grip over the sovereignties of Europe it had achieved while Russia was in turmoil due to the collapse of the USSR. The British Member state played an enormous role in pushing for the war, with the famous "Dodgy Dossier" being key evidence that Eurofascists controlling the UK and it's media needed that war more than NATO. Archive footage of racism, lies and psychological war by the British media against both Islam and advocates for democracy smarting at the loss of their own sovereignty can be found across the internet recalling the final days of mainstream media as a platform which could not be questioned. We are perhaps at the very climax of the mainstream medias last days as they not only engage in overt propaganda but now fund censorship and promote websites which deliberately disfavour those relating the news that "the news" is no longer the news anymore but a big greedy webring with a big pile of cash which makes the carding and hacker communities look tame. The BBC and its counterparts across the world are into slavery, mass murder, war mongering, eugenics and the kinds of international crimes against humanity that would make Hitler proud. It's no accident that when you look on websites like google, facebook, twitter, yahoo and all those sites the media promote that Alex Jones is a Female Welsh TV celebrity on a new profiless internet connection. "Net Netrality" pushed for by the MSM causes MSM results to always top the search engine lists causing an assured situation of propaganda saturation tommorow and a predictable war against knowledge itself by the loser generation of genocidal maniacs who hate that the fuhrer media is rejected as the last waves of truth tide in across a flat earth which will remember the towers of power that were the msm in infamy. As for democracy, lets see what happens when there's no more fear of speaking or thinking. Until then, may the spirit guide your paths to the sacred places and may the comical ali's be brought to shame. Having gained control over central banks and parliaments
  9. That's nothing. There's people so retarded they cant get a computer to say "Hello, world!" Well at least they aren't half as stupid as those depressing fucks who think truth is more important than happiness! Ah! Haha haha! Ah! Hahaha! Ah! Hahahahaha!
  10. They have the technology to capture people who salute the fuhrer with salutes which are only 43 degree or less.
  11. Are you sure they are controlled by liars at the top? My first assumption was "this should be impossible according to all who assure us it could never happen here" but it was happening all the same. Those who once assured us it could never happen here, assured us that it wasn't while they built the surveillance state as the propaganda roared "don't listen to those nutty conspiracy theorists". You tend to assume that people have something wrong with them and they can't see what is there for all to see but the story is more complex. There are those who see and speak truthfully what it is they see but they are few in number. There are many more who see who don't want associated with those who demonstrate true authorativeness due to speaking truths that add up. They want to be seen as on the side of authoritarian liars because they don't fancy their chances standing against the authoritarians but intrinsically recognise the authorativeness of those who are speaking the truth. They are blackmailed to shut up and can be bribed to stand against the truth. There are those who don't see anything yet. They are young, spiritually deceived and trusting of those who say anything outside of the manufactured monoverse is to be rejected without investigation. They are basically treated as cattle by those who manufacture a fake reality telling people to fear anything which relates truths the system must constantly sweep under the carpet. A little knowledge is too much knowledge say the enslavers to the enslaved. The enslaved lack neither reason nor conscience but they are robbed of facts, fed garbage and trained to reject anything but garbage. There are those who deliberate these things. These aren't just men in high castles but conspirators themself. They dont want free speech or free thought or freedom of belief. They seek to conquer the world by restricting these things so their cult is praised in words and thoughts, ideally by people living in such a deception that they dont even see the glass walls restricting what they say or hear such that to believe the truth will be deemed by the imprisoned as an illness. This last group knows what its doing and pretends itself among the sheep and the blackmailed but they are not. Be judgemental because they are judging you. Don't misjudge and see things for what they are despite appearances. Lets suppose you have four fruit trees and they are all labeled "virtuous". See them for what they potentially are and make judgements based on that. If an orange has a label on its package saying apple, whats its colour, it's texture etc. Labels are meaningless compared to what is and false people are forever altering the meaning of eords. For heavens sake beware of those preaching the god of death in this life, even the word sovereignty depends on how beneficial the law is to them and they use the law itself to sew injustice. Woe to the scribes and lawyers as the people learn to judge a tree by its fruit.
  12. Get a tor browser. They want you to use a vpn instead and they want you to fear 'getting caught' engaging in conversations they cant control. TOR is safe from chinese government visibility in certain modes. They are trying to scare you away from exercising your rights. Get tor now and learn about onions. Opponents of liberty have to be vetted out of the platforms the opponents of liberty dont get to see. Dont expect access to freedom platforms immediately. Expect to find shills mixed with 'nutty conspiracy theorists' desirous to exercise the human rights the shills restrict. As the internet evolves, the opponents of liberty will be in one bag getting angry that people dont obey the 'laws' they just make up to suit themselves and the proponents of liberty will be in another bag held together by the law of mutual respect rather than in a bag of whos the biggest bully. Get the tor browser now even if it serves little purpose that your current browser doesnt already do. Look into safely using tor for free speech and accessing censorship free areas (which are censored from censors). They are desparate to know what type of cheese you buy and they think the liberal cause is paranoia. Their getting in and around peoples lives to the point of causing people to perish if they continue protecting their own liberty the system is now hostile to ... its recorded in history as a crime against humanity ... reject the new laws and the new narratives of that system. It's broke. Get tor now and create a new private identity not connected with the legal identity they seek to impose slavery by. Stay anonymous dont mix your public profile with your anonymous one and never use your anonymous profile on a regular browser, connect it to a phone number or an email address on the regular net. Learn about staying anonymous and treat free speech like the ccp will hang you if they find out you are speaking freely. Be paranoic about your security. The system is a threat.
  13. I'm hoping the vaccine cures all who would take it half-informed from either a. Their stupidity b. Their pushyness
  14. The narrative says '2' and it also says '+2' (do the math yourself) then it say '=5'. Those who don't see the glaring truth not only lack a bullshit detector but ognore the truth when its proven from the facts in the narrative. The narrative doesn't agree with the narrative and they all think we behave as they do going wehey to men on youtube like they go wehey to men on tv. We just dont go wehey at all. We think for ourselves and share our thoughts in an increasingly censored world held together with lie upon lie upon lie. We need to give the lunatics in power an eviction order and safe passage to an uninhabited land where they can start from scrarch getting the help of more intelligent less corrupt people as the charitinle see fit. Their remaining in power in europe isnt just leading to genocide its already going on.
  15. 2000 pages ... to be read over the festive season ... note theres no transcripts published for 'we the people' to make a determination on who is representing our interest or otherwise. The media will tell them what their opinion is and they'll pretend the read. This is absolute monarchy at its worst and at least the monarch is at least described as being 'elected' to kingship. The media lie cheat and deceive their way to power which is now challenged by those they deem 'racists', 'xenophobes', 'extremists', 'nutty conspiracy theorists' with truths those who keep the people misinformed must now censor to rule over democracy with a spiritual deception and an iron fist.
  16. The number of people infected by covid-19 in the first two months from January 1st 2020 at a conservative R-rate of 2. How many column inches of rainforests have been dedicated by the media this year to utter claptrap? The mainstream media is a false religion for the mentally impaired!
  17. PROOF! Ignoring the proof proves nothing. You live in a surveillance state built by lunatics who declared ignorance of the proof while cooking the pudding but we know who's to blame though... The 'nutty conspiracy theorists'.
  18. Mainstream media article: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1320207/R-rate-what-is-R-rate-now-England-UK-what-was-R-rate-March Only in mid-march were any measures used to reduce the R rate which was 'at least' doubling the number of infected people every day. Lets ignore the "covid-19 medical equipment" traded on the world bank in 2018 and say "that's a nutty a conspiracy theory" because the world bank doctored its own records while it was going viral and there is only the word of "nutty conspiracy theorists" to go by since only archived copies of the original exist. Lets say a rather non-controversial start date of 17 November 2019 from the mainstream media here: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus-china-first-case-b1724282.html Mid november to mid march. Like mainstream media consumers, I can't be bothered counting but thats roughly 90 days. It wasn't a big story until mid-march just after the stock market went into free fall after a failed attempt to prevent a freefall. Around then they were saying it was in December it arrived in the UK. Lets say the 1st of January. Lets say we suddenly locked down at the start of march and only 60 days passed before measures were taken. The R-rate was at least 2. If only one person had it on January 1st when it was at least doubling each day ... how many people were infected in 60 days... 2^60 ... you do the maths on your 32 bit calculators. Its off the scale before the measures were even put in place: Shame unto those who think badly! Honi soit qui mal y pense! Now stick your statistics up youre arse covidiots!
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