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  1. Well I note from the sealed records that when the reptillians were chased off the earth and you couldnt see them for dust, they hid behind the moon and then came back. It seems to me that if reality is to be censored from the awareness of those being enslaved, theres the strategy of living behind the moon and when there are none left who know the truth, we simply pop back into existence and lead the way to liberty. Danger danger! Any enslavers in our ranks? I dont believe the idiom "There's nothing we can do about it." Where there is a will, theres a way. Where there is no will, well maybe its their will to enjoin with the dystopians to have a nicer life.


    Sorry, that particular acronym comes from a time when the internet was a hastily released platform we called the last bastion of free speech.


    It means "rolling on floor laughing pissing my fucking self laughing my fucking arse off"


    Which in the vulcunesque means by which I convey this emotional updurge within me can be summarised as "Thats quite unconscioudly witty of you."


    Now this video theyve censored by David Icke, which one is it?


    Thats a difficult question to answer isnt it? Theres been quite a few but never the ones where he says the queens a reptillian or the moons a hologram. Anytime Icke sounds like an idiot, its never censored. Hints n tips for speaking the truth in a lock down, make it sound loonie woonie and even the propagandists will spread the truth between the lines.


    Tried this? https://davidicke.com/?s=videos

  3. I'm developing a new api you can install on peoples phones. If the phone has the Covid 19 Notification API on it then you can install it without the users knowledge or consent as this is already a practice consented to by the user and it seems a perfectly lawful practice since google and apple have done this and theres no complaints against this practice by the authorities I rather thought would feel obliged to protect people from having spyware installed on their phone, but since its lawful and since people who dont even disable the api let alone remove it dont seem to mind too much about a practice which should agrieve us all, Ive taken the opportunity to write an api which will protect peoples health by warning those who voluntarily and consensually install my app on their phone, about the proximity of anyone who is prepared to take it up the butt from bullies and deceivers evidenced by the fact they have a covertly installed tracking api on their phone and have not stood up for their rights or indeed the rights of their people when they are not now unfamiliar with the fact that the tracking api was installed in disregard of any consent onto everyones phones. Since they deem this practice "okay" its hard for them to argue against anyone else installing spyware on their phone the same way google has uding unfocumented features.


    So we can dispense with knowledge or consent in regards to the Buttslut Notification API to be installed on phones already demonstrating lawful acceptance of "medical experiments carried out without informed consent" and will enable those who consensually and voluntarily download the Buttslut Detector App to identify anyone incapable of protecting the most fundamental basic human rights, so you can know who you cant trust to be protecting any of yours.


    The app and api are still in pre-alpha and in need of funding but Im sure you can see the health benefits of knowing your Doctor is a buttslut who doesn't recognise the Nuremberg in application to himself let alone his patients.


    PM me if youre looking to invest. Maybe Buttslut Notification API doesn't have the right ring to a marketing department but I hope it hope it conveys the idea that theres people out there who can't protect their own basic rights, seeking positions where they would be expected to protect the rights of others. No offence to the people who enjoy anal pleasures but sodomy in its truest meaning is about abusive practices. Buttsluts dont even care they're being told to take it up the butt. They are unfit to be in positions protecting anything. Buttslut Detector App will help you identify them and Buttslut Detector API will be as legal to install on Covid 19 API enabled phones as the Covid 19 API itself.


    I'm also looking for a bondsman to help with 7-Year bond release guarantee to make sure some capital that could fall into the wrong hands ends up exactly in the place it should end up after the seven year period. These stocks are not mine but they will fall into my hands by operation of the law where I am obliged to see the secured interests in these stocks are released to their rightful owner in timely fashion. I write code. I practice morality. I need someone who knows about the type of stocks and bonds that are potentially being marginalised with a view toward having the capitals released. I'll just do the programming if I can get some funding.

  4. Quote

    Its a big club and you aint in it!

    To get in it, you need to give up all the dignities granted to you by almighty god.


    Interesting that the churches just shut down on command like that.


    Without a whimper.


    You will note in the ICCPR that even under a state of national emergency, no deroguement pertaining to restriction on public worship is permissable. That is to say, the shutting down of public worship is a violation of international law even under a state of emergency. The churches didnt have the where with all to call them out on it? Where is their God? Tied up and gagged in the dungeons of deception is my guess.


    Of course this is just an international law violation like a whole series of violations of international law that were going on in the UK and Europe for quite a number of years before the the state of emergency on the grounds of a fake virus was declared.


    My everburning faith in the UN and that they know what they are doing and do support human rights in the world rather than just pretend to do so makes me want to believe (and I need to be careful of what I want to believe as when it becomes so that what I want to believe is not so it can be devastating), I want to believe that this is a UN plan to reinstitute human rights and it must beging by us being able to see those in our "society" who have no respect for human rights at all and yet happen to be in positions which only those who do respect human rights should be in.


    This includes those cops using tasers like torture devices on people who arent kissing their boots fervently enough and other crimes by public officials not shown on TV and now being sensored by the googlenet. Im sure the man from UNCLE isnt limited in his internet usage to the internet as monopolised by google but it has to be asked that if the WHO seem to be central tenet of the tossing aside of human rights, that maybe we who respect the principals proclaimed in the Universal Declaration arent just supposed to bear witness to the world that is being shown to us, but to rebel against tyranny and oppression as was the highly authoritive advice from every country in the world which defeated the fascists when these types of extreme authoritarian were last in vogue. Maybe the UN has always been as fake as the two party democracy no one who truly represents anyone with honour can ever win. Maybe its as fake as the protection for human rights the protectors are constantly sweeping beneath the rug like it didnt happen and on the subject of fake...


    The one holy and catholic apostilic church ... The word catholic comes from the latin Catholicum the meaning of which I can only work out to be Universal Principal. What Ive noticed is that the book - the bible speaks of supernatural things. The prayes and rituals relate supernatural things. But the people, its almost like the supernatural world doesnt even exist to them, or if it doesn its something they want concealled which means the supposed church of god is infact the occult itself rather than the church of he who told us the kingdom of heaven is here already.


    Im not a vegetarian but I could put on a dont eat meat t-shirt, verse myself in the language of people who were vegetarians then lead a whole bunch of vegetarians into fervourous praise for vegetarianism, then go and eat and beef burger when none of them are watching. My next act of ceremonial magic could be about hyping up the crowds to praise vegetarianism and condeming the people who dont eat the vegetables on their plate. Then the next, insisting that vegetables must be eaten and on the next, suggest that eating meat is okay so long as the vegetables are eaten. Okay Im not going to do this in the space of a few weeks but over the course of generations, give the amount of lies people will speak just to not upset the powers that be ... how can it be democratic if an unelected prime minister can abolish the sovereignty of parliament in favour of political unity with the EU ... dont get into the political argument here, just acknowledge the point that people are lying enornmously about things going on in their own life time. Theres nothing supernatural about the churches teachings anymore and yet the books and rituals and even the graven images and stained glass windows suggest these buildings hosted a people who did teach these things and made sure that everyone knew the very things which these churches seem to be concealling today.


    The real religion is television and it supports a number of things that are disapproved of historically in all christian churches so the whole protestant/catcholic stirring the media have been doing for years doesnt even come into matters like the killing of the unborn or any form of human sacrifice for that matter. Jesus is the only sacrifice we need and since he is merely a bit of bread and the son of god its not human sacrifice at all, but tales are told of an ancient roman empire which slaughtered all who stood in their way. Im kind of "of the view" that whats being passed off to us as religions are nothing more than institutionalised systems of spiritual slavery ensuring the captivity of people not by chains around their ankles but by chains around their mind. Its all very well to chain someone up who commits murder but what about the chaining up of children born into a state of perdition and the churches, rather than relating any truth about the spiritual nature of man, is infact deceiving the whole world about its spiritual nature, merely using stolen books and rituals and buildings and arts to make it seem like they are the authority on a matter within which they are truly the deceiver.


    Protestants and catholics fought tooth and nail over the veracity of their churches teachings. Catholics and orthodoxy fought tooth and nail prior to the second schism. The whole deal between pagans and christians and the various things about which Zeus and the new pantheon defeating Cronus and the old pantheon are all about relate something about the many eons where the world was not monotheistic but more in line with the Elohistic view as related in Genesis where the fall of man is not about Adam and Eve but about the tower of babel.


    How does it come to be the churches have just surrendered and its like they dont even notice how they have all been had.


    Where is their god?


    I was once very interested in that subject and when I asked I was told it was three gods not one god but it was one god and not three gods. Having done alot of research into the matter, the teachings of trinitarianism has changed almost as oftern as the teachings of the people writing the DSM who declare themself experts on the human mind. I once used my mind to write an 8086 Machine Code Assembler and they arent even expert on that teensy weensy little aspect of my mind and yet they have the audacity to claim to be more expert than the people having the experience? Mentally ill for sure but when I say it, I mean theres a certain distinct lack of logic and reason exhibited by psychologists and as for churches and trinitarianism and no explanation for profits with voices in their head or angels delivering messages from heaven ... I suppose their true religion calls these anciently recognised beliefs to now be a mental illness and wants the very truth of these things to be deleted. Maybe god uses man to delete the fallen churches. Its not so much oh oh the anti-christ is about to come, if we have to come to terms with the fact that the heavens have existed throughout all unsacred things being kept a sacred secret and we have not seen these so called churches of god call out the blasphemous practices of anti-christians who have thrived while claiming all thats being censored is pornography and that sexual desires are immoral. Its all the actual injurious shit like genocide, hidden or overt where sexual desires are discouraged for the group being genocided. Now thats immoral.


    Its not so much, where ARE the churches, this side of the midnight, but where were they when it mattered? Three gods in one god and one god in three gods. They can keep spinning in their own shit. The more people locked out of those places the better. The sooner funding for the buildings is reduced to nothing the better. The sooner they become derelict the better. Because then, perhaps these beautiful buildings which were once dedicated to keeping the spiritual truth alive can perhaps again be inhabited by people who dont see the spiritual realm as a mental illness or witches flying on brooms, but as angels with wings and attach much beauty to that which has power in the air. The false accusers would call every star lucifer, but what is the evil that lucifer is accused of? Lording it over the stars in heaven.


    The television cult doesnt want the stars in heaven to even know they are stars. They want them repeating whatever lies the television industry manufactures and if there are those seeking the wisdom of angels who do not even know that they can be heard in the glass cage built by Rupert Murdoch et al, then they should not blame the angels in deception when they suddenly turn from a god they realise to be no god at all but the very devil itself lording it over the stars in heaven. See lucifer now? This time its not something travelling into the heavens. It appears disabled, retarded, incapable of a flight, but determinned to have absolute power over all things in the heaven by the very pretence that there is no heaven and the blasphemy that those who KNOW the heavens to exist are somehow menatally ill.


    These people are the devil and they have the churches like the political parties bought and paid for.


    You think your voting is going to change things. Youre still living in the matrix. The heavens exist. Go and get your electroconvulsive shock therapy if your mad enough to believe torture is only going in Iraq.


    Lets see some love hearts posts in this direction, because its a couragous thing to speak like this in the censorted dystopia this world really is.


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  5. A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is a bloke from India who believes he (and many others) have the ability to travel to other planets by an innate mechanism inherent in human beingness which works like a startrek transporter... without the electronics, the woo woo noise or any dilithium crystals. When I first read this I thought, 'what a load of rubbish, you need a rocket to get into the heavens'. I was only 16.


    Ive managed to build a transporter but the problem is I cant get it to transport my body, only my soul. Does anyone have a space travel manual I can borrow as this thing isnt working the way I thought it would.

  6. 14 minutes ago, Comedy Time said:



    Kerrrist on a bloody bike. Lots of words lots of bollocks.


    I missed one single salient point there.


    Sunset. Flat earth done. ISS no wires....just idiotic observation. 




    You mean it was tl;dr so you just IGNORED it. Thats ignorant.  I dont condemn ignorance as theres alot of screeds that just waste minutes of your life. But the salient point is, that those who ignore evidence of theatrical things involved in the space race are more ignorant than those who know the space narrative and revisit the flat earth. They ignore nothing but in their stage of belief in the space race narrative they are naive to all evidence which disputes such narrative. Having taken aboard ALL information, both the highly publicised and the suppressed and concealled, true seekers of the philosophers stone might come to some conclusion in an understanding that all true philosphers acknowledge their own stupidity in truly knowing nothing.


    The sophists are unlike this. They declare themself to be the wisest of the wise but as new evidence arrives and the mere idiots are held up on the hardened fortress of the truth itself, how wise are he wise when the creation of almighty god makes the true philosophers acknowledging their own stupidity in the face of all there is to be the wisest of all the wise. Of course the world is flat, everyone knows that! Of course the world is round, everyone knows that! I dont know what shape the world is. It looks flat to me when I look toward the horizon. Theres people who watch TV who say its round but they dont even notice the way the sunshine hits the moon. Thats beyond weird that. Theres no way that light can be a reflection of the sun, you only have to look at reality to see what I mean, but those people staring at TV, well what do they know? The light will never dawn on them about the basic visible reality beyond their televisions. Theyve never noticed the moon and yet they know everything about landing on it? I think the earth might be a doughnut in a set of dimensions beyond the first three where human belief systems based on lies goes round in circles and circles and circles and no one dares to even look a the actual reality for what it is since the are so busy looking at reality for the way it has been so badly described by people who havent even looked at the sky with their own eyes.

  7. On 10/10/2020 at 5:01 PM, Comedy Time said:


    It was written in English, how can it confuse you? 


    Apollo is the subject matter. Total ignorance of it, means they know nothing about it. You agree with them and you too know nothing about it. If there was anything specifically captivating about those 4 rather useless people talking, point me to it and I'll explain why they are wrong. 


    I don't anticipate you being able to understand.

    Ignorance and naivity both have regard to not knowing about something. The naive are not ignorant nor are the ignorant naive. To be ignorant of a matter, one muse be ignoring it. There is a verb imbedded in the word expressing some deliberation on the part of an ignorant person. A naive person doesnt know about the earth being round or flat, all they see if what they see with their own eyes. They dont have any specialist information from military organisations like NASA to tell them the world is different shape from how it appears.


    If they were shown this information and they ignored it, you could then say they were ignorant but could you condemn someone just because they ignore this evidence? What about the victim of an alient abduction who shows a photograph they took with their camera which they managed to conceal from the aliens who abducted them showing a flying saucer which took them above the height of the ISS and the earth look like it was completely flat even from there. You be ignorant to ignore the photo of the flying saucer. Perhaps you notice that this supposed space craft has a bit of flaking paint and you can clearly see the kellogs corn flakes box picture showing up in a corner of the image revealling the flying saucer is actually made of cardboard and you are within your rights to ignore this evidence since it is to your perception a hoax.


    What about those then who look at astronaughts onboard the ISS being held up by fine strings which are difficult to see but none the less there if you look closely in some of the scenes and theres no explanation for them other than the obvious one that independent fact checkers and all forms of censorship before it would never allow people to talk about too openly if they noticed it. Who is ignorant. The naive person who sees the world as flat as it appears to his eyes. The naive person who sees the world as a big ball as shown to him on TV? The naive person convinced that all questioning the moon landing is false because of one fake video which was revealled to be fake has been seen by them.


    Ignorance isnt just a lack of information, its a wilful ignoring of information, and if I can see reptiallians and others can see reptillians and theres a whole world out there who say they cannot see anything of such a thing at all, the words of Ben Kenobi come to mind, The truth is very much dependent on the perspective of the speaker.


    This is ickes forum. In terms of reptillians, your an outsider if you dont believe in them. Would you like some more information or would you like to destroy the community that believes that there are indeed creatures which have a human like skin over them who are green venomous monsters underneath that skin. People who dont believe in reptillians dont believe in vampires either. So long as they cast a reflection in the mirror, that doesnt worry me but as for those I dont see in the mirror who are on this side of the mirror pointing fingers at people saying "vampire vampire" - well that makes some interesting things to look at in a mirror that cant be seen by those so lost within their own self-induldence, they might not realise there are other conscious beings inside those meat suits they keep threatening all the time and its not so easy waking up the people they bully due to their behaviour let alone to giving anything the bully ones other than what the bully deserves.


    Would you like a silver bullet? What is ignorance really and what is naivity. To be ignorant is to be without an open mind. I am ignorant to things that Tony the phoney and the BBC have to say for themselves. I spent far too long waiting for those people to explain themselves that it came to the point that the silence itself over such a long period of waiting is all the explanation I need and it had gone past time when explanations will be of any use to them even if they did decide to start. They will start at the bottom and for a corporation, the botton is eternal death. As for a man, its life imprisonment with his family fortune fallen to the crown. I am ignorant to anything they have to say anymore. I have good reason though.


    Who is ignorant of the idea that there is some truth to the story of reptiallians, interdimensional energy beings, global warming hoaxes and Neil Armstrong being the man on the moon when when I look up, the man on the moon has a much fuller face than Neil Armstrong and his face is much more white. May as well laugh at the naive people who call people ignorant while they do not even know the things they do not know and suspect the mysteries of creation are solved already by science but if this was so, then what further need is there for any scientists? Real scientists dont know shit. Its the fact that we are fools that drives us to discover the things we do not know we do not know. Strange there are people who say "science says" and then go on to express the views of a chosen group of scientists, often politically funded or even motivated scientists to back up a very false narrative. By Grabthars Hammer, I will make the sun go dark at the next eclipse with all the conjury in regard to the nature of reality which is the thing that real science studies. Not text books. Not statitstics as chosen by those who present misleading statistics. Science is the art of collecting the statistics, forming the hypothesis, tossing the hypothesis in the bin when it doesnt fit the actual reality itself.


    Funny how when people says "our best alchemists say the world is flat" everyone believed it because thats what everyone was told. Is it not the same thing when people say "our best scientists say the world is round" and everyone believes it because thats what everyone is told. Theres nothing scientific about this just believing whatever you are told. The ISS has a section on it called Galileo. He is less famous for discovering heliocentrism and more famous for almost being burned at the stake for believing the provable truth about heliocentrism and who amongst those who IGNORED his proof can be recounted as valuable today? They knew nothing about science but with the greedy vain noses stuck firmly up the butt of the Sir Isaac Newtons, they made it appear that their credentials based on cleeky friendships were more valuable than credential based on actual ability to do science itself.


    Nothing much has changed since galilee where the high priests swan about like the holiest men but the truly holy are amongst the rejects and unsung heros described by the parable of the samaritan. Who wrote MS DOS? It was a computer scientist called ....... No it wasnt that business guy with loads of money who was doing business deals with IBM to sell someone elses code at extortionate prices, it was ......... funny how no one knows that guys name isnt it. His name is known in some circles just like the coronahoax can be seen to be so by anyone blessed with the gift of reason and in those circles, whats the sense of attracting those who are only seeking power as an end in and of itself? As for ignorance of information about the moon landings... thats an interestingly devisive phrase where only the naive could even realise theres any devisiveness in it. Now where are the wolves if we can identify the sheeple?


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  8. A wise man once said "I dont join up with anyone unless I know where he's going".




    I have the source code for the Covid-19 Notification API "app" (well thats what its called in the folder the bulk of the source code is stored under, sorry if it doesnt quite add up with what the independent fact checkers have been saying that an API isnt an app when actually depending on what a person meant by the word app, an API is every bit an app in the same way the win32s sdk is an application albeit that there are actually several "apps" that shipped with that application in the sense of executable files that did stuff and without trying to blind people with science by splitting hairs to make the false narrative seem incontrovertable, I think anyone who called the api an "app" simply meant "software for an android or mobile phone". I think the independent fact checkers know this and they are all too aware that the software is indeed malware because if I was to do to their phone what google has done to mine and someone said my software wasnt malware, Im sure they would find some link somewhere to deem google and apples behaviour to be beyond mere border line criminality but extreme threats against fundamental human rights. Funny about how its hard to find links about removing the API from your own phone on the criminal search engine networks, yet if you go to the bits of internet that google doesn want people to see, then theres certainly ways to do more than just keep spyware on your phone in a disabled state knowing full well theres an undocumented feature which allows google to do what it likes to your phone.


    I opted to remove the API in the same way I would opt to remove any software like that. Ive taken further measures to prevent to the fullest extent I can, google having any further ability to change my phones software. Seeing its an undocumented feature and not having the time to decompile the andorid OS and the google extentions and screen the whole thing, I cant guarantee my phone is safe and Im looking to install an alternative OS on it altogether. I regard this as serious a cybercrime when done by google or apple or by any other person or corporation in a world where we are all equals before the law and its clear that the adage about not taking justice into our own hands is only applicable to the extent that there is a society which will take justice into its hands on our behalf. At this stage I can only say that it is not in the view of google or apple or anyone who defends the installation of this malware for anyone, as equals before the law to install similar software on the devices of such people without their knowledge or consent. Their only defences against anyone behaving toward them as they and their friends have towards everyone else are 1) That they did commit a crime ... and deserve the consequences they would impose on everyone else which is not a crime when in retort but an act of self defence, or that 2) They have no intention of acting within the law in which case a state of war exists and we should consider the good possibility that they indeed look on us as an enemy, with only a pretence that they have any regard for right or wrong toward us. I hope its 1) but we can not afford for it to be nothing at all. These people must be brought to bear the consequences of their wrong doing and every time a cop is going to say something like "crime doesn't pay" I will simply laugh, "You havent arrested any of the criminals who have thrived while their victims have been swept under the carpet".


    Who protects justice when the cops and government and the system are shown to be nothing but a bunch of fraudsters who need a television network to pretent to the world they serve any purpose to the world they operate like a protection racket over?


    Heres how to remove the API from your phone (if its an android). I expect to be paid for doing the service the system isnt doing for providing you with this public information but I recognise criminals have stole the system and your probably all a bit skint but since Im doing the job of protecting your rights and the so called justice system is sitting with its finger up its bum wondering if better makeup will make them look like they have their finger out, then I have to submit if Im not paid for this by the time I die, then crime does pay. It pays enormously. Infiltrate the government, infiltrate its agencies. Stab your neighbours on the back and treat the people you pretend to protect like your livestock with a shallow pretence that the system you become is somehow justice because it seems to be the only way to get ahead in this world. Doing the right thing does not put enough bread on the table to feed a family.


    Heres how to remove it:


    1. Copy your address to your phones SIM card.

    2. Copy the files you have stored on your phones internal memory card to your phones removable SDCARD.

    3. Download the APK for firefox or opera from their websites or from a appstore on the WWW which isnt google play. You will need the APK itself.

    4. Install the APK onto your phone. Does it work? Good. If not get another download of a browser APK that isnt chrome. Store the APK on the removable SDCARD

    5. Factory reset the phone. (settings->system->reset option->Erase all data

    6. The phone starts up and immediately prompts you for google credentials. Skip this or just consent to being spied on and close this post.

    7. Pull down the menu, and go to settings->apps and notifactions->app preferences->go through each one and switch off every privelege.

    8. Settings->apps and notifications. Go through all the apps like chrome, youtube, gmail, photo, anything thats googley in nature, disable then force stop.

    9. Google play services. You may need to click the hamburger menu on the top right and go "all apps" to see google play services but you want to disable then force stop that too. This will cause lots of error messages to start appearing ... dont worry. Theres a much slower way to do this without causing error messages, so trust me, this ways easier.

    10. Error messages.


    a) intro

    If you click on an error message it brings you to the app screen for google play services. Thats the wrong app screen based on the presumption you want to enable google play services which you dont. Look at the error message. The first words tell you which app actually generated the error message. Go to that app in the settings->apps and notifications list. For example, the phone app is sure to pop up and it kind of looks like the phone app now wont work because you dont have google play services but in reality what is actually happening is that certain functionality of the phone app wont work because you dont have google play services. For example, your phones address book will not be uploaded to google servers as a convenient way to lose all your contacts when you reset your phone and dont use google which is why I told you to save your address book to the sim card becaus you probably didnt realise the kinds of services google pretends to the world they think you need. Google needs shot in the head with a high powered rifle as much as you need google to fuck about with your personal life. Okay so you get it, you can still use the features of phone, messages, and basically all those apps you might want to use and you dont need google play services at all and the basic functionality of the app will still work perhaps even better without google play services (but obviously not better in the views of google.)


    b) getting rid of the error messages

    So you will get rid of the error messages straight away by going to the app mentioned at the start of the error messages, clicking on it then clicking on app notifications for it. Here you will find a list of various notifications and among them will be google play services. Just switch the toggle to off and the error message will never be seen again. Its debateable whether this counts as an actual error message or not since theres no actual erroneous thing going on. Click f-12 on your desktop browser and you will see "error messages" on most websites which are actually just warnings that only make sense to coders who may or may nor care about the information there like the zoom function deprecation facebook still uses. Its really just a warning message for geeks who might be wondering why their google play services enabled app/api didnt work as planned - ah theres a warning. I cant see many who know enough about coding to write anything catering too much for google in the aftermath of this shit. Google can bribe though so who knows.


    c) as the first hour or so goes by

    Go through each error message and select the app that generated the message and flick off google play services in the apps app notification screen. Well thats it. Except that every now and again, an error message will pop up that you hadnt switched off the notification with as you bed your new factory reset phone in. Just do the same on the occassions that happens. After an hour of using your phone, you wont get an more error messages apart from an occassional one or two that might pop up over the course of the week as you use apps you hadnt previously used. Just read the name of the app that genereated the message, go to in the apps and notifications screen of settings and switch off google play services notifications. In the rare chance of an app showing an error message that doesn have a google play services toggle in its list of notifications, just click off the general notifications as google play services is probably the only notification its geared up for. Within 5 minutes most errors are gone for good. Within an hour almost all and within a day, the chances of getting an error are slim to none. Within a week. Did you put a lottery card on?


    So erm, theres no apps... True... except for the APK for the browser which wasnt chrome you installed to the SDCARD at step 4.


    11) Go to browser APK through files app and click on the apk file.

    12) Install from other sources - yes

    13) Wait for browser to install.

    14) Go to a website like apkpure.com and you will find a big list of apps you can install from AquaMail email client to Zeldas Zygomorphic Zombies shoots Pixelmen From Pluto

    15) Start installing some apps. Most of your favourities will be there and apkpure is just one example of an appstore which isnt google. Theres other ways to get and install apks as well that ordinary spied on users cant do like you can visit google play, install the app onto special online appstores then download the apk they got from google onto your phone so if there are app makers who only provide through google play, you can still get these apps without having any connection between yourself and google from your phone directly.

    16) What about gmail? You can still access your gmail through the browser using googles webmail. You can also set up the gmail credentials on your non-google email client. I recommend aquamail. Thunderbird isnt available on android.

    17) Go to the toilet and play some Zeldas Zombies like you used to but this time, dont flush when your done. Use an old facemask to pick up the turd, place it in a pre stamped and addressed envelope for googles headquarters. Use some of the wetness from the mask to wet the seal of the envolope. Dont lick it. Seal the envelope, flush the plug, pull your kecks up and post the envelope in the post box.

    18) Enjoy technology in a manner which is much safer than those sites which start by telling you how much they care about your privacy that they cloak the realities of that promsises worth in the fine details of a legal "agreement" no one in their right mind would agree to.



  9. What about golden retriever throwing around the word Satanism. I know what it means in the vernacular (just evil - the same meaning as lucifer and devil) but in the non vernacular it has a very specific meaning as Satanism isnt just any kind of devilry but a very specific type of devilry and if I were to tell you that lucifer is a satanic accusation made against angels upon entry to the heavens, how would you feel about the use of technical language in regards to the spiritual matters where the world of nazis versus bolsheviks versus political theatres on the earthly plane are filled with technicalities that are unneccesary in conveying basic meanings to people who have reached levels of literacy where they can now understand the the five word sentences which appear in the Daily Mail.


    The plain fact of the matter is that if we recognise evil to be evil and the complexties involved in it we should avoid the use of technical language to convey it to people whose history was only made up yesterday and hardly describes the full course of events which lead from the first tower to overthrow the natural liberties of mankind to the place we are at today where our very souls are now sought after like commodities not as a matter of a contract with the devil but as a matter of being born into bondage which does not speak the truth of the slavery and servitude which goes on so unspoken in this so called democracy that the very annunciation of its existence is terrifying to the slave and unbelieved by those for whom nothing yet has been announced.


    Shall I explain a thing as a portable hand held earth excavating tool or shall I dispense with the complexities of technical language and call it a spade. If we are agreed that the Nazis were one most prominent example of this evil which burnt witches, persecuted saints, crucified jews, etc etc then why should we call it satanism in an age where religious language is so abolished that people just switch off. No better name has been given to what I call Nazis than that described by John as the number DCLXVI since to John, there was no better way to hide the meaning of that which was persecuting his world. They rampaged through Judea slaughtering any they considered unfit and they had already taken control of all the prominent political positions by the time John's king was being crucified. Any sanhedrin arising from the those who remained with any power in Judea at that time are certainly recorded in the Torah to be very wrong because their circumcission of the flesh is decried from what was historic back then to be a grevious era since the truth circumcission was of the soul and not of the flesh and it was a practice carried out for the protection of both the males and females, both the children of Hebrews and those who were of good services - a favour - as for snipping off the foreskin of the males penis - well thats a sacreligous in the Torah.


    That's as sacreligous as the alters which have been engraved in cathedrals.


    Paganism would be a far better religion than those who hold the barley shell of ritual and literature surrounding these ancient spiritual "always was always will be" truths but seem to lack any will or ability to convey the very things which would be the essence of a true religion. They are only as true as their rituals and arts continue to be reconstituted. Take away that and and its just a guy saying whatever nonsense he seen on TV that day before a congregation of people who believe the material world is all there is. As for the DCLXVI, well thats about as likely to forget the truth as I am to forget everything it failed to mention when telling us all about this wonderful democracy with human rights protected by the rule of law we are supposed to be living in.


    Try conveying this to someone watching the BBC and calling that "truth". They havent even begun to suspect the real political system, the fact that the BBC is a player within it and not the impartial medium of truth it pretends itself to be. As for the matters of lucifer and satan in the world beyond the world beyond that which the naive and the fallen would never dare to believe, whats the point?


    A nazi is a nazi because a nazi means nazi to people who know what the nazis are reknowned for. It shouldnt matter whether nazi style things are done against jews or by jews or even against people who form a group within society who dont even know they are a group kept in separation due to qualities they have the system which exploits their souls keeps secret from them. Its a bit nazi. No technical language or long winded descriptions required.


    Exploitation of vulnerable people by those who consider their might gives them right. Shall we call it the DCLXVI as John describes from 2 millenia ago? If the people who listen to the tower of babel who speak babel understand this to mean "thats a bit nazi" why get technical when in babylonian anything beyond this is something theyve been programmed to call "conspiracy theory".


    Call a spade a spade instead of arguing over the meaning of words.

  10. 3 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    But the term 'nazi' is a very specific thing. It was a political party from germany that pursued nationalist socialism. Marxists are authoritarian control freaks but you wouldn't call them 'nazis'. To call anyone you dislike a 'nazi' is misleading and is not going to help the situation

    I dont like people who attempt to construe things I said mean something I never intended but I wouldn't call them Nazis. Given the tightness with which you would apply the word "Nazi", Nazi's stopped existing the moment the allies won the war since the party was by then dissolved. Claust Barbie, caught in the Lyon country side at the age of 86 in the mid 1980s is technically not a nazi since the party only existed for a decade and a half.


    The thing that makes a nazi, a nazi (in the very meaning of the word in the English speaking world) wasn't just membership of a paty that uses some label (in this instance 'Nazi') but its ideology, its policies, its practices. If a party with a different name came along using a different flag but having word for policies that amounts to the same thing that Nazis are decried for, I wouldn't call it exageration to call such a party Nazi even if they went by a different name. "New Labour", well thats a bit Tory isn't it? Even the Conservative Party would reject it is the same thing as the Tory Party, the same as the liberal democratics wouldn't call themselves the Whigs.


    Regardless of the labels when someone's always changing corporation names, surely its the quality of a thing that is most definitively what a thing is. If we call a mouse a keyboard and call a keyboard a mouse, nothing has changed in the semantic of what these things are by the quality of what they do. If we swap arount the words by which we label the things, nothing in reality changes but the language which becomes confused.


    If you contend that Nazis dont exist since the party was disbanded in 1945, then your on a thread discussing nothingness. How strange! It would be better had you never miscontrued me to mean 'people I dont like' when I used the word Nazi.


    I refer to the ideology attributed to the Nazis by the people who beat them. If the Jews were to form a party advocating physician assisted death for those that the laws and administration of their party deemed mentally ill, I would say "Well thats a bit Nazi" because this was one of the first policies put into practice by the actual Nazis in the pre-war "peace" in 1933. Those deemed to have lives not worthy of living were simply put down by the medical profession. The lucky ones were "volunteered" for medical experimentation to improve things for "the society as a whole" which for those deemed to be mentally ill by the criminally insane was anything but their "society" at all but a newly formed society which had not omly declared war on the Weimar state but the values which had held the Christian world together since the dark ages.


    You could contend that such inhumane practices went on in Britain also, and Im sure they did as we still carry significant bad karma today that was created in the era of the Eugenicists from the turn of the 1900's. What do I say of the Eugenics movement? "Well thats a bit Nazi isn't it?" What do you say? "The Eugenics movement pre-existed the Nazi party!" It seems something is lost in the meaning conveyed by a word between us and theres no possibility your construence of anything I say could be of value to anyone if you have no word in your vocabularly to describe the semantic of I mean by Nazi.


    If you happen to agree with the human on human exploitative system of slavery and cannibalistic use of peoples bodies backed by the violence of the state, then maybe the reason you cant see what I mean by the word Nazi is lost on you is because you cast no reflection in the mirror while sucking on other peoples blood. What would you call the organ "donation" flip where the state deems itself ultimus heaeres to our flesh unless we have the where-with-all to opt-out which they could just as easily flip away. I would say "Thats a bit Nazi" and it has nothing to do with whether the changes to what they call "law" was introduced by the German Workers Party of Great Britain, The Conservative Party, the Tory Party, or the secret Jewish Party so secretive that it excludes lots of jews and includes lots of non-jews.


    Is there a word in YOUR vocabularly to describe extremely evil policies carried out by a state making laws which are unfavourable to justice in and of itself?


  11. I watched part of that Europa: The Last Battle with an open mind but it got to the point of logical absurdity. It basically takes the narrative of Europe from Bismark to the present day (I assume it reaches the present day after 14 hours). Its just the same narrative as the official narrative except it spices it up a bit by saying "it was the jews" alot. Like I say, I was open minded to... well maybe it was the jews but it gets to the point where the story goes that the jews in Germany are now fighting the Jews in Britain due to the Jews in Russia. In fact, all evil is blamed on the jews.


    I'm not a sicophant. Jews are arseholes. Theyre as bad as the Scots, the Irish, the Geordies etc. They are all just arseholes.


    Like everyone else though some are bigger arseholes than others. I actually have my doubts leading Jews like Rothschild is actually jewish. He's as honkie as Prince Phillip. Furthermore, given what passes for Jewishness and given the absolute control over bureaucracy like birth records and staffing at maternity hospitals , how many of these 'jews' are actually from Nazi families who went into hiding.


    Ive got a very simple semantic for the meaning of the word Nazi: Authoritarian control freak. I've come across jews like this and Ive come across non-jews like this. I think the number of Nazis in our world today is shocking. The noyion of liberty and human rights is currently a minority view ranked within circles referred to by the media as 'conspiracy' while fake human rights are pulled over the eyes of audiences where only children could be deceived to think real.


    Theres good in the world. Theres evil in the world. Theres indifference in the world. Jews fit into all these categories just like blacks, rich, anarchists, doctors and interdimensional energy beings.

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  12. Whoops!


    It's not something you just become by being rich, or doing alot of studying on the occult. Infact, if anything, the occult is one of those dark alleys we interdimensional energy beings don't know anything about because its so concealled and we stumble into the reality of our interdimensional nature long before we even realise we are the stars in another world that time forgot to tell us about. I was so enjoying my prayers to St Eros when suddenly I found my secret pleasures interrupted by an all seeing eye either staring down on me from the ceiling or staring up at me from the floor ... I didn't know which way was up our down. I was still trying to pull my underpants back up at the shock at what was watching me in a sacred place I thought I was all alone.


    How rude!


    I've since adjusted and I'm still lit up like a member of the illuminati. I'm not proud, nor am I ashamed. (Although to be fair, Jordan is technically married and I wouldn't dream of indulging in prayers to St Eros with her on the physical plane. All my naive days aside, a candle in the dark I was born, a candle in the light I will remain. I even see some stars in the heavens now and Ive come to learn that there's little point speaking the truth too plainly about this, as much as I would like. Such conversations are always shut down quickly. No one's ever explained why.


    I don't know much about Rothschilds and Rockerfellers. I dont see those guys on my cloud. I'm stone broke and always have been. I lived the first 25 years of my life in a glass cage eventually believing my captors were crazy thinking they couldn't see the walls they blanket shut down any conversation about.


    A glass cage is like a prison you can be born into. You are kept completely unaware of your spiritual side. Fed lies by way of television and half baked religion which seems to have the rituals of people who knew something but not the practice of teaching any of its meaning in relation to a spiritual realm their silence seems to flatly deny.


    Whether in a cage or not, I shine regardless, but being aware of the cage, I now shine according to my own will, rather than under the manipulation of those who benefit much from keeping conversation limited to things spoken in occulted metaphors. I apologise for that but watch how the crazies gather when "We dont need a television network" is brought to the fore.


    Almighty God blessed me with the ability to broadcast freely but the occult condemns people like me as lucifer in the heavens when in truth, its not the stars in the heavens who wish to lord it over the stars in heaven. Its the television networks who want the stars to not even know the heavens exist and to unwittingly emananate whatever the mind controllers would have us believe in our naivity about the nature of reality.


    I'm wise to it now and so I'm hated by those who once only loved me for the power I could bring them by speaking auricals in a place they knew of but would deceive me to not believe was anything of concern to me until I died. Here I am, not quite dead. Survivor of a journey through Hades. I'm less like the genie in a bottle and more like the being from Peru David Icke met in a place beyond the earth he visited when in Peru. The Madonna ftom Maijogurie who appeared in Yugoslavia before it collapsed. The child of Prague. The history of my people is depicted on the megalithic blocks of ancient Sumer and the Bible is not the first sacred artform to describe us.


    I dont have physical wings nor do I look like a faerie, but my powers in the air is honestly deniable only by those who lavk the appreciation for the subtle vibrations in this existence we all find ourselves in.


    I am polite and obliging and patient by nature but my patience is wearing thin and I have no tolerance of deceivers or the overbearing. Be you different in form to me, by all means be my equal and as a brother or sister to me but try to snare me as a minion to add to your list of little people who need to obey you that you will claim you serve, I will kick you into hades myself and laugh at your devilry compared yo the hell from which no devil can escape except by way of the lake of fire and you'll get no guidance from my truths in return for your lies ... oh servant in deed!


    Speak with me like we were in the presence of almighty god from which you cant even hide that embarrassing moment you put a finger up your butt and in a world of plain honesty, where certain private personal matters are private personal business, we can perhaps acknowledge that there is much injustice in this world.


    Since the holy ghost exists and since David Icke is, as the spirit of the son of god, in union with it, since I am an angel in the heavens, a fairy in otherworld, a supernatural being with physical flesh, a god on Olympus, an everburning fire, elohim in terrestria, a soul in zion, a muslim in the holy land, a chinese ghost, a citizen in the eternal city, etc, etc, etc,...


    Any questions?


    What would you like me to say at the great assembly in the sky?


    Any fellow space travellers?

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