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  1. Youre 99% right but theres bits you still dont understand. Elon Musk, the pineal gland, 5G masts. These explanations are not the truth. They are just the latest line of bullshit made up by those who have acquired power over the terrestrial plane. The real truth is that these people are barred from having much of any power over the celestial plane and thats the real truth about what Neuralink and Fairies are best only earthly legends about. Its only a map but what its a map for is something not of the earth but of the heavens. You are not made of meat. You are made of spirit. Your soul has meat. Just as we communicate with our lips and ears upon the earth where there is censorship and fake democracy and propaganda, we also communicate with our souls in heaven where censorship and fake democracy and propaganda are watched with jovial interest by those who have been watching all this come to pass for quite some time. They suppose they will bring democracy and freedom and justice to the heavenly realm. Its a rather nice job they need to fool each other about in regards to their work upon the earth. Just as they say, trust us, we will fix it tommorrow and tell the naive how what has already come to pass could never happen here, from the heavenly perspective seeing all the lies that even keep the heavens occulted from the earth, would you want earthlings hanging about your cloud telling you how things will be better in heaven tommorrow and about things that could never happen here? I think they have said enough, and we can see their handiwork on the earth. If there are those who are proud of the world that they live in, then may they enjoy it and all its wars and running about like pigeons just trying to get enough bread to keep themself and their family alive. Its a veritable utopia for those who are fond of wars and famines and death and disease. I prefer "otherworld" which is only really frightening in the sense that the earth conceals it so jealously that its a bit frightening when it is revealled but thats not exactly otherworlds doing since otherworld is just shimmering away as its always done and it is infact the earth which practices conceallment even from those who do not even realise they are on otherworld at all. Now repeat after me blindfolded angels: "Crime doesnt pay", "Dont die of ignorance", "The system is there to protect us", "We are all equal before the law", "Human rights are violated in places which are far away" ... have you got the message my blindfolded angels ... hey, theres an angel whos blindfold has fallen off. Hey shut that angel up. That angel is telling other angels about whats on the other side of the blindfold. "Alert alert blindfolded angels, now listen to this, evil angels are telling lies about the system, dont listen to evil angels saying nasty things about the system". ^^^True story and Id love to tell you more but I cant put up with people who want the telepathic nature of this whole thing shut down. I owe their system of deception nothing. It owes me and rather than have paid me what was just a little bit of recompense for their wrongdoing, they decided might makes right and now the bill is so high they are bankrupt as far as I can see. So this truth isnt for babylon or its slaves. Their system is fucked beyond all fuckability. I look foreward to seeing videos like this one where people are at least straight about whats going on. I dont agree with everything to the letter as that whole "lets attach it all to something earthly we have control over" smacks of materialism which is as fundamentally flawed in its premise as democracies that can be overruled by unelected people.
  2. The police cannot issue fines. Only courts can issue fines. The fine details of that constitutional consideration is another place the main stream media is attacking our country. Do you see the disease that needs to be eradicated here? What the police do is threaten to put someones details into the hands of the state prosecutor who may or may not bring the matter before a court where a fine may then be issued in accordance with the actual law. The police, bribed by google and media corporations have taken to a practice which amounts to both blackmail against those who are innocent until proven guilty and is also the solicitation for a bribe at common law. The practice is known to you as the "Notice of Intent to Prosecute", something unlawfully described in and of itself to be a fine when it is not. It is the police saying "Youve committed a crime in our eyes but we wont do anything about it if you give us money." Before this corrupt practice became systemic, which is long before they began advertising websites like Twitter on the sides of their police cars (not ours). The practice was known as corruption by various names across the world, the most famous term you may have heard of being "a shakedown" in the American vernacular. Whether systemic and promoted and supported by the fake stream media (who are also nobbling juries and behaving with bias on political matters which is unlawful for the broadcast media in the UK) or not, nothing can take away the inherent quality of the act itself which is a wrongdoing in any era regardless of those who perverted the very meaning of the word crime.
  3. Hey whos deceiving who? I didnt even know I was in that person's house as I thought I was only in my house and in stark contrast to the person accusing me of breaking into their house while I was sat in my own house, how the hell did they get into my house to even tell me I was in their house! Theres a lot of confusion going on with these extra-terrestrials. Its not like the earthlings have anything to offer but bullshit about little green men on from the television cult of death, disease and war.
  4. The places where free speech happens are by neccessity places where those who support censorship cant see. Furthermore, since freedoms are so overwhelmingly under attack, the places where such free speech is going on, must be careful that no one taking part will reveal anything to anyone under heaven who might be inclined toward disruption and destruction of these places, which are much more fun than having to complain that facebook banned you for saying something that facebook didnt like. What chance have you got with your tracked n traced phone of entering a conversation in the public street with those who have at least liberated themself enough to have "illegal meetings". The whole ideology which persists in the supposed public realm is such that its hard to even call that space public anymore since it is controlled and in all practicality owned by something more akin to a private entity than anything that is in the publics hands. Where there is a will there is a way, but where there is no will, who would put an oar out toward those accepting their fate beneath the waves when there are those who swimming furiously to keep their heads above water. This is a distaster and its no movie. Watch out for the sharks, they are everywhere. Dont let fear overcome you though. Turning off your television will be enormously helpful toward that end.
  5. Extra-terrestrials arent monsters from outer space. They are beings from dimensions outside of the terrerstrial dimensions. Some of them are alright. Some of them are arseholes. Theres good and evil everywhere.
  6. I hope you opted out of the scheme which 'volunteers' your flesh as state property. Another group hidden behind the black hole of censorship are those people shocked into a silence that they are only gettng to bury or cremate part of the remains of their loved ones as bits and pieces of dead bodies are being cannibalised for the NHS in disregard of any consent since it has been presumed. Did I mention the track n trace api being installed on everyones phones without their knowledge or consent. You know about the wonderful way everyone just democratically decided to oppose their national sovereignties in Europe like that dont you? Just write a public letter to the absolute sovereign of all those people claiming to be acting as your servants on behalf of "the government" and write on it: "All governmental activities are assumed to be free of charge with free state benefits to provide for sustenance during ongoing human rights violations and I presume you are consenting to this state of affairs as my humble servants unless you say otherwise". Place it in an envelope and seal it. Write on it "not to be opened for 75 years" and according to the rules and regulations which must apply for everyone, you can enjoy your liberty with the exception of some tyrannical form of abuse where there is actually a system of slavery in place trying to undermine your intelligence and turn you into a battery to run their free energy cars.
  7. I already know the highest echelons of "the government" can track me. I'm no stranger to black helicopters before all this mobile phone shit rolled out. If they meant me harm, Id be dead but the ... erm... the democracy ... I dont want by boss or my landlord or the neighbour down the street who fancies getting dirty with my wife or kids when Im not around having some deal with the google corporation to know my whereabouts. I used to own a dog and sometimes it would go exploring and I couldnt find it for hours. The thought occurred to me that a tracking device that they used on criminals who could get out of jail early would be useful but I balanced my own wants with the wants of the dog and figured an occassional hour or two of inconvenience so my dog could just enjoy being a dog every now and then didnt constitute me with the right to tag it. Its not even livestock but a kind of friend. I wonder if the advocates of surveillance state utopia can know how ugly they look in my eyes. Thats human beings theyve done that to and without a single charge or conviction of any "action or inaction which causes or is likely to cause harm to members or a member of the public". It's funny how the meaning of the word crime is so bent and twisted by those who at once appear as bothe experts and idiots at the same time. Experts on the legal system but the meaning of the word sovereignty within which a legal system functions. The legal system cant afford to be anything but idiots here because the sovereignty is tied up and gagged by a system where only outright free speech they now censor and outright enslavement of the people weild any power. The criminals arent close to being cracked. They are a congealed mass inventing fresh rules daily, calling their commands for slaves nothing less than law but wheres the justice? Wheres the equality? You see when all their lies are said and all their foul deeds are done ... it doesn't work like that! It never did. It never will. Its a boot stamping on a human face forever. You see when I look at them, I don't think "what does this government official have to say" or "what does this mainstream media celebrity have to say". I think, "What kind of shit is this conspirator going to try and sell me now?" Their words are an irrelevance. Any power they have acquired flows directly from the barrel of state sponsored human rights violations and I've did my bit attempting to point this out to them but frankly, why even bother putting your hand into a vipers pit? It is what it is and if the conspirators want to take part in the conversations amongst the people they thought themself fit to rule over, then they can begin their journey towards our internet at the river of fire and ash where all their ill gotten gains will be burnt to crisp since no laden camels will fit through the needle they cant pass through. They're all running around the TOR network trying to find exit nodes they dont know about with a whole maze of SSL codes to crack and not enough time on the big computers to do the cracking. As the heroes of the great war to take away our liberty seek to uncover all the secrets that the dark net does not give up too easily, I have only one bit of advice to the people sent into that labrynth looking for supposed criminals not giving up their liberties too easy. "Mind the doors!" This phrase does not quite have the same ring to it as it might have were it shouted loudly at the entrance of the examination hall on Classical Studies where I'm sure the man playing master of ceremonies at the door opening ceremony distinctly says "Minotaurs!" Maybe its just me. Sometimes I see things that other people say aren't there. You know, reptillians, fairies, goblins, angels, witches, dead people who aren't quite dead. They think I'm crazy you know but honestly I'm not crazy. They're crazy because if they ever see what I see, they'll become unstable and change their mind again like they did after that whole episode of condemning surveillance states in Eastern Bloc countries. They go through little phases then they believe the opposite of what they used to believe in then the believe something else and with this whole constantly altering mind set, they have the audicity to call cannabis a mind altering substance. I have never smoked a bong and called for everyone in the country to be made to wear a track n trace number on their head or in their hand. Thats beastly. No I'm not crazy at all. The various fairies and goblins and witches will still be around long after they've had their minds altered again. Im not crazy. Im incurably mad. As for the evidenceless based reports you can bear witness to in this very thread telling you that theres no point in even trying to erase the google malware from your linux phone (android is linux). Read the GPL2.0. Tells you right there. That phone is supposed to operate according to the user's specification, not according to the specification set by google, set by android, set by the government, set by evidenceless based report makers telling you that the phone should operate according to any other specification than that set by the user. You could of course go out and buy what they are calling "drug dealer phones". You only need to be a human being, protecting the rights proclaimed to be yours under Article 12 of the Universal Declaration to want to have a "drug dealer phone" but you dont need one. You have a linux phone. You wont get much advantage from the fact that the Linux system is open source because its screeds of computer instructions that would take a computer scientist a bit of time to make sense of but you do have the advantage that nothing using linux can prevent you from altering the overall system that linux is a part of. These people are caught out well by suggesting their favourite tyrannical dictatorship corporation has some rights it couldnt possibly have and they want you walking about as their tattooed slaves. That should alarm you. This is just corporate executives sitting in the finely carpeted suites of Alphabet Headquarters, but people online, people you meet on the streets. People who have zero problems with trying to convince you to just surrender your basic and essential human liberties. Note that, those who have managed to not surrender theirs are in a far better position than those who now denegrate their own by denegrating yours. That electronic labrynth is designed for those who hate our freedom and they want to drag you into that pit with them. Now you know as I do that racism is wrong, so dont be overwhelmed by the pictures on your TV about who the terrorists are. Its not defined by race or creed or colour or gender or any distinction whatsoever other than the fact they use terrorism as means of getting ahead in the world. Who are the people who hate our freedom? Open your eyes. If we are all equal before the law. Checkmate. We have the bastards right where we want them. Come and get your experimental vaccine if you think its the other people who are selfish. Strange cliff edge is this thing and it doesn't even appear on google maps. Isnt that strange? A program is only as good as its programmer, but the programmer ... well thats a highly intelligent piece of equipment and the most intelligent of all, dont do google. The most prolific software suite out there for compiling computer programs is GNU. Most people are using Apple or windows on their desktop and gnu/linux systems are only a partial share of the operating systems that people are using. You can get the microsoft studio suite and I suppose apple has their own suite at a high price on those systems. You can also get the GNU suite to work very effectively on all three systems without employing emulators and its not only free as in libre as in anti-exploitation, its free as in doesn't cost a bean. You think the bulk of people who can write software would choose to write in C#.net when they can write the same program using standard non-proprietory C++ supported by the GNU C compiler, mingw and a raft of other compilers which can build across all platforms and not just windows? Apple's version of the Linux kernel is the BSD kernel. The BSD kernel has a slightly different approach to software than Linux. I dont know if it insists that iPhone users have a right to alter their devices software as they see fit or whether if it does not that Apple insists they have greater ownership over the phone than its users. I know that you can use BSD to do all kinds of funny things with the phone networks by altering the radio frequencies the modem chips operate at and maybe telling the network to go fuck itself someday once wifi internetworking makes our need for centralised ISP's redundant. Seems to me that Apple users would be the ideal bomb to use since this kind of network interference and the installation of software onto peoples phones seems to be getting taken to be completely within the law according to everything thats not being said by the people who ought to be saying something. I always thought that kind of behaviour was a bit like bank robbery. Something I could do if I wanted but even though there wasnt any specific rules and regulations on the pioneer front, theres still some kind of thing I call "law" which is more to do with morality and knowing right from wrong that guides my compass. This kind of "law" seems to be some conspiracy theory I've concocted in my fantasy realm of fairys and witches and megacorporation exploitation which as everyone knows "could never happen here". So much for the law right? Interesting that whole political takeover by the European Union happening in the year 1993 putting paid to any legitimacy of anything that their system calls the law. I never heard of Aleister Crowley at the time so maybe he's a time travelling madman or maybe this happens every century I dont know. But if law means justice and morality and righteousness and honesty, seeing everything Ive seen about everything that they call law ... 93 is the whole of the law. Love is the law! Love under will! Now suck my cock or I'll beat you to a pulp and call you a witch and do it because you love me! Very wise man. Maybe he knew what happenned in the past before it came to be. Maybe they just make up history and the truth was that there was an internet in 1920 and it was deletely from history in the same way opposition to surveillance states in the Eastern Bloc must seem unbelievable to people growing up in this strange utopia. Dont mind me. I admit this is just a theory but as for the idea that there are people trying to turn this country into a surveillance state. I am ironically delighted to finally inform you that this theory that has been doing the rounds online for at least a decade has been proven to be without a shadow of a doubt, not a theory but a proven fact. The silence of those who deride the truthers with accusations of "conspiracy theory" tells you everything you need to know about them. In silence they operated against us in the shadows, now their work has come to light, to know whos who, you simply have to investigate the topic of conspiracy theory. Now remember these words my comrades, who recall a day when as allies we fought together for the SCAEF! Thunder was flash and lighting was thunder and we had ways of knowing who was who on battlefields less complex than the one our rights are again threatened by. Do you know what I'm talking about? They came in 28 motherships... Can you see what I see?
  8. I was hoping it would show up as an imbedded video (graphic). Its a big meme now as their skins are peeling right off. I can barely stop myself from laughing when the seething try to accuse someone of conspiracy theory in the undeniable surveillance state they planned in the shadows they said "could never happen here". Only their innocent prisoners of deception can be held not guilty now the theory is a veritable visible viscereal proven theorem. You want to peel their skin off before your workmates and impress the ladies in your place of work? Just ask them to elucidate on what is meant by phrase conspiracy theory. You dont even need to argue with them anymore, theyre already trapped in their own lies for all to see. Of course the venom tounged cleek round about the wriggler your politely lifting up toward the light that burns them will whisper hateful things in dark corners when they see this. Hold your head up high, look at them and smile like you know what they did last summer. Make sure the workplace sees their animosity toward you. You know the soup well, you've been watching it while they've been sleeping. Now they see it and propaganda is no more use. Let the stirring begin! Waiter! There's venomous reptiles in my soup!
  9. No not Emily Pankhurst. You girlie panty people were baking cakes and knitting we we working men were out demanding consensuality in the supposed democracy that looks like it makes all the rules. If an unelected prime minister can put the EU's laws on top of the British parliament and no one bats an eyelid, what is the reality of the political system since its not democratic in the sense that the people are even properly informed let alone consenting, let alone formative of the will of the majesty of the state itself. Where do the people whose views are at best just a reflection of the television networks actually fit in? Who is making all these "laws" which must be obeyed in disregard of prohibitions against slavery and servitude? How could anyone of reason and conscience enforce the enslavers mandates? Who is actually causing all these dodgy rules to be seen as law? Is there anyone represented in parliament here I can bill for all the troubles their representation costs me?
  10. Section 13K(ii) of the facemask law as it applies to Scotland is a non-medical exemption that can be used by those suffering extreme distress. For instance, if you found yourself dropped right in the middle of a totalitarian dictatorship, you might suffer from extreme distress. If your in Scotland and that happens to you, section 13k(ii) is your get out of jail free card. Its up to them to know the law if they think themselves fit to enforce it, so if they hit you with shit and tell you to go fish, tell them 13k(ii) exemption and let your walking away from them and getting on with life be your answer to them of 'go fish' Only applies in scotland in legal la la land systems.
  11. Happy halloween to one an all as the coronas round us spooky people begin to glow in the mysterious darkness of otherworld this time of year. It is for this reason the veil between the terrestrial plane and the extra-terrestrial plane is said to be thin around the night when things of spoken only in hallowed corners are sought after on the night before the day we all pretend our thoughts are as holy as the roman empire itself. Cackle cackle. I saw what you did with that broom handle little girl! Thats not whats supposed to go up there and thats no ladylike way to fly around the heavens! I've had the corona since I was a single celled organism who hadn't yet formed my lungs and I can assure you every cell in my body glows with the magical energies of life and I love it! Isn't it wonderful to see so many television addicts committing suicide to their television indoctrination ways and tuning into the Otherworld Extra-Terrestrial Broadcast Network connected by cabling system that god alone knows. No fake makeup in the stars of this network, whether witting to their observation, or suffering the drapetomania or coping amiccably with the revelation of a world that deceives the whole world. Who needs the media's heaven's gate meme, when you are a star inside a starship the media can see themselves but must pretend does not exist. If there are any television junkies who would defend the fake stream media, take this freedom of information request to your owners and get back to me when you have an answer from them: The rona is floating across the stars of television central too though isn't it and it seems that for all their drapes and makeup, rumours of wars and death and disease the cost of owning a television these days is more expensive than a mans soul can afford. The light of the world has been found buried in a shallow grave beneath the decrepid instutions of censorship and lies and we all need to be hush hush because people are putting their willies up children's bottom but the essential truth of the universal principal. The very promised land itself. They need us all staring at their hate speech, their warmongering, their racist read-between-the-lines and lets not mention their sexism because its not a mans place to call foul on the murder of the unborn in the womb, but who fo these satans accuse of such vile ideology we can see quite clearly when we open our eyes to their screen? The enemies of babylon :- How art they the fallen ones if they need no electronic broadcast technology to speak from the place that babylon covets. It covets such power over the stars in heaven that it would put babies in jars and have them speak in heaven whatever lies that babylon would have them speak, but do the prisoners of babylon know about the starmen on the starships or the reptillians with superficial skin? Only what half truths the king of babylon will feed them. It must be terrifying for the deceivers that the angels now relate in sheol that theres no worse mental illness than the criminal insanity of deceiving children from an inheritence worth more than all the politicians that televisions can buy. For those who feel as I feel, see as I see, know fine well the injustices swept under the rug by the "nothing to report here", "no whistleblowers allowed" fakestream journalists and entourage of celebrity clowns, I hope your not flustered by any of this bullshit. The facts will begin to flow when they report the contents of wikileaks from over a decade ago or the facts of democracy rigging and jury nobbling by the fakestream media, as for this latest "story" OMG! OMG! It might be news but its not coming from the sources warning about prison planet or google malware so its just some "story"! An apocalyptic story! See the zombies now? A nuclear apocalypse! FALL OUT!
  12. Your not wrong about thought transferrance to you (when you remote neural monitor) and from you (when you v2k). I know its a bit oopsadaisy when you do it but what your experiencing is the rest of the real world and you are not the only terrified by everything the material world has kept concealled. What do frightened people do when they are in the dark terrified? They start lashing out and pulling all kinds of agressive things even against those who know nothing at all. The very fact the earth conceals the heavens and has built up a wealth of false superstitions about it, is in itself in my view a symptom of the terror that the apocalyptic revelation causes. This might come as a shock to you but people have been travelling into the heavens for much longer than NASA. You will find the stories of "otherworld" dating back through history in every culture in the world. This pop-culture of "everyone is mentally ill if they dont believe what I want them to" is very temporary. Democracy and Human Rights tommorrow will be related through an entirely different narrative tommorrow while those still waiting for the promise of the temporary world to be fulfilled cant fathom that no one believes the world existed in which those promises were made and are yet to be fulfilled. Have you ever heard of a man called Jesus who promised that the kingdom of heaven was close at hand and a generation would not pass before many would see his promise fulfilled. Where's Tony Blair's new deal? Has it arrived yet? Margaret Thatchers entrepreneurial free markets? Promises promises never fulfilled but how can Jesus ever break his promise when he is there stood on the rock of ages promising only that which always was and was held sacred in the traditions of Rome, Greece, Egypt and as far back as the legends from ancient China to ancient Sumer. Where are all those experts who claim they experience nothing yet declare themselves experts in a world they know nothing about. Woooo..... tis the season to be spooky ... tra la, la la la, la la, la la. So the world has lied to you because theres a whole cave full of truth that makes the truth theyve had you believing in like a little cave inside an enormous one that the people in the little cave are terrified about. Have a look at the little cave and the actual behaviour of the people who rule over it making all sorts of claims of "just trying to help" the people they operate a protection racket over by ... erm ... protecting them for ever knowing the truth itself. I think they need to have their financial assets protected from them, just incase they spend them, you can see how it works. So you are aware what v2k essentially is and you yourself are v2king when you are being RNMd and you are aware of what RNM essentially is when you yourself are RNMing when you are being V2Kd. Must be terrifying for a baby coming out the womb ... omg where did the world go? Im naked, things are looking at me! OMG! They are so ugly, they have big eyeballs and ears and ... oh whats that - omg its a little one of those big things with eyeballs and its staring at me ... then the mother or father says, no baby, thats a mirror, thats your reflection - youre one of us. Unfortunately there are no mothers and fathers for the scattered people having to raise a world toward civilised behaviour with nothing but ancient guidebooks to point out the fact that they were not the first to see this truth that the world would deny while taking advantage of the naivity of the world to gain advantage for itself. My friends in all of this I can count as occassional humans here and there but also birds and dogs and other myriad creatures including trees but beyond the heavens I speak of there is more. If the terrifying truth that the warlords who own the little cave and can be recognised as those who deserve to own their own cage that we are free from, if they can survive the horrors of otherworld (and it is at times taken by violence) there is a cave beyond even this one, and look at the captives of the warlords who could never dream of mere political corruption going on. So we start in the womb, we move to the life, we become aware of the afterlife, once over the shock and the adjusting to not be taken in by the gossip of the maddrenning crowds in both the heavens and the earth, there is another gateway somewhere. Something that should terrify those who would have the heavens itself as their footstool as they have done to the earth with its fake democracy and human rights. Who would have them in the heavenly realm if the heavens are to be place of tranquility and peace. As for those who shake youre thunder, they make war with you and the heavens who rely on you for guidance if you can keep yourself cleaved to the ancient truth babylon will never overcome. Just as there is something manifest in the heavens which is on the earth. You know what I mean most acutely and just as the heavens are manifest in that thing which is upon the earth you once though was all you were, theres greater than this. Something manifest throughout the earth itself almost like its imbedded in the sense of time travelling to place signs in nature on the path we walk on. Its not visible to those who dont believe it but its signs can be sought and delivered if you seek them, however if your still panicy about those who think a man is made of meat alone, maybe the time isnt right for a date with destiny with the thing that seems to have power over time and causality itself. Lesser beings than this take possession of the corrupt and toss them over cliffs. What worries should you have at the false accusations of the satans if you walk your way with integrity where you can know for sure its not just satan that has been watching you, but the angels and saints as well. The lord gives light to the eyes of both, as for those who need people to be blind, its the wrongdoers who need the darkness in which to thrive. Its a bizarre upside downness you have entered here in that whereas those who have attained power over the earth have dont so through secrecy and keeping things hidden. That which has divided the heavens from the earth commits the last deception that will ever be needed in hiding the heavens from the babylon which wishes to overthrow them. Who can live without their V2K, who can stop their RNM. Its as natural to a mature soul as speaking or listening is to a mature enough body. Down in the GCHQ, theres people walking around in a doughnut trying to become vey skillful in being silent and keeping secrets. In the halls of the great of assembly, it is the whistleblowers, the outspoken, those who have yearned for a time of justice who speak the most. In the city of light there is no where to hide. Okay I know you once stuck a banana up your ass while masturbating to young looking girl in a little pink dress and her tits werent even that big. How embarrassing! How none of my fucking business though, however, theres that time you cut the head of that baby to stop its screaming then you thought no one would notice you burying it beneath your patio ... oh wait a minute that wasnt you ... my mistake thats someone who did something really embarrassing and if it weent for hell they would be stalking you making you feel all embarrassed because ... well everyone tickles their bits from time to time right? Just like in ancient egypt, your heart was plucked out your body by thoth and it was placed on the scales which are held by Maat and if you are weighed down with secrets beyond the merely embarrassing, then that feather is going to rise and your heart is going to sink right into the hell it obviously belongs but if you are truly innocent, innocent to the extent that your sins, in disregard of the corrupt laws of the earth which would exempt people in government from the actual "law" while condemning others for doing likewise, if you are truly innocent enough that your sins weigh less than a feather, just as those who built their elecronic surveillance state in babel said when they were constructing it ... nothing to hide nothing to fear ... now the surveillance state is suddenly practicing censorship at a time when it cant even agree amongst itself what its own false words means in any consistent fashion. They counted on Jesus to be a walkover, they didnt count on his redeemer! Know the truth and live your life in the liberty of the holy ghost. As for those who need to hide ... hide their electonic surveillance state and their electronic broadcast networks. Thats embarassing and retarded.
  13. They came in 28 motherships to steal our water and turn us into food (Youtube link featuring a big budget tv show about reptillians from a more liberated age... funy how they are constantly blaming the libers for undermining fundamental liberties.) They live among us!
  14. She needs to acquire informed consent. The organisation she works for telling her she needs to convince ... someone's (?) ... patients, needs to acquire informed consent. The problem with the 'informed' qualification of that requirement is that no doctor can be deemed to be operating with basic skills of reason if they believe this qualification can be satisfied when there is information censorship from patients happening both through media and search engines as well as the medical profession itself. Doctors without the capacity gor reason can do unconscienable things. I want to see the unreasonable ones thrown into the milgram furnace to see if theres any pure qualities that can be usful for medicine from these potential Dr Deaths. Brees is another attempt by the fake stream media to reinvent itself. The whole thing about the main stream media crying foul on the mainstream media like they themselves werent mainstream media was a failed strategy. Brees is just more flapping about from a dying sea monster trying to save its reputation for speaking truth when the very boat its now flapping about on know all to well it will never speak it even with its last breath. But look at all the little fishes out there, speaking truth that feels like truth that resonates like truth where no psychological trickery or fancy makeovers are applied. The gutenberg bible is perhaps the first type of journalism there was and it contains alot of truths that people need to hear. What do the people with superficial skin have to say about this type of journalism? Oh if it becomes popular again, theyll be experts, theyll be the people with views we need to hear so we can have our views on these matters predicated by those who present thrmself as the very bastions of truth when in fact they go out there way to create a false narrative behind which the actual truth is concealled. Look at the 5,000 value of the brees company on paper and compare the assets of it on display. Truth? Hmmmm! She looks physically attractive though doesnt she?
  15. Ebays very functionality relied on paypal and paypals workability relied on ebay. This was the first pioneer of online financial transaction systems. The nearest thing to that was the equivelent of emailing your card details to trusted companys few of whom would deal with such transactions preferring at least the phone. Online banking came after paypal was a working proof of concept and it became so first with ebay, then with the rest of the net. Online banking started on the back of paypal and it all worked on http without ssl.
  16. Paypal was Ebay and Ebay was paypal. Paypal for non-ebay use was an after thought.
  17. If it cant be seen, can't be scanned, cant be altered and doesnt appear in the documentation for the chips ... how did you find out its there? Tell me if you know anything about the difference between network tracking in a 2G network and network tracking in a 3G network by producing one paper you've read demonstrating you have at least that level of expertise to be recommending that people accept defeat of their Article 12 rights while owning a mobil phone. You sound like one of those googlebots assuring the world that malware isnt malware when google installs malware and all contrary opinion is conspiracy theory and for the sake of those not impressed by propaganda calling all contrary opinion of theory, theres a turdfest of pseudo-scientific nonsense to convince the unconvinced its that its impossible to remove the malware, undesireable to remove the malware, any tripe at all to convince the public that those who want malware on other peoples phones only want to serve them ... with a side order of gravy to those they would please as their masters and its not the people they are fucking out their human rights. Its beyond the scope of this post to discuss the evasion of other Article 12 violations on this post, all of which can be solved by not having your phone on. Perhaps you could start a post of your own relating how you know about this magic phone firmware and since they are manmade machines, how a man might go about repairing their machines so they are no longer capable for use as instruments by which users can have their rights injured. I dont think you know anything at all about computer systems. I think you just made the last comment up and it has the effect of other comments in this subject area in discouraging people from removing the API. I didnt need to see the source code to know the API did stuff in disregard of whether it was enabled or disabled. Reason and basic observation of the phones behaviour was enough, I didn't need the insight into human nature to recognise the motivations of those speaking falsehoods protected by well funded independed fact checkers splitting hairs over what an API is when its obvious those who called the malicious Article 12 violating software an "app" were merely referring the folder the API source code was installed in because unlike the IFC, they checked the facts and the fact remains, Nazis have visibly taken advantage of the situation to violate human rights. You'll be wanting to split hairs about what a nazi is maybe? The national socialist party was dissolved decades ago but the word colloquially stands for people violating fundamental human rights, regardless of race or religion, gender or any distinction whatsoever other than the distinction that they need to violate fundamental moral principals to have any sway in the world. In a word they are the bullies of the adult world and things get a bit more sophisticated in the adult world especially when there are bullies to bully the bullies and messengers to deliver keys to those they have in chains. Now if your in chains, dont be dismissing my key. If your with those who broke my phone and tried to tell me it wasnt broke when it started functioning in ways I dont desire my phone to function. The debt of your organisation to me now stands at 24 kilograms of 24 caret gold. I'll take legal tender in payment for this but it will be worth what its worth at the time its paid and will incur a transaction fee. My rights remain my rights and those who infringe them are jointly and severally liable and should seek the protection of a court which may provide them with a trial which will hold me back from visiying justice on the rights of those who infringe mine. Eye for eye and tooth for tooth since those who treat others in ways they themself would not be treated are not operating within the law!
  18. Steph


    Keep waiting. Ive got bad news for you. Most of the sheeple wont wake up. Significant numbers of them are actually wolves in sheeps clothing. Alot of them are easily bribed and alot of them are in circumstances where they are easily blackmailed. If you feel its your calling to wake more people up, then thats a job thats needing done, but have you considered how to function as a society in a world where vampires are feeding on zombies neither of which can have the faintest idea of what a society is actually supposed to be? Im giving up waking up zombies. If they dont see it at this stage. Its their problem. You may as well assist the vampires as assist the zombie as anything you do for a zombie wont enrich the zombie but the vampire feeding on them. Unless you can afford to separate the zombies from the vampires and put the vampires in one house and the zombies in the other, those zombie are all fucked and theres little we can do about it. Id focus on the kids of zombies as they are the most innocent in all this but thats an even more dangerous place to be waking people up. Guy walks through liverpool with a megaphone asking the world why children arent taught about the complexities of legalisms and monetary systems and the means by which you can end up in debt slavery etc. He's immediately arrested by the police because theres a huge crowd of children following him through the streets being taught the things the powers that shouldnt be want them to be oblivious to their whole life long. Its not like the kids are going to linch you for liberating them but they dont have the same wisdom in these matters as the zombies and the zombies are already bought and paid for by the vampires who dont like being robbed of their prey.
  19. i know. I read the Count of Monte Cristo. That young girl had the same ailment as her grandfather. A chemical imbalance. Alexander Dumas appeared to me from behind a book case and told me all I need to know about chemical imbalances. Maybe it was the Hashish pipe he seems to heartily recommend. Mark Twain doesn't even mention recreational drugs in his much shorter work: The System of Dr Tarr and Professor Fether. Dont mention Bethlehem Manor. They don't like it when you speak of Bedlam! Professor Rosenhan to Psychiatric Ward 13! We have some patients for you. Psychologists who believe their science isn't scientifically proven fraud. Dr Rosenhan! Would the patient in ward 666, please check the cuff links. His brain may depend on fully informed consent to avoid getting brain damage.
  20. Stop taking depressants, like television narratives. Avoid peoples whose minds are so filled with depressants they need to bash the non-depressants down just to feel happy. Find people who are anti-depressents. People who dont depress you... or should that be oppress you? I once heard that before you should consider any diagnosis of depression, even your own diagnosis, you should first consider whether the people you interact with are arseholes toward you. Im convinced psychology is a socialogists are a socialogical disease that needs to be eradicated. Youve heard them say "we arent psychiatrists" but if you look at their documentary utterances, you will find lots of places where they make referrals to psychiatrists. Now the thing about psychiatrists is that they are not just mentally ill but criminally insane. Take electro-convulsive shock therapy for example. They use this "therapy" to make people forget things that in their considered opinion the people they deem to have no legal rights whatsoever, dont need to remember those things. Did you see me robbing that old ladies handbag? You dont need to remember that! Gzzzzzt! Do you see how the mechanism works? Its an industry of torture and trickery and concealled from view by censorship from way before Independent Fact Checkers is a suppressed truth about what happenned to all the Christians. No not the happy clappy obedient will agree to any injustice, just shut down our church "Christians" but the original ones who believed in angels and saints praying to god and speaking from the heavens. Well whats that all about? Seems a very bizarre belief to someone living on planet psychological dictatorship by way of mainstream television? Well those people were carted off into "hospitals" deemed to be mentally unfit by people so expert on the human mind that they couldnt even tell me the first thing about why I used the NOP instruction in the 8086 assembler I designed on line 387 and that whole program was just a teensy weensy little part of something from my mind and believe me its not possible that anyone could be more expert on a mind than the person having the experience. Hearing voices from the heavens? Do you believe the heavens are actually hearing your thoughts? The truth has been erased Im afraid. It is not the god of the dead true christians worship, it is the god of the living and we dont need radio or television or even internet to communicate with one another. The anti-christians need that shit just to keep the truth about our history erased. You think you dont have it in you to be anything more than those actors and actresses you see on the news every night or in your reality shows and soap operas. Those people are fake. All you see at best is perhaps a very good shallow appearance but the real human being is covered up by the best actors. As for the realest human being you know. Its none of the people on tv, its none of the people who consume it. The realest human being there is, is you! You can speak to heaven, you can hear from heaven, but all the corporations want is for you to believe thats a load of rubbish and keep consuming their diet of war, terror, prejusdism and hate speech while accusing everyone but them of the very wrongs they commit every day you dont even notice. Their system is collapsing because they've been found out. Now they will all be dressing like jews and saying "dont holocaust me" but the reality is, theyve just advocated for the tattooing of everyone in Britain by way of their Covid-19 api. They are not the jews in the sense of the people the holocaust is being committed against. They are the people carrying out extreme authoritarian human livestock management like theres no tommorrow. Take away the surveillance apparatus, the censorship and the propaganda saturation, do you know what you have? Free speech in a world where the visibly guily have only silence or violence to react with. Psychology wasnt a thing except amongst the rich in the 80s. History as its described today is not an accurate representation of how history actually was. Theres certain bits of history they cant just erase but the things they magnify and minify presents a very false picture of the reality as it truly was. No one had ever heard of the European Charted on Human Rights before the surveillance state. They decried violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights going on in places where lesser surveillance states were being practiced like the Eastern Bloc. The way history is misrepresented its almost as if we were politically united with the EU when we were in a the common market treaty and the EU political thing was unthinkable. The various motivations and figures of the miners strike even in the websites dedicated to such memories dont quite relate the reality as it was for the people who were there. Certain quisling type leaders are pedastooled while certain more respected characters are cast into the shadows. Was it Orwell that wrote that Who controls the present, controls the past. The real history is very mangled up and the Psychology Society has had a sometimes glittering sometimes very shady career since they changed their name from the Esoteric Society to improve their image after they were notably in association with the Eugenicists at the turn of the 1900s. Their name was mud back then since they had been involved in the involuntary degradation of what became recognised as human rights. In the past 120 years, the last time psychology was as big thing as it is today was in Germany from 1933 to 1945 which is where Sigmund Freud hails from. In 1938 just before the western world had the where with all to declare war on the diabolical practices of Naziism, Sigmund "Fraud" jumped ship to Britain saying "Im not a nazi anymore", but look into the experiments he was doing on children and ask for yourself whether or not thats true given your understanding of the word Nazi. You ought to avoid psychology and people who employ that kind of language. At the best they are very misled. At the worst they are deliberately misleading. The mind is a faculty of the soul. A living invisible aspect of a human being. Any psychologists who become aware of this who cannot tell you how they lost their entire lifes fortune in a place called Hades, have no business telling anyone about the mind as they are not exactly reformed characters.
  21. This is false news recently created by independent fact checkers to conceal the fact that the 'application programming interface' contains several 'applications' each of which is software which involves tracking people, not just online but in their physical lives not much different from tattoos on a concentration camp inmate. The fact that the installed instance of, say an android apk, is referred to colloquially as one use of the word 'app' is irrelevant since the complaint is that spyware has been installed on peoples phones without their knowledge and in disregard of their consent. That amongst these complaints, there may be people who have called the software a 'malware app' serves only to highlight that the perpetrators and apologists for a crime against humanity find a spelling mistake more worthy of attention than the covert installation and subsequent obfuscation of the quality of the act itself. In the source code for the installed malware, the API itself is inside a folder called 'app'. I heartily concur that this 'app' is not an installed instance of an apk since were it so, then the installed malware 'app' which is an 'api' containing many 'apps' would be far easier to remove than the way this malware has been installed. The fact it is not an 'app' as in apk installation is further to the point that seems to escape the attention of those unfit to protect the law if as an equal before the law, even I can install similar malware on anyones phones and expect to escape prosecution and have my 'wrong' to install malware on peoples phones protected by the rule of law the same as google or apple. I have removed google from my android/linux phone and I did in 10 minutes. The instructions for safely doing so are censored by google/bing/yahoo but I provide them here for free, something I charge to googles account on top of the damage theyve did to my phone I've had to repair without their help. If anyone doesnt see this as a cybercrime committed by google against myself and many others, then leave your covid api in the enabled state so my api can identify you (when equally installed on your phone without your knowledge or consent and quite lawfully so given your stance of not opposing this same act committed against me and others who have a right to act in self defence against the complicit.) Can you logic that? Take it to the court and I'll use your defence against me as my defence against google and if its clearly established in law that there is no equality but a system of slavery. Well surely that will be the clarion call the enslavers must dread! So fuck your system! It's run by the criminals for the criminals! The just owe it nothing but to recount its infamy. Could never happen here! Just did!
  22. Hello being from the before after life, Im from the after life. Im not in the after death yet though. You're misunderstanding alot of the things we are saying because you think we are dead. We aren't dead, we just aren't alive in your version of reality anymore. Stars are more important today that crosses for reasons which are beyond our knowledge. They are presented to us at various junctures in a world the before after life people couldn't even begin to understand if they are looking at "the government" as the most powerful thing in the universe. I mean the government is made of meat. Okay they are wrapped in lots of paper but kebabs are made of meat and they are also wrapped in paper. They're not exactly regarded as highly intelligent pure energy like the things we look up to are. In the afterlife things like "the government" become a divine joke. Anyway, about stars, its not just the man made art but they appear in places when we go on journeys that can be seen on google maps. I dont know if the beings who place them in our paths are in the afterdeath or some stage between the after life and the after death because I actually thought the people in the after life were dead before I reached the afterlife and frankly Im a bit disappointed in all the hype and promises from the earths religions which seem like another divine joke sat where Im looking. Yes, you are god. Shock horror eh? You were so dubious about whether god existed or not, I bet you are bit pissed off to discover youre god and theres no great bearded man in the sky thats going to fix all this shit. I guess thats gods job but not every part of god is pulling its finger out and one thing god doesnt like is being told what to do by god. This is a very confusing state of affairs for the people who walk the earth. God doesnt know how he is going to explain to them that its not gods fault they believed all the shit that was said about god. The god of god seems to be putting star symbols into cosmic journeys these days. Maybe gods god has decided that no ones really into the whole Jesus was a dude thing anymore and besides, if you were Jesus, would you want constantly reminded that the people made of meat slaughtered you? Stars are in, crosses are out. I dont know for how long, I mean its gods god that decides all that shit and its not exactly like those wonderful democracies they have on earth where a few bullshit arses who own a television network pick whoever they please and tell everyone that its the viewers choice while the viewers sit there hypnotised unable to tell the opinions of the media corporation from the opinions they couldnt possibly have formed themself having no actual experience of anything they are deluded into believing they have an opinion on. I dont think hell is going to mend them either. Theyve been like that for decades and they are trained to hate the heavenly realm to the extent that they dont dare mention it, incase another star escapes from the jar of delusions Rupert Murdoch keeps them in.
  23. I know more than you think. I know what it is thats sticking in babylons craw. I know what drives them to make all flesh accountable to their electronic prison. I'm saying ditch google from Android in 10 minutes. You're saying thats too long a process, install an alternative OS instead by digging through this list of videos for nothing of value over hours of watching. I'm saying the original 10 minute process is quick, effective and doesn't take geek level genius to do safely. You're saying it's so big of a thing that doing anything is only scratching the surface. I'm not sure you want to see anything done about it at all. Would you like to see some disgusting electronic system of intergenerational caste slavery imposed on the western world? We have developed ways to accomodate and facilitate those who desire to live in a world of slavery. My instructions are for those on the DI forum who recognise slavery and servitude are alien to our world and need some support in the matter of of a chain some criminals put on them. If its your will to wear this chain, by all means wear it, voluntarily, but if its your intent to sap the will to be in liberty of others, then in that intent, you are at one with the enslaver and you are not of our world. Rather than be a ruler over those who are free, you will be beneath our feet trying to form a hierchy of slaves where only the most ruthless will have any degree of liberty at all and we will choose who we will from that hell to share in the freedom we never surrendered thinking we could be any greater than mere equals enslaving none and accepting slavery from no one. So what is you're will? Please express it in a way that explains the momentum of the direction you were taking my thread about a ten minute solution to block google malware. Im not unaware there are some shadowy cheats online deliberating this surveillance apparatus on others acting like they are commiting no wrongroing at all. My new Buttslut detection app cant detect all perpetrators, but it can certainly detect their dupes who cant protect their own human rights let alone anyone elses. The perpetrators of Covid 19 API have no legal defence against it which does not declare their original API a crime that my API provides a mechanism for self-defence against. How do you feel about assisting in defending people against slavery by helping in the production of this software if you know enough about computers as you seem to portray? Whats your real will?
  24. It only takes ten minutes. Make that 15 because you have to spend 5 minutes reading my post which tells you how to remove the API in 10 minutes. Your link to a big pile of videos where the intricacies of installing gnu/linux rather than android/linux is barely touched on by any of the videos which will take much longer to watch than 15 minutes doesn't do my very useful post justice. I'd be glad to see your own step by step guide on how you installed gnu/linux onto your android. Its a much more involved process than something you can do in 10 minutes with only an sdcard. You need a usb cable, special drivers and a copy of a touch screen ARM linux distro just to start with and theres further complications once the distro is installed. Like give me you're phone and a hundred bucks and I'll get it back to you in 48 hours with ubuntu touch installed on it. You really think people who wouldnt read those instructions above would dream of installing another OS on their own? Those are (perhaps verbose and overly detailed) instructions on safely removing the google malware quickly and easily. Its not my fault they msde their malware intentionally difficult to remove.
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