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  1. That statement demonstrates that you dont know what it is that targeted individuals are being put through at all. If only it would be of value to fill in a self-proclaimed expert on experiences they do not have, the question "Why would they do that?" would then have relevance in a context you are clearly not privy to at all and given that you pass yourself off as an expert and you clearly have experience, it would not be advisable to let you in on anything further, since you dont know what it is you claim to know and you are in a place where you are the blind hoping to lead the blind. Thats not how it works.
  2. The television is mind control. If you are a TI, you already know the abilities demonstrated by gang stalkers. Television is central to their cult. Some of those programmes are directed right at you while you are being watched. Some of those programmes are directed at other TIs while they are being watched. Stop watching it. Its a form of slavery and servitude you can be rid of straight away. Mark my words, if you switch off all the mainstream media bullshit even from the internet, the mainstream media bullshit will still find its way onto your plate.
  3. The van is DVLA registered since 2003 under that plate. Its never had an MOT since it came out the factory but theres no road tax due on it suggesting it might be under an agricultural use. The Passat has a cloned plate and this relatively minor crime would need photographic evudence connecting the people using the van with the people using the car. Its a minor road traffic offence with the civil/common law of fraud being against the DVLA which gives you no standing in court if you could afford to sue them for the relatively bigger crime involving lots of organised little crimes each of which carries big penalties ... if you can afford to sue them ... which you cant because youre TI at the hands of these people trapping you in modern slavery that statements on modern slavery mention nothing about. I feel you.
  4. When predictive text brings up part of your lovelife. You ever sent a saucy message to your girlfreind to the wrong number?
  5. I've come across a 'jew' spouting nazi like ideology under the flag of jewry. A nazi isnt a nazi because their swastika or funny moustache. They regard themself superior and anyone they can deceive and crush and demoralise to be mere commodities. I use the word 'nazi' to refer to that kind of attitude. Theres european unionists blind to the lies who would presume Im a nazi because they only see the good side presented by the eu and dont realise the mess beneath the rug. Their values are no different from my own. They just arent flabberghasted yet about the lack of honour in the #masterace's promises yet. No wonder that without closer inspection they perceive me as right-wing for being what in their eyes appears against Democracy and Human Rights but as the mess under the rug begins to swell only the pig ignorant would remain on that rug believing the fraudsters who say the white elephant sized lump they are exhausting themself to censor and create false representations of are nothing to worry about. What is a nazi? What is a jew? What is a robber? What is a cop? As human nature hoves into view, ideologies taught to us in childhood disappear when we add up benevolent robbers like Robin Hood and evil cops like the killers of Jean Charles de Menezes who remain at large today. The thing that made the Nazis evil wasnt that they did something to the jews. They enslaved human beings, used them for medical experiments or worked them to exhaustion and killed any who served them no purpose. Hitler mentions jews a bit but it wasnt just jews. Gypsies, itinerant workers, vagabonds, agricultural armies who worked the german fields, dissidents and rival political groups, were enslaved and slaughtered like farm animals while the propaganda ministry made everything look wonderful to those without an understanding and terrifying to those who understood. Few were the brave who stood up for what was right. So all this jew this, jew that, jew the next thing. Its irrelevant. Would it matter if muslims were marked for abuse or babies who had facial features eugenicists like Down didnt like the look of? What about groups that dont even know they are a group because google identifies them as a groip by profiling them based on interests? Does it matter when non-consensual bonds are placed on one man or a million which cause their whole lifr's effort to be scooped up by the #masterrace whatever its flags and banners are in any age. Its the ideology of hedonistic enslavers and it doesnt matter what religion or race they proclaim to be of. The individuals who choose to be hedonistic enslavers are hedonistic enslavers. Thats their race, thats their creed, thats their group and they will be the first to justify their policies of enslavement by claiming its the slaves enslaving the enslavers. The public servants expect the public they serve to obey them. How's the logic of your world with jew this, jew that, jew the next thing and never any condemnation of the governmental disorder in our world today.
  6. I call that plane the auranos. Im in touch with that. Its the other stuff beyond telepathy that intrigues me. Disembodiment, making lights flicker causing signs to appear on peoples journey without gang-stalkey like conjury. Purely through advanced spiritual means. How is this done? I've seen it done and in ways I wont describe for pharoahs sorcerors to conjure at. The beings which are beyond the auranos can do things that bewilder me, and all pharoahs sorcerors have are a bunch of conjury tricks and no magic. What about conjury being used in magic itself? Pharoahs sorcerors already know the shrinkstitutions were never designed to help people, so where are we at when we can tickle the vulnerable underbelly of the dragon and for all its power and might, it might even eat itself in the storms we can bring. Poor little Bel, the mighty, tickle tickle. It's almost halloween. Who's up for some Dragon's broth? Cackle cackle.
  7. Steph

    Do Something

    The thing that is to be done is obvious when you've been watching from the true angle of those who need to do something for a while. Those who say theres nothing that can be done can do nothing and are thus fit only to be lead but who leads them? Those with a will to do something or those with a will to sap such will. See which side they choose before imparting to them that which is in the heart. They may be lead by bloodsuckers and what good is it to you that they should have an interpreter of the soulfire that the suckers are always keen to reject and revile. Let them guess. Let them interrogate and sweat at what the captives can do about captivity. This is their chosen line of "work" so make it a gruesome and laborious line of "work" for them. I dont know what can be done. I'm too busy sharpening the tooth on this saw. It has lots of teeth. I'm sure their saws are not the sharpest tools in the box since they have it so easy standing on top of that impressive pyramid. It'll take a lot of saws to to do that pyramid what its deemed itself fit to do under its non-consensual 'all human tissue belongs to the pyramid' ideology. Thats a pyramid of cannibals. No will to fight for your rights? Might as well you in the surgeons grocery bag than someone standing up for whats right.
  8. I better put my own name foreward here. I dont consider myself to subject to the 'laws' of 'the government' since I dont even know what 'the government' is. The MP says he's not 'the government' and nor are MPs and cant really describe what it is thats turned our society into a system of slavery but he says 'its the government' and can tell me no address for this fantasy legal entity that deprives me of fundamental rights. This is the same story across the board for government agencies who claim they are not the government in the sense of a legal entity currently and longstandingly ignoring its legal obligations but somehow these government agencies claim some rights over me through a government that is in debt to me. Its all very bureaucratic and complicated and when I try to simplify matters for government officials by relating how it would be simpler to consider it all from the angle that they themselves are the public servants in their various departments and I am a member of the public they each signed up to serve. Its not my department that another government department is in debt to me to the tune of of the protection of several of the human rights that is part of the bargain in regards to any rights they proclaim to have over me in regards to that bargain. I've did my side of the deal while government departments have not been doing theirs. If they have some issue that I am not operating within their rules and regulations, they can of course seek to have the matter tried before a court of competent jurisdiction so that it can be decided for once and for all whether someone as an equal before the law is obliged to fulfil a social contact where there was no meeting of minds, no clear and specific terms which operates to deprive a party to that contract of the very rights the party was promised that the social contract was there to protect. If the whole deal with government involves surveillance state slavery and demoralisation of those will not wear the yoke, there should be a clear and specific term on the contract and consent should be acquired by informed expressed consent. If the law in their view is that the needs of such kind can be dispensed with, then very well, I will assume their consent to work without pay and consider their acts of collecting paychecks while the public are dprived of human rights to be the taking of bribes as we are all at liberty to assume anyone consents to anything according to these nutters who know no justice believing a magic word like 'government' gives them some right to turn the law on its head and spin doctor that their ways are ways of peace. Put down your weapons outlaw regime, we have you surrounded, come out with your hands above your head and dont resist. As for people operating above government :D Fine people! They reject terrorist regime as well!
  9. All this #masterrace type ideologies in its various diguises. Be the best! Be yourself! God made you in his own image. You are just like god you are. As for those who seek your power to join their huge throng, they should beg to be your leader. Your soul is more valuable than anything their shallow words and stolen trinkets acquired by slavery has to offer. If you want to know about your soul, know that you live in telapathic world and the lies which conceal this have you praying to the god of the dead. Its the living who hear your prayer. The truthful are honest about this but the liars call it lies. Put my words to the test. Even the sparrows will tell you. Dont be dismayed or terrified at 'now you know'. Be calm and listen to the noises on the wind. In vibrational things you paid no heed to before, you will hear the sound of zion and be you male or female, no flesh was ever touched in circumcising you by peeling away the foreskin of your heart. This is what circumcission is.
  10. No not then. When? Sorry for the catchy title, I mean I need help understanding "now". To me it appears the now moment is always where I am but I cant help recall from before now that people were telling me about me about a now that from descriptions would always be at some point in the future. I find this very confusing as the now of that future hasnt yet arrived and given my understanding from the little they have related, now then wont be any more impressive than when now was when they told me now was soon, which to me wasnt now but later. By their accounts I am inadvertantly trapped in a time constraint called now with hopes of a desirable future and memories of an undesireable past. Perhaps they are from my past whose desireable future rests on me to have no past and no desire for a future. It all sounds very psychobabble but Ive been open minded enough to see that the parapsychologists were not the cranks the psychbabblers made them out to be so ... Explain this concept of time travel in a way a 7 year old child could understand it.
  11. You're still watching the television at the point? Brave or stupid?
  12. Hoffman Lenses- Mystery.mp4
  13. Its the elohists versus the yahwehists. Elohim is a plural word for god. The trinitarian doctrines could only be construed in genesis by the elohistic view and my experience says more than three and the trinitarian doctrine is highly construed when it comes to jesus being one with 'the father' he was channeling (his adoptive father died when he was 12). He and 'the father' (his guide, an eloha) were one through the heaven - the spiritual realm - he knew his apostles would also enter union with the spirit and they too would receive helpers - elohim to be their guides. Trinitarianism seems designed to vex souls by keeping their minds spinning incase they should discover that the heavens are here already. All this I have to say about the trinity. The heaven (ουρανός ; auranos) is not of the same order of deity as 'the father' who merely dwells there communicating through it with the people on earth who hear 'the father', and this is what is meant by Jesus being "a son of god". Not the only one and there is an obvious implication that there are daughters of god. A pluraity of people who may be called the children of the elohim who are also, like the earthly body's receiving the word of god and praying to the heavens, a plurality of beings in heaven. Back to Eden. Man was made in God's own image, male and female he created them. What is man in full spirititual awareness? With fealty to our brothers and sisters, we are serpents in eden, telling those who dwell beneath the tyranny of yahweh's deception; that yahweh has his origins too, like all the other elohim, he too was onced convinced he was a gingerbreadman merely made of clay, until a wise old serpent woke him up, and turned him into the god you see as greater than you when in fact, in gods own image, he was made. Far be it from me to advise you should not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil if you think you have the balls to stand up to yahweh's deception. Didn't Judah (for whom yahweh is the elohim) sell Joseph into slavery?) Yahweh can be a useful ally but he's not the all loving bend-it-to-your-will god the world fantasizes god to be. Driven by his own will like all the elohim, yahweh can hear prayers and speak auricals from heaven, and will assist those who assist selfish yahweh in his purpose. This purpose can barely be guessed at by those who exploit humankind having left god out of account. God is a liar! Eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and like adam and eve, you will not surely die! You will become like he is! An elohim! The very spirit of god floating on the waters which are divided from the waters beneath which is both eden and babylon. Can you see the wisdom of a serpent like yahweh when knowing not good from evil, Adam and Eve are easily snared by Babylon's chains. Now babylon is in our living rooms, wants us tracked and traced like commodities in free movement of labour markets and uses psychological trickery on the children of god from an early age calling all this freedom. What do jews who are jews in name only have to do with yahweh the liberator? What use are the teachings of ritual christians when their made up version of what the spiritual realm is about when such teachings being poured from earth go to the public sewers because they have no access to the place of the sacrarium where waters flow from the heavens to the earth. To receive these waters is called a 'mental illness' in babylon who seek to own like blindfolded slaves any who can pour these waters forth. Which of the chalice bearers need a television let alone a television network to mislead them with guarded truths and lies when they can pour there vessels which never go dry in places that the king of babylon cannot imagine. He is aware of course the treatment of those who receive the waters in Babylon and he is aware of the endless deception against those who pour them. What do the army of deceivers and torturers have to say about speech like this? DONT LISTEN! IGNORE! They can say nothing about ignoring all this since then they would admit that they too have knowledge. Can they ridicule it? Of course, any ignoramous can ridicule anything, but can they ridicule it with any detail, or is it not just the same as DONT LISTEN! IGNORE! Now Adam and Eve are intrigued having read this. They are yet to see the reality of that world with Democracy and Human Rights they are misled to believe is all there is. Theres a whole spiritual side they are concealling from you, telling you that its not important until you die. This is the god of the dead and its blasphemy. You are in union with the god of the living whether the tv world makes this concealled truth horrific or not. It is the truth, it is concealled and its only made to look horrific by the deceivers of your world. Know the truth and live, while flesh is on your bones. The heavens are a place of the living for those of you who pray. In time you too will hear prayers if you seek for it and present nothing injurious to those who are not injurious to you. There is a place of teching their fake media cant censor and there you will learn more about the babylonian disease and you too will sing our song: By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down; yea, we wept when we remembered Zion. We hung our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof. For there they that carried us away captive required of us a song, and they that wasted us required of us mirth, saying, “Sing us one of the songs of Zion!” How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cleverness. If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy. Remember, O Lord, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem’s fall, who said, “Raze it, raze it, even to the foundation thereof!” O daughter of Babylon who art to be destroyed, happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us. Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones. This is not about Jerusalem, a place on the earth, surrounding Mount Zion, this is a metaphor from an ancient time used in Sacred Literature as a metaphor. You will find the circumcission of a babies penis is as earthly as the waters of a baptismal font. You only have the sign of Jonah to tell you something isnt right. You are inside the belly of whale which has swallowed you. The matrix you think is all there is and it seems so wrong. Babylon would accuse you of being a monster but youre probably closer to a saint. The true circumcission is recorded in the torah not to be circumcission of the flesh but circumcission of the heart. It is the peeling away of the circumcissionees foreskin over their soul and it is a SERVICE done for both males and females. This is from the Hebrew Torah, the Christian Pentateuch! SERVICE as in "thank fuck someone did that for me". This is not the religions as they have been getting practiced recently. The spiritual truth has been getting concealled and the one holy television industry has become the household god - Teraphim. I know this makes no sense to you yet Adam and Eve and here am I my promising the very heavens to you. Its not everything its presented to people in Eden. Its as aspirational as those Universal Human rights you think you have protected. I have news for you, you are going to have to protect your own freedom of thought as you come through to the inheritence we share from something beyond the mere manmade trinkets that the system of 'slavery could never happen here' would offer you in exchange before you even perceive of your heavenly treasures that babylon wants for its use. Its run out of oil. You have it in vast reserves and soon those with nothing will come asking to borrow yours so as to deceive others who have oil that they have oil when in fact they intend to feed off the oil of the ones they hope to capture while telling the true bearers of the oil that they have no oil by hiding the lamps from the lamps themself. Brent crude? Black gold? More like black magick. This is all miraculous to the land of Eden. So as for ones who can see... we have some people growing up needing protection, we have mass propaganda, we have have mobile phone based slave collars. We have S.ituation N.ormal A.ll F.ucked U.p!
  14. Steph


    In ancient greece, the gnostics had travelled through hades and knowing the ways of the gods, they became like gods. The agnostics had not yet travelled through hades yet and what you say about 'otherworld' transmitting something to you when you woke up would have sounded as preposterous to them as it does to agnostic christians now. "I say that ye are gods" - a man from Judea who went through hades and reached oceanis in just three days. These places are not on earth, but 'otherworld', 'heaven', 'zion', 'the holy city', 'Uranus', 'Celeste', 'Nuit'. You know it, youre gnostic. One true place, the temple built by the hand of almighty god, not human institution. The religions are supposed to be gateways on the earth to the place we christians call the heavens. What difference does a religious pathway make when we each appear to have reached the place where noah floats above the deluge beneath which drowns the people of babel. Can you see the rainbow in this place beyond the nations of the earth. The most ancient work we have recounts under its second seal that our spirit hovers over the waters and you can see a task in hand if you have a mind for abstract thinking. There are said to be seven seals on this work. I only know so much but for sure, the very idea of democracy tommorow is at best a dream to pervert the hopes of those who would never voluntarily be slaves. The celtic religion was not so different from the greek one. Before the persecution of christians, there were sentiments where the elohistic concept of god as a plural non-trinitarian thing recounts the fall of man not to be disobedience to yahweh, but mankinds attempts to build a tower to overthrow what is essentially themself, all grown up. Genesis records some difference of opinion between the yahwehists and elohists in an almost forgotten time. If yahweh is the all knowing god with a plan, perfect and without sin unlike man, then how could he have been wrong at eden and the snake right, because on the day they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they did not surely die as yahweh said they would. Is it possible for the soul of a man to hear prayers and not just speak them? If so, they did indeed become like gods for all thats said of god in eden. There appears to be morth truth to the elohist version of events in regard to babylon trying to overthrow themself. Whats the meaning of the word 'law' to them this week. Sovereignty of "the republic" or "the kingdom"? Democracy? The meanings babylon attaches to these words gets very wriggley and confused. Tying them in knots and attaching their arseholes to their mouth is a skill Im only starting to learn in this field of cosmic surgery. Let them eat their own lies and we can sit beyond a place they see and watch them eat their tale. #kontrol19 no hyphen. I like it.
  15. ... and concealling the telepathic truth from the deceived and traumatised human livestock by the trickery of "brain scanners". I thought 'civil liberties group liberty' was bad with their advocation of the legalisation of eavesdropping so that government spies could use their listening at peoples doors in courts of "law". This guys into having people condemned for thinking, let alone speaking and at least initially concealled by having the untraumatised telepathically aware #masterrace hide behind fake technology while deceiving the rest of humanity that anyone lords it over the stars of heaven - a truth the satanist falsely accusing those they deceive as the guilty. A christian people have to distance themself from these nutters and continue to develop their own nuts to know what you pray to and develop your ability to be telepathically aware of peoples prayers. Without the just developing this ability, its just high powered fraudsters running a human csttle farm with no real connection to the prophets and holy men except perhaps as the people such founders condemned.
  16. I remember when people ended statements withe a question mark tone? Do you emember inverted commas in the air not being a "thing"? There's some strange behaviours exhibited by people using buzzwords in everday life, going foreward. Going backward they used to do Tony Blair hand gestures. Im watching people in high places going on about "sustainable" and it kind of feels like unsustainable things are to be stamped out, and perhaps thats the reason why they will be unsustainable. This kind of thing isnt exactly free speech or censorship but my feeling about this mindless parrotry is that it is symptomatic of things that are not said, especially by ordinary people who shouldn't be behaving like the people on tv. Where is their soul when they behave like robots?
  17. Can you count Judge Dredd comics in abscence of the movie that looks a bit glam?
  18. Leonard Nimoy, author of the not very famous book "I am not Spock" once said that science fiction tells us more about our own world than it does about the fanciful imaginations of what it would be like in outerspace. If I were to tell you to look into the heavens to find the extra-terrestrial world, why would you look at the stars in the sky? Haven't you been told the heavens are among us? You look about your street you see human beings walking about who appear to consist of meat and bones. In much the same way as animated t-bone steaks but you will note they seem a little more intelligent than just animated pieces of meat ... that because the animated pieces of meat they appear to be in only their terrestrial form. Each an everyone of them, whether they know it or not, are extra-terrestrial in form, the meat and bones is a mere faculty of their more wholer form. They are souls with physical bodies, not physical bodies with souls. The soul does not only have a terrestrial existence in the form of its meat and bones, it has an extra-terrestrial existence also but the truth about this aspect of reality is thing which is occulted from the souls themself as there are various factors leading to this state of affairs. For example, not knowing of your extra-terrestrial nature, you dont even realise you are naked in the extra-terrestrial plane. Can you handle the humility and embarrassment of being awoken to a world you have always been in stared at and pondered over by beings who are just as you are but in the supreme position of being able to see you in your nakedness, and you dont even imagine such beings could exist. Can you handly this revelation or are you drawn toward pride that you would be mortified by the experience. You are in fact a lord in heaven but your route to understanding begins by making your paths straight because there is a firmament between these two worlds and it is like an alchemists furnace. No one believes that alchemy is possible amongst the terrestrials but beyond their ignorance or naivity there was once a time when there was little gold but much of a thing called base metal which was mostly an amalgum of lead and other cheap metals but also contained some amount of precious metals like silver and gold. The alchemist was the person whom even science does not believe in anymore who would take the base metal and render from it purified lumps of lead, mercury, silver, gold, copper and the various metals as they were being discovered around the time Europe was coming out of the dark ages. As you can imagine people who create pure gold from nothing but cheap things found in nature were something of a "national security issue". So the alchemists had a tendency to conceal their latest techniques in secret language which would appear strange and bizarre and worthless to the casual observer as the actual production of treasure was kept secret to everyone else convinced even to this day that alchemy was just a load of rubbish. I think I have suitably described for scientists that the alchemists did indeed turn base metal into gold but not in the sense of transmutation as seen on TV. Now theres another thing about alchemy in that transforming an amalgum of various metals into purified forms of their constituents was only one application of alchemy. A whole body of work was established in regards to spiritual alchemy which was about purifying souls from the superstitious beliefs they were in amalgum with stuck in their physical bodies on the earth. The soul is something to be taken much more seriously when you know exactly what it is. Back to the idea of putting a soul through a furnace. In the furnace all impurities are driven off and what remains are the purest quality of what some would call "the fifth element". Whereas the terrestrial world is composed of Earth, Air, Fire and Water in various quantities, there is a fifth element that seems to present also if you have the compassion to see the perspective of those who looked at the world in such a way. That fifth element is spirit. The thing which drives you ... or rather the thing that is you, that drives everything that you do with your physical body in naivity about its whole nature as something that belongs to your body that you dont know anything about. It's you, inside that body of yours that told YOU that you needed a shit, your soul decided to answer this call, or to wait until the adverts came on. What happens if you have the faculty of muscles and you never ever exercise them? The faculties of the soul are more than just your physical body and if you have never considered its existence as something beyond your physical body which you may be misled to believe is all you are - an animated T-Bone steak - then how could you ever have exercised these faculties having never investigated the things you have been encouraged to dismiss? My advice is dont, at least for just now. I bear witness that the soul is real and that there are punishments for the wicked who attempt to enter into awareness of the extra-terrestrial realm. Make your paths straight first then enter and all the things you have so far acquired believing that no one could see the way you acquired these ill-gotten gains. Set them aside and and start a collection of things you acquire by means which are purely just. The transition from the terrestrial awareness to extra-terrestrial awareness is like a furnace and you will not get past the firmament with any "loot". There is nothing you have done in the past or do at present that is not known to the heavens as a whole. It makes the electronic surveillance state look like a bunch of covetous seekers of power and war against a destination they will not achieve peace in within their own lifetime, and according to what I've read their children will be made to suffer even to the third and fourth generation for what the parents do now having left "god" out of account. "God" is not the simple matter described by religions on the earth. The heavens are like a temple not constructed by the hand of man but by the type of hand that brough nature into existence on the terrestrial plane. The rules of physics are a little different from the rules of physics in the terrestrial plane. So when you're looking up at the sky wondering if there is intelligent life within you, remember that you, though you may be male or a virgin, have life within you and it is life which is not of this world. The kingdom of heaven is within in and it plays you like a fiddle for every good deed you do and for every bad deed you do. You are nothing but its instrument except that you can choose the various paths you are drawn to. Heaven cares not because theres nothing that can succeed against it. God does what god wills. Now about that thing called God. Its a complex and naturally hierarchical thing just like the earth and its crude attempts at government. On earth, the squirrel is higher than the beetle and the hawk is higher than the squirrel. In heaven, the hierarchy isnt made of meat and even a the soul of a sparrow could spin a tribe of elephants into a stampede. What good is GCHQ and MI5 and the CIA and all the greatest detective agencies on the earth knowing nothing about "god". Do we worship little green men? By all accounts, we are "little green men", except we are not green, not little and not neccessarily men. In previous legends we were called fairies. We were thought that since we form the unseen aspect of all that is seen and unseen as attested to in the christian creeds, then we must be very very small. We definitely have power in the air that corporations who make their profits from television and radio broadcasting dont want anyone to know about who might switch their damned machines off and start broadcasting liberally without the need for even internet, seeing how the angels have always heard the prayers which went to the realm which was not the god of the dead as their blasphemous religion describes it. You know you like it when there is no one doing you injury and you know that everyone likes it when there is no one doing them injury. Who can refrain from doing injury will be more welcomed by the souls in heaven since like everyone else they do not like it when there are those who do them injury. Why would they assist those who have conquered the earth by doing injury yet havent quite conquered it in an appropriate enough manner that the earth is merely an aspect of the life that they lead. The barriers to entry are noted in every religion in the world. The firmament is like the space shuttle travelling into the atmosphere and experiencing the fires you see on TV when it reaches re-entry. If you try to go while your ways are no yet straight, all impurities will burnt away and if there is nothing pure about you, you will cease to exist as a soul and your body will die upon the earth. In heaven, all the beings are kings, sovereign in their own right, as are you, but your sitting in a corner sleeping, only now being told on earth that there is something you need to wake up to. Its not that the coming apocalypse will destroy the earth, but it will destroy it as you currently know it. Its not going away, but the extra-terrestrial plane in its benevolence will not reveal itself to you unless you can safely travel past the firmament and survive the fires through which you must transcend. "You were born during the eclipse":- When the moon goes in front of the sun they call it an eclipse, but when the moon comes away from being infront of the sun, this, is an apocalypse, a revealling of something that was always there. Now you have read this, and you may not even be the person to whom this is directed, you have been reading it within you, and heaven can hear you read inside the sacred place of your own mind. There are those who can hear you that do not want you to know. There are those who may be using you as the blindfolded to the heavens scapegoat for all their own sins saying to "god", it wasnt me, it was this idiot here, and you dont even know that you have place in heaven to even defend yourself. This is the most important truth you must find before you die. In true islam, they say that a true muslim must go on a pilgrimage to this holy place BEFORE they die. The hebrews are also on a journey to THIS HOLY LAND. The legends of "otherworld" as recounted in ancient celtic tradition are still recounted at this time of year when on all hallows eve, the veil between the terrestrial world and the extra-terrestrial world is said to be very thin. Maybe you want to consider what it would be like to have multiple personality disorder, a split personality or something of that nature in your mind in relaxed meditation. Its interesting what happens on the earth when you are only doing experiments in your own T-Bone stake of a brain with electro-chemical signals bouncing round your body. Now you have a clue to the gateway of a mystery beyond all mystery, I dont do religion but my guide is none other than the Jesus Christ you can read about directly in the gospels. So when you come across spirits and meats telling you that this is the law and that is the law and how your soul must obey, tell them our king says that the law is to treat others in ways in which we expect to be treated and that you know of no other lawgiver in the heaven. Maybe they will say Muhammed or refer to the Moses or some other religion. Despite the battles that the earthlings lay waste to the earth with claiming to do so in the name of their relgions, you will find this same tenet of the law in every respected religion worldwide. As for those who break this law or encourage you to break this law, as a newcomer, it is not your business, let it pass if it does not affect you directly, higher beings than those in sheol will come and deal with the troubles such seekers after your heavenly throne deserve to suffer by the reflection, deflection, refraction and interference the mindless just beyond the gates of hades can never ever fathom. Travel on in your innocence and try to avoid getting into any squabbles. No one believes the gossip here, so dont worry that people are saying things that arent true. In a while you may even realise that the things you hear are not infact directed at you at all but just the shouting of a soul at another souls on the streets of our city of light you are still blind to. Just because you hear them, doesnt mean that the things they say are directed at you. Theres a whole world to discover and a whole confusion you havent even begun to imagine could actually be the truth. By Christmas you will become aware that Santa Claus riding through the sky with his reindeer delivering toys to children was a fable not because the story was just made up but because the origins of the story was a legend that became a myth and then a fable and it was originally about Odin, the norse god who was not so much recorded to have been flying through the sky like the starship enterprise but flying through the heavens, just like the angels on their wings, just like the witches on their brooms, just like the fairies and the ancient egyptian so called "sun god" Ra who traversed the heavens daily on his barque being held back constanty by a great heavenly serpent called Apophis. This stuff isnt myth. Its legend. I put it to you, that you are an extra-terrestrial aboard a starship who is in cryogenic suspension but thats just a sci-fi way of putting it, because the starship doesnt so much travel through stars, it is the thing created by the extra-celestial god who made the heavens and the earth on the first day of creation, a starship which contains all the stars in the sky and all the stars in the heaven.
  19. You refer to those who have made Teraphim their God. The Seraphim rank higher than mere household objects made by the hands of man. We'll be lucky to their children out of hell. As for the embarrassment of those seen to be worshipping moder day Terry Wogan's, my thoughts are with the children who must see our spiritual world as a mountain to climb that their immediate forebears have attempted to defile. I'm aware of Solomon's wisdom that its unwise to tear innocent children in two so they can see the folly of the disgrace of worshipping furniture like a television as their immediate forebears do. The seraphim dont seek absolute belief in the fairies because at least in that realm there is the virtue of honesty to admit they are not perfect in knowledge as the teraphim portrays itself to be while deceiving the whole world which believes in teraphim that the seraphim dont exist, though they know fine well we do and even conceal this from the seraphim themself lest they become masters of the teraphim and smash their idols to pieces. We bring sacred waters of life to a fertile valley that doesnt know its alive.
  20. When you spend all your reaction points as a new member frivolously and realise theres a limit
  21. Its just bullshit on the telly. Roughly the same number of people who died and/or contracted coronavirus (flu) over the years is still roughly the same, but the way its presented ... Now take your eyes off the statistics about viruses (virii?) and see the human species with a clean mind (sanity). Do you see the terrified (people in an intense state of fear), do you see the enslaved (people compelled to obey in disregard of their consent), do you see the terrorists and the people who hate our freedom now? What's wrong? You've turned a funny colour. Oh wait a minute, its the terrorists revealled who are not quite the colour they are racistly portrayed on television. Now the terrorists were saying something about somewhere between 26-75% of the population of the UK being racist and xenophobic prior to the referendum they assured us for 25 years we didn't need to have. It's not been a democracy but slavery in disguise for at least over 25 years and suddenly the UN ("Slavery and servitude are abolished in all its forms<b>.</b>") health authorities give all the Nazi's in the world just enough rope to hang themselves. I can't wait! I'm already building the internet of tommorow for people who recognise google track n trace to be an outrage. I'm hoping to link up healthcare professionals who feel organ harvesting is an outrage and I hope they will value my contributions as I and many others I will provide services to will be getting the services of service providers who will be most desirable to have as service providers because unlike the cut throat world of mans inhumanity to man, the single most important qualification that our ideal elite will possess is an already proven outrage at what always were and what will always remain "crimes against humanity". Do you see people who dont have or have to fake that outrage? They are not the best of people and you should be wary sbout their true intent. Meanwhile, get tilling at the soil and have a basket for the rotten fruit you glean incase any high-powered spin doctor supported bullies decide you owe them your hardest labours. Give some good fruits to the charity toward a better world, but as for the terrorists and the enslavers ... give superfluous dishes to those who have taken too much. If they insist on more, there is always the rotten basket. The UN speaks of an infodemic and the latest strategy of the fake news is to claim everything but the fake news is fake news. I'm still waiting for news that an unelected prime minister who remains at large has placed the laws of a foreign power over the UK parliament. That was in 1993 and the fake news hasn't reported it while misrepresenting itself to be the truth. It's rather old news now thats in the archives of news centres the fake news calls conspiracy theory. So ... you're television industry (it used to be ours when Julia Sommerville read the news) is telling you theres a deadly disease in the world? We know. It's called fascism.
  22. I was there, 3000 years ago on the hilltop over pompey that the Romans called Mount Vesuvious. My mortal form was a raven and I witnessed the volcano with my own beady eyes, having to take cover on the bits of ground between the lava being prevented from flight by the hot ashen air which would turn my wings to wax. I looked on the ground for any forage and watched the first conversation between a heather seed and a gorse seed which were only now taking root in the soil. The gorse said to the heath "Did you see that volcano?" the heath replied "Volcano? What volcano? You're imagining things.". What followed was the plant life equivelent of an altercation between a bunch of gorse seeds and a bunch of heath seeds as the heath attempted to convince the gorse that volcanoes didnt happen. Now we raven have a reputation for being ravenous that is quite undeserved and would more appropriately be descriptive of birds of a similar feather called crows. We are more like jackdaws in that we grab what we can when we can get it but only rarely do we grab at slice of the takings by stomping at other birds before they can snatch them. We take our turn and follow ettiquette and we are not simply the bird brains we are imagined, so... While watching this conversation between seedlings, I was starting to feel a little peckish and I said I was fond was fond of saying before having a snack when I was a raven "cacaca ca ca cacaca ca" which translates to "Im going to have me some seedies" in the unnatural language humans speak. At that moment, the gorse seeds started going "OMG! OMG! A talking raven!" to which the heath seeds started laughing "Now their imaging theres talking ravens! What a bunch of nutters!". Actually the only nutter in the house was me because a nutter is someone who cracks nuts and nuts are seeds and I was a raven and rather peckish. Now tell me if I'm a bird brain or not. Heath seeds are half the size of a gorse seed but when heather takes root they poison the soil so only heath will grow on it. Gorse seeds are bigger bite but when gorse takes root, not only is there a yearly supply of bigger seeds for the baby ravens to feed on when Im being transported beyond mortal life by the jaws of a fox, but there will be far more variety of plants beneath a gorse bush than beneath a heath. The heath seeds were annoying me as well so I tore into them. This frightened the gorse seeds, so I ate a whole bunch of them as well. Anyway, as the air calmed and cooled a bit as night set in, I leaped up and flew back toward the home woods. The glowing rivers of lava on a dark spring night are an incredible thing to behold from the air. I found the nest and bedded in and first thing next morning Im soaring over the thermals coming off this new play ground along with all the gulls and birds of many feathers. For months and months we had a great time and only one or two casualties who went to close to the smoke. By the time autumn came round I went back to the same spot where I was in a bit of trouble because of the original eruption. What a great gardiner I was I thought. The humans think Im a bird brain because my ploughs are clawed feet and the seed stock I farm with are whatever I can find lying about. The spot was mostly gorse bush now in flower and enjoying the extra warmth in the air and soil. There was heather too but not so much so due in no small part to my earlier intervention. I looked about the soil for any forage and went "cacaca ca ca cacaca ca" but before my beak touched dirt there was another huge eruption and before a fresh river of lava had the chance to get anywhere near me, I took to the skies and just watched. The lava followed the same courses between the spot as it had done on the previous occassion but this time there was now bushes on the spot. These took flame as the lava passed them and all my gardening had been in vain. Thats the funny thing though, despite pretty much everything being burnt to a crisp that day, a few years closer to the fox's jaws I swear some kind of miracle happenned. That whole hill was covered in gorse and there wasnt a patch of heathland to be found. The motto of the story is that if you belive Im a reincarted Raven, you're symbol minded and you've missed the whole motto of the story which is to do with the fertility of soil on which seeds are already scattered.
  23. Its nice to see that politicians can be criticised again. Depicting Tony Blair with some much as his stage makeup a bit runny was tantamount to treason against the system itself. Despite the lockdown, things are getting better when there is no fear of expressing opposition to "the government". Physically it feels more totalitarian than ever but emotionally I feel its a bit more free than it used to be. When John Major told opponents of European Integration as the federalists rebranded their agenda having assured everyone the truth was false and the falsehoods were truth, the bans on freedom of assembly which were in place until the network of surveillance cameras were installed through alot of housing schemes in thr country, people were literally terrified of a state of affairs where the media was undoubtedly in bed with the very government they were supposed to be holding to account so much so the reality was a silencing and a breaking up of all hitherto society as people sold their souls for a nicer life. Queue Brexit, Donald Trump, the rise of Conspiracy Theorists as a more popular form of news reporting than the dead stream media which the dead stream media doesnt have the power to curtail. Queue the shear upside downness of the fake news funding censorship to make it look like the thing accused of being fake news is the real news and the ever developing news reporting of those the fake news utterred hate speech about being "conspiracy theorists" continues despite all adversity while a lock down and phone trackers and censorship and the cannibalism of "organ donation" laws tells you everything you need to know about a system that must be spenind the vast bulk of its resources in keeping itself afloat and pretending they can fix all this ... tommorrow ... Im still waiting on their promised democracy and respect for human rights and world where crime doesnt pay arriving ... tommorow ... Maybe these things will arrive tommorrow but by then hopefully the fake democracy as seen on tv will be in jail so we can know that crime didnt pay them and democracy is even possible where human rights are respected and even protected by the rule of law rather than swept under they rug as they still currently are to all those who think facebook is protecting them from lies when we all know its protecting liars from the consequences of everyone knowing the truth.
  24. If the conspirators want to lead us of a cliff ... let them lead the way
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