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  1. By all appearances not everyone has an understanding of what any of this stuff means. Those who genuinely share an understanding could use what I call the Van Helsing Strategy to sift out interlopers, trolls and those who have only an intention to understand, or an appearance of understanding which is not quite so. I call it The Van Helsing Strategy due to the scene in the movie where Van Helsing knows the meaning of a symbolic thing and responds to it in symbolic terms. The gatekeeper and the keyholder share a common secret which demonstrates a true keyholders ability to gain entry to 'the crypt'. His assistant is not so lucky, since he has no ears to hear, no mindset with which to process and no toungue with which to speak. The gatekeeper can immediately recognise his assistant as someone who doesnt hold the key. A simple example could be an image with a frame made out of david icke photos containing a picture of the moon and the word weight underneath it. The question is asked, zero or one? Those with a special understanding will ponder and answer correctly. Those without, are interlopers, or not quite ready to enter the crypt. This is a very simple example that has a binary that could be guessed at and allow for half the guessers to enter the crypt but it demonstrates a principal of a shared secret potentially for any group (the people familiar with the talks of David Icke - which includes his haters). 100% of those in the group would get in, only 50% of guessers. Add a second question like 'frame with david icke pictures round it containing a picture of QE2 with the words "skin colour?" underneath it'. Its a more open question and everyone here knows the answer but what about people only vaguely aware of David Icke outside of the DI forum? The obvious answer to them is white. Maybe there will be a 25% yield of the original 50% of interlopers. A 100% yield of keyholders who could be 1 in a hundred interlopers. There is no perfect key but with well chosen "questions" you can make the yield of interlopers adjust to any ratio constrained only by the envelope where the vault of shared secrets are - the talks of David Icke. Lets take away the frame and consider DI fits into a wider world. A picture of Bill Gates on the left and a picture of an African child on the right. The question: "Which direction should the needle point?" Again a binary question but no frame. A simple question of right and wrong based on a shared understanding. An interloper could guess very easily if he had a frame but if this appears as a child like question from nowhere. Why would the interloper do anything other than laugh? A final example: No frame. The picture is in four quarters. A penis, an anus, a vagina and a pair of mammary glands. Beneath are the word, "where?" The gatekeeper hands the potential keyholder a token containing the letters "ОWИ" and asks the keyholder to place the token on the correct quarter. In all of this I have given no answers yet everyone here already knows these answers. Outside of this forum they look bizarre. I dont want to draw a Venn diagram but this thread/subforum is only partly DI and the bulk of its context is beyond the scope of the content so far. Lets draw from that which is outside the scope. How many pearls does the King of Rock n Roll have on the ring in his right hand? Knowing the context of the thread, the question appears like nonsense. David Icke doesnt wear pearly rings and theres nothing in DI context which would tell an interloper anything by googling or text searching the whole internet. What if I told you that the key was not the answer to the question but a mirror of the question. You ask me the right question and I know that you know that I know that you know ... and its combinations are limitless, confounding to the interloper, undecipherable to the guesser, and a worthless key to acquire for the housebreaker since their presence is already known in a crypt of keyholders where there are limitless keys to drive him mad. In less formally defined terms you can imagine the scene at the annual conference of cordon bleu chefs when a plumber tries to fit in. Likewise the annual plumbers convention when a cordon bleu chef tries to fit in. Will the experts with experience take advice from the one who has only a facade? The pearly ring of Elvis Presley can be known to the seeker in what must now be a bewildering discussion to the perplexed. There is a light emanating at the end of this bewildering tunnel and the questions that could be mirrored about this and within this are well beyond the reach of those sewing confusion by deception about how much they know in order to attain greater expertise at deception. I would like to discuss matters with those who can demonstrate an understanding of the thing which is spoken most softly here. Name a thing which is like this thing but not the thing that even the seeker wont have noticed.
  2. Unlike alot of the teachings I've come across, freemasonry is a bit like the digital rights management fanatics of the sacred writings. I dont know enough about the meaning of the 33 degrees to even make sense of what you are talking about in terms as it might be understood by other sacred traditions. I assume a certain meaning to the seven secret sciences but I cant say for sure if seven isnt just some lucky number that happens to coincide with christological meanings that could be interpreted from what you say. I run a website called auranos.org. I'm looking for articles to be written about all forms of sacred teachings which are original and will help people to make better sense of the writings they are based on. I dont know much about freemasonry except what rumours anyone hears. You can write articles anonymously, by TOR relay if you desire or you can open up an account with an email address and lock your own articles to prevent vandalism of your work. You'll get a share of any donations according to the level of appreciation of the articles you create. This months donations stand at a grand total of zero pounds and zero pence so dont get your hopes up about giving up your day job. The charitable side is to provide help to people requiring better spiritual understanding.
  3. Monsters! As if its not bad enough that manmade climate change and human patterns of behaviour are causing species to go extinct at a rate of 187 species per year. Never mind where I get my statistics from. Manmade global warming and chopping down rainforests and people who simply wont buy a bag for life or content themselves with the new energy saving lightbulbs designed to save our planet are malcontents and now they have the audacity to declare a war on tiny little creature called "the coronavirus". The coronavirus has been with us for thousands of years and should not be made extinct by hate speech against its very existence. How would you feel if you were a tiny little coronavirus and everyone hated you and didnt want just you dead, not just your family but your whole species! What kind of audacity is this from the species that murders the whole world and calls everyone but themselves selfish! Join my campaign to save the coronavirus from extinction.
  4. What you need is a Googlegate Scandal An umbrella of internet companies and offline organisations including various government agencies from a number of different countries, all linked to the Alphabet foundation, owners of the google.com brand have been cited in a new report that was released this week by an independent internet watchdog detailing evidence of complicity in serious organised crimes which, according to the watchdog's Human Rights committee includes crimes such as those historically referred to as crimes against humanity. The detailed report shows a network of of dot coms including big names like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon and Ebay colluded in shutting down accounts of anyone calling foul on what the watchdog describes as a "Racket" which not only violated free speech of the people affected by the activities of these corporations but endangered the privacy of these people by sharing their personal data and the data of others, some of whom did not even sign up to the various companies involved yet ended up having pseudo-accounts created containing their personal information which was passed from corporation to corporation and even government agencies. The report goes on to describe a complex web of money transfers between the Googlegate corporations which take in some big players including the news organisation BBC.com. These funds were being used to stifle crticism of the Googlegate corporations practices by carrying out censorship on a global scale under the guise of companies the Googlegate corporate funders described as "independent" fact checkers who engaged in censorship to such an incredible extent that literally billions of people around the world were prevented from granting informed consent to practices that some Doctors argued were neccessary and other Doctors argued were potentially dangerous to peoples health. The Nuremberg Code prevents medical professional from administering medical procedures without the informed consent of each individual patient, yet the degree of censorship combined with the information being pumped out by Googlegate companies rendered it impossible for even some medical professionals to make themself informed let alone help their patients severely traumatised by the sudden onslaught of what the watchdog calls "Fear Propaganda". The report makes several recommendations for Governments hosting agencies caught up in the Googlegate scandal including: - Distancing themself from Googlegate corporations and untangling their infrastructure from reliance and use on the offending corporations services and hardware. - Policing health services more effectively, ensuring its practitioners are vetted to standards which are robust and sustainably compliant with the Nuremberg Code. - Re-evaluating the public accountability of government agencies and the role their unaccountability plays in reducing trust in authorities and rebellion. - Take heed the values of the values of the United Nations at their foundation as a minimum standard of expectation for every human being and avoid making treaties which profess to offer governments an ability to opt out of these minimum standards of expectation. - Operate within the provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights outside of times of National Emergency. - Do not derogue from the terms of the convention which are non-deroguable once a National Emergency is declared. - Seek wise counsel for the sake of peace both domestically and internstionally and avoid having leaderships reliant on, or taken in by gossip. Have you been affected by the Googlegate scandal? Have your say here: https://auranos.org/index.php/Googlegate_Scandal
  5. If I knew a safe haven, I wouldn't breath a word. Look what the 'normal' people did to this world. Now its 'new normal' and the 'normal' people have all gone 'new normal'. Human rights are degraded further and they all want to have a go at everyone both at home and abroad not quite raising the hitler salute when ordered. If theres a safe haven where the people are doing okay and are happy and harmonious and loving and social and dont need to put up appearances because they all just live and let live ... if you ever meet them, warn them not to let anyone know if the strike crude oil.
  6. Would you classify television or schools in the same way as you classify religion. Im disappointed by the lack of spiritual education by media, state and church. Not one of them teach anything much besides be obedient, work the machines and have fun on your days off and keep going round in circles like that. At least the religions pay some homage to the spiritual aspects of our world, even if it is mostly ritual. The materialism of schools and televisions will admit nothing of the spiritual outside of the hour framed as fantasy-fiction. The very hiddeness of the spiritual plane is the way by which we are being kept enslaved in unaccountable fake democracies. The very revelation of the spiritual deception to the enslaved is devastating and while they recover, their whole reputation is discredited as the naive who trust their enslavers are pick off one by one with a tale to tell under now very extreme censorship. I will tell you whats not proven. Its not proven that electro-convulsive shock therapy, incarceration without trial and forced medication are infact torture and cruel and degrading practices carried out against people who have never been found guilty in a competent tribunal. Its not proven that radiation and the consumption of radioactive chemicals as treatments for cancer are the very cause of the symptoms which have been known about since Marie Curie was playing around with a newly isolated element called Radium. Its not proven that the treatment for AIDS being the administration of drugs which suppress the immune system are worthy of any medical-scientific investigation. Its not proven that the people incarcerated in mental health institution for hearing voices were telepathic and its not proven that targeted individuals reporting covert intimidation by people who are telepathic in the 90s/00s are to be taken seriously according to the pseudo-science of psychology that calls parapsychologists cranks despite the parapsychologists being more aligned with the almost deleted real christianity mocked at on television which speaks of prophets who heard the voice of god, angels delivering messages through the heavens, people praying to god in heaven, a religion thats supposed to teach the god of the living buried under psychriatic abuses while the churches have been taken over by the worshippers of televisions. Its not proven they'.ve killing millions of unborn children, sterilised millions more, deceived everyone but their occult cleek about the nature of the soul, fomented wars and censored truth while having useful idiots ask how 9/11 could be covered up. Absolutely none of that is proven and you need to prove it because what the system has proven beyond the merest suggestion that anyone dare doubt is 2+2= whatever people are told it is and if you believe your own reason more than the systems greatest liars, its proven that theres something wrong with you compared to "everybody" (as seen on TV). Prove me wrong!
  7. My experience is, if they know anything, they dont teach it. The symbols are legit, the holy book is legit but no one seems to know anything but repetative rituals. If theres any spiritual knowledge, its concealled.
  8. It means "All quiet on the western front" IMHO Guess what that drunken jock is up to now he's getting a rollicking from his bosses: He's "layin low"
  9. Have you Had! The manifestation of [the egyptian personification of the heavens]! A welcomings from the company of heaven! Love is the law! Love under will! This book is meaningless nonsense to those who dont know about the heavens, but it describes something manifest throughout the earth which is not the earth in and of itself. A thing that many christians are on a pilgrimage to that they could reach without even leaving their bed. Ascending into the domain of Uranus has little to do with butt sex and Uranus was not personification of the sky but heaven. In Christianity there is a creed, a kind of poem that the congregations chant during their currently illegal gatherings as they have done since Christianity became "a thing". I disgree that Jesus' father in heaven was almighty god but merely amongst the Elohim who have lives in the celestial sphere (doing mathematics and boring shit mostly). The Christian creed recount the first god in their trinity to be "the maker of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen". While I agree in an almighty God creator of heaven and earth, its my view that Jesus' "Father in Heaven" is not the Almighty God but an Eloha having life in the heavens and in my view also had life on the earth also. The soul of Jesus (a star within the belly of Nuit (egyptian goddess personifying heaven, not sky) was in contact through the heavens with another star, he refers to as the father with whom he is one. Jesus had a mental illness hearing voices that were not there to those who never guessed to where the heavens might be found - within them! Where are the things you see with your eyes to be found? Within you ... in the sense you must interpret and be in awareness of your senses for it to make any sense at all, otherwise its just some random going on in your body you maybe never think about too much. They say the senses are five in number but tell me this, if you reach down to the handle of a suitcase, and feel its texture with your sense of touch, what sense are you using to feel how heavy it is? The five senses were known to the Great Warlord of Ancient China Sun Tsu, but the Great Teacher of Ancient China Lao Tsu knew about mysteries darker than the mysteries of whether an enemy was very near or very far. In spiritual circles, the five senses are called the five base senses. Other senses are denied by those in naivity about or those traumatised by those who know all to well that there are other senses, or at least that the five base sense model is a crude description. Amongst those in awareness of other senses is an ironic chicken pecking order like behaviour that is also responsable for this knowledge being hidden and replaced by the spititual equivelent of 'make those people live in a bubble. Aleister Crowley's Liber Al Legis is useful to those who seek an understanding of the puzzle before you're eyes when you wake up one day an your whole earthly existence until that point has been a bubble as the realities of all thats been hidden about you from you is an undeniable living invisible spiritual reality the people from the bubble would still conceal, deny and even declare themselves experts over while appearing to have no experience at all. Welcome to hades. The first level of reality beyond a world that thinks its made of meat and that hades is as beneath the ground their meat walks on as heaven is the same place as the sky. Understanding the fourth dimension of a tesseract is important in understand the true direction heaven's in. It is not up there like the sky but manifest through the flesh, within us, subtley, and communicable through from star in the heaven to star in the heaven, like electronic walkie talkies and broadcast media are like crutches on a spiritually crippled civilization which is now awakening against a backdrop of vested power interests whos hearts are on the profits and not the prophets. The stone lost at the begining of time. The land that time forgot... revealed... and revealling undeniable persecutions and abuses at the hands of state sponsored abuses which appeared "normal" until the rest of the story was revealled. Welcome to hades looking down on the helots in hell abusing one another in pursuit of a paradise their behaviours can never acquire for them. Oh Arjuna! The most distressing thing of all is that the people in that place are people you loved and thought you knew. Of the stars in celeste, Crowley says "The Khabs is in the Khu, not the Khu in the Khabs." 'What nonsense poetry is this?' say the naive. "I've been told this book should be burnt" consider the ignorant. The philosophic might be saved a trip to dictionary.com by knowing Khabs is Egyptian for Star and Khu is the Egyptian for soul. Thus: The star is in the soul, not the soul in the star. It's better to focus along the text in full and understand its full context rather than for me divine a meaning for you. This is not Booky Wooky by Russel Brand nor is it limited to the kind of metaphoric suggestions you might find in a Stuart Lee work. Theres certain 'magick' employed in its writing beyond mere linguistic devices that could be compared to words which have recived part charging like sigils. It could potentially be craftsmanship, rather than something divinely inspired as Crowley alleges. There are potentially seals which could suddenly turn the book ugly but it looks the part under its front seal. A copy of the work can be found at https://lib.oto-usa.org/libri/liber0220.html
  10. Thats just one of the systemic holocausts being deliberately committed by the system that cares so much about people wearing a mask. Theres been tens of thousands of Brits turning up the EU euthanasia therapy and genetic cleansing centres. No one involved in encouraging the victims or trafficking them toward genocide on a cocktail of drugs have been so much as attacked in the sense of Dominic Cummings being disgraced on the media for being a "coviodiot" as the BBC hate-speech describes such behavior. We dont see any similarly lambasted figures actively involved in what is essentially mass murder. "Could never happen here" say many of those involved in it.
  11. "volunteers" hmmm... What the mainstream media doesnt tell you about these "volunteers" is ... well we dont know, but their reputation for witholding important details so as to depict a very false picture which amounts to a lie is such that ... well has the guardian said anything that can be considered useful in discerning whats actually going on? What if, pressured by the job centre to get a job, Im required to get a "vaccine" and I sign on the dotted line because an agency of the state party to the international convention is threatening me with the deprivation of food and shelter if I dont get a job, all of which require that I get a vaccine. On paper, it looks like I volunteered to do the job but am I not being compelled by the threat of state sanctioned deprivation of fundamental rights to 'volunteer' for a job where I am viewed to be consenting to medical practiced? On paper, I can be made to look like a volunteer even though it is a circumstance I am compelled to and by much design. In a similar context, the legal definition of genocide relies more on the design of systems a state has a hand in than it does the method by which the genocide happens. The most notorious genocide was in Nazi Germany and it is recorded to be very overt and brutal, but most genocides which are going on happen by more circuitous paths. For example, if I were a millionaire and opened up a school opposing contraceptives making it easy for white people to find the school and enroll, and if I opened up a school promoting contraceptives making it easy for black people to find the school and enroll, I'd be committing genocide, but on paper, I sponsored education, I sponsored education for blacks and whites! I'd look like a philanthropist with no racial leanings whatsoever. Mass murderers are much more cunning and sneaky than Adolf Hitler as seen on TV. The legal definition of genocide is not 'throwing jews into gas chambers' but "Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part" - CPPCG Im not saying experimental vaccines go hand in hand with the crime of genocide, but they are experimental medical procedures which involve much misinformation to an extent that informed consent in unacquirable for almost all but a very few well seasoned virologists of significant age, experience and academic rank who would be most informed despite a mainstream 'buzz' which includes censorship. Outside of a very small number of high ranking wealthy virologists who would have a capacity to give their own individual informed consent, the "volunteers" are a matter of conscience to the countries in which such "volunteers" exist. This is an area of observation that can be seen by every country in the world in which western mainstream media or the internet companies it promotes have very little influence. Just as we observe and decry human rights violations going on in China, there are rightfully, Chinese people decrying human rights violations here. The mainstream media is silent, yet 孩子的嘴 reports all things on the onion router to فم الطفل who tells it to Kinywa cha mtoto who tells it like the mouths of babes around the world and the criminals can be identified quite clearly as those who need the truth shut down and censored and its speakers deemed as witches and being in league with outlandish things like those with respect for fundamental human rights. Why is the media silent about all that can be observed? It's all very well to condemn the villainy which is going on very far away but how about right outside your doorstep? Kim Jung Un for president! Where are the supporters of tyranny in our own world? I know a man who will not watch Netflix on the grounds of conscience. He points out their policy of producing programming designed to encourage children to be giving and sharing. He contrasts this with the extra, hitherto unknown copyright restrictions on netflix EULA which prevents owners of netflix purchased content from giving, selling or lending their purchase as one could do always do with a book or a cassette or dvd or an mp4 downloaded from platforms that support the liberties implied by ownership of a piece of literature. Those subjected to such restrictions are envouraged to practice no such restrictions themself. Its a very fine point made by a man with a very fine conscience but... What about those quite content to make-believe this world a paradise making themself appear as the night watchmen who will let us know of any hint of trouble. We see the mainstream media doesnt so much tie up and gag the night watchman, but plays a bigger role character assasinating any place they may be found. Bill Cooper knew about 9/11 before it happenned and warned his listeners four months before it happenned. Who listens to that small time journalist? Jane Stanley, let it slip that she had prior knowledge about the goings on that day, but rather than warn people, she indulged in fomenting panic in the audience for days upon days, and the BBC, in a tiny little corner of their website, they dont want the public at large to see, claim the Jane Stanley thing is just a big coincidence, quietly, like they dont want the public to know theres a single shred of proof about a satanic cult in the mainstream media. The quietness of the corner they attempt to address their involvement in 9/11 on, isnt just 'well isnt that the place such things go, afterall they dont want to spread fear and panic'. It's by design. Now you mentioned the mainstream media said something? Thats nice dear. I see the price of shares in pharmacetical companies have went up in price.
  12. There must be people who make the link that people concerned about internet censorship are just upset that their dog plays with goose videos arent as popular as peoples bear rescues moose videos.
  13. Might be an old sapping cut. If you cur into a tree at certain seasons, it 'bleeds' in its efforts to heal the wound. People collect this liquid and pasteurise it into a high fructose syrup. You can buy syrup in the baking isle next to treacle. It is most popularly harvested from maples: "Maple Syrip" but Ive done it with Birch. This looks like a Beech tree judging by the surrounding foliage.
  14. Id rather have a huge audio library of truth and entertainment than pewdie pie.
  15. https://www.bitchute.com/video/bItYGuL5FGe7/
  16. Thate whole bame thing highlights a scandal in child trafficking. Of course the guilty blame the innocent and the innocent blame the guilty while a bunch of 'possessions' dont even know that they do not know, their records concealled and god alone knows the exploitation theyll suffer before they are carted off to the loonie bin for being so mentally ill they think tomorrows brain scanning technology is fraud operated by people who are telepathic... but slavery and servitude were abolished weren't they? Mummy? Daddy? What's happening to me? You're sick child. The doctor is here to help you. 5 rohypnols and 2 arsenics a day, its all been caused becaused you didn't work hard enough, you didn't obey accurately enough, you questioned too much and now your mind is broken... This is a sick world.
  17. The gchq tracking could be done on 1g. 2g tracking capability was the same. 3g allowed a more automated style of both 2g and 3g phones connected through 3g networks. Im not sure 4g offers any better tracking capabilities than 3g offers since advanced tracking happens through ip/tcp/ssl/tls over 3g anyway. Bluetooth 3.5+ offers a low power mode where the bt radio appears off until its woken up by another btradio. This is being used to track not just wthe routes people travelled on but who they came into contact with. 6g networks will likely having this functionality built in if 5g doesnt already. I may be in possession of the last phone I can afford. I certainly cant afford a television. Its not that I have anything to hide but I know my civic duty giving human cattle farmers no quarter because they have an awful lot to hide.
  18. One line in that whole many paragraphs of information was asking for a donation. You have the information regardless of your charity. Its only if you can afford. Most TIs cannot.
  19. The advantage of being a ti is that you know the system is slavery, and its highest paid people aren't dusty old aristocrats but a ruling class that everyone thinks they know and love. The disadvantage is because you know what their system is you are endlessly stalked by strangers who enter any neighbourhood they enter to discredit them, sew rumours they never get to hear and engage in acts of intimidation which the target would find difficult to prove. The gang stalkers want the target to know they are a target and want the target to know theres nothing they can do about it and they would sound like loons for reporting what appears to be innocent things to the police. When this whole mask business started, I was having a smoke just off the grounds of a railway platform (Theyve made it against 'the law' to smoke in the open air.) I put out my cigarette and from earlier observation of the paranoia a cough induces in others around March 2020, I deliberate cough to clear my throat to avoid spreading panic in an area where people will be unfamiliar with what its like to be a smoker in their paradise. Immediately when I coughed, this woman looked round at me and I got the feeling she felt my innocent act was deliberate intimidation. Queue the targeted individual, sensitised by people deliberately making sure the target knows they're being intimidated but unable to tell who is deliberately fucking with them other than the ones who are deliberately making it known. Anyone engaged in innocent behaviours is potentially amongst the gang being very deliberate in what is best described by the word Zersetzen. It has been used by political organisations to achieve power over a terrified population, in both the rise of Nazi Germany and in Eastern Bloc countries in the aftermath. Theres some suggestion it went on in the western world too. This is happening today and the victims are just innocent people trying to make sense of why. They are easy targets, thats why. Now if there are radicalised groups engaged in target practice against victims of human rights abuses involving people as high up as TV presenters, what is all this target practice for? You'll find gang-stalkers trying to pass themself off as targets and accuse isolated targets of being members of a gang if you go down this rabbit hole. TI's will add up on close inspection, but gang-stalkers will be caught out having to change their story. When it adds up, its a bit like "George McFly is a dweeb and Biff is right to let him know whos boss". Before you get the head of the wriggling snake in your hand admitting its a viper, theres some truths about the whole phenomenon that involves things you might call supernatural. Brainological experts can only deceive you here. We've been deceived. The mind is a faculty of the soul and gang-stalkers know this, have themselves portrayed as the one true god in false religions on the material plane then appear as throngs behaving like demons incarnate in the flesh. The system as you think it is if you only have the system to guide you, is a lie! From ballot box to holy church and main stream media narratives. Its a lie which deceives your soul and has it parroting off false religions like television and churches with practices condemned in the very holy book they read so authoratively from when their one true god hasnt shut them down. The whole system is a lie and earthly existence is only part of a much bigger picture thats going on in the here and now before you die. Did you know, your as much the one true god as the gang-stalkers who hear your prayers? Down this rabbit hole you'll learn to hear peoples prayers but the angels have built the labrynth to keep the demons in the river styx at bay. The way to hades is by the river of the distress. The way out is by the lake of fire, the lake of remembrance, the lake of forgetfullness then a lake which surrounds the earthly plane. Getting through the fire is like getting through the needle if youre a camel burdened with a bad conscience. The whole deals a poison chalice if youre not a knight on a good crusade with a pure heart. The states most courageous soldiers can be turned into quivering wrecks. Its supernatural, more a matter for the church than the state but as you can see, the church appears to be taking orders from the state. I'm not trinitarian nor have I ever believed in consubstantiation but Britain needs more bishops in the Lords and less social climbers. This planets on the brink of a spiritual apocalypse between the forces of good and evil. Target individuals are "collateral damage" in war within a plane everyones in but many are deaf and dumb to. People on these forums are mostly awakening to the political corruption. That scene in the matrix where neo looks out on tower upon tower of people in suspended animations? Thats their spiritual existence. The material world is the matrix. Inside the matrix is the political deception. Inside the political deception are the tall tales of santa claus. The true story is, hes flying in the heavens, not the sky, delivering truths to people in semi-suspended animation about a matrix thats keeping them asleep. Big rabbit hole, when it contains the rabbit hole youve been living in. Work out who the frauds are and who the targets are with truths that add up. If you can stand the flak the gang stalkers will throw st you, the sudden urgency of events holding you back from getting to the truth, a TI's story will awaken you to things that are impossible from what you've been led to believe, but none the less you will not be able to unsee what you see if you hear what you havent been told and make some observations in your life on the basis of a pearl hidden from you at the beginning of time. Gang-stalkers can give you this pearl if they choose to. They are ready to trample and the toughest of the tough and they have something as exquisite as that for all their bustle? TI's can give you the where with all to find your own pearl regardless if youve been given one or not. Its truly your pearl to have, but if you dont know you have it ... gang-stalkers will charge you a fortune for information and deliver less information than Ive delivered to you here. If you find it useful, please donate if you can afford. My website is auranos.org. Education and information about the spiritual matters like telepathy. The donate link is on the sidebar.
  20. Why is it everytime I hear someone going on about mental health, the first thing that comes to mind is the reasonableness of madman who doesnt know he's mad questioning the mental health of others who may infact be sane. If I have two oranges in this hand, and two oranges in that hand and put the two oranges together, it seems reasonable to me that I have four oranges in my hand. This is as simple as 2+2=4 and you dont need to be up to speed on all the fancy arithmetic symbols and arithmetic lingo to get it either. It just is. Even a pre-school child gets that ... but I wonder about the adults. 2+2 can equal 3 when they owe you 2+2 and 2+2 can equal 5 when you owe them. You know what Im saying. Theres a lot of funny sums being done I put this down more to lack of conscience than an issue with logic and reason. What is mental health without basic skills of logic and reason? Even the greatest telepathic, telekinesthetist, powers of the mind type extremely mentally healthy person in the whole world would never manage to work out what was going on without the basic ability to identify the realities of "use mind control power like this"="causes glass to break". I come across alot of people incapable or unwilling to demonstrate any reason for their beliefs that such and such is mentally ill. (Topical to the setting of this forum was a customer who worked for the BBC who expressed the belief David Icke was mentally ill in the same conversation he couldn't comprehend that the things we are told are going on in China are things that seem to be relating to things which are being rolled out here. This was before the Covid19 tracking api upload day which I believe to be an even bigger threat to whats left of democracy and human rights than having to wear a mask. So much to say the person accusing David Icke of having a mental illness was himself so mentally retarded that he didn't see the arrival of the Covid19 app coming and there he was telling me about other people having mental health problems. When I hear someone say someone has a mental health issue, the first thing I do is consider the possiblity that the person who is saying such, may themselves be mentally ill. I think most people are mentally ill to some degree, including myself. I dont have telekinetic powers yet so I must be a retard compared to those who are that mentally well off. Theres people out there who lack basic logic skills as in "All ducks have wings, a sparrow has wings, therefor an aeroplane can say quack quack". This mental issue can be solved by studying logic in more detail and is not incurable but who can be cured who doesnt even realise they are very confused and its not just to do with ducks and sparrows but a whole range of things and this is not the only logical fallacy that is commonly exhibited. When I hear someone say someone has a mental health issue, sometimes they can point out the thing they are talking about in a way that can be understood, but often times they at least lack the mental skills to put together the words to decribe the mental health issue they are claiming in way that doesn't make appeal to some third party almost as if they have no mind of their own with which to form such judgements. To be frank, it sounds a bit like "That person is a wanker, dont listen to him, listen to me bad mouth him and dont believe anything he has to say." I said the exact same thing about that girl who lies about me claiming I have ever watched filthy disgusting porn videos. I would never do that. She is a liar with a mental illness. Just ignore her. Dont listen to anything she has to say. Why will I catch a mental illness by hearing something you dont want me to hear? What do they have to hide, those who institutionalise people and perpetrate a pack of nonsense about the nature of the mind. Do you remember the Fury? Carrie? Poltergeist? Sphere? Funny how in later life you discover those can actually be true stories when the so called real world has you convinced its all just a bunch of fairy tales. So what is the definition of mental illness from those who consider themself so mentally well that they deem others to be incurable and worthy only of having their fundamental liberties taken from them. One day they said it was in the name of democracy, then the democracy was proven to be only the democracy of a minority, the crazies then began telling us of other reasons why they should be in charge, and all along the way, everyone but them were suffering from a terrible mental illness. Live and let live? Live and let die. Theyre all loonies!
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