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  1. All the not-suicidal-yet people making a mockery of the peaceable walkovers. Careful now! Those quiet unassuming religionists have swords that dont show up on airport body scans.
  2. Andrew Neil just sits there tryin to sell lies to the audience but I grew up believing that journalism was people who were doing what David Icke is doing on the BBC News show above. The people now sat on the journalists chairs have gagged Julia Somerville et al, tied them up and tossed them in the basement and any hint of the practice of journalism as the fourth estate expected to hold the system to public account has vanished behind the label conspiracy theory. Television news is no longer journalism but an unofficial PR agency doing sovietesque mass mind control of the public on behalf of those who turned democracy and parliamentry sovereignty into the European Union's bitch. For 25 years they missold the public ino a belief that a referendum over EU law being higher than UK law wasnt needed because only a small minority of xenophobes and racists would be opposed to what an unelected prime minister imposed on February 9th 1992. In the decades which followed, voting registration fell to 70% and people who actualy voted meant that only 50% of the population eligible to vote turned up on referendum day. Less than half of those who continued to have faith in a system controlled by sovietesque information warfare against the public, when finally asked after over a quarter of a century supported the unelected prime minister who overwhelmed parliament bring it under foreign rule for the first time since the Hanoverian Succession around the 1700s. This was a serious criminal offence at the time it happened. Neither the police nor the military have moved against those who have undermined and aided in the undermining of the sovereignty of the UK. Theres a rule of law which states that Royal Regalia which is held openly, peaceably and without judicial interruption for a period of 20 years becomes the property of the possessor. Those aspects of sovereignty which are now in the hands of serious organised crime, belong to anyone who can wrestle them out the hands of the traitors while maintaining a peaceful accord with those operating within the law. The law broken here is not the same kind of law like a statute prohibiting the smoking of cannabis or imposing the wearing of a mask but the compassing of the overthrow of the very system by which such laws are created. The criminals create the precedent of a very low bar. Any unelected prime minister can by agree among the opponents of the system to rule by decree and institute regulations free from parliamentary oversight to introduce measures which decimate those who benefit from the serious organised crime, so much so the serious organised crimals would accuse those they enslave of serious organised crime, declaring the criminality of their own past deeds to be just that opening the gates of hell that such crimes can no longer be held to be crimes when John, Major, Tony Blair and diverse others have laid a war against their own country's sovereignty by anti-democratic means, and the simple question for all those claiming to be members of our society, is where they stood this past quarter century, and if not with us, the demolished, if they have been processed in accords with the law above all state created law.
  3. Your mind is a faculty of the soul, the essence of your life which is not your physical body with a brain, but the thing which has formed this flesh since the spark of its conception. Your mind existed before your brain was formed in accords with a plan it acquired from a mystery that can be known when you awaken to the fact we life forms are telepathic! Last night I was discussing with a child and a woman how flawed the views of those who knew only of the terrestrial world were in their thinking that the mind was a brain. In our perception, if the brain theory was true, then my brain was inside the childs brain whose brain was inside the womans brain whose brain was inside my brain and all our brains were inside each others brains having a conversation in isolated houses without so much as a radio signal or an internet connection between us relating to one another quite clearly that the mainstream belief system which imagines that there are no heavens by which we all communicate through are hugely flawed in their beliefs. I believed from an early age that god could hear my thoughts but I had no reason to believe it except that this is what I was told by people who didnt so much relate the whole truth, telling me about a god of the dead I would find out about once I was dead if I lived a good and obedient life on earth being obedient to the will of a god I knew nothing about who seemed to have the exact same notion of right and wrong of the constantly shifting concept of right and wrong given to me by those who spoke of their god. Having "voices in my head which arent there" for the mere tuning into the heavens which I am aware of and speak and hear through while I am here alive with flesh on my bones is to me a wonderful and amazing thing that is so despised by the seekers of power over the earth that they create massive barriers on people from cradle to grave in order to maintain power over the earth which require constant wars, treatements for diseases which were never there that the treatments actually cause, mass propaganda to shore up a false belief system and false accusations against the beliefs in truth, not to mention the censorship of any conversations they can find. This "voices in your head" thing is called a disorder. A mind which is not disordered believes it is a brain and needs to take chemicals when the experts on flesh shown to them on TV tells them and puts TV celebrities first rather than their circle of friends or their fellow angels in the heavens. The psychologists, in an alternative universe are infact the mentally ill people, but in our world, the mind is not a brain, but a spiritual thing. When we think, our thoughts emanate to the heavens. These emanations can be picked up on by those not too dazzle eyed by the television terror and phenomenal fun and excitation. We dont need an expensive television network to broadcast not a television tuner to pick things up. These are gifts of the god which created both heaven and earth long before manmade things like transistor radios which have over time attempted to delete the realities of what a human being is. You are deluded if you think you can achieve a state of having voices in your head but you are deceived if you think such a thing is some kind of disease. Your thoughts emit to the minds of others and Im not saying all others are atuned or all those atuned are neccessarily nice people, but this is just a normal thing to people who both hear and speak in a place where the supposed brains cannot be made of flesh. A truth about the nature of reality that those seeking absolute power by information censorship and false information saturation require to be a truth that no one knows. All of this to describe how I dont just "believe" the shrinks are madmen due to the historic things I can demonstrate from history books, but I "know" because it is an intrinsic part of my reality and the reality of my fellow "witches on broomsticks" and "angels with wings" which allow our minds to fly within the heavens they say is just a hallucination. My road to here might be described as being a child raised in a blindfold in a world that told me that there were people who claimed to have eyes who were delusional and should be ignored and even laughed at. When the blindfold fell off and I realised I had a fifth sense that was being exploited by those who made me wear a blindfold from the cradle, I myself was being castagated by those who knew fine well the blindfolded reality I thought was all there was, was a lie. I was suddenly to blame for finding out what they deliberated to hide. Such a beautiful truth made ugly by those who require everyone to be blind in order to have power in a world where the people are kept in a manmade deception. This is depressing, but its not a chemical imbalance but there are certainly caustic elements in the vessel that contains our souls. What do the brainologists know of the kingdom of heaven being close at hand? They persercute the saints!
  4. If free speech is stifled, how would you know there was a lack of free speech if the people who wanted to speak couldnt say it?
  5. Psychiatry is a pseudo-scientific cult of deception that reached its peak in 1930 when people who considered themself sane attained the power to drill holes into the skulls of people they considered insane. There has always been a healthy discourse and encouragement of people investigating the nature of their own mind, but the hedonistic practices of 'psychology' have run parallel against the various risings in peasant revolts. The Nazis didnt just appear in 1933 with the election of Adolf Hitler. Prior to state approval of what became the holocaust, there were shady medical practices that had become increasingly visible since the 1850s. The modern practice employs a glossy coating and soft approach but buried underneath the rug are victims too terrified to speak. This might sound depressing but you would have to be without reason or conscience to see humanity in its wholeness and not be somewhat unhappy about it. The drugs cant change that horrible reality but they can distract you from it, making you blind to the ways such depressing parts of human nature affect your life. Your life is very important, not least of all to yourself. Beware of the potions. Learn to live without them. If this is misery, find company. Those who are the cause of misery like to keep those they put in misery apart.
  6. Those who look up to the stars in the sky at night or indeed the stars on their screens of much deception, if they believe that world to be the heavenly, they have been deceived about the full extent of the true world that they live in. When the mists move away from the stars in the celestial plane, only then will the anti-christ be visible. Knowing of the sacred knowledge that cant be known merely by the teaching, one can know the nature of the celestial stars and know the christ spirit from the teachings is the way, the truth and the light. Meaningless to those who were born during an eclipse of the celestial sphere, the christ spirit admits that the christ has come in the flesh. The star going through the apocalypse of celestial revelation cannot know the meaning of this as the truth is impossible yet 'just so' at the apocalyptic moment when all things which men though hidden are revealled. What good are beliefs when seeing for yourself is truly believing. Has the new king born in the belly of celeste arrived in flesh? The truth is known to the apocalyptee, as for the stars who were once eclipsed, what can be said of their way, their truth and their light if they say the king of heaven has not come in the flesh. By this we can know that Jesus wasnt just in the heavens but also on the earth. Without celestial experience, all your doing is pointing fingers at the flesh when the thing about the star of bethlehem is with regard to the sould. Would you like a sip of the devils cup? Endless waters that flow and never dry, some think it heaven, some think it hell. You'll need to be christlike to survive in kingdom come. You can commit a crime, but commit a sin? Thats a whole other problem.
  7. Psychedilics only became prohibited in the 1920s and 10 years later people began drilling holes in peoples heads trying to find brain disease tissue which they never found. Pilsner lager for example was pilsner because it contained Hyoscamis Niger - Henbane - Hyoscamine. It had been around for a long time before Coca-cola were selling their famous coka plant drink called coca-cola. Psychedelics werent just used prior to the 20th century, they were normal. Alexander Dumas writes about getting stoned in his novel The Count of Monte Cristo. LSA (a crude form of LSD grows quite naturally on wheat and other crops. They had access to these things without restriction in a world before lieracy led to book burning led to the google approved literature we have today. Non-psychedelics may be an undernourishment that causes mental illnesses like the belief permeating in psychiatric "science" that the human soul is made of meat.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosenhan_experiment An experiment demonstrating the mental illness of psychiatric practitioners.
  9. The value in public gatherings is meeting up with others who are on the face of it at least opposed to the control freaks. "Do what you're told or I'll clobber you" kind of governmentism is an embarrasment. I'd like to honestly say I come from a country where people who behave like that are behind bars and I dont mean as the responsable understanding barman which they are not.
  10. The way all those terrorist women are allowed to walk about wearing a niqab and people walking nekkid through body scanners at airports. Absolutely scanda ... wait a minute ... wrong decade. Those terrorist women not wearing niqabs and people with oppositional defiance disorder who dont believe in obeying the law. Lets steal their stuff in the name of the law. High hitler!
  11. The light in the eyes of the children - they arent made of meat. They are made of soul. They were born in meat in a world that tries to steal their soul. "Crazy, Crazy Nights" (Whoow! Here's a little song for everybody out there) People try to take my soul away, but I don't hear the rap that they all say They try to tell us we don't belong, that's alright, we're millions strong This is my music, it makes me proud, these are my people and this is my crowd [Chorus:] These are crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy nights These are crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy nights Sometimes days are so hard to survive, a million ways to bury you alive The sun goes down like a bad bad dream You're wound up tight, gotta let off steam They say they can break you again and again, if life is a radio, turn up to ten [chorus repeats 2x] And they try to tell us that we don't belong But that's alright, we're millions strong You are my people, you are my crowd, this is our music, we love it loud Yeah, and nobody's gonna change me, 'cos that's who I am [chorus repeats out]
  12. I was very sceptical about that whole "to serve the people" thing and I managed to find a library full of books on the fine details of this serving of the people. It was in a strange undecipherable language to me at first because the words that were written in these books appeared like English but when I noticed how this process of "serving the people" was going on in practice I began to notice that they attributed strange alien meanings to these words to the extent that an awful lot of reseach was required to understand what the words actually meant. The library is rather large and since new books can alter the meaning of things in older books, it is hard to say which bookshelf the entire library would belong to could in fit inside a bookstore, since it is always changing in character. Perhaps at one time it would fit the section on morality and ethics, at other times, nature and the environment and at other times yet, it would be more fitting in the book section dedicated to war. At the current time, it's most suitable place would be the cookery section where it provides alot of guidance on the way in which to serve the people. For example, there is some guidance which is akin to letting the people choose the casserole dish they are served in which makes them a more tender delicacy for those who are feast on them. The guidance appears in a chapter of the library called the Representation of the Peoples Act which appears at first to be the way in which the people who are being served can hold those who serve them to account, but the complexities involved in holding those who serve them to account are so obfuscated by the verbose and somewhat obfuscate writings using words which can change in meaning both over time and also on the spot by those who use these cookbooks in serving the people such that simple ideas like sovereignty, democracy, treason, rights, justice, liberty, are not held to have same meaning by those who serve the people from one day to the next or even at times in the same conversation and have meanings which are alien to those who were taught the English language in British schools when I was a child. It seems we were so backward in those days that we considered medical experimentation on animals to distasteful and medical experimentation on human beings quite gruesome. Mandatory practices of the latter were on a par with what we were taught to be "crimes committed by the government" in Nazi Germany, Soviet Europe, it never occurred to us that these could be good and wonderful institutions to have in our own society to serve the people but it seems beyond all reasonable doubt that there are those who were working within our system who had great ambitions to serve the people as best as they could. I notice they encourage accusations against those terrible regimes like the one led up by Donald Trump who is on record for having made himself an obstacle against mandatory medical practices which those who wish to serve the people are very upset about, so much so that they point fingers at Donald Trump and call him alot of nasty names, but strangely, those who wish to serve the people with mandatory medical procedures call Donald Trump and Nazi who is mentally ill. I am no great genius compared to these people since I myself do not have the wisdom they do to make sense of how a president against mandatory medical procedures could be associated with the a regime like Nazi Germany who served people like jews and gypsies, dissidents and those it deemed mentally ill so well that once their government procedures were enacted, none of those who were served made any complaints. Maybe Donald Trump is secretly hoping to serve the people as well as those who last served the people so wonderfully but then Im confused with the reasoning of how in the views of those with wisdom I do not have that Donald Trump could be a bad thing, if sercretly he is some kind of advocated for third reich policies which seem to be so adored by those who wish to serve the people. As a mere idiot compared to these wise wise people who only want to serve the people, the whole thing about Donald Trump is very confusing for me. Appearanced being deceptive since he is presented as a bad person with bad policies because he is an obstacle to good people who wish to implement measures used in Nazi Germany which are presented to me as good except that Nazi's themself are bad but their policies are presented as good. I'm going to stick with metaphysics, cryptographic algorithms and astronomic observations as I'm so stupid I've only recently managed to determine that the earth is possibly a big round thing caused by some "magical attractor" in space that causes matter to collect around it forming the earth and seas we call the earth. These geniuses knew this already using some special rule of logic they have discovered but wont tell anyone how it works called that they describe as "Everyone knows that". The televisions are used to inform people what everybody knows already which seems to me very confusing in that who would need to be informed about what they already they already know. I am amongst the idiots who have watched a television not knowing what everybody else knows and for having watched the programming, I have found myself walking away still not know what it tells me everybody knows. I am a very confused person though. Im probably mentally ill in a world where the policies of Nazi Germany as good things to those who wish to serve the people and since that seems to be the case, you probably shouldn't pay any heed to my rambings if you would like to have those who serve the people like you. I dont think they like me. I'm too mentally ill to even know I'm mentally ill. I dont even understand things like psychology where there is made available a therapeutic practice called electro-convulsive shock therapy that can help a patient forget memories that those who serve the patients consider in the patients best interests not to have any more. I'm so stupid that I look at that like torturing a patient because they remember things those serving them want them to forget. Compulsory psychotropic drugs that the people serving the patients use to help the patient who can never make a full recovery and must stay on these drugs for the rest of their life seem to me like a form of pharmaceutically induced imprisonment imposed upon a patients mind rather than some health giving practice as may be supposed by the idea that the people these treatments are carried out on are called patients and the people who carry out these practices form branches associated with state health services. That's how stupid I am. I don't even understand how voting can be worthwhile if the people I could vote for seem to have no ability to help me from my stupidity by setting me free from my stupidity about the how these practices are moral and just and not immediately visible to all the children growing up in the societies where such things are practiced. I am so stupid that its my belief that if the children ever discovered that those patients being treated in those "hospitals" that adults would call "community institutionalisation" or some such thing, that they would not have the language to describe their feelings of fear and terror if they were to find out that these "jails" (for want of a term a child could understand) are imposed on people in disregard of the neccessities of any trial and are not regarded as punishments for a crime but a fully grown and properly matured adult would recognise it to be a form of the practice of arbitrary detention considered to be abhorrent by the victors of every war against such practices against regimes which support such practitices. This is but one example of people serving people which appear to me that there at least three meanings to that word "serve". The person they give treatement to may be under the impression that it is they who are being served. "The public" (whos interests being determinned by the hierarchy rather than the public, equates to the meaning of "the public" in this context, being the hierarchy itself). The hierarchy is also being "served". In addition the people giving treatment are also serving themselves in that they derive a wage, a stipend or recompense for their time in some form in the giving of such treatment. The complex details of this is hidden from view and never lingered on much by those who simply relate that there is a person or people who are being served, who are, in the much occulted circumsances, those who are least well served of all three parties involved. News services which conceal important public information. Medical services which do never allow it to be imagined that the radioactive pills and radioactive beams of therapy could ever possibly be a cause of the condition the diagnosed advised toward treatment receive by those who serve them. This "treatment is not the cure but the curse" scenario is not isolated to what oncology departments could never afford to dare think about let alone apply and scientific method to the analasys of a disease which only became popular after the discovery of Marie Curie that the recenly isolated chemical element radium emitted a kind of light which was invisible. Far from the christlight of echatology seen around gurus and saints in religious art, this is actual electromagnetic light with wavelengths that cant be picked up by the human eyes but none the less affects human tissue in that it promotes the induction of carcinomas which are so correlating with the disease called cancer. In the cook book, there is a chapter entitled the the Cancer Act 1939 which makes it an offence under Section 4 to offer to treat cancer or to give any advice in regards to the treatment of cancer. I do not propose to give advice here in regards to treatment since I am not an oncologist but merely an ordinary human being relating public knowledge about things which cause symptoms associated with cancer. As for what the cure for this terrible disease will be, again I am no more a doctor than I am a lawyer just because I can relate the words in the cookbook to others, but it is a well known fact that the search for a cure for cancer has been ongoing for a very long time and the causes of cancer amongst such researchers are based on statistical correlations where there are often inexplicable false postives and false negatives such as the famous case of fitness fanatic Roy Castle who never smoked when the leading cancer statistics showed smoking and diet had statistical associations. On the back of the death of Roy Castle, it was decided that since he didn't smoke, the cause of his death must have been cancer induced by passive smoking. This of course wasnt a medical narrative but a narrative made public in the mainstream media which led to a great overturning of basic liberties for smokers which shut down bingo halls, pubs and clubs and forced workplaces to send smokers into the cold midwinter then deal with the problem of ashtrays for outdoor locations which had hitherto never been known and had to be invented to cater for the demands of the mainstream media and government rule making in their continuing quest to serve the people they chose to serve at the expense of the people they chose to serve in casserole dish at the convenience of the people they truly served. Complex issues require complex descriptions and the five word sentences in spoke by tv news and tabloid newspapers are insufficient to describe the remedy that the less literate need, in a world which hopes to dumb such people down even further and discourage from reading long pieces of text needed, in order to have a will to investigate the valuable information some large paragraphs contain. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was issued to explain basic morality in very simple terms to people alleging themself too stupid to understand the complex language of international treaties that would require some dedicated research in to the meaning of words to comprehend. The people who have been serving the people, given a presumption of their innocence in human rights violations, bear to be people who do not have the literacy skills to comprehend a document like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, yet there seems to be some deliberate will to place the European Convention on Human Rights before our eyes which makes such basic understanding of Human Rights worthless if the details in their long winded texts, do not so much conceal valuable information but invaluable information which is very important to read or be told about before living in the presumption that human rights are protected by the rule of law so absolutely that it doesnt dawn on the people being served that there are hidden caveats to these human rights being protected by the rule of law, which goes like "when they feel like it" and "if you have enough time in your life to jump through all the hoops of procedures and legal funding", only after you have discovered your human rights have been getting violated by the very people proclaiming to protect you by serving you ... in a cookpot, to the highest bidder where the only currency is power. Duh! Muh human rights! Lol what a derp right? Imagine me being so stupid to give a shit about the society in which I live and which the children will inherit. If I were wise like the wise people who are thriving in our world today, I should kiss the bottoms of those in superior positions and present no criticism of democratic deficits nor relate no observations of human rights violations concealled in hidden practices which bear to present themself, as protectors and providers, and helpers and all the useful things under the sun, from which they seek themselves to be concealled while they serve the people. Meanwhile. the people being served by a concealled deceptive and unaccountable system are, by the anaccountable self-proclaimed servants, demanded to have life styles which freely provide such anonymised servants with gps locations, friends networks, recent meetings with people within conversation distance, recordings of conversations in online sites promoted by unaccountable individuals hiding under the umbrella of too big to fail corporate legal personalities with multi-national power operating outside of and against the law as could be understood by simple principals of not stealing other peoples stuff. Those with nothing left are being served by people now taking fundamental liberties which have been proclaimed in history from the highest echelons of stately power and amongst the people on the streets to be "crimes against humanity". Only a unity in purpose to separe the wicked servants from those who stand beside us continuing to proclaim in both their words and deeds that these are "crimes against humanity", with a view to bringing the treacherous proclaiming themselves to be our servants before extraordinarily public and open tribunals where the servants who built the surveillance apparatus who have anything to hide when their actions are placed upon the scales, will have the sword of justice thrust their heart by the blindfolded goddess in a hell from which these treacherous servant should never have escape. Whereas, a man has a right to kill himself, granted to all by almighty god, a man also has a right to privacy granted also by almighty god which has come under attack so historically that the state parties have made bold statements that their people must never surrender these rights and that their people should stand united with all the peoples of the world in denouncing those who violate these rights such that they have agreed a foundational purpose for the individuals who serve the people of these states is the protection of these rights and not those diverse designs which we can see with our own eyes to be visibly hostile to the very rights that the state parties have agreed at the high-contracting level to protect for all mankind. Which alien to our world do the wicked servants standing clearly hostile to the rights of the people the proclaim to serve. It is neither heaven nor earth, and in the absence of any acknowledement of the self-evident betrayal of these values let alone anything said in defence of such betrayal which began in the UK in earnest in 1995, we must draw our own conclusions for the fake democracy depicted on TV which deprived us of our sovereignty for quarter of a century during a conspiracy of silence by those who claim to serve a people who never hired them and dismissed them at the referendum who comprise people of various initial levels of wealth and ethnic backgrounds who should not be deprived for the rest of their natural life to be contained within the prison they intended for us all as an internationally declared punishment for crimes against humanity. To impose such a system on the innocent would be involuntary servitude and a crime against humanity. Who wishes to serve me? QUO VADIS! Friend or foe? https://auranos.org/index.php/Serve_the_People
  13. This isnt news. This is just a bitcoin trader that accepts fiat using paypal. Paypal 'has partnered' with tonnes of solutions providers who do this. The paypal partner program is described here: https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/partner-programme Its not like some business merger but a kind of business service for business services providers, something like a franchise like Spar or Shell or Whetherspoons except the franchiser is a digital fiat transfer service called paypal. Im not knocking the practice of people accepting paypal as a trade medium when exchanging bitcoin for fiat but misleading marketing campaign language like this doesnt impress me. What else might they mislead me about? The best way to trade bitcoin is face to face using cash in your local area.
  14. She isnt jewish but shes into zionism and theres jews who arent into zionism who are okay but what is zionism? Zionism is so fat it caused pluto to be relegated to a non-planet. Zionism is evil, thats what is. Whys it evil? Because it occupied palestine. Like hitler occupied poland. Thats pretty fucked up. I thought zionism was about rejecting exploitation like in psalm 137? Zionism, State of Israel, Palestinians are slaves? But its a democracy like china, same as we have here. Im sure theres palestinians who remember zion like psalm 137 This has nothing to do with psalm 137? So its zionism that is zionism, carried out by some jews but not all jews and some non-jews who are zionists in the opposite sense of psalm 137? Are you sure the issue isnt just nationalism, statism, the live and stop life attitude of people who obssess over having power over others, often in collectives? YO MOMMA so ugly she makes anyone of any ethnic or religious background seem potentially alright. Then again thats everyone, so where are all the crackers coming from? Yo mommas pussy?
  15. Keep auranos.org in mind. I'm keen to cater to reasonable wants and needs. I'll set up a 'nearest big city' section on the forum for people to check out whos who and get an idea about who they want to meet with or avoid within their locality. The forum can be accessed by the left menu. Full anonymity usernames without email is supported. Meek-azure or snowflake recommended, it wont block obs4 at present. ISP and VPN visible connections can also be used but Im preparing for CCP like restrictions I may need to comply with against both my will and that of my users so TOR is strongly advised for your own privacy and security after the google/apple malware "isnt a scandal at all" thing as not reported in the msm or msi. Anything of 'treat others' lawful compliance is acceptable content even if its double plus ungood crimethink according to the ever flipping concept of law the governmentally ill are just accepting.
  16. You could go forward by switching off your family destroying, divorce rate escalating, unborn baby in the womb slaughtering, spiritually decieving hypnocult machines called television and its internet equivelents teaching you lingo like "going forward" and ideologies like "in google we trust". Surely a beginning would clear minded acknowledment between members of a society about the unreasonablenes and/or unconscienableness of the world led into a surveillance state under lockdown by the television cult. A society is worthless in any meaning but an association of friends. Who is on the level with one another here?
  17. If he survives this deadly pandemic* he has contracted which is killing people by the 0.001s he is regarded to be immune. If he dies, he is regarded to have agreed to donate his human tissue to the state for medical science. People who get a negative test will still be sweating in 10 days time that they might catch the deadly rona lurking round the corner like a communist under the bed. Terrified for their own life, they say "to hell with human rights" and the television has them all repeating '"SELFISH SELFISH SELFISH". I've put myself in the fieldex of the flame by not wearing a mask before the narrative changed to PPE being worn to protect other peoples health. Months later, I am alive. I know I am immune to the virus but the contents of whatevers in those syringes? I am reminded of the Nuremberg Code, the experimental nature of medical practices which are not at least 20 years old and I am mindful of those calling Trump a nazi who seem oblivious to what a crime against humanity is lending support to extremist authorotarianism, calling all criticism they cannot censor "anarchy" in the sense of people who have no regard for right and wrong or justice. How ironic these rulers are in condemning Trump, even before he took office and if it comes about theres been some world wide corruption regarding all of this, the ones who decried Trump as a nazi who went on to demand mandatory vaccines condeming Trump for suggesting voluntary malaria drugs instead, if global corruption is found out, look around at the masholes calling trump a nazi and see who it is they blame. Baphomet! The scapegoat of the devils who does not take away their sins!
  18. Steph

    Do Something

    Maybe Mark Twain is the strategy. Stay on the dole and let those advocating slavery be enslaved. Funny how its so hard to have a straight conversation with a maskhole over the rights they claim are right to take from you. I can understand aggressive abuse when someone has had something taken from them that was theirs. Righteous anger of the victim of a thief, but whats it called when there is aggressive abuse that a person doesnt give up what is theirs? Robbery! It is right and fitting that maskholes be made to wear a mask as fair warning of what the law calls 'incorporeal rights' they seek to deprive people of and many of these rights have already been undermined by such people before the UN stepped in. WHO is threatening your fundamental human rights?
  19. Silk road, which was backed up by a mainstream media "hate speech" campaign prior to the theft of millions of hours worth of hard work crystalised in bitcoin because the lack of faith in Fiat Currency, manufactured freely and given liberally to those demanding that those who are barred from manufacturing it provide it in a system where the only way to acquire it, is to work for a manufactured worthless thing under the threat of hunger if you dont have it. My true society have a seven letter word to describe this practice. The fourth letter has important meaning.
  20. Why do I get the feeling that bitcoin wont be allowed or that if it is it will be some kind of restrictive wallet held by paypal rather than the person misled by google censorship to believe that paypals bitcoin wallet it creates and restricts then allows paypal users to use calling it the users bitcoin wallet when really its the users paypal accounts bitcoin wallet owned by paypal not the user which paypal have claimed some obscure legal right to restrict. The history of paypals ever-changing terms of service has generated so many complaints in tech forums, that it seems unlikely the free trade system of a non-centralised currency cannot be improved upon by those whose main business is the transfer of centralised currencies.
  21. Look more closely at the actual emblems on the dress.
  22. https://davidicke.com/2020/10/20/cult-owned-deep-state-media-and-lack-of-intelligence-agencies-seek-to-trash-provably-true-story-about-outrageous-biden-corruption-to-put-him-in-the-white-house-its-the-russians-no-its-t/ I dont know what the yt video was but the article was up yesterday and the videos already deleted. Is this just bad luck lol
  23. Average black television junkie: Whites dont wear masks, plantation slavery, Im not white, Im good, Good people wear masks, Im gonna wear me a mask like all those black people on tv showing whitey how to be responsable like good black people. Meanwhile, on the other channel a similar psychological program is being played on a channel conducive to average white television junkies. If only morticia was in my life we could smoke a bong and discuss our horror at the number of people in the world consuming danger mind altering substances. The television junkies would think we were looking in a mirror.
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