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  1. An interesting aspect of free speech is the freedom to say nothing at all. The agora is gone. In France, people are protesting about freedom to think being violated. Everywhere are sheep who know nothing an people too old to be anything imbeciles or wolves dressed as sheep as all this has progressed. People keep saying "wake more people up" but you cannot awaken those who are only pretending to be asleep. On the subject of debts on people who have never had anything but fundamental rights they have had to protect themself inspite of government, what is owed to those who have cheated, bullied and swindled their way into "positions of responsability" where the holders take no responsability at all. That surveillance state did not construct itself. The young and the imbeciles feel no anger against me at these words not spoken on TV. Threshing is the process of separating wolves from sheeple, uniting the sheep for liberation that makes mockers howl. Contribute to my forum if you feel you are being enslaved. I have free seeds for plants which are very difficult to find (https://www.sagagardencentre.co.uk)/clematis-liberty) for the right customers. The forum can be found at https://auranos.org/index.php?title=Special:WikiForum&forum=1 Its a public forum. No barriers to anonymity. You dont need an email to join in and you can enter by proxy. If liberal means favouring liberty and oppositional to those taking liberties then genuine liberal people contributing to those forums will be given instructions on reaching a discussion area which excludes the wolves in sheeps clothing.
  2. I knew what a jiva is but had no name to describe this state of being. If a jiva thinks he is the body and a non-jive does not, the non-jiva recognises the body fastened round it, can it be unfastened without losing the body?
  3. Where does this kind of stuff come from? Is it Bhuddist or Shinto, FG? That sort of stuff is what Im trying to learn about.
  4. Please write an article on it at auranos.org
  5. Theres a link on the main site header to enter the forum. What about the reverse?
  6. Your hijacking this thread. I made it clear at post one that the msm was doing distraction and racialising a protest about free speech. Even the corners of the satanic media content your posting still pushing a racialised narrative while claiming you dont support all that are corners where the satanic narrative doesnt mention while going Charlie Hebdo, Charlie Hebdo, Charlie Hebdo. I know the meaning of "The land of lights is somber" but whats the point of discussing the destruction of Notre Dame on a thread now dedicated to Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew or the Islamist equivalent of kicking the topic into the long grass which is the same thing the satanic media is doing while voltaire is threatened by the Vichy whores proclaiming themselves protectors of French values while coopting those calling out fake media for the purposes of the fake medias unelected kingship declaring war on all religion be it christian, judaic, muslim or anything that relates the great spiritual deception which is now everywhere known as they push to bubble off kids as their future human livestock. The religion of the people doing this is enslavement using any flag of convenience. Its not the naive slaves or the enslavers they want the naive slaves against, but their liberators telling them truth that the god of the dead is a lie created by devils who hear your prayers and lsugh at your deception. God almighty gave the living the light of their soul and vested all with the ability to see each others light. The devils deceived the world and were caught out and now the world trembles that the stars of the living god speak plainly in a world the devils hid that their death star satanic empire cant mention, so theyre looking for scapegoats as they were in 1933.
  7. Oh no the great reset is going to turn my hard work for nothing into hard work for nothing. We can still opt out of mandatory medical procedures like masks, vaccines, spyware apps and organ donations right? Well at last I have a good card deal for the first time in history but the stakes are high in a world that wants to slit my throat for failing to surrender what were once everybodies rights protected by the rule of law. Leave the maskholes in their utopia, liberate the bullied and deceived.
  8. VAERS https://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/ensuringsafety/monitoring/vaers/index.html I think people putting unswabbed tests into the testtube and it showing up positive is a 'meta-signal' that all current vaccination programs should cease until the anomolous 'science' is examined. My fears that the amount of scientific fraud in medicine, some of it malevolent, is on such a scale that a whole science will be called for from Hermes and Vulcan so as to reliably detect fake science, especially in regards to the work of Aesclepius. New treatments for cancer and aids come out every year but the cause is something they cant pin down, merely symptoms with guessed at pathologies without proof that correlate with politicised behaviours such as smoking, obesity, drug use and homosexuality. Strange as it may seem, I know how to cause the symptoms of cancer and aids and while no one suspects a human agent, have a look at the treatments for those diagnosed and tell me if you also suspect systemic fraud. Pay attention to radiation as a cause of carcinomas, radiotherapy and the radioactive pills in chemotherapy which deliver their payload daily to the whole metabolism of individuals who consume them in the hope of getting better by taking treatments making them worse. AIDS people are given drugs which suppress their immune system as a "treatment" for having a suppressed immune system. All those supposedly intelligent doctors from priveleged backgrounds or sponsored by pharmacorp cant see any correlation? Lets see if their behaviours at the cure contra-indicate their declared blindness. If not, we have identified MRSA. Dr Frankenstein, please report to Dr Milgram at Dr Stanford's Lab.
  9. Those French people are being censored by fake news sponsored independent fact checkers and their protest is being co-opted to generate sectarian conflicts by people who were trained up on the Human Terrain System under the disguise of liberating Iraq. Any Sociologist, Psychiatrist or Anthropologist can be interrogated under caution regarding their involvement with Facebook et al, or what they are aware of in regards to information that can be gleaned from what might be described as Terrorist Training Manuals except for the fact that the "terrorists who hate our freedom" are people those who believe there is freedom would least suspect. Maybe you look out for why Voltaire is portayed in a mask or why someone holds a plaquard saying the land of lights is somber next to a man with an English plaquard depicting a thinker questioning free speech. These dont fit into the fake news narrative but theres dirt in El Dorado the ridiculously optimistic cant see. Freedom of speech? The innocent will need to protect their own freedom of thought as for the Gendarmerie... when the going gets tough, the tough fuck off.
  10. The BBC uses voice actors putting their own words on the mouths of masked protestors being interviewed. A minority give a fuck about Muslims trampling on free speech. The big elephant in the room is the fake media, the covid nazis, etc, same as in UK. I wouldnt be shocked if French people were being told the UK march for freedom protests was about white people angry at the BLM. The media is total fraud. I once saw an interview with Saddam Hussein and although I dont speak Arabic, I heard himsay the word "Americano". Nowhere did the subtitles mention the word American or anything of that sort whatsoever. I knew instantly that whatever was being said in a foreign tounge was not neccessarily what we were being told was being said. Ive got to see a whole load of media fakery I once never suspected until I realised I coukd still be psychologically affected even if I rejected what they had to say. I stopped watching it and just went online but back then, search engines didnt put mainstream media results at the top and downrank results from known sources against the fake media. Blacklisting of websites were shocking and you had to proxy in from free speech countries to see results some ISPs were blocking. That was over a decade ago. The mainstream internet is now as bad as the media and theres people even in a DI forum who dont notice the media? Sorry to do this but if your scopes that blindspotted, its the ideal place to relate the information about the hidden rebel bases you claim you cant see, but if msm addicts show up? What does it tell you about their alleged blindness. JEW JEW JEW JEW JEW is a big fucking distraction. Our liberties are being crushed. The enemy has no race or religion but an ideology... to take away our freedom and give us buttloob as the fix.
  11. Have a look at the video thumbnail frame. Voltaire wearing a mask. Fuck the bbc commentary and a few highly focussed distraction shots mentioning the things the euromedia wants their viewers to focus on. Why is French enlightenment philosopher depicted wearing a mask? Theres nothing going here generally with regard to race or religion but values. Values that Macron and the Euromedia shoring up his anti-French regime in France dont have. By France I dont mean blood lines or whos high enough in social rank to paint the real reasons for these protests as something bordering on anti-Islamic. Thats the Tony Blairs and eurofash who betrayed their country's issues and nothing to do with those who have been betrayed now having their protests erased and divided by racialisms in the eurofash media who cant stand the French republics constitutional nutshells: Siblinghood, Equality, Freedom. Under the French constitution, the French people are equals in liberty. The eurofash media have no more place and the president who only pretends to protect these values can be ignored within the law, albeit that the Eurofash are at war with France as they are with 28 other countries in Europe. They know it, we know it, and we care not for tears of fake stream celebrities over their latest outrageous demans. From Dublin to Budapest, Europeans should unite against the European Union, its media and the traitors who claim they dont know anything at all. Jail them all and go back to our happy constitution with their surveillance apparatus protecting the liberties of the just from those who betrayed every Christian value we infact share with our siblings in Islam.
  12. The mainstream media seem to suggest there is free speech and that the protestors and government stand shoulder in condeming the killing of someone over a cartoon shown in school. Well that solves that then right? Il fait sombre au pays des lumieres? Must be those islamic boycotts on Jewish candle manufacturers, or maybe its the Jews depriving the arabs of the ability to buy candles. Cant be something non-racist going on or the media would have told us instead of stirring up divisions to silence the message of freedom spreading. Must be the people who done it to themselves or its, left, right, black white ... we dont care about their shite and they dread the day we get together from places they cant kontrol.
  13. Youve missed the point Ive made. TV induced islamaphobic distractions from the truth about fundamental liberties being undermined is my point. Your commenting on the distraction. My first sentence is an apology for using a link from the distraction media. Its essentially a piece of evidence to back up my point, not the point in and of itself. Defend the BBC elsewhere if thats your next move.
  14. Google messes with emails. Google messes with google drive. Google is not the only corporation messing with your correspondence and google publicly admits its "crimes against humanity" (UN, 1948). Lesser players are doing it too and many of the "solution providers" are just providing alternative compromised electronic systems. They want us in electronic bubbles, inside spiritual bubbles so the only things we speak in the heavens is the false narrative they are feeding us. Those who hear the heavens were incarcerated without trial and tortured as early as the 1980s, hearing the voices of stars in jars who didnt know they could be heard whos version of drip fed reality was extremely limited by censorship of the satanic cult who invented all that pedophelia stuff in the 90's to shut down free conversation on the internet when it was a more free platform than today. Check auranos.org, my website, and its random pages and recent articles for an insight into matters digital and spiritual (telepathy?) that the criminal insane want flushed as 'conspiracy theory' and 'mental illness'. The heart of their cult is television studios and the child abuse going on isnt like some 25 year old nonce showing interest in a 15 year old but biblical scale systems of slavery on a par with gommorah. The TV presenters know and while their silence for a time was a defence of naivity, after long forebearance, their silence in the face of whats now self evident, is guilt. Disease, disease, disease my friend, for this whole world, the devils freind. If youre from heaven, give those who declared a war on it hell. Peaceful as doves, cunning as serpents. Let them prove the place which hold them guilty. Theyre fucked!
  15. Apologies for posting an msm link but time after time we have to remind ourselves who the enemies of our freedom are. The french words on the video thumbnail plaquard say "it's somber in the land of lights" (Il fait sombre au pays des lumieres). The BBC reports this gathering to its UK audience in an anti-islamic diatribe which has nothing to do with the reasons people are gathered across Europe against the totalitarian power weilded by the surveillance state, the censorship and the real fake news. The article goes at some length to be venomous against long standing Islamic traditions the BBC and its racist ideologues like to call "islamist" while fomenting expansionist wars against a whol religion through blatant propaganda which erases even the fact that the Reblic of France, a long time ally of The United Kingdom, lost their sovereignty to those who now call the shots at the very organisation who popularised the words "hate speech" to shut down conversation which ... I suppose the satanic cult hates. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-54683738 The free speech meetings have no bent against Islam. The mainstream media cansorship is a far more hateful religion than that. The Hungarians campaigning against forced labour 'laws' has the satanic media eu wide falsely portay this as just lazy people who dont want to work overtime. Anyone mentioning the media without some hint of recognition in their eyes at least about how our informed liberal democracies became sub-jurisdictions of an anti-democratic surveillance state... well they are at best deceived ... but significant numbers of sheep are only wolves in sheeps clothing. Conversation is easy with people who are on the lavel. As for those suffering bullshit belief complex (bbc) your mental illness is self-inflicted.
  16. Everyone uses card so no one has spare change. I've never had to beg but it occurs to me that it was the honest mans living of last resort. I owned a card reader that went into blocked mode for no known reason while it was in a cupboard for a month. I guess I could buy another one for 20 quid with my last dole payment and hope passing doners would tap their cards. Beggings been around since the industrial revolution forced into cities with little ability to grow food. Its bad enough google et al tailoring out information that the powers that be dont want the livestock to know, but what if you cant afford an interner connection in a world which pan in the face of the most despate for speaking inconvenient truths. One thing scarier than all the lies on the mainstream is the silence about things we can know are going on. The apostate heretics society is always under seige by the people laughing at truths they cant now not know to be conspiracies are a proven theorem.
  17. Who's ugly and good reasons to beat your kids up. I'll put a note in my research list of things I need learn to go to the pub. Covid-19 or not, those people should social distance from each other and take a leaf out their own shit talk about not posoing the gene pool. I expected the genocide ideologies to be resisted if a man with a swastika arrived trying to sell that shit. So it wasnt a swastika or overt 'ethnic cleansing' but wtf is genetic disease? If I went into a pub talking Adolf Hitler shit disguised in modern technojargon, Id fit right in ... but would I want to? What about meeting venues in every city for people all shouting over the top of each other to get their bit in about the time they discovered the world as seen on tv was a lie and they didnt have the language to describe truth to the people with weird beliefs in authoritarian dogma, no soul they could speak of and a desire to turn normal into the weird Ive always been.
  18. David Icke heard the prayers of an ideb in Peru and at a bookshop door on the Isle of Whyte. Are you seeking the living amongst the dead? (Words spoke by angels to people seeking Jesus' body after he was crucified.) In regards to the religions which tell us about what happens when we die, the followers of Jesus Christ say they are badly mistaken. Mark 12:27. We are brothers in Christ! If you dont know it yet, the kingdom of heaven has been close at hand your whole life long. Those with power on the earth have less and less influence there and they deceive children to gain a foothold in a place they may not enter even after death since they have blinded the angels and in the darkness placed snares out to capture the souls of men. Television tropes say dont sign contracts with the devil but life experience tells you that souls are being bought and sold from the moment they are born. What has been bought for nothing can be redeemed for nothing. Seek wisdom child of the living god.
  19. We're all on death row here Deisel. How do you feel about giving up those organs for the tribe! Lower the population and provide millions of pounds worth of human tissue to save the economy, lower co2 emissions and contribute to reducing population. Those vegan values fail to accomodate the tribal conscience that neccessitate the liberation of livestock one we are done exploiting them. Hey cows! You know how we have been breeding you for food? MOOO? We'll we're done with eating you and milking you and making jackets out of you, you'll have to just die out because we've decided to have a clear conscience by not eating you. These creatures are in precarious positions they cant do anything about. Dont just be vegan. Sponsor a cow sanctuary where cows can live free from exploiation.
  20. " The Doors - People Are Strange " People are strange when you're a stranger Faces look ugly when you're alone Women seem wicked when you're unwanted Streets are uneven when you're down When you're strange Faces come out of the rain When you're strange No one remembers your name When you're strange When you're strange When you're strange People are strange when you're a stranger Faces look ugly when you're alone Women seem wicked when you're unwanted Streets are uneven when you're down When you're strange Faces come out of the rain When you're strange No one remembers your name When you're strange When you're strange When you're strange When you're strange Faces come out of the rain When you're strange No one remembers your name When you're strange When you're strange When you're strange
  21. Back to point 1. How do you know theres free speech?
  22. Stay off my threads oz. You dont know what your talking about. I find it hard to believe you dont know what meaning was attributed to the V symbol by the allies who won in 1945. I've pointed out it doesnt mean 6 but a word everybody knows. You've not even asked what this word means if not '6' as you say but despite me telling you your mistaken assuming your naivity, you push more shit on the thread demonstrating your not naive but ignorant. Why would you ignore and attempt to pervert the meaning of this symbol? Again Im assuming the best from someone whos ignorant and wilfully disinformative, but dont think the thought doesnt come to mind your an arsehole who truly supports authoritarian extremism, trying to mingle in and split hairs and defuse the hopes of the people who are sick of arseholes. Im assuming you'll now explain yourself in humble manner because your on my thread talking shit wilfully ignoring my rejection of your blatant lie that V in this context means 6. You just made that shit up.
  23. Rubbish, V has no connection to hebrew letters. What country are you from to not know what the meaning of the V symbol is in the context of standing against authoritarian alien powers? In hebrew the symbol " ן " would be more appropriate but it has an internationally recognised meaning that all of Israel/Palestine would be familiar with, yet no one has taught you its meaning? I was a kid when V was on the telly and I knew what it meant because of other things on the telly. Its got nothing to do with jews except that its been used against enemies the latin alphabet people shared in common with the jews. This is about as relevant to the meaning of V as " п " in russian. If you dont know its meaning, certain cultural memories no longer exist for you. Its known about from california to vladivostok and you think it has some jewish meaning? It is a latin letter signifying something in many latin languages, especially English, and italians would say yes in regard to the third letter of the signified thing. If your going to bastardise the meaning of the V symbol, I fill in the blanks for those who stand against your overlord by ✝word puzzles if need be. This is hugely misinformative, so fuck off, V means V!
  24. Recent pandemics arent the thing as bubonic plague. They changed the meaning of the word pandemic so it only appears something dangerous and terrible is happening everywhere. The current definition of pandemic is something widespread, not neccessarily injurious in a widespread way. That latter neccesariness was fundamental to the old meaning of pandemic. Pandemic v2.0 is nothing to worry about so if people are saying pandemic, question the details as to whether its pandemic v1 or pandemic v2. The heavens were hidden from babel by the altered meaning of words.
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