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  1. 32 minutes ago, Anarchist100 said:

    He's not a nerd he was a jock in school, he just tricked some nerds to come to his house and locked them in his basement, now they are forced to code for him!

    Thats why the penguins call it Microslave. It's not just the enslavement of Tim Patterson et al working under heavily unequal contracts with ms, they are into pwning works by other large corporations. Have a look at the sun versus microsoft saga regarding ms java. The .net framework came about because sun told ms to stick the ms java up bill gates arse.

  2. Well show me this "injected with a microchip" shit you and the lame stream attribute to conspiracy theorists. It's like claiming the bbc is Osama bin Laden because they had advanced notice of 9/11. Take bits and pieces of truths unconcealled, cobble them together in a deliberately stupid fashion and build an effigy of a 'nutty conspiracy theorist' to throw things at. Ignore what the lame stream says conspiracy theorists say, what do the so called theorists say for themselves? Was the surveillance state, vaccines and travel restrictions just a theory? Why do you even watch that lame stream rubbish?

  3. Will Europol assist UK law enforcement by furnishing them with the details of parties involved in violating the UK's National Sovereignty since 1993? Surely this isn't just a trade treaty like the common market was. There are common market like provisions in it but all that extra stuff? Why aren't we under iaea rules instead of euratom for example?

  4. It sounds like a done deal to be rubber stamped by the MPs rather than something the people could be remotely bound by as executors of a contract. The text has finally appeared and there's three days to read and make sense of it for any 'representatives of the people' who might find it against the interests of the British public.




    A and B negotiate a contract. C claims to represent D and contracts with B to compel D to go along with it. Is D party to the contract or a subject of it?

  5. Spying on people is an act of war. Prohibitions against it arent just declared in the public laws of countries but imbedded in the constitutions. James Bond movies are about Britain spying on people but we spy on people we are at war with ... "the russians" ... Britain spying on itself is civil war, or at least high crimes.

  6. Quote

    Heaven is eternal, the Earth everlasting.
    How come they to be so?
    It is because they do not foster their own lives;
    That is why they live so long.

    - Lao Tsu (Tao te Ching translated by Arthur Waley


    31 minutes ago, Michi713 said:

    In dark night live those for whom 

    The world without alone is real; in night

    Darker still, for whom the world within 

    Alone is real.  The first leads to a life 

    Of action, the second to a life of meditation.

    But those who combine action with meditation 

    Cross the sea of death through action

    And enter into immortality 

    Through the practice of meditation.

    So have we heard from the wise.



    Maybe the Sages are saying we should just act and to hell with the consequences.


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  7. https://auranos.org/?p=book_of_job


    Abraham and Lot escaped Sodom and Gommorah. Job is a different story.


    I think it was Daniel thrown into the furnace. I'm unsure but it wasn't Abraham.


    I recommend you lose faith in your religion as you seem to have a lot of confusion over the written things. To find the promised land you must rid yourself of superstition and live in a way that all within the promissed land could live like without destroying each other. This cant be outwardly appearance as the all seeing eye knows you intimately and has always done long before manmade electronic surveillance apparatus. Who do the babylonians think they aren't?

  8. Is this a flat earth thread?


    Crypto leaves a paper trail ... to an anonymous wallet.


    Keep your wallet safe then!


    Is this a cryptocurrency thread?


    You mention your newfound interest in religion and you recommend people should maintain the purity of their soul by not using tor.


    Is this a spiritual thread?


    Lets drift it then, as you clearly desire, to the question of your interest in discouraging the use of TOR.


    How much do you know about cyber threats against members of the public not using TOR? Why is this building shaped like a swastika? http://barnwood-eng.business-dir.co.uk/g4s-security-services/ What have group 4 security to do with the earth being flat and the purity of the soul? Maybe everything, maybe nothing but that would be a discussion for free thinking people in free thinking places that those with only a facade could never find. So we may as well concern ourself with the meaning of the 96 thesis as talk about TOR if you don't know why that building looks like a swastika and you suggest people should not use TOR.


    These aren't rules, these are crimes!





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  9. Just now, kninjahman said:



    I agree with you completely Steph.

    I'd also like to mention - because I noticed you commented on another thread that was locked - I agree with your views about the flat earth enclosed under a dome firmament system. Some dude tried to call BS on you in that thread, I'd just like you to know that my own research has led to the same conclusion you have arrived at and I agree with you. Respect, peace be upon you sister.

    I think you are confusing me with someone else who believes what you do. My view is that evidence is more important than belief. I note your somewhat bizarre view on the matter and would still recommend you and everyone else to express your view freely over TOR protected mechanisms of correspondence if you live in a country which interferes in free speech. I assume you do not given your similarly bizarre sounding view that TOR is only for dodgy people.

  10. 45 minutes ago, kninjahman said:

    Unless your government blocks the web you have no need to use Tor



    You only need TOR if you live in a country where search engines redact results, internet censorship is going on, crimes against your privacy of home and correspondence could be systemically committed. You do not need TOR if you live in a country where the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a minimum standard for all people but if you do live in a country where systemic crimes against humanity are committed by state agencies and state chartered corporations then TOR is an effective tool that countries like China employ agencies to prevent people from knowing about or discouraging its use. The Chinese government has no effective mesns of manipulating or preventing the onlibe conversation and the various pto-cvp factions operating domestically do not want tor to be your connection of choice.

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