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  1. Its the people receiving the email who are responding that its fake and there's been no interference in the mail between you sending it and them receiving it? The problem is ignorance of the recipient rather than interception of correspondence?
  2. When you say you sent them something, was this posting it on their public timeline or some such thing or was it more like a private message? Was there a deliberate alteration from what you posted such as the content being obscured with a 'fake news' warning? What platform did you use to send the correspondence?
  3. It's a magic spell. You need to be presented with a living stone made by a magical fairy ring to make sense of it. When presented with your stone, what you will see you cannot unsee. Foraging for shrooms is closely related to herbal alchemy. The above is spiritual alchemy. PS Agaricus was the most common fairy ring when I was foraging in Middlesex. Theres not alot of it here in Scotland.
  4. Careful now, careful now, picking mushrooms can be deadly and these magic mushrooms are not psychotropic yet they are magical in that they are transcribed in occult writings to bring sight to the blind by occult practitioners able to turn themselves into mushrooms. You can read about them here Agaricus campestris but be careful as there are many lookalikes such as Chlorophyllum molybdites which have the same look and growing pattern on the ground. You need to study mushrooms very carefully before you go picking them for food and this is doubly important in the magical practice of fairy ring healing since the mushroom placed at the centre of a fairy ring on midsummers day could be destroyed by the heat before it has the ability to consume itself leaving behind a living stone that the elements cant touch. This living stone is presented to the person being healed at the end of the mushroom ceremonies. There are two ceremonies needed to carry out the blindness to sight spell and the healing practitioners must transform into Agaricus Campestris and Chlorophylum molybdites in order to perform either. If the first ceremony is performed but not the second, there is the potential for the mushroom at the centre of the fairy ring to be swallowed by darkness such that no living stone will ever be presentable to the person upon whom the spell is intended for. It is a serious matter that a blind person is barred from seeing, thus, the practitioners must have the ability to transform into mushrooms in order to comprehend the practice which can only be understood in mushroom form. You will note that these pleasant edible much sought after choice mushrooms and their poisonous dangerous bitter anticidents grow in the formation of a ring around the ground. This was the doings of the almighty maker of all the fairies and all the men people in the primordial time of creation when the almighty maker of fairies and men saw fit that these mushrooms would stand in circles rather than grow sporadically like Boletus edulis or any other kind of mushroom. This is important since the practitioners during the healing ceremonies are not only transforming into mushrooms but transforming as a group into a fairy ring. The fairy magic works on a mushroom at the centre of the ring which is to be transformed into a living stone which is presented to the person to be healed. The mushroom at the centre of the ring must be carefully chosen given the insight that the practitioners have when transformed into mushrooms. With that insight, the practitioners will be able to select the appropriate mushroom corresponding to the person that they wish to heal. The moment that the mushroom is picked, the ceremonies must happen or there is the potential that the mushroom now corresponding with the person to be healed will be consumed by darkness making it impossible for any other living stones so created, to be presented to the person the practitioners intend to heal. Once the mushroom is picked there is already magical energy loosed thus the first ceremony must begin immediately. The person to be healed must be in the vicinity of the fairy ring but will probably pay little attention to mushrooms and if they do, they will just appear as ordinary mushrooms since the practitioners look like either agaricus or chlorophylum. It is recommended that the practitioners be transformed into chlorophylum first and emit chlorophylum spores into the air such that the person being healed will sense something even though very subtle and probably not within their consciousness of the subtle changes in the air. As anyone who has ever been a mushroom knows emitting spores requires alot of magical energy and this magical energy should be directed at the mushroom at the centre of the ring to be transformed into a living stone. When the spores are released from the practitioners transformed into chlorophylum, the air will be subtley poisonous. At some point after this the mushroom in the centre will change in any fashion, not neccessarily related to the energies being transmitted but simpy to stretch its gills or creep over a little for shade as any mushroom does over the course of the day. The moment the mushroom at the centre makes a move, the practitioners should recognise the queue and transform into Agaricus at that instant. This may be noticed by the person being healed in which case they are already half-sighted and the magic spell is working. The practioners should again focus their energies on the mushroom at the centre then emit agaricus spores so that the air is filled with the opposite of what is poisonous air. The first ceremony is now complete and the mushroom at the centre is now magically charmed. The second ceremony could begin immediately but it can also be put on hold depending on the circumstances but remember there is magical energy already in the air and its important that the mushroom at the centre doesn't rot in the intervening period. The first ceremony is subtle and it is akin to a yoga class which starts off with the yogis stretching their muscles preparing for the rest of the session. The second ceremony is not so subtle. This transmutation between two mushrooms, one which is very poisonous and one which is very nutritious, should not be some gradual thing but sudden and the practitioners should practice transmutation before engaging in this since the concentrated energy is needed to be on hand when it is required. The second ceremony will involve as many of these sudden transmutations as are required until the mushroom at the centre is transmuted into a living stone which will give the healed person sight upon looking at the living stone especially designed for them. This should enable them to transmute into a mushroom themselves and provide healing for others as well as many other unknown abilities that come with gift of sight. Do not pick a poisonous mushroom to be at the centre of this spell for obvious reasons. There are other spells to transmute poisonous mushrooms into non-poisonous mushrooms and a newly transmuted mushroom takes some time to make sense of what the fuck is going on and why they feel like a silly sigh bean when they are supposed to be what they always were, a mushroom like any other mushroom and as every practioner knows, most mushrooms don't believe in fairies. So lets get on with fairy ring ceremony two. So you have your chosen mushroom at the centre of the fairy ring again and the fairy ring is going to transmute between the two forms of bitter and tasty mushrooms according to queues given by the central mushroom at random. At least one of the fairy ring must not be in the form of a mushroom but in the form of a man with a sex which is opposite that of the person the living stone is to be presented to. There's nothing sexual going on and account must be taken of strange sexualities which have arisen where there are now men who prefer the companionship of men and women who prefer the companionship of women. The mushroom chosen to present themselves as a man of some form should be something appetate to the person the living stone is to be presented to. A type of man they will not shun, or fear, or disregard but would like. This person will be called the fairyman since they are part of the fairy ring and they will be expected to speak to the mushroom so that it transforms into the living stone as the rest of the fairy ring engages in transmutations and emissions aimed at the central mushroom. You don't just speak to a mushroom. Ordinary people would think you were mad if you spoke to a mushroom and mushrooms are no different. They must be approached in an appropriate manner such that the mushroom is not itself astounded that a man is speaking to a mushroom. Mushrooms are usually spoken to by other mushrooms and not even by toadstools and especially not fairy rings which are keeping a distance but within sight of the mushroom. The fairyman must find some way to approach the mushroom in an appropriate manner and strike up a conversation with it. Before the approach is made, the fairy ring should be in the form of chlorophylum emitting poisonous energy at the mushroom. The fairyman should then make the approach as being like fresh water in the midst of a hostile world and strike up a conversation along the lines of how hostile the environment is at present. As the conversation progresses, the fairy ring should transmute into agaricus and the fairyman should then continue the conversation about how lovely the environment is. At present the mushroom will not have transformed but it will be conscious of the presence and awareness of the fairyman. The fairy ring should transmute again to chlorophylum and the fairyman should continue speaking to the mushroom conveying to it in some sense that the environment has changed. The fairy ring should transmute again and the fairyman should again convey the change in the environment becoming less and less subtle so as to convey that they feel a change that the mushroom will increasingly sense to be something that it feels to. These transmutations should continue but as the ceremony progresses an occassional member of the fairy ring should transmute into either a man which speaks with hostility toward the mushroom or with amiccableness toward the mushroom. depending whether the fairy ring is transmuted into its poisonous mushroom form or its nutritious form. The fairyring members transmutating into men making themselves present as strangers to the mushroom should be hostile while the fairy ring is chlorophylum and amiccable while the the fairy ring is agaricus. The fairyman should continue speaking to the mushroom, even denoting the rudeness and friendliness of the strange men who are appearing from nowhere into the mushrooms field of view. As the ceremony reaches its peak, all the mushrooms in the fairy ring should be transmutating between men and mushroom as the mushroom becomes more conscious of the strange environment it finds itself in and when it is considered that the mushroom is conscious enough, all the fairy ring should transform into agaricus then into men and walk around the mushroom singing the praises of the mushroom king. At this point the mushroom will turn into a living stone by consuming itself in the process of consuming the strange environment that mushrooms can sing and that it, is infact a mushroom that in all likelyhood can also sing. The living stone is thereby presented to the person to be healed who looking upon the solidity of the magical amulet will be forever aware that the magical realm is something that can be sensed. There is a third ceremony which involves the healed person being at the centre of the fairy ring as the fairy ring transmutes between chlorophylum and agaricus within the sight of the now healed person and by this means they are shown the special fairy essences and can then be taught the ways in which their own essences can be used to both heal and harm. Don't pick poisonous mushrooms.
  5. I was in the local supermarket yesterday and there was one of those pre-recorded announcements that came over the tannoy. The exact words I can't remember I felt so reassured by them. They went along the lines of "We care about the health and well being of our customers. We have hand sanitisers at the door and a mask wearing policy in place. All our staff are wearing masks except the ones who aren't who are wearing badges." I scratched my beard at the connotations of this and smiled. I was on the bread isle and I don't know whether I had suddenly caught coronavirus and become mentally ill or not but the loaves of Warburton bread speaking to me. It seemed some of them are so wrapped up in their yuletide wrappings that they think they are christmas presents and others recognise that despite the wrappings, they are still what they always were. I wanted to tell the bread that thought they were christmas presents that they weren't but they were just sat there not harming the other loaves of bread who thought they were loaves of bread so I was considering the wisdom of saying anything and just at that moment someone came onto the isle wearing a mask. I just picked up a loaf of bread and walked along. I said nothing. They might think I'm mentally ill if I start talking to loaves of bread.
  6. It can take a long time to realise you just woke up and make sense of what you see but seeing what you can not unsee is instant.
  7. I'm 47. I woke up at 19. At 19, if the TV sold having being ass rape as part of my public duties my whole life, I wouldn't have known any different. There's no excuse for someone my age, not taking care to protect their own human rights given the way the world is beyond the shit on TV. There are people over a barrel stuck between a rock and a hard place who can still make some indication that they don't want to go along with this but ... food, shelter, the most basic of basic rights are at immediate stake. Excluding those in such situations at least making a peep, people my age who are silent represent a danger to everyone younger who could be forever deprived of being anything other than slaves. People like me at 19, don't quite know the world yet. The police are people who are nice but firm with children who are like the people on the news and tv shows who are police. The whole system is comprised of good and honest people except occassional corruption who the police will eventually catch and if the system says I need to get my ass raped every year then the system means well and it must be for the greater good. Theres no greater good than those idealistic idiots being saved from the sharks they wouldn't believe existed. Fair do's there's people so accustomed to committing CAH, that they hardly notice it rolled out worldwide. If thry get zapped, tough cookies, but the naive, those who dont know CAH are going on, they need to be protected and woken up.
  8. I think some people study medicine just so they can always win at scrabble.
  9. I dont agree with circumcission of the flesh. The true circumcission has nothing to do with the foreskin of the penis but the foreskin of the soul. Those who were only circumcised in flesh were .... read this ... "The days are coming," declares the LORD, "when I will punish all who are circumcised only in the flesh--" By biblical circumcission we refer to the extra practice of circumcission which is not done in the flesh. I dont agree with physical circumcission since it deceives the uncircumcised to believe they are circumcised and its barbaric. In christianity, baptisms of water are given which is symbolic of the same covenant but carried out on babies which to me seems more like some 'bring them young' ownership of the flock thing. The true baptism is done by a spiritual practice rather than a physical one. As rituals go, the watery baptism is safer but whats the point if a baby has no idea whats going on or the older neophytes do not have the symbolic meaning of the watery baptism explained to them as symbolising the spiritual baptism to come.
  10. I had total faith in TV and other media until the way every channel, every station, every publication just turned course on sovereignty and democracy sharply at Maastricht Ratification like the whole media was just one big thing and not some kind of variety of views but just one manufactured viewpoint creating the illusion of diversity. That scared the shit out of me but not as much as "Terrorvision Day" where they revealled themselves to me as the devil itself in ways the TV addicts would not believe. There is absolutely no way anything but slavery is going on in this country while the cult of television is not a public disgrace and the spiritual deception which enslaves people from cradle to grave is kept concealled by terrorism and persecution against the aware and demoralisation of those who aren't. That cult is everywhere, even reading this and responding like they are anything but what they are: Enslavers who would accuse those compelling none to obey to be what they are. Maastricht Ratification was a long time ago and as everyone can see, no one voted for surveillance cameras, censorship, tracking APIs, and all the things enslavers said "could never happen here". I get my news from sources that don't feign surprise when their psychological warfare against the people is impossible to fully hide. News sources that warned me about vaccines which cause the vaccinated to be at risk from the unvaccinated. Holding centres on a par with Japanese American Internment in 1942 (and all the horrors that brings up to those who cared to look at similar things.) We daren't call the people doing these things by their proper name since it sounds sensational and the vampires casting no reflection in a mirror will then accuse the people calling them out for what they are to be the vampires with the megaphone of television, drowning out all truth. Talking's over for me. There are those who see it and those who dont. I pray for the innocent blind ones born into slavery so harsh their master convinces them they're free but doing anything is like taking a balsa boat toward the rocks where steel towers that ennure the slaves present alot of danger. There's only so much that can be done but I have did everything in my meagre capacity to prevent this for 28 years while those who look on doing nothing, remaining silent and condemning any who speak, have thrived. So much for the wisdom of giving a shit about democracy, society, our fellow country man or whatever you call it. Even love for children is being perverted to mean some kind of sexual deviancy in a world where only erotic love is known. The world I come from is not credible to the people of the surveillance despite that those my age once lived there. Everything has changed.
  11. I see sheep, goats and wolves. The wolves want to eat the sheep and goats, the sheep just go along with it. The goats don't go along with it and try to get the sheep to break their tethers, climb the gate and scale the mountains to escape. Sheep don't do that.
  12. Obviously, if that was the moon, the hammer wouldn't bounce but it would embed itself in the cream cheese. The Wallace and Gromit mission made a finding that our understanding of the moon may not be what we are told. Laboratory studies on samples taken from the moon suggest it may be as tasty as Wensleydale. https://youtu.be/T0qagA4_eVQ
  13. We know the full horrific plan and we have advanced knowledge that's still a nutty conspiracy theory to the mesmerised. Bearing in mind that this is a public website and loose talk here could spell disaster for any counterplan the 'not a fucking theory at all' conspirators could hear, how can we make subdermal implants blow up in their face?
  14. This is my theory that people don't just watch television, they are mesmerised by it. In the presence of a television people with Mesmer Syndrome are unaware of the environment of the room they are in and become aggravated by factors which draw their attention back to the real world. It's a way of looking at things that the Mesmerised could easily explain but could never understand the world through the eyes of the escaped captive who once never realised he had the chains of Mesmer Syndrome. Have a look at those so misinformed that the once sacred right to informed consent has been forgotten in. Some are raising children who do not know that they do not know who have us as a hell of an awakening to what are basically deceived innocents born into bondage where they had no say. They expect their vote to be meaningful and their rights to be protected by policemen and politicians and television people who wrap their heads in lies and here we are standing on the rock of ages, the butt of insults by everything they love and hold so dear which has deceived them, and in their eyes it must be like getting out the frying pan and entering the fire that the enemies of the media was the truth and the media was death. How can we heal the pain of innocents who hate us for no other reason than the lies their world would have pulled upon their head?
  15. Steph

    Louise Hampton

    PS MORE Louise Hampton videos!
  16. Steph

    Louise Hampton

    No not because she opposes an experimental vaccine with a 17% mobidity factor to cure a situation where people are dying in the 0.001s. That stuffs okay, but that fucking tweed coat! That's censorship!
  17. Democracy is an inappropriate joke. Sovereignty is deception and the laws beneath it are a system of slavery. Those deprived of their right to self-determination will find a way and though they may destroy the world to achieve it, I will hold to account the rapers and pillagers of their lives who ought to have known these words from history: "it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law" Happy organ donation day, covid tracked slaves. All you see around you is a world built by virtue and stolen by barbarians.
  18. I believe the earth is as a minimum four dimensional. When you realise the scale of lies going on, its worth investigating the things that no one has seen that eveyone believes. There exists the superstitions such as extra terrestrials being on some far distant planet in the sky. In addition to their terrestrial existance as human beings, they have a celestial existence also.
  19. It's easier to work out who is under deception.
  20. bullshit, only you make that claim, books form a very small part of my knowledge base Is it just me making that claim? I mentioned Elijah and you say "Yahweh's pet". So Yahweh is no delusion, but something which is, that you say makes Elijah into a pet. Yahweh exists according to what you have said and what I'm getting at by referencing Job and Elijah is that the word of God comes to them in a manner that systemic blasphemy of the holy spirit renders to the minds of the deceived to be a delusion that tortuous practices in hospitals with bars on the window can fix. The world is systemically deceived about the existence of the spirit by which the word of God is addressed. God's people are being persecuted by national authorities under the guise of healthcare. If you see this as good and Elijah's God as evil, are we to trust that you approve of witch burnings, persecuted saints and the various abuses against spiritual people recorded throughout history while the workings of psychologists in Nazi Germany deemed people mentally ill and unfit to live should be hidden in sensationalist race bating going jew jew jew like there was nothing but jews being murdered assisted by physicians to death? You criticize Yahweh and Elijah but make no criticism of those who persecute the worshippers of God. It's not like some superficial idol on a TV screen but a being with no ability to engage in such superficiality due to the nature of the spiritual plane. Where can El Shaddai hide from those within it? Its shocking that El Shaddai is hidden from those who won't believe, none the less who can avoid it and at the gateway the unprepared look back and ask, if the world doesnt know this, what use has all the knowledge in the world? Did you come across Cerberus at the gateway or did an Eloha tell you about it? Tell me this if you know so much, if Hades dog ate human body parts, which of the following body parts does Cerberus like to chew on the best? 1. The liver 2. The spleen 3. The brain 4. The heart Have you seen the face of El Shaddai or are the tales of Yahweh like the tales of a man who speaks in an ordinary fashion? Are the words within Holy Scripture the word of God or the word of scribes who wrote down the word of God. What has cerberus to do with the word of God? A rich history like this going back to ancient Egypt, Greek paganism, Zarathustra and many others suggests that the psychologists are at best deluded and at worst the most dangerous lunatics on the planet and this, in disregard of whether you like Yahweh or not.
  21. All the races of the earth are going to merge withe exception of races which are annhialated before this happens. The only think which will suspend this situation is racial nationalism in constand opposition to one another which will ebb and flow like everything else but will not maintain forever. Dont suppose this will happen like cattle breeding by the deliberate application of fences to cause racial mixing, but the fact that fences will wear and tear and in their absence, race hate is learned, the natural way of things is whether we find another being amenable. ZOMG! SEXY PAKIS!
  22. So what do you make of Elijah? Was it a delusion he suffered because of faulty DNA? Funny how Elijah never met Darwinian oblivion. It turns out Elijah who could perceive what was not there and it was those who could not see who was there with the faulty DNA. "Genetic disease" is a sciency way of saying "a curse upon your family". This mad nazi ideology when I was young and BNP were considered the loonies trying to resurrect Hitler. Looks like they won. "Mental illness" say those who cant be reasoned with who use tricky tricks to deceive those who know the world doesnt add up to what it would have people believe. You claim you know everything because you've read and read and read. Explain Elijah. Explain Job. The world as it is cannot make sense to you like it does those who would acknowledge that Elijah and Job experience something ordinary, something that condems great experts to be nothing more than fools.
  23. The extra-terrestrials have always been here, accessible to one and all but the rulers fill our minds with shit and announce the truth with terror sparking wars which are hidden since the very foundation of the war is lies and its tellers continue turning the souls of men into idiots using their body like duracell batteries to provide free energy to the enslavers.
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