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  1. In preparation for global freezing due to occur (let me check the clock) about now to two thousand years ago according to the VCD, my suggestion (if Russian scientists didn't just make it up) is the construction of huge glass skyscrapers with tall floors that have soil on the ground with grass, wheat, cows, sheep, sparrows, buttercups, etc built to last for 1000 centuries with architecture art designed to tell people in 1000 centuries to beware of the coming flood as the new interglacial period arrives. There are six billion people on the planet who need cows, who need buttercups, who need bees, who need sparrows, etc. Mankind wont survive without basically everything else that relies on us to keep it all alive in a deep freeze which will last a hundred thousand years and we can only guess at the cause as being something to do with the sun by the lost civilisation that built the pyramids during the last interglacial period.
  2. The Magnox Reactor was something like CERN on a small scale that keeps elementry particles going round in circles and occassionally hitting each other to produce a fusion reaction. More often than not, a fission reaction occurs which bursts the containment field causing the failsafe to kick in. The talk about a black hole is just the worst case scenario but there are a scale of not very good scenarios and nature of the science being closer to alchemy than physics is such that there are few that can scrutinise whats actually going on. If it succeeds, the unprecedented changes to energy could create global instability. If it fails, we could end up being blown in the dark ages. I don't know what the failsafe mechanism or how it could be reliable if a fusion reaction takes on a life of its own.
  3. You're telepathic. That's your soul hearing another soul within otherworld. Speak back. You're mind isn't a brain, its a faculty of your soul. You're unseen body. We believe in one god, the father, the almighty, the maker of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen. You pray to heaven. Heaven prays back. Some pray to god, but they are gods, just not the almighty, creator of all that's seen and unseen. Either it's just that and its perfectly normal or you have some kind of mental disorder to believe people who incarcerate people without trial, forcibly medicate people and electro-convulsively shock people are good people who deserve to see the face of God. Fuck that! They're lunatics who would rise like lucifer going "I'm in charge, I'm in charge!" while the stars just sat there shining in the heavens knowing that almighty God was the only master of the heavens where the warriors took their rest in the halls of valhalla. I'll mumbo jumbo you young man said the old voodoo guy to the brat who thought he'd seen everything! You ain't seen nothing yet! Tread carefully. You can multiply enemies quickly in the darkness that comes like the lights being switched on. The Nazarean Carpenter has seven stars in his right hand. His wisdom is wiser than a Roman Maxim. Are you sleighed by Santa now? Welcome to death believer in earth! In this place, the apocalyptic promise of Jesus is fulfilled, as for the politicians? Still waiting ... Now you know what the Hebrews meant by sheol and you know that all are destined for it, seek out the map of hell left by Homer, you're ill gotten gains will sink you, you're righteous deeds will raise you but be careful, Magdelina is a prostitute but she's no whore. For those whos sins you forgive, they are forgiven, for those who's sins you retain, they are retained. You can shout blasphemy against Jesus and all his nonsense about a ghost world but if you lie about the ghost world existing, there are many here who will never forgive your blasphemy since you ought to know, Spartan! In sparta you are held to account for your words so bear no false witness because in the end you are deceiving yourself. If only the grave will be so sweet as death!
  4. Green eyed people having green eyed children has always been a thing before the whole genetic theory for this was proposed. You wouldn't believe what I think is going on (I lived in a time when genetic theory was recognised as Nazi ideology as it was being introduced in the late 80s). Have you ever seen the scene in the island where Ewan McGregor is squirting coloured liquids into tubes with no idea why? Have you heard of compartmentalisation? Do you know what an analogue is. Find out these three things then you will know the connection between genetic researchers being recruited as google gets more into peoples daily lives. People are becoming soulless products manufactured by a grand deception that the soul is irrelevant. I have no desire to offer that landscape anything that would aid its expansion. The truth is shocking :
  5. Money, money, money, must be funny, in a rich man's world. People with millions think they are wealth creators but they've been buying and selling the wealth creators. What if everyone just decided money wasn't worth their time and effort. What do the wealth creators have to offer? Lies?
  6. Genetics is bollocks. Its a narrative by racial supremacists.
  7. I'm not looking forward to old age.
  8. At some point there will be a big divide in society. People who believe masks are a kind of anal tampon for people who who think the mask goes round their elbow. Those who don't know where the mask is supposed to go will have no appreciation of the haut couture of those whose arses should hopefully be looking pretty fine and the problem then becomes freeing the prisoners from the ignorant held in a prison for those who would obey anything.
  9. Thought Id bump this as the threads moved pretty fast.
  10. I masturbate! Ha! No just kidding I would never do that unlike you wankers - and that includes the girls who think I don't know the things they do with their genitals. Me? I would never ever do that ever cross my heart with a cherry on top and all that... Secrets? One [part of a recipe describing how the ingredients are to be mixed and processed] of [present participle indicating a verb whose semantic is that of outward communication] a [piece of information that is restricted to a cartain audience] is ... To use jargon terms that the intended audience is familiar with but the eavesdroppers are not. In the age of "google knows everything" there is little jargon that cannot be learned so that the eavesdropper can work out what it is that is being said. The phrase "Do you like butter?" sounds like part of a recipe book but it could mean myriad different things to various different people. I could be communicating something only those who are members of the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter company could understand butt I'm not! I am holding a small flower to the chin of a child so as to determine if they prefer margarine or playing games in the spring meadow, or maybe I said something else in a hidden letter that the eavesdroppers would never notice in a public statement where the eavesdroppers could be told a million different lies about, or indeed invent their gossip about what was actually said. Do you know the secret? Me either... maybe. Solemn words are unlike this. While it is awful that the venues for free speech are limited to strictly controlled environments, it is not possible to censor the truth or the lies. The advantage of eavesdropping to those who are eavesdrpped on is that the eavesdropper is a valuable trojan horse to fill with misinformation and a captive audience employed by their employer. What if we spied on the newscasters through the television screens? What if we broadcast the news by telling the eavesdroppers the lies we wished them to know. What if bought televisions with the intended purpose of turning the television tables to make them face the wall?
  11. 0.1% are dying of flue like illness so 100% need a licence to be in circumstances where they can freely communicate or even procreate. You need licence to not be genocided or even speak about it according to THEIR law and its left to the discretion of THEIR servants whether THEIR law will be enforced or not. This is nothing less than a crime against humanity and if there are just men and women in its clutch expected to enforce it overtly or covertly, their first words when faced with anyone declaring an exemption should be an apology for the system itself. It is mass murder coated in honey!
  12. ... and in an episode of Father Ted, referring to a priest Ted discovers to be a Nazi, Ted cracks the line "Well they say you get more right wing as you get older." Just another quirk of history the Nazis have to delete while they present Hitler as being historically associated with the left wing because it does say socialist on the tin. Nazi's were always considered right wing authoritarianism. Now Stalin ... It's at a stage where it doesn't matter about right and left. It's about right and wrong and the surveillance state within coronapanic, before it or beyond it, is a wrong and requires liars who deceive the whole world to make a wrong look right to naive people with no say in their enslavement to a system where democracy is impossible and the consent of the slaves isn't relevant. To do well in life, stab your neighbours in the back and join the system. One thing we can be sure about the people executing the system is that if they aren't stupid, they will stab each other in the back for a better life. Ironically, vampires cannot see their reflection in the mirror. "Thinking like that will cause depression". Unfortunately El Shaddai cares nothing for psychologists and the blindspot presents a radio frequency Count Draculas minions cannot see nor identify. Kim Jong Un for president!
  13. Don't do those because it would only work if the police were reasonable, responsible and honest people in which case you, as a reasonable, responsible honest person would not be in a position of protecting your actual human rights (ancient unwritten rules of morality sometimes codified in great charters) from liars who have promised to protect them. 1. Have you personally declared and affirmed to serve the queen and protect peoples "fundamental human rights" by having recited the police oath for "england and wales" (or "Scotland", Northern Ireland doesn't mention the Queen, but they are under an oath to protect "fundamental human rights")? 2. Is the organisation that you serve (name the constabulary) a subject before the law of a state party to the UN Charter, the Nuremberg Code, The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the various great charters where the words "fundamental human rights" are clearly and historically defined? 3. Do you believe its reasonable to construe that you are "truly serving the Queen", (or "faithfully discharging your duties" for Northern Ireland) whilst you make your serve an obstacle to the fundamental human right(s) "freedom of assembly"/"freedom of expression"/"arbitrary detention"/etc (as applicable). If you decide to try how NOT to deal with the police, you will notice these magic words cause a wriggling worm or snake like thing to appear before your eyes. It is a venomous snake, be very careful. It is also a constrictor, be careful not to be wrapped in it. You will notice that it senses the general direction of the magic words and will attempt to prevent them being spoken. It is not naive but will later pretend to be so if it can ignore them. "Ignorantia juris non excusat" - Ignoring what is right is no excuse! An ancient premise that is exemplified by an example like "Just ignoring the fact its someone elses wallet does not excuse me from the liability of its theft". At this point (if you don't get bitten by the snake in the process) you are dealing with a criminal in a police uniform who has been informed he is committing an offence. The snake will wriggle a lot at this point. It will claim you are a criminal for disobeying it. It will attempt all kinds of blasphemies against the law such as presumption of guilt until you prove yourself innocent of crimes the snake will either manufacture from extreme construal of the situation or just make up on the spot. It may become violent. Keep your camera livestreaming to a service but dont tell it or anything which could be allied with it what that service is. It might attempt to intimidate you into being violent with it but it will be well armed with bent friends who will turn a blind eye to its criminality. It is inadvisable to attempt to match its capacity for violence because its all the snake has and you have it cornered in all areas except its criminal violent or abusive behaviour in a uniform that must be removed from it since it has broken the promise it made BEFORE it declare and affirmed the oath. 4. Did you have that uniform, warrant card and identification number before you solemnly declared and affirmed to "truly serve the Queen" ("faithfully discharge your duties" - Northern Ireland) in protecting "fundamental human rights"? 5. I require the name of you the human person now disavowed of your oath to "truly serve the Queen" (discharge your duties - NI) so that you can be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity, malfeasance in public office, [casting a glance at any allies of the snake], dereliction of duty, and you are hereby charged with these offences, do you understand? This is a charging statement. You do not need to arrest the snake but at this point you can destroy his soul if he has no excuse for being ignorant of what is right. It does not matter whether he swore his oath or merely declared and affirmed it, he is charged and it now becomes a matter for the mans conscience and it would have been better for him had he sworn the oath by apollo in the fool belief that Apollo would condemn him to Hades is he broke a sworn oath. They exist in a prison where the face of God is denied to them and those who have seen the face of God may be prayed to about the evils being committed by the condemned who will not leave Hades until every last bit of their ill gotten gains falls to an angel on the earth that keeps them in a state of terror already knowing the intentions in their hearts before they declared and affirmed anything. Their only way out is to become beheaded by the angel and the angel beheads no one incapable of humbling themself before the beggars and is restricted in the number of beheadings it can perform by the restrictions placed by almighty god few scientists can negotiate with since it is a mysterious thing that the earth is not filled with war when bullies can gain positions of power. 6..... The human person will not identify the identity of the human person who took the oath. You are dealing with a criminal at large who wishes to operate freely and have a wall of bureaucracy given the blame for the mans actions. The relevance of mentioning the human individual is to distinguish it from the legal fiction of their police number or even the identity of the human being given to it by its mother/government/system/society/community/republic/city/democracy/etc. What you are charging is not their identity but the core of their being. Only their integrity can protect them from what comes next and you do not need them to be in a cage or even for them to be physically present to punish them for their abuse. The courts were available to protect them from this but they turned those courts into threats against the pieces of nothing who could not afford them and it behooves us that THEY seek the protection of the courts by putting themself on trial to relieve the pressures of the vessel they are now in which are inside a vessel sealed by an ancient wise king who put all souls in a vessel, never to release the demons who have at best power over peoples flesh, yet without integrity, no power over their own soul. If enough good people could understand this, the demonic could be brought to destroy themself, if the demons understood this, the vessel could be destroyed. Ignorantia veritas non benevia. Their ignorance is your friend. Watch out for the naive, they are not ignorant if they do not know. Protect their integrity and make them as wise as snakes while as peaceful as doves. "You must obey" says the man to gravity, on an air frame without a hull. Will gravity obey him? Will scientists who can discern the secret of flight offer him help if he is known to bomb scientists and prefer salesmen to make his plane? Will the engineers provide the latest technologies when the people who know people gain all his efforts for free because the bomberman seeks new ways to impose himself on others, telling us how wonderful it is to pay into his protection racket offering nothing but whips and frauds to those who produce it all. Will the do their owners bidding and consider it is the master who is the servant and the servant who is the master? Take a photograph of the demons run amok. Let it be a reminder of the days that came about because there were those who plotted to be our masters while telling us it could never happen here. Here's some music of tommorow from yesterday. Hope your with me in the present, intergalactic christ! What's this to the ignorant who stooped to conquer? Their hell is everywhere and they cannot see it.
  14. Was at the Glasgow rally and the police stayed back. They approached the crowd while someone was shouting fucking swearwords over a megaphone which should be fucking allowed but alot of the fucking public don't fucking like it and its not necessary so what the fuck, the swearing stopped the freedom of expression and assembly continued. It noised the crowd up a bit and one party used it as an opportunity to raise grievances about a specific blue murder that's happened in their family. They became vocally antagonistic toward the police who stood their ground casually and didn't escalate matters. They wandered off to the background and Article 21 ICCPR was unharmed. That coach invasion thing that happened in London is a very different matter. That was people travelling to london to exercise human rights in protection of human rights being prevented by police whose primary job is to protect human rights. Today in Glasgow, things seem fine.
  15. On a more positive note, the nutty conspiracy theorists were right. On a darker note though, the nutty conspiracy theorists were right
  16. In 1914, the goverment made it law that a piece of paper they could print freely was to have the same value attributed to it as "a sum certain in gold" indicated by the sterling silver value written on the note. At the time one pound note was worth one of those small sovereign coins you see on rings. The real ones were made of gold and was the highest coin denomination. Large numbers of gold sovereigns were deposited in banks but in 1914, you could no longer withdraw them. Freedom to touch your own money was restored in 1918 but in 1925, a "temporary financial emergency" caused the king to proclaim the 1914 state of affairs into law - a rare royal proclamation. The end of the temporary financial emergency is still awaited to the present day but we live in a world where history has been deleted.
  17. The server geo-location for Dominion is Wichita Point, Lake Wichita, Kansas. Have a look at the name of the predominant land owner around the area. This is probably the real location of a famous presidential hunting accident thought to have been in Texas where there is also a Wichita. There's some really complex jiggery pokery going on given how unlikely it would be that would be the case. It's the last thing you would expect. PS Vote harder!
  18. "EU law shall continue to have effect...", but the politicians say we are out of the EU. On the plus side, no one ever voted for the EU to dictate the law to the UK, politicians are meaningless. We'll just have to lie, cheat and steal our human rights back.
  19. whats up with Paganism? Socrates was a Pagan, teaching about the heavenly abode to Glaucon while proposing a system of government called Timocracy - A system where the just and righteous became the elect and the unjust and immoral became the lowest strata.
  20. The crash happened while corona was a minor news issue. An attempt to fix the crash was tried and it just kept bombing and thats the point the rona was made a big news story and lockdowns imposed.
  21. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-03441-8?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_content=organic&utm_campaign=NGMT_USG_JC01_GL_Nature (your welcome)
  22. There's alot of stupid people doing those government jobs. In an emergency, they might not be able to see the exit signs. How can we make exit signs clearer to stupid people with dangerous levels of power in danger of injuring themselves and/or members of the public in an emergency.
  23. "Spirit of the son of God" is what he claimed and he is often misquoted by the people who tell you he said "son of God" who actually lead the crowd to boo him over a fake David Icke they manufacture and try to pin on the real David Icke who is not the thing who said what his haters say he said. In order to form a view of the real David Icke, you need to look at the real David Icke, not the effigy created by those who ironically coined the phrase 'hate speech' while massively engaged in it, not only against David Icke but anything outside of a censorship bubble created by GEC in the 1920s that you must live in if you believe he said he was "the son of God" when the specific "spirit of the son of God" is meaningless. This has to do with inter dimensional energy beings the censorship bubnle has you blind to which manipulate your daily life, for better or worse. You should investigate the claims of the media very thoroughly in regard to what they say about David Icke and all things nutty conspiracy theory that they say "everybody knows is rubbish". We must be nobody then. Nobody predicted the lockdown, the travel restrictions, mandatory medical procedures, internet censorship and a whole load of other things decades ago that the media cult feigns surprise over despite them playing a central role in their introduction. We had the 'news' in March relayed to us 15 years ago. The people who say David Icke said "[some misquote out of context followed by bouts of laughter]" haven't told you tommorow's news yet despite that they are engineering it. There's a kind of battle of the time lords going on. In your present trajectory, THX1138 will be executed, in the trajectory we are trying to move the earth to, THX1138 is never so named nor does the social structure that manufactures him come into existence. What do you know about David Icke and his connection to the other things we have injected into the censorship bubble to warn you.
  24. Section 13 K (ii) of The Health Protection (Coronavirus) (Restrictions and Requirements) (Scotland) Regulations 2020 provides there is no requirement to wear a mask if doing so causes 'severe distress'. Section 13k(i) addresses exemptions due to mental illness or health conditions. Severe Distress refers to circumstances which fall into neither of these categories. The level of sorrow a reasonable person might feel in complying with mandatory medical procedures while new levels of censorship deprive many of basic neccessities to fulfil the requirements for 'informed consent' to be possible is an example of severe distress. It is very difficult to describe this kind of distress to those who are lacking in reason and/or conscience without inflaming hatred at the person exercising their legal rights and yet it does not meet the requirements of section k(i) where an exemption exists on medical grounds. People on this forum are on the front line protecting human rights and are coming across situations where those who have taken oaths to the queen to protect human rights now reprisent a significant impediment to their exercise. It is noted that despite actions by state party agencies against freedom of assembly, the state party has declared no derogation from Article 21 of the ICCPR, making it a crime against humanity for state party agencies to engage in these violations which the state party can not lawfully provide protection. In other news, members of the Taliban who committed historic crimes against humanity in Afghanistan whilst in positions of power are sought by Afghan authorities to face international justice.
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