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  1. The server geo-location for Dominion is Wichita Point, Lake Wichita, Kansas. Have a look at the name of the predominant land owner around the area. This is probably the real location of a famous presidential hunting accident thought to have been in Texas where there is also a Wichita. There's some really complex jiggery pokery going on given how unlikely it would be that would be the case. It's the last thing you would expect. PS Vote harder!
  2. "EU law shall continue to have effect...", but the politicians say we are out of the EU. On the plus side, no one ever voted for the EU to dictate the law to the UK, politicians are meaningless. We'll just have to lie, cheat and steal our human rights back.
  3. whats up with Paganism? Socrates was a Pagan, teaching about the heavenly abode to Glaucon while proposing a system of government called Timocracy - A system where the just and righteous became the elect and the unjust and immoral became the lowest strata.
  4. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-03441-8?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_content=organic&utm_campaign=NGMT_USG_JC01_GL_Nature (your welcome)
  5. "Spirit of the son of God" is what he claimed and he is often misquoted by the people who tell you he said "son of God" who actually lead the crowd to boo him over a fake David Icke they manufacture and try to pin on the real David Icke who is not the thing who said what his haters say he said. In order to form a view of the real David Icke, you need to look at the real David Icke, not the effigy created by those who ironically coined the phrase 'hate speech' while massively engaged in it, not only against David Icke but anything outside of a censorship bubble created by GEC in the 1920s that you must live in if you believe he said he was "the son of God" when the specific "spirit of the son of God" is meaningless. This has to do with inter dimensional energy beings the censorship bubnle has you blind to which manipulate your daily life, for better or worse. You should investigate the claims of the media very thoroughly in regard to what they say about David Icke and all things nutty conspiracy theory that they say "everybody knows is rubbish". We must be nobody then. Nobody predicted the lockdown, the travel restrictions, mandatory medical procedures, internet censorship and a whole load of other things decades ago that the media cult feigns surprise over despite them playing a central role in their introduction. We had the 'news' in March relayed to us 15 years ago. The people who say David Icke said "[some misquote out of context followed by bouts of laughter]" haven't told you tommorow's news yet despite that they are engineering it. There's a kind of battle of the time lords going on. In your present trajectory, THX1138 will be executed, in the trajectory we are trying to move the earth to, THX1138 is never so named nor does the social structure that manufactures him come into existence. What do you know about David Icke and his connection to the other things we have injected into the censorship bubble to warn you.
  6. Fuck you tube. I dont even get why he even has google tags on this forum. Its google fucked him and he's giving google a backdoor into his online support. Youtube was dying before they were bought by google. Anything hosted by google is likely to fahrenheit 451ed if google doesnt like it. That includes google drive webrtc signal service. Dont rely on google for anything. Its fast but its not even a proper search engine anymore. Id rather wait 10 seconds for real results then 1 second for google to drop a turd on my browser. Maps is good but filled with holes you dont realise are holes. They should at least say "that bits been covered up" not paste fake scenery over the hole. They are looking at what Im looking at and where Im going using gps (switch it off), wifi (switch it off), bluetooth le (can you switch that off?), 3g network masts. This is way beyond the kgb and living in 'the land of the free'. If you start a youtube channel, you might regret losing all your work so much, youll be given deals you wont refuse. Good riddance to youtube.
  7. Apart from their little toesies. They dont need their little toesies. Surely we can eat their little toasies. The government can still collect their organs from them when theyre grown up right?
  8. Steph


    That makes sense to me. Are you aware the BBC was a subsidiary of GEC which became like Lockheed Martin is now in WW1.
  9. I think you missed the overall important part of the message.
  10. Steph


    What if Orwell wasn't talking about the Soviets, the Nazis or some future dystopia. What if this has been going on throughout and we were born into a prison so deep we didn't know games being played on us by psychology and our 'bereavement' over the loss of democracy and sovereignty and improved crimefighting techniques against newly invented crimes is actually the sign of a real mental delusion cast upon us by those as liberty treating us as slaves pretending to be our friends. The version of reality they will acknowledge is not consistent with facts they consciously prevent from being spoken while they engender a hate for the speakers of truths they conceal from those they deceive in the present. What if 1948 is just a whitewash and the great proclamation of human rights is just a big pack of lies they tell the slaves they keep within deception. I've spent nearly three decades (more than half my life) waiting for a public acknowledgement there's no democracy while they've swept the very basis for legitimate authority being non-existent under the carpet. If I relate those facts to kids as important details about the legitimacy of the system, they'll claim I'm a pedophile or something for trying to protect those kids from unconsciously being slaves to a system deceiving them and the enslavers get very angry and upset that truth should be told. There's only theories about the full scale conspiracy because evidence is censored and concealed by those holding people to such account they want to know if how often you've been in the vicinity of a person while buying a loaf of bread and herpes ointment at the supermarket. The current human rights violations due to the covid emergency were going on before the emergency and the shutting down of public worship is against the law for the state party to the ICCPR, something hidden from the public and broadly ignored by states equally as guilty as Iraq and North Korea, if not more so, but then I come a view that causing and threatening injury is against the law but those deceiving their way to power seem to behave as though it was against the law to not cause and threaten as much injury as possible. Its like cops n robbers with the cops trying to reason with robbers to not be evil while the cops have a piece of paper promissing human rights for all and the robber has swag bag, a truncheon, a tazer, a gun and a police uniform claiming he is the law. I dont just mean cops as cops and robbers as robbers but the whole system promising everything while making it impossible to get anything without selling your soul to it. What if this has always been going on, getting more sophisticated as the slaves become more aware of what those guys were talking about in the 1850s regarding a system of slavery which was hidden then revealed then hidden again. At present its revealled and people say they cant see it. Those who can need to separate from those who claim they cant and unify in ways those who claim they cant wont be able to see. Slavery is murder.
  11. Elon Musk is promoting the idea that people are praying to nanobots and god is a big supercomputer owned by rich people the msm will say must be obeyed cosademocracy and all their shit talk. They are the antichrist.
  12. Where does the internet come into what Ive said (other than how I transmitted the message to members).
  13. Eugenics = genetic disease Police spies = surveillance state Gas Chamber = Physician Assisted Death Jew = Most vulnerable economic group cycling through hoops to nowhere Medical Experimentation = New Vaccine Number tattoo = covid-19 tracking api Adolf Hitler = shadowy unaccountable bureacracy Ministry of Propaganda = Main Stream Media Is there anything going on now except the flags and banners? These aren't 'rules', these are crimes against humanity.
  14. I think the plans more along the lines of those, who through deception and superstition have given up respect for fundamental liberties will be encouraged to attack those they perceive to be controlling nanobots in their brain. They are Marsians and Elon Musk wants to send them home.
  15. Its not about lights in the sky. Its about emanences in the heavens. All religions are about this.
  16. The skull is Golgotha to the Christians, Cerberus to the pagans. This is actually a Christian sculpture. Things are not as they are presented.
  17. The child was found to be among the living, not the dead.
  18. December or March 2022 depending how the regulations are interpreted.
  19. I've got an afro in my pubes. I'm thinking about getting dreadlocks.
  20. True. It doesn't look like an original feature. The romans used concrete. This looks about the 1700's to me though.
  21. The original abrahamic circumcission was done to males only by the first covenant for whatever reasons. New covenants later changed this and it gets to the point where no one has a clue who is actually circumcised and who isnt an circumcission becomes uncircumcission and superstitious rituals become the false covenant and the spiritual realm like witchcraft. This bullshits been going on for thousands of years.
  22. The figure is the skull in celestial form and the skull is the figure in terrestrial form.
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