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    Virus Alert!

    Reknowned medical expert Dr Hoffman of Stuttgart has released a statement declaring he has discovered a new virus. The famous medical expert states that the latest updates to Windows 10 contains a virus and is engaging in philanthropic work to find the cure. Specimens have been taken from Finnish Penguins to provide a new cure that replaces the entire Windows 10 operating system. He is wondering why he isn't on the gnus.
  2. A 17 year old on a British registered ship is over the age of consent. She's claiming there's a bit of non-consensual BDSM going on with the whole boat thing and if that stands up in a competent court like ... it reached US shores where the Queen has no power then thats illegal on a British ship even if the Duke of York has diplomatic immunity. If it doesnt stand up in court, all he's guilty of is being a divorcee and free to shag whoever he can get to shag him. If that's a crime, I better hand myself over to the cops right now for crimes against chastity. It's none of my fucking business if the russian prostitute sucked his cock while giving him a foot massage. His poor daughters must be livid with Eugenie stoned out her face and Beatrice having meals in restaraunts with not a care in the world about wearing a mask while eating a curry. How unladylike. Next thing you know the Duchess of Wessex will have her turds photographed and plastered over newspapers to prove to William that The Sun shines out of Rupert Murdoch's arse.
  3. An academic journal is something few outside of academia would have laid their eyes on. The Lancet is a magazine aimed at medical professionals. Did you know the government publishes newspapers (and I don't mean the Daily Mail)? The three government newspapers are The London Gazette, The Edinburgh Gazette and The Belfast Gazette. You can find them online and they've been around for centuries but they are like medical journals in that only legal professionals would be interested in them. The scary thing about the medical world is the firewall. Alot of whats going on in medicine is behind a wall of steel the CIA would be proud of. The history of medicine is not as "hygenic" as it may be presented. There's a meme about grave diggers from the middle ages where physicians would pay people to dig up dead bodies of the recently deceased to do experiments on. This whole thing about physician assisted death is so tied up with Josef Mengele and the Nazis that its actually shocking to see it being promoted by the ... erm ... "news" - ie The Fourth Reich propaganda ministry thats re-normalised a lot of ideologies our country has traditionally opposed. The people running the media for the past thirty years have values which are alien to British people. I'm not talking about race here but something that's alien Frank Bruno and Alf Garnet and pretty much anyone old enough to remember that we fought against police states, both in World War 2 and in the Cold War that arose in it's aftermath. That the media has been pushing these ideologies for three decades and there's people my age who claim they don't notice makes you wonder how it's possible for anyone to be that blind and they are often found in "positions of responsibility". I think they all need to be interviewed under caution regarding their mental capacities. If they are idiots, they should not be in positions of power, if they aren't idiots they should be locked up and made to listen to Gary Glitter singing "You wanna be in my gang" on repeat with occasional interludes from Rick Astley singing "You know the rules and so do I". Corrupt or stupid, an awful lot of people need to be removed from duty because the truth of what they've done cannot be hidden by them putting a bag over their head saying "I don't see a police state".
  4. Not content with the nature of reality, Dr Hoffman keeps the rose tinted glasses over his eyes while stroking his white cat Fluffles. His face turns bright red, perhaps even purple as he sees his efforts to censor all information about coronavirus has failed as the speakers of English have just coined a new word to communicate their thoughts on the matter and this has caused the executives on his puppet strings at the search engines to faint over what Dr Hoffman demands they do next. BUILD ME A TOWER FROM THE TOP DOWN SO THE TOWERS BASE IS LAID AFTER ITS TOP! Keen to avoid the blackmail information outing them they start to puzzle how to complete the crazy Doctor's impossible task. One guy in the corner leering at a book of seven year olds in revealing pretty pink dresses comes up with the solution. I know, let's prepare for the tower's construction. The guy looking through the list of corporate enemies and friends looks at the guy tracking the location of the husband who's wife he's shagging wondering what the sleaze bucket in the corner has in mind. So they all head down to the building site while the pedo gets on the phone to the kingpin telling him to come down to the site. Dr. Hoffman turns up and the guy approaches him and says "We are ready to start construction of the new tower, we just need you to lay the foundation stone." I'm kind of hoping that the world will be blown to their senses once they realise they've been duped. Seeing as how they are all wearing rose tinted glasses and their pride restricts them from taking the glasses off, they're kind of blind to whats going on. In the blindspots we can operate without being seen. I don't expect democracy will be viable in my own life time but whatever we can do to raise the t-cell count if fascism is the disease has to be some contribution for tommorows people to restore for themself everything we've lost. If reptillians can put on a human skin and be invisible to the naive, what if we put on a reptillian skin and made the reptillian activities very obvious. Instead of saying "look at this information here", why not just present that information as our own policies dressed as reptillians and be right in the face of all the sheeple. Our overt presence would be terrifying but our talk of our secret members doing our bidding in everyones daily lives would make people look around for human looking people behaving as we pretend to in ways they will be unable to shut their eyes. If we can raise the t-cell count enough we just have ourselves killed in a spectacular theatrical explosion that will thrust the t-cells against what we represent toward a glorious victory since the appearance of a spectacular victory will garner a momentum for others to stand with those who stand up for human rights. We can then just go back to our normal lives but before we do, leave a message that the reptillians are still around and we will be back in greater numbers... then disappear into a better world... having taken advantage of the sheeples capacity to be sheeple. Now the herds moving toward a safer pasture but the big problem is how we turn a fake democracy into a real one when power has a tendency to corrupt and the realities of what we are living in just now could cause calamnity if its not handled delicately. There's people dying for the lack of knowledge and if the right knowledge falls into the wrong hands, even more people are going to die. The path to Higara should be given first to those with a will to help others first so that those with a will to harm others to get to Higara will not hinder the progress of everyone reaching Higara. Wealth, power, privelege, position are irrelevant, only the sacred law and no vain appearances of it but deeds according to the capacity of the souls earth form to act. 2 denari from an impoverished widow was worth more than 10 denari from rich man.
  5. He's 93 years old. I'm more concerned about his formative values in the Hitler youth. It would be good to hear his thoughts on the matter in a sincere way. Obviously he loves Germany but what about Nazi ideology, Eugenics (there's some 'appreciation for this in catholocism), his views on Jews, even criticisms because there was alot of decadence in the weimar republic and the obvious insincere thing to do is paint the jews beyond reproach. What about the other dissidents and the people who were killed due to aktion t4 at the start of the holocaust. How does he feel about these practices and if he approves of the same practices in the mirror of today. Thats the scariest thing about pope benedict. As for how he physically appears ... Id rather rub my bell end on Kayleigh McEneny's naughty bits but then I'm an internet pervert.
  6. 5% ineffective and its been rolled out to protect 0.1%. Thanks mass media! Genocide is a denial of the right of existence of entire human groups, as homicide is the denial of the right to live of individual human beings; such denial of the right of existence shocks the conscience of mankind, results in great losses to humanity in the form of cultural and other contributions represented by these human groups, and is contrary to moral law and the spirit and aims of the United Nations. Many instances of such crimes of genocide have occurred when racial, religious, political and other groups have been destroyed, entirely or in part. — UN Resolution 96(1), 11 December 1946 Note that genocide is not restricted to cases of shared ethnicity or religion or any particular shared quality of a group and the six classifications in the charter are examples from history and not an exhaustive list. Genocide is the mass murder committed by governments against their own people. Those promoting the vaccine - honi soit qui mal y pense - are actually proposing death to an alternative 4.9% of the population to save 0.1%. What about 0.1% being held under separate arrangements so the 0.1% and the 4.9% both enjoy their human rights. If a government has to kill its own people to fulfill its policy objectives, those to be killed having done nothing to deserve death, cannot be remotely assumed to consent to the status quo and have every right to defend themselfs from it. A separate government should be recognised for those to be killed since their master intends their murder. Why dont we just kill the tv presenters? Theyve been game for the destruction of every human right promised. We could slice up celebrities into steaks, and marinade them with gravy made from their innards. Their organs become the property of the government if they die so we could make pate out the kidneys and livers of the tv celebrities people know and love and sell these as exclusive new products to the wonderful audiences who care nothing about silly little things like morality all along the line to this cesspit. I'd rather have a pot of news caster eyeballs as an afterdinner apertif than some peasants disease ridden body parts and besides, given everything else the tv culture has thoroughly applauded from the killing of the unborn to mandatory medical procedures (and lets not forget the 'treatment' of those deemed mentally ill, I'm sure they will be gushing at the prospect of being served by the public after years of serving the public to the beast which has destroyed our human rights! I cant believe its not lard - guess which "journalist" ends up in that tub. Its time to jail these bastards.
  7. You need to start listening to George Carlin or even Jon Stewart. These guys are primarily comedians who use fucked up things about the world as a source of humour. Slapstick is when your laughing at the injured. Satire is when your laughing at the injurors. Using subtle cues, information is transferred from court jester to court while the jester hopes the king will see the court recognises the point without having the trapdoor to the crocodile pit opened underneath him by the fuming king. Interesting you pulled that lever your majesty.
  8. There was something conveyed in giving the official arabic translation
  9. I see the humour of it as well. I'm not trying to take away from that but it is television.
  10. You should have translated it yourself before deleting. The jokes on you. It was the official arabic translation of the preamble to a document written in English by Supreme Command Allied Expeditionary Forces which was proclaimed to the whole world after the defeat of fascism in 1948. The salient point being: "If man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law." I can only get the salient point across, as for the rest of it, I'll leave google tag manager to break it's teeth on it.
  11. It's probably staged. It's got a few US cultural memes written on it. The guy in the "redcoat" is stupid and they always end up dead. Fairfax (fait facts - that liberty torch has an awful lot of historic meaning) is the site of "providence" a colonial settlement granted to the Sixth Earl of Fairfax by King Charles. It was the deciding factor in the civil war where the battle of Fairfax which had no clear winner left the confederates stranded who were defeated shortly after. The confederates in US culture are the owners of cotton picking niggers and the unionists are the great benevolent liberators of the slaves. In between the lines of the broadcast there will be memes and themes suggested round the big national campfire as people stare at their televisions wondering if King George is up to his tricks. We British are also the anti-heroes of Bollywood. We should play to it and export ourselves as the global Darth Vader for countries wise enough to teach good and evil and with leaders who recognise that just as evil pretends to be good, good can also pretend to be evil. Isn't it funny no one notices the policies of Adolf Hitler when there aren't any swastikas? Let us raise the flag of our supremacy in the world and gather those who wish to enjoin our supremacy over everything, and aniahlate the inferior people with the most ineffective ways possible. Let us stand united as the supreme and raise a salute to our supreme power which will eventually annhialate the inferior breeds once we have a more effective way of doing so. Sack any, who suffer from compassion for the inferior breeds, they are not as supreme as those who deserve to stand amongst the supreme master race, and should be disgarded among society's filth. Any in the ranks of the mighty who come to infiltrate us to bring us down, toss them to those inferior dogs. We wish to instill a pride in the great and supreme so that there is no question that they are the greatest people in the world, then in a splendid moment of clarity about who is who, we present to the great mighty superior people a film of who the enemies of the people are. The anticipated great screening where only the most exclusive people who form the master class are invited to attend. It is very unfitting that any respected member shouldn't be there. An introduction talk is given by the supreme leader himself, concerning the content the exclusive audience is about to see. All the inferior people have been routed out, and this film is strictly for the viewing of the greatest. An inspiring speech which will warn them about the film depicting something shocking about the inferior people and the enemies of the people who walk among them. The lights go down and the supreme leader leaves, stage left ... a sinistra! The projector comes on and the exclusive audience sees a live video of the biggest enemy of the people. Its from a camera pointed at the exclusive audience. It just keeps rolling while a confusion slowly overtakes the audience. Ten minutes go by and there's some looking for answers but no one has any. Where is the supreme leader? Where are his inner circle? No one knows. The projector room is empty. There's no answers. Just confusion. Half an hour later the first drips begin to spill out from the theatre, but all the inferior people are outside clapping and cheering for the supreme and mighty enemies of the people. Each of them kept under constant observation. The incident may have caused them a mental illness which could cause them to lash out at inferior people. Maybe there's an innocent caught up in it through circumstances which are difficult to prevent in the management of large groups of people. Every one of them should be approached to join the underground. This will require them to throw acid on a child's face to liberate the entrapped. Help a fellow member of the underground by dispatching someone who has the right organ for someone needing a doner. Some gruesome act against the innocent. Caught red handed, there's nothing going on there leaving stage right. Those who refuse to partake in misdeeds, well there's maybe something weird about them showing up in a group of supremacists like that. Check them out, maybe the weights of Maat are a bit too universal. Put them on a balanced scale and see what weight they balance at. Lighter than a feather? Straighten the paths, describe the past and warn this Ra about Apophis, he or she has seen everything and measures. There's no easy harmony when the Ra can tip Maat's scales. Have any crimes been commited? By Veritas, Themis will not be happy at the wrong against the Ra in our systemicism. What can we offer the Ra to unclap the clap of thunder outside the film house? Libertas, to be a shining eye of a capless pyramid amongst the many eyes which are watching for those who would make themself master over all. May the stars shine freely in the belly of Nuit, may the whispering waters of Mnemosne heal the pains of the coming of our lord. You can't be in this place if your crazy for the world, to be here, you have to be mad! How come there's fairies that don't believe in fairies? Is it because they are pixies playing trixies? Don't be afraid of the dark!
  12. Protestor crushed between the governments closing iron gates and wheeled skip being hurtled toward it. That's some metaphor.
  13. It's just a terrestrial eclipse. The heavens are not the sky. The extra-terrestrial apocalypse happens after the great light in the heavens has been eclipsed by the big rock of the earth since the beginning of time. If you think the earth can eclipse the sun, you must be living on the moon. This is not what is meant by eclipse and apocalypse - the great revealing.
  14. Anywhere WE gather, THEY gather, sewing discord between us, interfering in communication between us and sewing slanerous lies to us behind each others backs. THEY appear to be one thing, but they are in fact another. I, like many, have a story to tell which is true, and if everyone were the good people that THEY can only pretend to be and the good people would accept this truth for the truth it is, those who are only pretending would be finished. In the age of the internet THEY have managed to prevent much truth being told and coating the techniques by which THEY do this as good an onerous deeds or even things that just seem to happen by themselves. The spiritually sick add up to being thieves, frauds and liars and there is no shortage of accusations of mental illness from them which are truly threats against the human rights of those they perceive to be the slaves. With censorship, fake people and manipulated fora for communication, those with stories to tell cant tell them to one another too easily. So much for the last bastion of free speech if the process of removing the Covid-19 Notification API is suppressed by a monopoly of search engines which promote disabling the malware to those seeking to remove it, without hinting at its presence being through a backdoor which makes the removal of the malware AND the backdoor, the only option to secure your phone. This is just one well described clear example of the kind of things THEY are doing. We aren't even living in a democracy. The television in your living room is a weapon. I can explain my reasoning for these "theories" but the conversation would be interrupted, mocked and disrupted before 10% of the reasoning was given. There is a huge spiritual deception going on by an abuse cult which is hidden in the shadows but very bold when it appears. You need to be very bold to stand up to it and their ranks include very powerful people about the same size as "David Icke - Mainstream Television Sports Presenter (1980s)". The television is a weapon! They are running a massive slave racket and the slaves are spiritually deceived. They want to recruit or destroy those who their system of covert slavery can not control. That's why they are now pushing malware like its the new biological biz to make you whiter than white. Regardless of the colour of your skin, to them, you're a nigger! My main point here isn't about the system of slavery but about the inability of slaves to communicate with one another without "interference in the privacy of home and correspondence" by those who show a red flag when you ask about unelected prime ministers, sovereignty, democracy, media narratives and any or all those lies which reasonable people are expected to blow their own brains out over just because they see it. You cannot awaken those who are only pretending to be sheeple. Those who have had the wool pulled from their eyes, must find ways to vet out those who are sheeple or pretending to be so and meet in places that neither wolf nor sheeple can see. There is a need for charitable actions toward the sheeple like open discussion in public forums that THEY censor while filling the board with loud offensive things to ward off as many sheeple as possible. There is also a need for the shepards to organise in places that the wolves cannot see. The sheep do not look up, some wolves do not look up, but there are wolves even in the sacred mountains. Forget how things appear. Trust your own perception even though the whole world would appear to say it cannot be so. Trust your reason, trust your observation and see things for what they are. In the fake world, there are no sheeple, there are no wolves and the shepherds are the madmen shouting conspiracy theory at those who call them out for lies. To build a shepherds hut in the not-so-fake world, you need to see the world for what is, no longer suspended in disbelief. The solution to the problem will be suggested by the wolves that we throw ourselves like raw eggs against their wall. The best solutions are discussed in the shepherds huts where the wolves are vetted out, the sheeple cannot see to interrupt and communications are secure from any eavesdropping. Listening through closed doors was always a wrong and in a fake democracy, those who do it in the name of the name of the system, are very very naughty. As for their laws, our first priority should be to raise them up for having such fealty for their laws, then kick away the chair, to see if the tie which binds the noose around their neck will snap. Leave the wrigglers dangling. They tied the rope themself and look how high the backstabbers are above us. The naive will say its terrible, but we will show them the footage of what they were like with power as they climbed toward the gallows and they will understand who the real fascists were and why their name lives on in infamy. If you're not a racist, you might learn something from this:
  15. No one can stop your progression to the afterlife but your course can be diverted by those who know the way and those who go whatever way that seems to be the flow of things. The gate is narrow and Jesus points the way to a place which is darker than any mystery, but he is not alone and the same is embodied in many religions around the world, even the ones we killed because they were taken by corruption, and we will christianity if it becomes the opposite of what was recommended to us by the founder. "In the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was God" - what nonsense is this? It makes no sense to those before the veil, yet them niggers in Africa with their false religion(?) say the same thing when they relate that a Loa was eaten by a crocodile before it was born and the crocodile spoke and spat the Loa out. It has the same meaning as what is written by John but to those who are merely on the path whether they are niggers or crackers, the same truth is being told in myriad ways. To avoid deception avoid being deceptive. How hippocritical that I should say this telling you the truth is hidden in a mystery. Make your paths straight, the mystery is concealed from those whos ways are bent. The wrigglers spend their energy conquering the earth, but the innocents path leads to a world where the earth was conquered millenia ago. Keep the precepts, be wary of those who place the temporary laws of man above justice itself. Christianity is easily accessible in the English speaking world. Id recommend something more hindi if we were writing in sanscrit. They all point to the afterlife and you should expect its arrival before you die at a time you least expect. It will be hell, but you can make it heaven by treating others the way you wish to be treated in this world and the next.
  16. Blackadder on the medical profession. Note the name of the Doctor from Stuttgart. It might help in your research. EB becomes worried about the feelings he is getting for his manservant, Bob, who is actually a cunningly disguised good-looking girl called Kate, and goes to the doctors. D: Now then what seems to be the trouble? E: Well, it is my man servant. D: I see. Well don't be embarrassed if you got the pocks. Just pop your man servant on the table and we'll take a look at him. E: No, I mean, it is my real man servant. D: Ah, ah. And what is wrong with him? E: There is nothing wrong with him. That is the problem. He's perfect and last night I almost kissed him. D: I see. So you started fancying boys then, have you? E: Not boys. A boy. D: Yes, well let's not split hairs. It is all rather disgusting and naturally you're worried. E: Of course I'm worried. D: Well, of course you are. It isn't every day a man wakes up to discover he's a screaming bender with no more right to live on Gods clean earth than a weazle. Ashamed of your self? E: Not really, no. D: Bloody hell! I would be. But still why should I complain? Just leaves more rampant totty for us real men, eh? E: Look, am I paying for this personal abuse or is it extra? D: No, it's all part of the service. I think you're in luck though. An extraordinary new cure has just been developed for exactly this kind of sordid problem. E: It wouldn't have anything to do with leeches, would it? D: I had no idea you were a medical man. E: Never had anything you doctors didn't try to cure with leeches. A leech on my ear for ear ache, a leech on my bottom for constipation. D: They're marvellous, aren't they? E: Well, the bottom one wasn't. I just sat there and squashed it. D: You know the leech comes to us on the highest authority? E: Yes. I know that. Dr. Hoffmann of Stuttgart, isn't it? D: That's right, the great Hoffmann. E: Owner of the largest leech farm of Europe. D: Yes. Well, I cannot spend all day gossiping. I'm a busy man. As far as this case is concerned I have now had time to think it over and I can strongly recommend a course of leeches. E: Yes. I 'll pop a couple down my codpiece before I go to bed. D: No, no, no, no. Don't be ridiculous. This isn't the dark ages. Just pop four in your mouth in the morning and let them dissolve slowly. In a couple of weeks you 'll be beating your servant with a stick, just like the rest of us.
  17. ... "the war was always with eastasia" Who in the world to come would believe in the world that's now. The 1980's never happened in this world where the policies of Adolf Hitler are loved by all the sheeple.
  18. So there's this practical joke where everybody's swapping the simcards in the phones of maskholes while public officials hiding an anti-personnel targeting system tell people to behave more responsibly as it is afterall just a joke and nutty conspiracy theories like the deliberate creation of a surveillance state could never happen here. If things start getting weirder, be prepared to act in weird ways while keeping up a facade they cannot address. Theres mock locations and all kinds of stuff Tony the Phoney and his cronies haven't took account of and they'll have some job accessing the internet if they find a loophole in the software licenses which restricts their dot coms from restricting end users doing whatever the hell they please with their phones. They can't afford the geeks to build their prison planet and now they've launched, Tony the Phoney should end up in a very distasteful publicly visible prison he designed for us :- the British People, the real Iraq!
  19. I can kill, rape, steal, cheat, lie, beat people up, enslave, exploit and smoke a bong. I'm definitely an evil witch king but mostly its just smoking a bong and as for all the other evil stuff, well I don't give out shit but I don't take any. (cackle cackle).
  20. There was a bunch of people trying to enslave people and the people refusing to be slaves said they already had a master in Jesus Christ. Do you know what the enslavers did with that? They killed those who refused to be slaves and declared themselves the authority over almighty god, now they say there is no god, slavery is abolished but lay claim to owning everything in the whole world and telling the slaves they're free but so stupid they need to be looked after by those making claims so outrageous yet normal that the mentally ill think god given liberties are a threat to the greatness of their "having greater responsibilities than the people they serve". Jesus was a rebel against the principalities of iniquity and those who feel they have a right to be more equal than others fucking hate him! As for the plasticene jesus that seems moulded into whatever shape the iniquitous would have you idolise, you can toss that God in the fire but if its made of flesh, leave it to the SAS. Maybe Jesus isn't your cup of tea. What about Babar the elephant, a baby God born to older Gods, Hercules, son of Zeus or some of Chinese or African stuff about magic. You're made of magic but the earth is full of dirt.
  21. Two guys paid to kill each other by a guy who's afraid of being murdered by either. Define good?
  22. Left brain, right brain and the shrinks think the patients are delusional!
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