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  1. I knew what a jiva is but had no name to describe this state of being. If a jiva thinks he is the body and a non-jive does not, the non-jiva recognises the body fastened round it, can it be unfastened without losing the body?
  2. Where does this kind of stuff come from? Is it Bhuddist or Shinto, FG? That sort of stuff is what Im trying to learn about.
  3. Please write an article on it at auranos.org
  4. I knew someone who could recall summers so hot that asphalt melted. The same person believed in global warming. Empirical data says global freezing. Observable data says no change at all. Television says global warming. They think Im crazy! Im mad!
  5. Theres a link on the main site header to enter the forum. What about the reverse?
  6. Your hijacking this thread. I made it clear at post one that the msm was doing distraction and racialising a protest about free speech. Even the corners of the satanic media content your posting still pushing a racialised narrative while claiming you dont support all that are corners where the satanic narrative doesnt mention while going Charlie Hebdo, Charlie Hebdo, Charlie Hebdo. I know the meaning of "The land of lights is somber" but whats the point of discussing the destruction of Notre Dame on a thread now dedicated to Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew or the Islamist equivalent of kic
  7. Oh no the great reset is going to turn my hard work for nothing into hard work for nothing. We can still opt out of mandatory medical procedures like masks, vaccines, spyware apps and organ donations right? Well at last I have a good card deal for the first time in history but the stakes are high in a world that wants to slit my throat for failing to surrender what were once everybodies rights protected by the rule of law. Leave the maskholes in their utopia, liberate the bullied and deceived.
  8. VAERS https://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/ensuringsafety/monitoring/vaers/index.html I think people putting unswabbed tests into the testtube and it showing up positive is a 'meta-signal' that all current vaccination programs should cease until the anomolous 'science' is examined. My fears that the amount of scientific fraud in medicine, some of it malevolent, is on such a scale that a whole science will be called for from Hermes and Vulcan so as to reliably detect fake science, especially in regards to the work of Aesclepius. New treatments for cancer and aids come out every year but the c
  9. Those French people are being censored by fake news sponsored independent fact checkers and their protest is being co-opted to generate sectarian conflicts by people who were trained up on the Human Terrain System under the disguise of liberating Iraq. Any Sociologist, Psychiatrist or Anthropologist can be interrogated under caution regarding their involvement with Facebook et al, or what they are aware of in regards to information that can be gleaned from what might be described as Terrorist Training Manuals except for the fact that the "terrorists who hate our freedom" are people those who b
  10. I was about five years old or something and when I looked, the earth looked flat. Something made think the earth was round I had implicit trust in. When the things that seemed right to you as a kid start looking like the truth concealled by a world in which you misplaced trust, you question everything. Sophistry and philosophy begin to show themselves in the course of time. Sophists say "science says...", philosophers say "nature says...". Science in its original context is the philosophy of nature. The true scientist isnt seeking what scientists say as an end. These are sometimes helpful, som
  11. The BBC uses voice actors putting their own words on the mouths of masked protestors being interviewed. A minority give a fuck about Muslims trampling on free speech. The big elephant in the room is the fake media, the covid nazis, etc, same as in UK. I wouldnt be shocked if French people were being told the UK march for freedom protests was about white people angry at the BLM. The media is total fraud. I once saw an interview with Saddam Hussein and although I dont speak Arabic, I heard himsay the word "Americano". Nowhere did the subtitles mention the word American or anything of
  12. Have a look at the video thumbnail frame. Voltaire wearing a mask. Fuck the bbc commentary and a few highly focussed distraction shots mentioning the things the euromedia wants their viewers to focus on. Why is French enlightenment philosopher depicted wearing a mask? Theres nothing going here generally with regard to race or religion but values. Values that Macron and the Euromedia shoring up his anti-French regime in France dont have. By France I dont mean blood lines or whos high enough in social rank to paint the real reasons for these protests as something bordering on anti-Islamic. Thats
  13. I know galileos proof for heliocentrism. I havent studied the evidence for myself but I could do so using the barest of tools I could pick up at a deserted beach. You have a camera with a bearing and a telescope of significant technical sophistication compared to the hollwed out tree trunk and etched flatstone protractor a poor man with wisdom could construct. The proof of heliocentrism isnt in a book but written in the stars (in the sky). Use your camera to trace their paths of the stars that move independent from the other stars. These are planets. From what Im told they have complex traject
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