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  1. That's got a hidden spyware connection on it.
  2. i am not the leader you are seeking but PM quoting this here and I will turn your enemies into toadstools. You will see a leader you least expected roar in your face saying "why do you neglect me". Oh most handsome beautiful one, I am beneath your wisdom but above your foolishness to disbelieve the mighty one. I am a white rabbit ushering you to the tea party. Beyond the tea party, who am I? A dormouse?
  3. Far from bradford. I'm supposed to be a fecking pirate ya feckin landlubber! You nutty conspiracy theorist! Could never happen here. Thanks for verifying the possibility of 3 5 1 L existing. It makes me so S.A.D. Mission Impossible 5 will relate something if its legit. 999 Are taking calls about UFOs. Shh. Least said, less mischief. Ill say something somewhere.
  4. Enemy territory you fcking noob as pwnd camper fucks. I've had so much rum I cant tell if Im a pirate or an anti-nazi. NO BOTS XP SAVE FOREVER. Last one to call psiborg a reptile isnt a penguin!
  5. Reservoirs are small bodies of water. I'm sure someone will put their uranium hemispheres together and check it out. I assume youre in chester?
  6. They didn't need wonderbras back in the good old days
  7. I dont think I would have noticed how fantastic her tits were if I hadnt had a glash. (yes glash!)
  8. It has to have happened though. I mean 'throwing jews in the oven' hasnt happened yet (not that we would know in a censorship/propaganda lockdown) but things that have come to pass they said 'could never happen here' while mihop. Like "automated location tracking of civilians".
  9. I havent had booze for a leap year but I have had some strange tasting tobacco over a year ago. You guys are dumped until Im sober. Im off tor the fun places.
  10. That's not a word and they cheat at chess
  11. I was expecting more like "cctv cameras on public streets" but hey, "steph has some rum"
  12. Now you mention it, I'm about to be transformed into a pirate. I haven't been intoxicated for over a year but seeing how its christmas and for the first time in a long time Im not working, Im about to crack open a bottle of ahar me harties!
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