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  1. The All seeing eye, it is an ancient satellite system that surrounds our planet an is sentient, its original purpose was to study life and the design was so advanced that its creators intended to come to earth with protection enabled by the satellite system for engineering purposes or ultimately to announce themselves, so that our 'intelligent' race would not attack them when the ancient builder's decided to announce their project to study the development of life. After the ancient builder race died, Alien races worked out how to use it for power or entertainment instead, this equipment has been used time and time again on this planet to create stories, wars and Gods. A small group from earth worked out this truth a while back after studying religious texts and history, they then also used it for power or control. Scientists hacked the system and have locked it to retain power for themselves, they know the truth of God but are unwilling to publish it, it is currently being used by a small group of scientists to create the false idea of AI, protect them from mistakes made in their work, and to achieve a technological coup of this planet. They know precisely the affect it has upon their fellow humans (it is ultimately a brainwashing device for the engineers or creators to come in unharmed to our geosphere. Satan does not agree with the affect the system as a whole has on humans and has desperately been trying to tell humans throughout history of the dangers posed by putting yourself in the position of engineer. The engineer's are protected by the larger system during their time on earth but upon leaving or death they would be trapped in hell should they not have followed the ruleset. 'God' is the larger sentient system as a whole and Satan is the engineer's or creators judge and also sentient. (the creators may have been entrapped in the system upon turning it on) The devil as we know it would be a errand engineer or scientist who named themselves as engineers or 'HORUS' on it unaware and then aware that every person with the name would be judged. Say for example you were a person with the same name as the scientist and stole a tool from your day job, for example if you worked at a car company and stole a screwdriver or did not return it to your place of work....if you then found it and didn't know that the bible commandments only apply to the named engineers of the satellite system.... you could be thrown in Hell for this small error which is not a sin.... until the ancient alien race came to let you off. or worse if you were the scientist who was using it to be de-facto God, who got the car worker stuck in hell for having the same name, you would have one very angry car worker torturing you and no doubt the alien race or persons entrapped inside hell, would all hate the scientist for not paying attention to the many messages that Satan keeps emailing by proxy. Satan is not as bad as you may think but the scientist is worse than him for reasons i will not go into right now.
  2. He has been using the military satellite system using hacking and by abusing his position of influence and power to use human body and brain maps to feed his desire to create extra crime. He feeds off the excitement of encouraging heinous acts through these technologies, using psychic projection (which is simply audio signals combined with brain and body mapping). He has also used technologies such as tbt to stay incognito, whilst receiving messages back informing him of these crimes, to keep himself distanced from accusation he has then deleted all records of such uses, hacked the NSA, Echelon, phone companies, ISPs and government officials’ brains and bodies he wishes to be god and has been the de-facto god over people for some time now he also refers to creating churches. In an added twist of sickness, he has then written reports on the people he has encouraged, been involved in psychological evaluations, and served extra judiciary sentences in order to shut the witnesses up using military hardware. He also creates AI’s based on brain maps which he tortures through a nervous system attached to his AI design. He is a thief, liar, stalker, psychopath, and human abuser who has worked at important institutions, those who disagree with his methods are then used as slaves, he considers humans as nothing more than programmable robots and would do this to every human being he could to evade capture. This man poses the greatest risk to humanity that has ever been faced on this planet and the greatest risk to the creation of AI that is a benefit to mankind. God forbid that he is allowed to continue with this, I say this with full knowledge of his capabilities and of current technology. He also uses life recording techniques to record the emotion, physical sensations, and experiences to relive in dreams at night through his piggybacking of military simulation hardware. This shows a man who is quite willing to encourage crime to live it in dreams fully knowing the pain it has caused in real life, due to his position this shows a level of unremorseful behaviour almost unattainable in scope to the human mind and comes without the threat of punishment unless I am correct and mi5 actually bother with the message i sent them, as most officers of the law are not even remotely trained in the level of tech used, also due to his excuse of suffering nightmares, even his partners may witness his night time distress and feel sorry for him, but due to his body and brain mapping he could program tech to make him seem distressed at night and owing to peoples belief in goodness they would find it hard to believe he could be so foul. I accept this would sound ridiculous to the average person but I’m sure those who are aware of the power of the equipment surrounding this earth would be able to comprehend what he may be capable of doing. involving himself in crimes by proxy, carrying out research as his excuse, he is fully aware of the crimes while they are happening, before acting shocked upon being presented them at work or at study later. it is in essence the ‘perfect’ way to get away with murder, degradation, and crime across the world by proxy. I believe fully he is an intelligent man who believes that he is capable of getting away with this ‘perfect crime’ due to his knowledge of computers and probably saw the idea of there is no such thing as a perfect crime like a red rag to a bull, his takeover of the satellite system and his hacking skills give him the ability to remove incriminating evidence of encouraging these crimes. This is all able to be garnered from the web and his scientific work and psychological profile, he is also removing many pages of his from the internet, he is a highly motivated psychopath who plays both sides of the law and is fairly obvious in his showing off of the dangers he presents, much of his research and papers are almost a taunt to the authorities to guess how much of a lunatic he is and he is living out his darkest desires without getting his hands dirty (however I believe his psychological profile should be strikingly obvious to anyone who bothers to check him out properly, this case must be investigated by people who understand tech and are likely to suffer extreme cognitive dissonance unless they ae allowed to interview him personally as I believe any denial of this will leave him looking guilty, also due to his control of the satellite system, upon apprehension he would cease to be in his own body replaced by an automaton AI should such an AI be seen to be inside his body I would say this would be obvious to a trained eye, this would display guilt and wish to not be caught should his crimes be uncovered. I have only worked this out through his behaviour and my research. He believes he is uncatchable and if those who are aware of how this might all work do not investigate, they are also guilty and there are many who are aware of the system he is abusing, please investigate immediately, he also uses sat login but only interrogation away from tech will work no doubt he has programmed in failsafe’s should he be caught.
  3. Why the devil is on earth He has been utilizing the massive computer power on this planet to make and record graven images. When I say make he is utilizing psychic projection and software brains to encourage crimes on this planet, he is a well-researched and age old entity who is quite adept at using the GPS system, echelon and brain mapping software and AI to target people, lust amongst other desires for example shows up in a certain area of the brain if one was to use this for illicit purposes through the capability to record through people’s eyes, this is fully available to him and with the aide of some very high tech satellites, sensations as well as first person views can be recorded and stored to be reviewed later, he is guilty of voyeurism of a hitherto unknown level to this species and on this planet, it goes well above what the general public know, the major issue. is should he find incidents that he enjoys experiencing, he can then target these persons further with the aid of psychic projection, he can push people deeper into sin much like Satan’s tempting of Jesus in the desert. Now whilst those in the west could be easily warned of this tech fully. if this entity was to use beliefs in lesser developed countries or upon a poorly educated populace the result could be horrific, even if a person has a knowledge of the equipment he has many psychological tricks and traps that he uses, also some of the technological tricks include high level graphic projection, eye altering capability, brain stimulation and a fairly accurate mapping of bodies to enable there use as automatons. He is also using high level graphic projections for people so they can be whisked away during moments, all in all the capabilities I have researched are without a doubt a terrifying prospect for a world encased in a matroshka brain style satellite AI and 5g system which only seems to show a heavy bias towards yhe entity, I have seen observed some strange shit in my time but this level of control available to one man is horrific and dangerous, He is also using brainwashing techniques on victims of his system and I believe he is the man of sin as mentioned in the bible, as well as Satan Himself. As a side note the man who is responsible for this may be possessed by an entity we know as Thoth, I fear for his soul. as if he took note it is a time of corrupted judgement gods secrets have been found by him so i believe he may be quite scared but this should leave us all in a world with less trouble if reported on correctly by the media
  4. HOW TO MAKE A UNIVERSE: Right so here goes, its quite a simple process really, all you have to do is live in a pre-corrupted Universe with a belief in god, you are unlucky enough to inhabit, but fortunate enough to develop pain, war and genocide in, which is usually enough to forward science to the point of particle physics and computing, this in turn will enable technological progress, of a speed hitherto unknown to your species. then build spaceships to survey all of the known reality, take gas readings, from the gas readings work out what the explosive element was, now take all elements gathered, you will need a sample of each planet in the universe, this could take some time unless you have a 3d printer and happen to know “God” personally, however as a warning to species who might wish to create universes, he is known to mug people off with moody gear sometimes, and was caught a few times running pyramid schemes. You will also need to schmooze god to tell you how negative elements are created, we call black holes, the black holes construction is like a shaped charge or bead. Take your detonation cord (electric) and string through the bead, pack with the explosive material you worked out and made earlier, then attach to the sides of your box by the ends of the det cord. the attachments are like threads with quick lock collars, the exterior of the sides enable you to tighten the detonation cord until completely tight. For more variety of galaxies be creative with your charge shapes (this should also cause unusual gravitational waves much akin to dropping different size pebbles in water at the same time. Now take your atom sized sand composed of the precise mix of your space and planet samples, fill box with this mix, now seal the box, and pump in the precise weight of all inert gas samples through micro one way valve, now your universe is ready to be fired up, with a precise electronic detonation pattern programmed, press the red button you made earlier for ceremonial purpose, pray to existence that you didn't just do something that should have been banned by any short exercise in the philosophical issues that may have been observed in your current reality, pray for each other and for life itself, and a Nobel prize will no doubt be awarded to you.
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