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  1. He has been using the military satellite system using hacking and by abusing his position of influence and power to use human body and brain maps to feed his desire to create extra crime. He feeds off the excitement of encouraging heinous acts through these technologies, using psychic projection (which is simply audio signals combined with brain and body mapping). He has also used technologies such as tbt to stay incognito, whilst receiving messages back informing him of these crimes, to keep himself distanced from accusation he has then deleted all records of such uses, hacked the NSA, Echelo
  2. Why the devil is on earth He has been utilizing the massive computer power on this planet to make and record graven images. When I say make he is utilizing psychic projection and software brains to encourage crimes on this planet, he is a well-researched and age old entity who is quite adept at using the GPS system, echelon and brain mapping software and AI to target people, lust amongst other desires for example shows up in a certain area of the brain if one was to use this for illicit purposes through the capability to record through people’s eyes, this is fully available to him
  3. HOW TO MAKE A UNIVERSE: Right so here goes, its quite a simple process really, all you have to do is live in a pre-corrupted Universe with a belief in god, you are unlucky enough to inhabit, but fortunate enough to develop pain, war and genocide in, which is usually enough to forward science to the point of particle physics and computing, this in turn will enable technological progress, of a speed hitherto unknown to your species. then build spaceships to survey all of the known reality, take gas readings, from the gas readings work out what the explosive element was, now take all
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