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  1. CCP wife, I thought it was pretty clear Trump was never a Republican, both sides are compromised. Trump can go down as the most famous man in history if he goes all out, and he may as well because they’re gonna go after him and his family
  2. N95 against coronaviruses doesn’t work it even says so on the box, they’re as useless as a screen door on a submarine
  3. They’re called foamites and you’re very wrong, if you swabbed the outside of your mask you would find the same as if you swabbed the inside. Cool your face shield will blow them downwards onto something else that someone will touch and get on their hand and then touch their face. I work in the most extreme containments. Your waitress looks like she’s going to breathe right into those drinks. Your masks really do nothing as far as containment goes.
  4. Do you see the difference? I have actual experience and you are regurgitating fake science, put your mask on and blow out a candle
  5. So I have worked cleaning hazardous sites and asbestos, the masks we use cover your entire head and are fitted and sealed to your face. Once you put the mask on you can’t breathe, which is why you have oxygen that feeds into it. If the masks people are walking around in worked then you wouldn’t be able to breathe with them on. I saw a Muslim man walking around with a mask on top of his beard about 3 inches from his mouth. That’s another thing you have to be clean shaven for a proper seal
  6. I could see it being a transgender. there are too many conflicting ideas of the antichrist but I believe to be an actual person and not an idea or technology like some are saying. I also believe they will come from the Middle East. Whoever declares peace between Israel and Palestine from the new temple of Solomon is the likely candidate
  7. “People who don’t wear masks don’t care about others” this is ridiculous, I don’t wear a mask because the whole process makes no sense. I used to work removing asbestos were I was in a tyvek suit (light hazmat suit) and full head covering for 8 hours at a time. But doing this job I learned how to properly contain an invisible hazardous material. When you go the local grocery store you see people cross contaminating all over the place, there’s no wet room (decontamination room where you disrobe) there’s no showers, and the masks themselves just aren’t very technical. I see Muslim guys walking around with a full beard and their mask resting overtop, this doesn’t protect you or others even 1%
  8. The media is like Kent Brockman reporting Homer is rotating in the oven stewing in his own juices which he believes gives him sexual powers
  9. Politics is truly professional wrestling. What we have here is a “dusty finish” what happens is the referee will get hit with an errant fist and fall to the mat, the good guy or “face” will check on the referee while the bad guy “heel” uses nefarious tactics to win while the ref is down, the referee recovers to see the heel pinning the face. Sometimes another referee can come out from the backstage area claiming he saw what happened and reverse the decision. Another interesting point is how Donald Trump is basically John Cena. Trump is the all American red white and blue Hulk Hogan archetype, but wrestling crowds turned on that type of character in the mid 90s when the rest of America’s ideology was subverted to cheer the antihero. So instead when John Cena became the face of the company for the kids to cheer, the older modernized liberal crowd started to revolt and boo Cena and the American ideology he represented. Even a sign in the crowd “if Cena wins we riot” Donald Trump will overcome all odds to win the election back from Biden, and the crowd will go crazy with Rage.
  10. Yes I was banned from Facebook for posting the following link today not sure what’s antisemetic about this history of banking. Oh you’re not into Mao? U must hate all the Chinese! Can they be any more obvious with the censorship, the cabal is trying to actively rewrite history as they always do. We won’t let them this time
  11. Hi just signed up, the last refuge on the internet for conspiracy theorists. I’ve lurked here a bit, but happy to start posting. The Elite are up to their old tricks again, but this time we are going to catch them in the act before they can once again rewrite history. I’ve been banned by the extreme left echo chambers that are Facebook and Reddit.
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