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  1. Fantastic peter, thank you so much, I can't remember hearing of him before. There seems to be pure evil running the medical profession, hiding behind bureaucracy. Dr. Burzynski came across as a good decent, honest man. I will definitely go into this more. His name should be spread far and wide.
  2. Thanks Ethel, I am still reading about Rick Simpson oil, I should have said carcinoma which is malignant. I'm up to one round of WIM HOF breathing exercises, which I also believe is genuine, although I have to say it's bloody hard work and you have to be up for it, cold showers and all! I'm not rushing it because my will is a bit weak presently and I want to persevere with it long term, thanks for your good wishes.
  3. I have had a brief look at it and will definitely keep it in mind and will be researching it further, thanks.
  4. Very interesting, the surgeon does make me feel very uneasy, obviously trying to frighten the bejesus out of me when I'm at my most vulnerable. I haven't ruled out an operation elsewhere, just to get rid of the tumour to buy me more time, but I hear what you say, thanks.
  5. The surgeon didn't say much after my 3 CT scans just that I needed a permanent stoma which I want to avoid if at all possible. I think that he has had enough of me being my own person and immediately referred me to the local hospice for palliative treatment. I hear what you say about chemo and surgery, when it comes to the crunch you can't dismiss anything. I have now asked for a 2nd opinion and continue to research every avenue I can. Thanks for all your advice and good wishes. I really appreciate you taking the trouble
  6. First of all I'd like to thank you good kind people for taking the trouble to respond. I am really sorry for such a long delay before I have replied, I have to do what I can when I can, depending on how I am coping with the pain and other things. It has been a long learning process with the pain and it still is, as so many things can effect it, especially as I now realize how, what and when you eat. I am working my way through all of the suggestions and good wishes and incorporating them in my plans to overcome this and will reply to each separately. I have now been referred to a hospice for palliative treatment and the nurse that has been assigned to me has been really wonderful. One thing I have learned the hard way is that the top priority has to be finding an effective way of treating any pain that you may be suffering, because it makes it impossible to think clearly otherwise and clear logical thinking is essential, also it destroys your morale I have also bought a hard back book to write down any good ideas and keep track of things whilst in a hot bath, which can be the only way to relax the whole body and the gut and can often ease the pain right off. Unbelievably today my central heating and hot water boiler failed and I was reduced to filling the bath with saucepans and a kettle of boiling water which was not good, but I managed it and they sent an engineer round within hours. I now have my CT scans and reports, so I have something to show whoever I contact, but always I have to work at staying calm and focused above everything else. Thanks again to everyone.
  7. The NHS surgeon that I attend has refused to cut out a large rectal tumour and says that I should have a permanent stoma in the abdomen. His reason for refusing to either cut it out or burn a hole through it so that I can go on living and do things my way, is that it is not Standard Procedure. He didn't say that it was impossible to do, as I know myself, because they have taken 10 biopsies from it with a very simple procedure which could be used to cut it out. Has anyone any ideas as to how I could get a non Standard Procedure like this carried out privately or any other way? I have to eat very sparingly to try and slow down its growth, and have also started to use baking soda enemas to try and shrink it. Thanks
  8. I had the test and it couldn't have gone better as the bloke allowed me to do the nasal swab myself, at a depth of just 1 inch inside the nose. He couldn't have been more helpful as he waited after he did the tonsil swab as I gargled with warm salt water, he probably thought "I've got a right one here", LOL, I also douched my nasal passages afterwards. Overkill? maybe but that's me, at my age I just don't care, I have to do my own thing!
  9. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's fiance Elise, it may not be what you fear, so you should try to stay calm. I'm not an expert on German New Medicine, I'm an enthusiastic beginner, but I think that you may find it interesting and it may help you find an answer. It has used CT scans on the brain to diagnose and prove it's findings. I know that CT's use xrays, but at least they might show if anything happened. I'm not sure about MRI of the brain. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  10. I have, against my better judgement, at long last agreed to have a test tomorrow in order to be allowed to have a colonoscopy, now I'm not sure I will, even though I have serious health problems which were shown on a private MRI scan with no test. I won't accept any of their treatments anyway, because I am now convinced that German New Medicine tells the truth about nature and how it actually works. Also i will be using GcMaf which I am convinced has been proved to kill cancer, so what will I gain by taking the risk posed by the test? Also just being among people who don't get that this is a complete hoax is offensive to me. I don't think I'm going to get any sleep tonight, I''ll probably be staying up.
  11. I've just contacted my local hospital and was put through to the A & E department. A nurse said that they go as far up the nose as they can and when I said 5 inches? she said yes. So conflicting information from the NHS HM government video and those who are actually doing the test. I will try to get home testing kit.
  12. Thanks very much for all that detailed information Traveller, I am going to print it out so that I can study it more easily. I will post again I hope when I have done so, as presently I am in dispute with the hospital about the intrusive/abusive?covid test which is taking all my time and effort, having just had a long awaited appointment on the phone with the hospital consultant. It's an uphill task. BTW I've got the acupuncture device and charged it up and also read the booklet thoroughly. I think it's brilliant, taking it slowly though, don't want to make any mistakes. Still to get the comprehensive guide but I will do eventually I hope, so much to do presently. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks very much Eddy for your prompt response. I am trying to get a home test kit as I am supposed to go to hospital for a procedure. Perhaps I could wait until I am at the hospital, then refuse it if they want to go to the back of the throat. Anyway I have learned something valuable from the video, which I can refer to if they try something else so it's very helpful thanks. One other thing though is that the GP who I spoke to at my local practice about a month ago, actually agreed with me when I said that the test was just harvesting DNA. He sympathized with me about my being apprehensive. So what to do, even if they don't do the extreme testing procedure, they still get your DNA. It's heads they win, tails you lose, but perhaps I trying to hard to do the best thing, especially as I probably need to work with them.
  14. I thought that the standard covid test is where they go in through the nose, but then go straight back to the back of the throat about 5 inches away(not just inside the nose). This they do whilst you hold your head tilted back. There they push and twirl the probe against the tissue there, with the potential of doing damage or whatever. Is that not what happened to you Eddy? This is the procedure that I have seen and heard described, on line as the correct procedure. One such video showed a young woman looking really uncomfortable, as the masked person carried out the procedure without showing any concern. I thought to myself, it's amazing what abuse some people will submit to, if they are told by a medical person that it is necessary.
  15. Saying thanks again hardly seems adequate, I did buy some needles years ago, but never felt easy about using them. This device sounds ideal and from what you say even better. Thanks also for the additional treatment book recommendation, you've covered everything. I've done a heap of meditation over the years, but not specifically the delta state, so I am interested in it, but there is no hurry. Unfortunately I haven't been able to buy the ebook yet as the page won't download and the padlock symbol has a red line through it. I've emailed them and am hoping for a reply. Thanks again Traveller for all of this information, it's much appreciated.
  16. Thanks Eddy, yes that's usually thought to be the way to go. I'm interested in German New Medicine, it's completely different to anything else I've ever come across, there may be other options to the the usual type of surgery, as GNM doesn't recognize metastasis. It's a whole new ball game and is giving me more of a hopeful outlook.
  17. Not presumptuous at all Traveller, in fact I've just bought one and I'm so glad that you told me all about it. Just the sort of thing that interests me, especially now and for that money how could I resist it! I didn't know about the acidity caused by pain killers either, I see now that that is so important to know. Thanks for everything, it's really appreciated.
  18. Thanks Traveller, I have a Cornet electrosmog meter, but I know now what I have to deal with, Baking soda enema might shrink or kill it and GNM will also be invaluable. Everything has improved now that I can get rid of the pain.
  19. I didn't know about different tests, I was just playing safe as you never know. It is a carcinoma but I believe I can beat it and at least I am not in contant pain now, so I am more rational.
  20. Thank for all your help Macnamara, it turned out to be a carcinoma showing on my MRI. As I have just said to rideforever I was not on strong enough pain killers because I didn't have a diagnosis and the constant pain was driving me to despair. I am ahead of you with the porridge( and prunes) and will be weighing up all options as you say now that I am able to think straight. Thanks again, when you're in despair as I was, it is really fantastic to get help.
  21. Thanks rideforever for that, sorry for delay, but the result of my MRI showed a large carcinoma in the bowel, which has driven everything else out of my mind. I'm not in despair though because I have found something called German New Medicine thanks to Grumpy Owl and also Tullio Simoncini's baking soda treatments, which I am also convinced about. Also on the upside I am no longer in constant pain and unable to sleep, because I asked for and this time was given a much stronger painkiller and something to help me sleep, so I am no longer being driven mad with it all. I appreciate your help, thanks.
  22. Could even hang the fabric Jane mentioned over the tent, experiment with it.
  23. A tent, what a good idea never thought of that! Thanks very much, definitely worth seriously thinking about as have everything necessary.
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