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  1. Or the water is simmering for the frogs in the saucepan.


    Soon it will be no job without your poisonshot,no benefits (even though you compulsarily payed in),no leaving your home/cell.


    They aren't even hiding it now,witness the barely concealed duping delight smirk on the faces of Herr Johnson and Hat Mancock...a right couple of cug smunts.


    The behaviour of bullies who think you are powerless and they are untouchable.


    Nuremberg 2 awaits you,chumps.


    The war will continue,but these minions will take the rap and their names will be reviled like Brady & Hindley.


    Enjoy your day in the sun Bojo and The Sock Cooker while it lasts!

  2. 3 hours ago, Metaspiral said:

    Walking through the Gateshead INTU metro center last week, me and my gf both unmasked. After 5 mins approached by a policeman who was clearly just looking for unmasked people to harass. He asked us gingerly have you got masks. I said Were both exempt and he just left it at that. 5 mins later to intu employees asked us again, again I said we are both exempt but thanks for the concern. He then tries to offer us “orange disabled stickers “ to wear. I was so shocked I didn’t even read what the  sticker said!!!!


    needless to say it was the most stressful and disgusting experience and ill

    never set foot in the place again. And will laugh as it shuts s down imo next year. Wankers 


    this was a mid morning Saturday the place was dead should have been thousands shopping only a few hundred masked zombies were there. 

    Many years ago it was a great place to go but,like everything else,entropy destroyed the heart and soul even before the plandemic allowed jobsworths and bullies to wield a bit of power to bolster their minimum wage impotency.

  3. You've heard of the Mafia


    In Wales it's the Taffia


    So these GLobalist mAFIA control freaks,the precious little hidden

    gaylords in the world's closet must be the GLAFIA.


    Their mission to shaft,rob and jab you.


    "Yours but to bend and break,

    Theres but to f*** and take."

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