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  1. They are so ignorant,don't they know that the henchmen are bumped off before the final act??
  2. Or the water is simmering for the frogs in the saucepan. Soon it will be no job without your poisonshot,no benefits (even though you compulsarily payed in),no leaving your home/cell. They aren't even hiding it now,witness the barely concealed duping delight smirk on the faces of Herr Johnson and Hat Mancock...a right couple of cug smunts. The behaviour of bullies who think you are powerless and they are untouchable. Nuremberg 2 awaits you,chumps. The war will continue,but these minions will take the rap and their names will be reviled like Brady & Hindley. Enjoy your day in the sun Bojo and The Sock Cooker while it lasts!
  3. Many years ago it was a great place to go but,like everything else,entropy destroyed the heart and soul even before the plandemic allowed jobsworths and bullies to wield a bit of power to bolster their minimum wage impotency.
  4. They lured Vernon Coleman on board and now his wife is very ill,possibly targeted with psychweaponry for speaking out-they are trying to silence the wise (not old)man in a chair.
  5. Reminds me of the goodies episode where it goes something like: "The World ends at midnight...bbc radio will.be covering the event. And now the football results...."
  6. You've heard of the Mafia In Wales it's the Taffia So these GLobalist mAFIA control freaks,the precious little hidden gaylords in the world's closet must be the GLAFIA. Their mission to shaft,rob and jab you. "Yours but to bend and break, Theres but to f*** and take."
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