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  1. My 1oth great grandmother is Mary Price Stuart, Daughter of James II, King of England Scotland and Ireland etc. and since this is the last of the Stuart line to hold the crown because they say there are no more heirs from this line existing. I hate to tell them, but, There are 3 male children on my family, The royal line comes through my Father, through his mother and so on until it leads directly to Mary Price Stuart, Daughter of James II. Mary Price Stuart is the offspring of Golditha Price, Golditha was married to King James II which means Mary Price Stuart was a legitimate heir to the crown, correct? I have trouble understanding British laws regarding naming heirs to the crown. I have no interest in being King of England if I were, in fact, an heir. It would really be cruel, to say the least, if an American was found to be a true heir to the crown. Having no idea how things work in England? What a mess that would create, right? Some Yank walking in, sitting down on the throne, and first thing he does? Is sign 90% of the royal wealth over to the common people of all lands held in common by the crown. Second thing I would do? Dissolve all claims by the royal family to any lands, titles and interests in which the extended royal family have an interest in. Removing a parasitic group from the system that has systematically, and continuously, for thousands of years been supported by the blood, sweat and tears of the people of the commonwealth. Having done that, I would then stand up, remove the crown and hop the next jet home. So much for one man's dream of helping humanity get off of their collective knees and actually do something to make this a better world for all.... not just the few who have hideously made a mess of this world that 99.9 % of us work hard in to support that .1% who have ruled the world for so long. Until we assert our right to live lives in which we are allowed to share, equally, in the riches of this world... we will continue to be mere serfs for the elite. Virtual slaves, serving the elite under laws which do not apply to our masters, known as the elite. Whether I am one of them by blood, or not, my beliefs are stronger than blood ties to a group that has murdered people at will, stolen whatever they wish from whomever they wish and continue to do so today. All persons involved in the control of and abuse of, the People of this Planet must be found out, and actions must be taken to remove their powers of control over the rest of us. We must retake the wealth stolen from the population of the Earth by those persons and redistribute it equally among all peoples of the Earth. Maybe then wars will stop. Maybe then human beings will finally live in peace, caring for one another regardless of skin color and recognizing that no matter the differences we can easily see on the surface.. we are all brothers and sisters, distant cousins, in a word... FAMILY. All notions of superiority are a cancer on this world. That cancer needs to be excised, ASAP if we expect to survive as a species upon this planet. Have a nice day.
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