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  1. Thank you guys, very interesting stuff; it seems proof of effects of microwaves (and electromagnetic waves in general) on living organisms is more than verified, and it takes place through a variety of mechanisms, some understood and some not yet. However the issue in question is whether oxygen that has been exposed to a 60GHz irradiation cannot be bound efficiently enough by haemoglobin to be transported to the cells needing it. So far all these papers show negative effects on the cells themselves, some on the very haemoglobin, but not on this particular process. There are enough
  2. Thank you oz93666 for making an effort to search - as you say, this does not change much about the dangers of the 5G development, it's just that if we know better about what is involved with evidence we can probably get more allies rejecting this intentional disaster and in the worst case (the installation going on) we might be able to protect ourselves in an appropriate way. Critics and 'skeptics' will take any chances we give them. All the best, please let me know if you find something about this in the future.
  3. Well, it's strange that hard science is so difficult to find - just one single experiment that nobody can mention? Also, 60 GHz is strongly absorbed by tissues (penetration depth of a few mm) and it's doubtful that any significant intensity would reach the lungs, so if anything the oxygen would have to be in an excited state when it reaches the lungs through the bronchi. However, the excited state itself is likely to last a very short time and have decayed by the time the lungs have been reached, so where is the problem with haemoglobin? Very unlikely to be in the lungs. If anything, somet
  4. Very interesting stuff, thank you for the replies; However, I might have not phrased the question properly with: 'the impairment of oxygen absorption by haemoglobin following irradiation by 60 GHz RF' . Maybe it would be better put as : 'How does the absorption of 60GHz by oxygen interfere with oxygen binding by haemoglobin, which is what I understand is being claimed?' I am not talking about exposure of the body to 60 GHz, the statement seems to refer to the effect on the oxygen molecule itself. I am still looking for studies on this, no luck so far.
  5. Thank you guys for those comments and the links, especially for the Fioranelli articles; strange I might have missed it) I didn't see a reference to the Monagnier paper 'DNA Waves and Water' https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1742-6596/306/1/012007/pdf I found some time ago, which puts another alarming perspective to the 5G disaster. However, I am sorry to say none of these mention the possible effect of 60GHz on the absorption of axygen by haemoglobin. I hope this is not an equivalent of the phantom 'isolation of Coronavirus' which is nowhere to be found (so fa
  6. Hi, can anyone help me locate research articles showing the impairment of oxygen absorption by haemoglobin following irradiation by 60 GHz RF? It is well known that oxygen in the air absorbs the radiation, but what happens to it after that, when it enters the lungs? How long does the excited state last, will it reach the lungs and what parameter will prevent the binding to haemoglobin? I am asked questions I would like to answer. Suggestions welcome. Riccardo
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