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  1. Thanks for pointing that out. I must have got confused with another deal made with China (re: Masks) It has become so normal to see "made in China" on nearly everything, that it has become an almost automatic assumption
  2. The CFR appears to be a kind of mafia, influenced to some degree by "the usual suspects" Thanks for the information, it was very interesting.
  3. Whilst there was clearly something happening to the votes, Trump needs his legal team to check this without delay (I believe they are starting today?) As for the media, they are an absolute disgrace! It's as if every one of them have had their lives threatened if they dare release any information supporting Trump. There is certainly a story to be told about the voting figures and of course the Hunter Biden story, but they are not talking (only censoring). Maybe the public should boycott the media and any company that advertise with them, that will hurt them in their most vulnerable spot......their pockets! Control of the press, banks and film industry is a dangerous thing (in a limited number of hands). This happened more than 80 years ago and a little guy with a strange moustache appeared to change it. Do these people never learn from their mistakes?
  4. Very likely. I think Trump would like to reveal more, but probably has been reminded (many times) of what happened to JFK when he tried to change the system?
  5. That's true. I think Trump thought he could do whatever he wanted when he was elected in 2016, but quickly realised that wasn't the case. Normally, they prefer a President who knows their limitations (like Bush Jr and now Biden), but Trump didn't want to always follow the "rules" of the game as he was supposed to.. I think we need leaders, but not the one's we are usually offered. Generally, the public are afraid to try something different and their ability to choose a political party is limited to a choice of two (Democrat/Republican, Conservative/Labour etc), because they don't understand that they are both controlled by the same people (who like to give the public an illusion of choice) This method of controlling the public has existed for thousands of years, even though the public have always had the power to change their fate (but always afraid to use it). Maybe one day things will change, but not in my lifetime.
  6. I am 100% sure there was fraud in the US election, just as I am sure 9/11 was an inside job. However, as obvious as it seems, proving it is another matter, as Trump will discover (unfortunately)
  7. I find the US election system very confusing. It would appear that an existing President can not remain in office, beyond a certain time, regardless of the circumstances. So, in theory, even if a recount shows Trump winning, he must step down BEFORE the inauguration date (until all the recounts are completed) In the event of a tie (which was mentioned at one point) Nancy Pelosi would effectively take control and the decision on who becomes President will be made by the Senate (I believe). However, I am not absolutely sure how correct this information is. Mental health does not seem to play an important role when it comes to US Presidents (although it should), I sometimes think "Mickey Mouse" could be a Presidential candidate in the US (and probably win! )
  8. I seem to remember Britain ordering a few million masks earlier in the year from China, which were not suitable for use? I don't know if they all arrived and were discarded, or they are the cheap masks we see on sale in many supermarkets. Either way, somebody made a lot of money from the deal. Maybe, because China own a big chunk of the USA, they have done a deal that involves getting rid of the debt in exchange for the country (USA) becoming communist? I certainly believe that the covid virus was taken from the US and released by the Chinese in Wuhan. It is almost impossible to know exactly what all the 'Elite' plans are (or why) for our future, except that they are not good! Maybe we should all start to learn Chinese, just in case that will be a compulsory requirement in the years ahead?
  9. There can be no doubt that the USA has just experienced a coup, not unlike the Revolution that created the Soviet Union, helped along by the Antifa and BLM protestors, and of course many of the supporters of the Democrat Party. Whilst the true purpose (for the Elite) is to have absolute control over the people, the people supporting this new system imagine this will benefit them in some way. But how? Communism appeals to some people, mainly those who have no ambition or skills to achieve success on their own. They like the idea of playing what they consider an “important role” in this new system, maybe wearing a uniform or receiving medals for being obedient citizens and experiencing real “power” over others for the first time in their lives. Of course, the story is less romantic in real life, as most former communists will tell you. You will not be able to protest in the streets, looting will result in long prison terms and black people will not have the same respect they have witnessed in recent times. You will be told what you can read or watch (that is already happening), free speech or comments will be illegal (the MSM have already started this with censorship). Now that you have played your part in the coup, you will become a slave to the system, just like everyone else and there is NOTHING you can do about it. In time, those who were praying for a Biden victory (by any means) will soon understand that the system that existed before was much better (not perfect, but better!) These same people will be complaining about how unfair the new laws are and wondering why they have not been rewarded for their criminal assistance, but how can you trust a political party that uses illegal tactics to gain power? Look at Pelosi, she is a Biden supporter and even though she holds the third most powerful political position in the USA, they are looking to get rid of her already. If they can treat her in that way, how safe are the other ‘helpers’? I feel sure that if all the votes were examined carefully (or there is a new election that is monitored correctly), Trump would be the winner. However, the list of people supporting the coup (MSM, Social Media, Google etc.) is almost endless, what chance does anyone have of beating that? Biden’s supporters should remember this when they get tired of being slaves. This is also perhaps a warning to other countries, especially the UK.
  10. You are correct. This is just the beginning, but Gates is having difficulties in persuading Africa, India and other high population areas to have the vaccines....They already know what he is up to. The majority of those remaining would be treated as slaves. We are already close to that situation now. I've never heard that phrase before, but it sounds accurate
  11. Thankfully, things haven't got that bad yet, so hopefully you will put that thought to one side. Even when things appear almost impossible, don't give up, it's surprising how things can change for the better when you least expect it. And remember "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" (German origin 1888). Think of life as a long test containing bad times, and a good supply of good times as well
  12. It's scary what these people (globalists/elite) are capable of, we saw that with 9/11, where almost 3,000 were murdered just to have an excuse to invade Afghanistan. "Lucky" Larry Silverstein also did very well out of it financially as well (his reward for allowing people into all 3 buildings to plant demolition explosives) They (Gates and his bosses) seem determined to reduce the planet's population to around only half a billion people, although I don't understand how they think they can run the planet with such a small number. If the vaccinations can produce infertility (as some have already done) it could take years to see the result. If people refuse the vaccine, it is very likely that we will be subjected to new "viruses" or bio-weapons that will have the same effect. As Gates said, the next one (not the next wave) will get our attention. I don't doubt that for a moment, the Elite get some amusement from telling us in advance, although they don't always make it as obvious as Gates has done. We will find it difficult to combat their attempts, as they have the power, connections and money to do almost anything they want. The only guaranteed solution is if the "Elite" were to vanish somehow
  13. I would say covid19 is far less dangerous than regular flu. According to many reports (which the MSM do not read) around 650,000 people die every year from flu (globally). Unfortunately, the death rate for covid19 is greatly exaggerated and you can be considered a covid victim if you get run over by a bus, and a distant relative had the virus. Yet we do not see the flu treated as a pandemic and no one has been forced to wear a mask. Many people have had "covid19" without realising it, I had the symptoms in March (increased temperature and loss of taste), but it didn't stop me working online (although I kept out of people's way for a couple of weeks, just as a precaution) I would agree that covid19 seems to be more like a bio-weapon, designed to make money for the vaccine companies, and to scare people into having the vaccine, which almost certainly contains chemicals that create infertility (to achieve global depopulation). Bill Gates and his wife have already told us that another one is coming and couldn't help grinning and laughing at the prospect: Many people are fighting back against the restrictions and I try to do my bit by refusing to wear a mask, posting comments and will not accept any vaccination, even if that means a prison sentence. Interesting times are ahead.
  14. Hi, I'm Ian. I just joined today, but have been a big fan of David Icke for some time. 19 years ago I got involved in writing news articles on a variety of topics (I was a Google News supplier twice) Whilst these were mainly political in nature, I covered what the MSM would call "conspiracy theories". These included 9/11 (an inside job) and UFO reports. Like David, I received plenty of criticism from the narrow minded members of the public and the usual "tin foil hat" comments More recently I have taken an interest in the cov-19 situation and can clearly see that this has a special purpose. Firstly, the vaccine companies stand to make a lot of money from this, but the long term aim is most likely depopulation of the planet and I believe the chemicals in vaccines are designed to create infertility. I suspect flu vaccines (and probably many others) have been weakening our immune system over a number of years. Some months ago I experienced "covid symptoms", but this only involved a raised temperature and loss of taste for a few days. I have a number of those "underlying" conditions they mention, but nothing serious happened. It is worth mentioning that I do not take any vaccinations (never will) and won't be wearing a mask (ever). I've only ever had regular flu once in my life, when I was about 7 years old. Thankfully, more and more people are beginning to see the light and fighting back against the authorities, thanks to people like David and many others. If we stand together, we can beat them!
  15. The image submitted is "fake news", but you never know?
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