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  1. yea.. all protestors are football fans ? what an idiotic statement you moron!
  2. The italian mafia are not in charge of this conspiracy. They are just a small aspect of it..... i never said that ...if you read my post again i said that they run italy..my opinion that you dont respect...even though i respect yours..got it ?
  3. i don't have respect for others opinions...well thats bloody obvious mr "i,m always correct"
  4. ANGUS DALGLEISH: I believe a climate of dread around Covid is deliberately being manufactured by scientists and my fellow medics.. interesting link..for the FIRST TIME IN 2 YEARS A REAL EXPERT HAS BEEN PUBLISHED IN THE MEDIA..I,M AMAZED! THERE,S HOPE YET...https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-10322873/ANGUS-DALGLEISH-believe-climate-dread-Covid-deliberately-manufactured.html
  5. for all your talk and thats a lot on here, the people who have the money run the world..FACT its always been that way and it always will be...as i said you have your opinions and i have mine...live with it and have respect for others opinions mac
  6. well you have your opinion and i have mine.
  7. nothing over there happens without the mafia,s say so..they run that country.
  8. it is very sad and when they look at you as if your nuts!
  9. what the fuck is up with this bloke ?...myself and others have addressed this smell and taste thing...it is a GENUINE variant of FLU...not the fake covid...when will people get it FFS!
  10. out of likes..so this confirms my beliefs AGAIN..the tests and jabs are both killers..and if you think about it people are getting tested more than jabbed...horrendous!
  11. of course they are!..dont forget these figues are only England...add the rest of UK up well to 30 MILLION i bet!
  12. poor buggers have learned too late ...but better not to have any more...
  13. out of likes...they say on the censored media there,s 6 million not jabbed..lying basturds as usual!
  14. they forget where they started from and WHO put them there!...makes me vomit!
  15. Australian Parliament Member: ‘I Don’t Intend to Have the Jab – I’m Not Putting That Shit in My Body’ Queensland, Australia, Senator Pauline Hanson decried the Covid-19 vaccine over the weekend, saying she doesn’t trust bureaucrats in the United Nations to decide what’s best for her. Bloody Hell..an honest aussie politician !
  16. out of likes m8...i,m now officially the leper of the family.....no contact just funny shakes of the head....lol
  17. funny you should say that..as my mrs says we,ll end up dead some where...neither of us would never give in to the clot shot brigade...i,m waiting and prepared for whatever Dalep..
  18. the fuckers are relentless...1 a week for 6 months...lands on the mat every thursday morning......what a waste of money...lol...but they,ve got plenty of that to throw around!
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