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  1. so sad to see her son running to the BBC to slag his own mother off with this crap!!! oh how the cult must be jumping for joy! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w3cszvsf
  2. hi everyone, i live in the north east of England and was wary of david,s views initially. but sadly,a lot of what he,s said is now coming true and an orwellian state is starting to appear! i saw the 3rd interview with rose on londonreal and it all fell into place for me. its a frightening prospect that the "cult/illuminati" are making their move and trying to control/enslave us all and turn us againt each other.i think this will sadly end in armed struggle to keep our way of life..very alarming indeed.I hope david has body guards as his life must be in constant danger in th
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