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  1. for fucks sake i thought it was bad enough over there with haircut 100 now sister act pops up !?....Asylum
  2. none of us that are awake would consider complying with this crap!...but what the fuck are they up to now ? got rid of my smarty 2 years ago..god bless the burners!
  3. sadly yes it! is most of my family and pals take a test regularly but all stopped the face nappies. this is just those close to me
  4. well rats are attracted to rotten meat
  5. we take a bath every time..seems to do the trick..is this how mild radiation poisening feels ?
  6. hmmm food for thought all right..similar to you entering a confined space with the jabbed,we(my wife & i) have had nausea on many occasions since 2020 after we get home, and it takes a few hours to get back to normal...this crap that is in the sheeps bodies has got some clever tech implanted. my wifes grandfather always said years ago when alive..."science will defeat the world" how true.
  7. same here m8, mine will be off for a few days as i,m not one of the addicted phone fans..But i would love to know the real reason about this?
  8. just the sight of this fucker makes me wanna be sick...MONSTER
  9. when anything like this is on the woke BBC all is NOT what it seems ?...what are the sneaky bastards up to now ?
  10. Both should be executed period!...
  11. Matt Hancock: Leaked messages suggest plan to frighten public Lets hope these whatsapp leaked messages bring down the whole rotten house of cards
  12. yea.. all protestors are football fans ? what an idiotic statement you moron!
  13. The italian mafia are not in charge of this conspiracy. They are just a small aspect of it..... i never said that ...if you read my post again i said that they run italy..my opinion that you dont respect...even though i respect yours..got it ?
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