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  1. What should we do? Can I suggest something? Ok, how many persons are really able not to talk, but really able to not pay taxes anymore, not to partecipate to any election, not to obey to anything the government imposes to us, not follow strange educational instruction coming from school, university, etc. How many of us are ready to really face police repression and, in particular, forget the smell of money? Try to have information about all of this; do you believe to obtain a good result? Good Luck
  2. Hi everyone I have not been coming to David Icke's web site since at least five months. So, here we are, and I just would like to ask if there could be a real way to act against the power. In fact, we talk everyday about all of this, but nobody has never proposed a solution. STOP just talking and go to find a method to change the world in the way we want. Kind regards Francesco
  3. Ciao Alfredo It is a pleasure to meet you
  4. Hi, it has been passed so many time, however, I like talking with you Macnamara. Well, first of all, I am not english mother language, but I will try to follow your considerations. Obviously, I know enough about control they want to install into our minds. The first question I would like to make is: Who the fuck are they ? Could you please answer to my query ?
  5. Just replying to Macnamara Why all of this ? Why we can't live in peace
  6. It is unbelieveable, becasuse now it is really difficult understand what is going on in their minds
  7. Hi In Italy they are saying that we are going to a necessary lockdown, because there are no enough plases available in the most italian hospitals. It is not correct, because just to give an example, the main hospital in Turin - Italy -, on the basis of a video posted on facebook, seems to be almost empty.
  8. Every where is the same, because persons are really tired about this situation
  9. The police should join people and turn against power It would be great
  10. Hi Have you seen what is going to happen in naples
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