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  1. Hi everyone! I really wanted to give everyone a voice as to what it was about David's work that changed things for you. Was it by a talk on YouTube or a 20yr old used book on a Book Exchange Shelf. I find it fascinating because our thinking completely shifted upon hearing this truth! For me, it was when he said the world was a digital matrix. I read in a psychic's book 15 yrs ago and she said God speaks in 1's and 0's! I thought that was weird at the time, but it totally syncs with what David said. Then I've read where scientists have found 1's and 0's on the fabric of the universe? (I can't remember where I read that but it was 3x yesterday), and I was flabbergasted! Everything is backing him up and I have no doubts about his truth. This is all stuff I had never even believed possible 1 year ago. Back then I was I only down the Missing411 rabbit hole. It's all been such an interesting ride that I pretty much only listen to podcasts and alternative news site videos, while giggling at the blatant msm manipulation. I have found that, as the Wisdom of the Crowd phenomenon is real, that most people wake up in time to help us.
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