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  1. I wish there was more awareness on the true nature of antipsychotics. Antipsychotics are soul destroying, the most evil and inhumane drugs that exist, blocking atleast 90% of dopamine receptors is a pretty crude form of "medicine," serving the same function as a lobotomy. Unfortunately many people are forced to take them under community treatment orders, I was forced just falling out of the social norm I'm guessing, with absolutely no psychosis. No delusions, no hospital admissions, voices or hallucinations. My psychiatrist at the time even lied, completely fabricated a delusion which he told them I held at my tribunal in order to force medication. I wonder why he would go so out of his way to get me on antipsychotics and destroy my life so much that he had to lie multiple times. Which at the time lowered my functioning significantly, made me not be able to take care of my kids, lose my independence, almost made me kill myself, left me apathetic, with no interest in anything anymore, I couldn't even watch a tv show or video while on antipsychotics, it felt like the worst kind of torture and is ultimately a pointless existence. Better off dead than not being able to experience life.
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