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  1. Some say that much of what you see-flames etc being blown out the side of the building could only have been caused by nukes. However when molten and mixed with water Aluminium has an incredibly violent reaction.
  2. I think Reet Hard is correct. There were planes to create the drama to get the sheeple to accept and even demand a solution. The planes were military and were controlled remotely. The planes did not collapse the buildings. The idea that people with limited flight training had the skill and experience to fly commercial airliners at 500mph plus through one of the most crowed city scapes in the world and hit their target has no credibility.
  3. Why did NIST deny existence of molten steel and concrete fused together in giant balls, indicating temperatures way beyond anything burning jet fuel creates?
  4. What happened What happened to Haunted Science? He talked a lot of sense. As an person of independent analytical thought you will agree with me that the official version of events is beyond ridiculous.
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