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  1. Don't be silly please - compartmentalisation.
  2. The CDC is not independent, it is a vaccine selling company which sells over $4billion of vaccines every year. The WHO is run by a former terrorist. Either you are wilfully ignorant or hilariously naive. Which is it?
  3. Yes, there were two military planes controlled remotely. The planes hitting the tower created the drama needed to make the idiot sheeple demand the solution which surprise surprise was more surveillance and removal of freedoms and more tax payer funded war.
  4. The foundations of the towers were 70 feet deep - that's a little over 21 metres. At what depth was the missing bedrock?
  5. An unusually high number of put options could suggest some people new something was going to happen resulting in a fall in value. We have seen something similar pre the "scamdemic" along with a masse exodus of CEOs.
  6. Why don't you want to debate them? If you want to get to the truth then anything that raises suspicion needs to be analysed & debated. Please elaborate, thank you.
  7. Which particular issues do you believe raise suspicion?
  8. So again you indicate that you agree with the official version of events even though in an earlier post you claim you don't.
  9. So you admit that NIST are lying and something else had to have caused the collapse because burning jet fuel is never hot enough to fuse molten steel and concrete.
  10. The protests will achieve precisely nothing. Think back to the miners strike and the poll tax protests. They have already used the same tactics they used back then once and of course the media are lying like they did back then. The police will stir up trouble both as riot police and undercover fake protesters and the media (which 99% of idiots believe) will brand them all as far right thugs.
  11. "Covid" may well never be over. Many of the scum are on record saying the "vaccine" will not mean a return to normal.
  12. There you go contradicting yourself yet again.
  13. As you have said several times before so you are the liar saying I'm a liar. Discussing things with you is bizzar it's almost as though you are gaslighting yourself. Are you ok man?
  14. Yes and you have stated many times that you believe the official version of events that resulted in the collapse of the towers. Are you Ok man? you forget your own argument and contradict yourself more than anyone I have ever known.
  15. Indeed and favourite tactic of the 0.1% via their media outlets.
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