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  1. Well, certain legal sources give reference to past usage but I haven't seen it defined or mandated in legislation. Do you have a link? That sounds interesting.
  2. Capitalization is the STYLE used on most Government docs. It doesn't have a specific legal meaning on its own and there's not much you can do about it. What is important is how you use it and knowing that the name (no matter the STYLE) issued to you for your use as an entitlement/recognizer is evidence of your personhood within the system.
  3. Great little doc about the benefits of this Indonesian plant and the attempts of local US gov't to quash access to it. I've been using kratom for a couple of years to help deal with sciatica and mild anxiety. In small doses, kratom works very well in dealing with pain, anxiety, and from what I hear, opiate withdrawal. In larger doses it can be inebriating. Different strains bring different results: green and white strains are energizing while red and gold strains are relaxing. An added benefit is it seems to act as a histamine as well as it completely clears up my clogged sinus
  4. Hi Mac, Canada had much the same as I'm sure it was like this all over. My doctor now requires a phone call appt from him ($40) to see if an in-office appt is necessary (also $40). Plandemic? Maybe. It has certainly instituted a new order to things without much resistance despite wildly varying analyses. As for the economy, that has always been out of our hands so there is some leverage being played out here. Personally, I think quarantines and lockdowns, if implemented, should be directed at the ill and at risk. Let the rest of us keep doing our things, safely. We're doing
  5. hiya's, Old forum member here. Just checking in to see what it's like around here these days. Being much less active than I used to be, when the lockdowns hit I barely altered my routines apart from not going to work for 3.5 months. Unlike most, apparently, I enjoyed that immensely. Looking forward to a possible 2nd wave lockdown as people flaunt precautions.
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