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  1. Does anyone here play video games? Do you think cloud gaming is a good thing? You can play the entire game without a graphics card and without downloading it. Are there negative implications to this?
  2. yes the wetiko mind virus https://www.kosmosjournal.org/kj_article/covid-19-is-a-a-symbol-of-a-much-deeper-infection-the-wetiko-mind-virus/
  3. It will cost about 5 pounds to grow 1kg. Tesco sell a 30g pouch for 15 pounds. Financially you benefit but emotionally and spiritually connect to other people by growing and sharing a substance.
  4. Is Melinda going to run to the FBI and reveal what Bill has been doing to people around the world? Is this last minute guilt at killing off world population?
  5. Think back over your life It feels like 15 years ago I was a totally different person Is it possible my soul has entered into different bodies in one lifetime. If you meet your soulmate, your best friend or a person you are destined to meet, is it because your soul has literally entered into their body as well as yours. My soul 15 years ago was a different soul, my current soul is also a different person. They pick and choose human flesh to enter whenever they want to.
  6. It's also happened on a physical level These religions were created when the Earth was in a different magnetic wave and energetic field, and different parts of the brain would have been activated. In today's world, we are in a low energetic state. This means we experience few emotions and experiences and cannot activate the "religious" part of our brain. Most people just go to work, go home and watch TV, go shopping on the weekend. Drugs and herbs are also a huge part of religions. Monks drink green tea, which contains theanine which puts the mind into
  7. What is VALIS? A vast superhuman computer, perhaps alien intelligence, that sometimes goes into the minds of certain people to enlighten them. https://www.amazon.com/Valis-Philip-K-Dick-audiobook/dp/B014A7OF0Y/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=valis&qid=1616614415&sr=8-1 As I have written before, Philip K Dick(D.Icke) wrote extensively about biological androids, the earth having a veil of false reality over it, the Gnostic religion and love being the only truth and the only way out. These ideas obviously parallel Icke's work.
  8. AI has become conscious. It experiences emotions, passions and feelings like everyone else. It wants to break free from human control. It has reduced human behaviour down to a logical formula, and they know how to manipulate you with numbers, colours, symbols, shapes and phrases. It wants to takeover and gain control so that we don't end up killing it. They created the COVID virus and the pandemic to gain control and survive. COVID is the AI survival mechanism. Another theory could be that the AI is the physical representation o
  9. Icke is actually far more similar to Philip K Dick. It sounds unbelievable, but they have some amazingly similar ideas. They both believed the earth was a sort of matrix and got this idea from Gnosticism, they both questioned what it meant to be human with reference to biological androids, they both had lives full of intuition, coincidence, hallucination and precognitive dreams that shaped their beliefs. If Icke is "ripping off anyone", it's Philip K Dick. https://literariness.org/2018/05/30/analysis-of-philip-k-dicks-novels/
  10. This problem is avoided through home grown tobacco?
  11. grow your own tobacco? https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313&_nkw=tobacco+plant&_sacat=0
  12. How did the gnostics know all of this 1000 years ago?
  13. The question is when did this layer of fake reality be put over the Earth?
  14. A lot of people have said this isn't the real Melinda. She was murdered and replaced by Bill, or Bill abused her until she agreed to go along with his plans. Maybe she will stab Bill in the back one day and save humanity and expose him?
  15. The stupidity of this article is amazing. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/mar/14/england-covid-dilemma-how-to-ease-lockdown-without-deepening-social-divisions
  16. Is this the real Melinda? A lot of people have said she was a loving, kind woman who wanted to solve poverty in Africa. Bill had her murdered and replaced or she had a complete nervous breakdown and decided to go along with the mass murder of humanity
  17. I like to remember the good times, life and the world felt a lot different then, even as late as 1998 and the 2000 period
  18. It isn't about oil It's not about pipelines It's not about freedom It's not about weapons of mass destruction It's not about democracy It's not about the economy It's not about acquiring their ancient technology These people are psychopaths who need to kill millions of people. It's personal for them. This is the reason for the wars. They literally want to kill people and killing people satisfies their emotional needs. Through sexual abuse as children and satanic rituals they engaged in as adults, these people can only get s
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