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  1. Very interesting. DO you think the earth changed energy sometimes between 2008-2012 I feel like that is when my life ended, and my dreams are with the people I knew before then
  2. what if..................it's over by summer and we return to normal? They could bluff us and try reverse psychology.
  3. I predict biological terrorist attacks, like Bill Gates keeps warning us about. Actually the terror attacks will be false flags to blame on someone like anti-vaxxers or blame on Trump supporters or some similar group
  4. How does a private zoom meeting between a few lawyers in a random court session become viral?? I think there is more to this.
  5. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/10948-print-your-exemption-badge-for-the-next-rally-here/
  6. This man is spreading the disease throughout the mountain and damaging the NHS and keeping us in lockdown and ruining the economy apparently.
  7. This man is a danger to the public and putting others in danger and damaging the NHS apparently and spreading disease
  8. I thought I had seen these 2 before
  9. It's getting so bad that if Kate and Gerry McCann asked me to go on holiday with them I would have to say yes.
  10. I admire the fact that people can get passionate and argue and debate. I did when I was younger. However I have learned a much better technique to deal with these people - just ignore them. There is nothing they can do. Just don't speak to them. If you speak to them you get dragged into their negative world of anger and control and arguing. You can just ignore people in shops who tell you to wear a mask or whatever nonsense they speak. .
  11. Is this a coded message hidden in plain sight that Epstein and Gates worked together?
  12. These people communicate in codes and practical jokes and subliminal messages. This one is fairly obvious.
  13. Berry.Nice, Milton Keynes , United Kingdom, 16 hours ago If you believed the vaccine would bring the old normality, you were a fool.
  14. https://stolenhistory.net/threads/bio-robots-walk-among-us.213/
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