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  1. what if the vaccine is just a microchip? The liquid is just saltwater with a tiny microchip inside it?
  2. Imagine a virus so deadly that you can wear a mask exemption badge. Just think about that.
  3. this is quite pathetic Before you like, comment or share something online use the SHARE checklist to make sure you’re not contributing to the spread of harmful content: Source - make sure information comes from a trusted source Headline - always read beyond the headline Analyse - check the facts Retouched - does the image or video look as though it has been doctored? Error - look out for bad grammar and spelling
  4. some people said the "disease" was 5g exposure
  5. Slaves protesting that they prefer the old version of slavery to the new one.
  6. there's a few threads saying concentration camps have been built for the people who think covid is made up nonsense so it's more likely i will see you there
  7. so those trucks are for people who oppose a mandatory vaccine
  8. Let's applaud the NHS for doing literally nothing. Incredible. Thankfully it will be too cold and you have a good chance of actually catching the flu by standing outside your house clapping in the freezing cold like a numpty.
  9. It's an interesting place. There is a much different vibe there to the rest of the UK. One area got 84 per cent of the Labour vote. It's the perfect testing ground for the covid nonsense because people there are very open and don't stand bullshit.
  10. Do you think there is a personal hatred towards Liverpool by the Conservatives? They are notoriously anti Conservative, Liverpool has the largest Labour vote in the country, they have lots of open minded people there too. Liverpool were also the first city to go back into full lockdown. They wouldn't dare try this on people, for example from Kent and Surrey.
  11. what are the showers like in these camps? should I bring my own towels? do i get my own wardrobe?
  12. 5000 david icke followers in a concentration camp. How bad could it be really? i'll see you there.
  13. this wins by a mile They have reinvented the english language for a non-existent virus. it's quite incredible.
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