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  1. You think of something, and a day later it shows up in the youtube reccomendations. You have a dream. You download a video game out of thousands, and a level in the game is exactly like the dream you had. An idea pops in your head and you randomly watch a documentary where the idea is mentioned.
  2. What will happen this winter? How bad might it get?
  3. do you believe these statistics? https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/vaccinations Maybe they inflate them to make you believe everyone has got it?
  4. This reminds me of something You can now get on buses with a QR code printed ticket. Someone in my school just photocopied his friend's QR code, printed it, got on the bus. I assume you do the same with the covid pass.
  5. Everything about that video is just wrong. The energy he gives off. His enthusiasm. His childishness. His delusion. wow. Just incredible.
  6. From my understanding, the entire energy field of the Earth was once different and many different parts of our brain would have been activated. The entire human experience would have been a different one. Even our senses and emotions would have been processed differently. The people who run the world have somehow changed the energy field of it. So it makes no difference if we change government, politics, the economic system or anything else that is an external force. Even if they cancelled the Great Reset, and stopped the mass vaccinations - we are still in this reality.
  7. He meant that they cannot release a real virus because they could accidentally kill millions of people and accidentally destroy society. He then says the plan is to destroy society and rebuild it.
  8. I've never used a smartphone. How are people being tracked and being told to stay at home through apps? Sounds utterly absurd.
  9. He has said the virus isn't real. He then says the real virus is in the vaccine.
  10. He has said they would not release a real virus because you lose control of it. He then said it would be too dangerous and unpredictable to leak a real virus from a lab.
  11. They can't release a real virus. But there is a real virus in the vaccine.
  12. Does anyone here play video games? Do you think cloud gaming is a good thing? You can play the entire game without a graphics card and without downloading it. Are there negative implications to this?
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