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  1. Isn't it obvious that the vaccines have destroyed the immune system and now people just get random diseases including monkeypox?
  2. I am worried you are right My question would be this: since everything they do has symbolism and hidden meanings and codes between it, what is the hidden meaning behind monkey pox?
  3. it happened again! I dreamt I was back in my old school, but the walls had been upgraded and it was the same but different after a rennovation. Crazy times.
  4. Is LSD the gateway to the other reality? I do not believe there are thousands of parallel realities, only one.
  5. Do you think people in mental institutions are these people? Do they have great knowledge of other worlds?
  6. In real life, I tend to be quite emotionless and a logical type of person and live a simple type of life However I have noticed in my dreams, I experience this wild ride of intense happiness and love. The whole atmosphere and feeling is different. There is no pain, worry or fear. I am just happily enjoying life with people I know. The reason I mention this is due to a particularly powerful dream I had. The sun is out, and everything feels fine. It's like the whole atmosphere of Earth had changed, everything felt pleasant and the air was pleasing. I am sitting around with a group of people, and we tell each other how happy we are that we are together and that we found each other in this life so that we would never be alone. But what stuck with me the most was how I could feel the atmosphere, and how pleasant it was compared to everyday life. The sun felt different - it wasn't just heat, but as though it was calming somehow. Because of this dream, it gave me the belief that the atmosphere of earth could change, and simple things like the air, water and plant life could be alive and be a luxurious experience. But this ability to experience life is locked away from us. Perhaps the people who run the world know this is a simulation, and they can change the frequency of Earth to make life about survival, worry, anxiety and pain.
  7. We live in a copy of original reality. Can some people enter our world from the original? Who are these people? Why would they join our reality? How do they join us?
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-61372825
  9. I think it depends. Some people are born through satanic rituals and abused as children to become politicians and powerful businessmen and carry on occult traditions through abuse of children - but I don't think the OP meant being born that way. I think people should be born and enjoy life. I believe this because we once lived on Earth alongside alien species who shared their technology with us and life was a utopia. I think the Matrix continues because of people being deliberately born through satanic ritual. These people born through pain and abuse carry on the pain like George Bush - an obvious example. People born through love and nature are the people who we need to defeat the New World Order, God exists through these people. This is before we even begin to discuss human/android hybrids and even alien/human hybrids who I believe live amongst us.
  10. extraordinary It's shocking how people behaved over the last 2 years
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