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  1. I love animals. I myself have pets. Sure, they have enough rubbish and clutter, but what can replace the dull, purring cat that sleeps in your arms? It's priceless! Here is my cat!
  2. Great! No, of course, in films about space travel, everything is clearer, but this is a real image, not a painted one. I think that soon humanity will take a step towards studying the planets in even more detail. There will be even more powerful optics and electronics. We are lucky to live in an age when miracles become reality.
  3. I very often hear that this coronavirus was created artificially and then they simply could not stop it during the tests. You can believe it. I just do not understand how they wanted to restrain him? People cannot be locked in their homes for life - they will still go to the store to shop, contact someone. It has been said more than once that Bill Gates wants to reduce the world's population. Did you think this virus is 100% the right way? Look how fast it is transmitted! Yes, the mortality rate is not high, but hospitals simply cannot cope with the number of cases, there are not enough doctors. I may be wrong in my assumptions, I am not an expert. But this whole story looks strange. I think that even those who do not believe in the conspiracy think about this oddity.
  4. I recommend reading Orwell's "1984". But the best I've read is "Atlas Shrugged", Ayn Rand. While reading "Atlas Shrugged", I was just shocked by how much the written in the novel relates to real modern life. Naturally, some exaggeration, but still a novel written about 100 years ago so accurately describes what is happening in the world. This is amazing.
  5. It's okay, I understand. I, like all girls, can occasionally say nonsense and oddities. But my house is really tidy, I'm a little freaky clean. If something is out of place, it annoys me.
  6. Not so long ago I started collecting diamond mosaics. I order frames and get a great gift, and most importantly - a unique one. There are photos of 4 finished works and 1 more in the process of assembly. I will show her photo as well. I think my work can qualify to be posted in this section. Thanks!
  7. Whoa! Looks fantastic! Especially pictures of the moon. It's just incredible. We are so used to seeing it in the sky, but not many can see it so clearly. Of course, everyone can buy a telescope for themselves, but you need to know how to use such a device in order to be able to see the Moon closer than usual. Or watch Mars.
  8. That's for sure. I have no time to get bored. I would have time for everything and not fall Hey. I'm just not a great specialist in stories about myself. In the sense that it's easier for me to answer a question than just come up with what it means to say that will be interesting to others. I can spend hours talking about my pets and indoor flowers. But I think you'll quickly get tired of this flow of text
  9. Well, for the environment, the coronavirus is really good. We ourselves are destroying our planet so much that cataclysms all over the world are not surprising (more frequent fires, droughts, tornadoes, and in arid regions - rainfall and hail). Even the mutation of viruses and the adaptation of bacteria - there must be a balance. A person should not do anything with impunity. Nature itself copes, bringing its own balance. Maybe someone will say that I am talking nonsense, but look at the number and scale of natural disasters over the past 5-7 years. They have become more frequent, more powerful. If humanity does not think about its way of life, even greater disasters await us. Therefore, we are preparing mentally.
  10. Something tells me that these mushrooms are poisonous. I would not touch mushrooms, the edibility of which is not sure.
  11. Hello! My name is Leslie, I am 29 years old and I am a housewife. Everything in my house should be clean and perfect - then my relatives are happy and satisfied. I love to cook, I look after my health and the health of my family, so we try to eat only healthy foods and not overuse calories. I am fond of fitness, I run every morning. In the evenings we watch movies with the family. When I do household chores or cook something, I definitely listen to music. It turns out that I have a lot of different interests and activities, although I kind of "just sit at home."
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