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  1. Thank you, found this on here, very informative, will man up and say no. https://www.bitchute.com/video/8TPkNpUOUCgH/
  2. A humorous thought came to me after writing that. I'm not religious in any way but I think The experience could bring be closer to Jesus, he was nailed to the cross to pay for humanity's sins, like him i too will be impaled for society's sin of not rising up when it counted! Probably just like him my only thought will be, you buggers!
  3. Hi friends, I don't post much but I'm after some advice from anyone who has taken the time to research, and hopefully suggestions made here will be useful for people in future. So I am so called high risk (health condition). Im under considerable pressure from family & friends to take the jab, the kind of pressure that disowns you if you don't . Their arguments they will insist are justified by others close to us who have died, this is all very unfair you will agree and I already hear your arguments. You will say I should not listen and if they do not respect my wishes I should not value them and not let them control me. Fair enough, I get it, but they are family, please don't judge me on this, I know I'm being weak, I look at it like this (and most of adult society for that matter) they are just basically grown up kids, they cannot understand, they are just not at the level of spiritual consciousness to see a bigger picture, swamped by the media the masses have no choice but to just basically follow out their unconscious orders. It not going to be just me though is it! If things go to plan most of you here will surely join me, that's if you want a holiday, job, bank account, then further down the line those who refuse will face prison time no doubt if they get their way. So I have accepted my fate, it's too late for me now, after the jab, I will still have my positive mind, I am already looking at what I can control. I am planning a stricter meditation regime, researching my diet with a view to turn vegan. I plan to raise my spiritual consciousness awareness (or at least maintain it) and to embrace life. My question to you is what advise can you give on detoxing from this awful COVID vaccine? From the metals or whatever is in it? Of course as we know it's not a one off jab, it will be a way of life. I have not researched this area so wanted to put it out there. Wish me luck friends, and same to you if/when your time comes.
  4. I'm not saying it's because she's into conspiracies, she's very stubborn like some elderly people tend to be and does not like to be told what to do. I wonder if they've underestimated our seniors.
  5. So true story, my mum was upset about it and told me today. My grandma who is 94 was offered the jab, constantly bugged by family and care workers encouraging her to do it she apparently told them one by one to screw off. You have to bare in mind this lady has never used the web and only has tv and other elderly folks for information. I think she is very in touch with her intuition, I hope she will be ok and has made the right choice, at least it's her choice, I couldn't help thinking "way to go grandma".
  6. It was 2004, my childhood best friend decided he would drag me along to a talk at Brixton academy from this guy who I'd never heard of, David Icke. Me and my friend had been best friends since childhood, went to the same school and i would best describe us as alternative thinkers, we spent literally years every school lunchtime debating life the universe and everything, we had the most engaging talks ever, suffice to say this was not normal behaviour and as such we were social outcasts, but we didn't care. We were however always at polar opposites, he was a guy of science and maths, he loved the physical, what could be proved and certainly did not believe in any life after death nonsense, but he loved conspiracies, a talented musician, grade 8 pianist and violinist in a rough rundown working class school he was the only person in that school that played piano, and strangely no-one took the piss or beat him up for it as even the bullies could see how good he was and weirdly respected it. He was without a doubt the most talented and intellectual person I've ever known, and I could never beat him in a debate. At age 18 he could tell you everything about banking, he loved fractional reserve banking conspiracies, could talk for hours on the subject, he knew the markets, the lot, if he'd been born to money he would have made a great stock broker. With my vastly different airy fairy beliefs in re-incarnation and spiritual outlook on life we always had plenty to talk about and our differences made for great debates. We would take the piss out of each other and have fun but end of the day he respected my beliefs and I his. I would always point out to him the fact that he dwelled on the negative while I had the positive outlook. Years before the Icke talk my Nan, a very intuitive lady, a descendent from a long line of Russian gypsies no less, had already swayed me and passed her knowledge on to me about the spirit world, conciseness, the hidden hand, and alike that David talks about. By 2004 I was starting to getting worried for my friend, by now he was obsessed by conspiracies, the 2001 twin towers was still a hot topic along with the gulf wars, banking conspiracies and financial corruption (some years before the 2008 crash) I had no interest in any of that really but to support my friend I sat there for the first two parts of the talk (about 4 hours) listening to mr Icke talk about mostly about conspiracies of various sorts. My ass hurt, Although, I was intrigued by what he said mainly I just remember the pain In my ass from those uncomfortable chairs, anyone who was there will know. Then part 3 came and wow, for this section was all about consciousness, the spiritual side, I listened as mr Icke explained the very same information my Nana had told to me when I was a kid, it was quite moving and a form of confirmation for me to have someone from a different background explain the same things, but to my friend as always that side of things was just a step to far. I actually queued at the end to meet David Icke as I wanted to speak to him about some of my nans experiences, but in the chaos of a big organised event such as it was it was not possible. In the years that followed after loosing a child my friends mental health deteriorated, while we continued our talks to an extent as at school I was very worried for him, whatever I did I could not stop him from dwelling on the negatives, he suffered from severe depression, anxiety and eventually diagnosed with bi-polar, as time went on he got even worse, more paranoid, health declined, he gained weight from the vast array of meds we was prescribed. He died last year of a stroke aged just 42 leaving behind a wife and 2 children. I beat myself up for not trying harder to help him more, but I know the awful negativity he was up against in his life, the conspiracies were not to blame but did him no favours , and while I know he tried to get over it, for him it was always a loosing battle. But my lost argument still stands for those that can listen, focus on the positives, not the negatives, rest in peace my friend.
  7. Also don't forget as you said they are conformists. This isn't just a choice they make, its a stage of conciseness development, most people are in the conventional stage which means they will conform, and cannot be told otherwise ( you will have noticed that) there are many stages, most on here including me will be post conventional lower end. my reference for saying all this Is the video below, this guy made a lot of sense to me but as always it's just information, you make your own mind up.
  8. It may be there was no fight initially as life was made bare-able for the masses what with furlough and schemes. When really put to the test I guess we will see.
  9. There is that saying (might be David’s) that goes something like “imagine there was a war and nobody showed up” Well, guess what, there is a war, it’s an information war, and we the people are the ones who never showed up, humanity has rolled over and surrendered without a fight, how could we be so weak, how will our children and generations to come think of us, we who had the chance to turn the tide against evil but chose instead to sleepwalk ourselves into Orwell’s 1984. May our children forgive us and may they have balls to stand up to fight for the rights we have given away.
  10. Reminds me of the french resistance for some reason, I’m sure they must have said some crap like that in Paris as the Nazi tanks rolled in, no matter how powerless, disheartened and downtrodden we are there is always hope for a better future one day.
  11. I was taking cbd capsules for about a year and at first there was a noticeable positive difference; I felt focused, less stressed and just overall good and positive. This wore off after a few months however, I assume I just got used to it, built up tolerance and I stopped noticing any of the initial positives. 6 months ago (missing that goodness) I decided to up the dose to see if I could experience those benefits once again. I switched to oil 500mg from what I have researched to be a reputable place (cbdrelieve.co.uk) and I'm sure they are. Much stronger than the capsules this time I found I started to experience a totally unexpected and much unwanted side effect, confusion and forgetfulness. Yes my short term memory was getting worse, i was getting seriously worried, I've always been a forgetful guy but this was a lot more noticeable now, even with people around me starting to get concerned, my first thoughts were maybe I'm getting old, or one of my worst fears maybe it's the start of some terrible disease dare I say it like Alzheimer's. Now I funnily enough had felt much like this before, in my early 20s as a student I did dabble shall we say quite a bit, and every time I got high with my friends I would often end up being the topic of our stoned conversations an they would laugh and wonder at me and my inability to follow a conversation. Once I tried paying my friend for a lift home as I genuinely thought I was in a taxi, luckily managed to make out to be a joke, but I could tell he was worried, yep I was that bad. I hid best I could from them just how bad I knew I really was, inside myself I can tell you I was really scared with massive confusion , I couldn't follow conversations, but worse faces, places etc were a mystery to me like one would expect with someone suffering from Alzheimer's or the like, I knew those type of effects could be common but it always seemed to effect me way more than others, scared me to the point where I stopped it all and I gladly returned to normality. So when this problem started coming back to me all these years later although not as bad but noticeable that's it I thought, I stopped the cbd and a within a few weeks later was back to my usual self. I was able to sense the changes in myself very quickly and could recognise it from past experiences. These days I have a mind taxing job (I'm a programmer) and if I may big myself up a very good regular online chess player, I was able to very quickly sense my decline in those activities with my intake of the oil. I had no expectation that may happen and from my research was even expecting an increase in cognitive ability. In conclusion like people here have already said cbd is a very personal thing it effects everyone differently at different levels, I've found it does not agree with me, at least in a higher doses. I think if you're going to take it you need to really be scientific about it and have your ways to measure the effects good and bad. Lastly, as someone who has experienced losing ones mind i can tell you it is the single most scariest experience of my life, luckily for me the effects were temporary, i hope, I would rather die than live a life of that level of confusion and feel for anyone suffering with a terrible disease such as Alzheimer's, dimentia or the like. As a result these days try to take the best care of myself and family when it comes to diet and nutrition and don't experiment with cbd or anything like anymore. Simple healthy eating is all you really need, we all know it, but often the lure of a quick fix is too great.
  12. Loved Bill Hicks, what a legend. It's definitely time to strap in and and hold on tight
  13. Lucky for them they turned the comments off lol
  14. This clip beautifully and simply sums up the worst trait of our species, this would probably be the conclusion of any civilised aliens looking to sum us up too. great film also.
  15. As the war is lost, the only hope will be to play the system, I will just say I've had it, change doctors, o I had it with my last doc and they must not have recorded it, or I maybe say had it already at the pharmacy, i will just say I am pro vax and had it right at the start but it was not recorded properly day one. Eventually we may be able to get a fake paperwork/permit or something. You see we are the resistance, the war is lost we must now do anything to seemingly conform and confuse the enemy. As for my family they will all be queueing up with the rest of the country. We are truly a unique and dying breed of people here, peace and good luck to you all.
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