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  1. Thank you, found this on here, very informative, will man up and say no. https://www.bitchute.com/video/8TPkNpUOUCgH/
  2. A humorous thought came to me after writing that. I'm not religious in any way but I think The experience could bring be closer to Jesus, he was nailed to the cross to pay for humanity's sins, like him i too will be impaled for society's sin of not rising up when it counted! Probably just like him my only thought will be, you buggers!
  3. Hi friends, I don't post much but I'm after some advice from anyone who has taken the time to research, and hopefully suggestions made here will be useful for people in future. So I am so called high risk (health condition). Im under considerable pressure from family & friends to take the jab, the kind of pressure that disowns you if you don't . Their arguments they will insist are justified by others close to us who have died, this is all very unfair you will agree and I already hear your arguments. You will say I should not listen and if they do not respect my wishes
  4. It was 2004, my childhood best friend decided he would drag me along to a talk at Brixton academy from this guy who I'd never heard of, David Icke. Me and my friend had been best friends since childhood, went to the same school and i would best describe us as alternative thinkers, we spent literally years every school lunchtime debating life the universe and everything, we had the most engaging talks ever, suffice to say this was not normal behaviour and as such we were social outcasts, but we didn't care. We were however always at polar opposites, he was a guy of science and maths, he loved
  5. Also don't forget as you said they are conformists. This isn't just a choice they make, its a stage of conciseness development, most people are in the conventional stage which means they will conform, and cannot be told otherwise ( you will have noticed that) there are many stages, most on here including me will be post conventional lower end. my reference for saying all this Is the video below, this guy made a lot of sense to me but as always it's just information, you make your own mind up.
  6. Reminds me of the french resistance for some reason, I’m sure they must have said some crap like that in Paris as the Nazi tanks rolled in, no matter how powerless, disheartened and downtrodden we are there is always hope for a better future one day.
  7. I was taking cbd capsules for about a year and at first there was a noticeable positive difference; I felt focused, less stressed and just overall good and positive. This wore off after a few months however, I assume I just got used to it, built up tolerance and I stopped noticing any of the initial positives. 6 months ago (missing that goodness) I decided to up the dose to see if I could experience those benefits once again. I switched to oil 500mg from what I have researched to be a reputable place (cbdrelieve.co.uk) and I'm sure they are. Much stronger than the capsules this time I foun
  8. Loved Bill Hicks, what a legend. It's definitely time to strap in and and hold on tight
  9. Lucky for them they turned the comments off lol
  10. This clip beautifully and simply sums up the worst trait of our species, this would probably be the conclusion of any civilised aliens looking to sum us up too. great film also.
  11. As the war is lost, the only hope will be to play the system, I will just say I've had it, change doctors, o I had it with my last doc and they must not have recorded it, or I maybe say had it already at the pharmacy, i will just say I am pro vax and had it right at the start but it was not recorded properly day one. Eventually we may be able to get a fake paperwork/permit or something. You see we are the resistance, the war is lost we must now do anything to seemingly conform and confuse the enemy. As for my family they will all be queueing up with the rest of the country. We are truly a
  12. I jumped to the image before reading your post, was a level 2 ,but I am a programmer and a chess player so my life experience was in the way
  13. Super creep alright. Watch while it's still up
  14. sorry I don't have any links as it was just on. So it's pretty obvious the world has been moving exponentially faster towards a very dark place. Just this morning on the Andrew Marr show on bbc this morning Jo Stevens (shadow culture secretary) announced they are making moves to further silence any what they call dis-information off social media, no mention of free speech at all. This is our next loosing battle and is already spreading much further, next we wil not being able to buy any controversial books online (Icke books and the like), sites like this being made illegal with
  15. Sure, I don't think it hurts to look at possibilities and be open minded , i am new to this forum and not sure if this is the place for out of the box ideas yet or not. I too always felt like that as a kid and learned others had same ideas later
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