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  1. Here is some more information about it:



    The headline that 76000 get released today is a bit sensational, as its not true.

    76000 will have their sentenced shortend if they show good behaviour.


    "The releases are expected to occur in the coming months and years as sentences end earlier in a state that's already gripped by rising violent crime."


    However, it is of course justified to question why this occurs and thats where the real concern lies.

  2. 2 hours ago, Oxide said:

    Perhaps her conscience has spoken to her as she may know what agenda Bill is following and helping roll out, and what he's involved with.

    But, I wouldn't hold my breath for a "tell all" press conference or a tacky Oprah interview. She'll have to sign all sorts of agreements to keep her mouth shut - because there could be an "accident" with her name on it.


    Make no mistake, Melinda Gates is/was together with Bill Gates a long time. They didnt start their illegal activities yesterday.

    They do that for a very long time and its not called the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation for nothing.

    These people have no empathy, so do not search for any.

    They are all criminals.

    People like to interpret a lot into situations like divorce. It can be many things, but it is for 100% not because she now all of a sudden turned from criminal into saint.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    Very good points. I would also add that on top of all the brainwashing, we now have all this chemical and EM radiation shite all around us and inside of us and god knows what that is doing. We are the most poisioned and dumbed down crop of humans LITERALLY in all of history. Incredible when you think about it.


    I think we are living at the end times, as stupid as this might sound.

    If humans dont wake up quickly, this will be a point of no return and we as a species will be doomed.

    The earth will eventually recover. Humans wont and i have to say, personally i wouldnt want to be born into this world anyway. Its not a life worth living if your freedom is stripped away from you.

  4. 7 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    This current generation of humans have really let the species and the civilisation down. Future historians will talk about us like they talk about the end times of the Roman Empire.


    I think what is happening right now is soly possible due to long time exposure to missinformation, social media and human events that proofed to be camouflaged sucessfuly as history.

    Time and time again humans have shown how easy it is to manipulate them into a certain direction, especially in the last 40-50 years. (Although this isnt something new, it has a reached a new alltime high)

    If someone looks at the year 2020 from a neutral perspective and still thinks all is fine, all is at should be, all is handled well, that someone will never understand anything in this world. (Maybe he or she will understand how to use an electronic device, but not anything related to how the world functions or who runs it.)


    The fact alone that something like this what we experience now CAN actually happen, tells you a lot how much humans as a species got degenerated into mindless meat robots. They think they know something, while in reality they dont know shit.

  5. 5 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    All you have to do is read the product information. The regulators and companies tell you it's not safe:




    If people want to be wankers and take it anyway, well they basically deserve what they get.


    Yes, sure, as i said, if people dont inform themself or their doctor cannot inform them properly, its their own decision, own consequence, whatever may happen to them.


  6. 4 hours ago, Nats and dogs said:

    My parents have both had the vaccine, and they say they had no side effects, but I disagree. About 3 months after getting the 1st one my mother's hearing changed and her speech changed, it became a lot slower, and she she couldn't hear very well. That was upsetting. But sadly they didn't want to listen to anything.

    A week after the 2nd experimental one my mother didn't sound good at all, and she landed up in hospital with pneumonia and has been there for nearly 2 weeks, she's never had pneumonia before. I know it's possible with a lung infection to affect your ears as they can become blocked, but it shouldn't affect your speech like that. We hear about all these blood clots, but maybe this has caused a stroke of some kind that can affect the speech? They don't connect any of this to the vaccine, maybe they never will. 


    Listen, i dont want to put more fear arround, as this clearly doesent help, but i still need to get this off my chest.

    As these are experimental vaccines and no one has yet an idea what the consequences of those are, since they werent tested before, its uncertain what can happen to you in the future if you took it. (your parents in that regard)

    It is entirely possible that your own immune system can overcome even that poison, thats not out of the discussion, but there are dangers involved that can cause problems in years time.

    The biggest concern right now is when the actual next flu season starts and the injected get confronted with a real infection. If they then can overcome that, is yet to be seen.


    Anyway as the posters before already said, if you get health problems in 1 or 2 years because of the vaccine, how do you gonna proof it? You cant. And thats exactly why the manufacturers of those vaccines will always deny any relation.

    They even deny links after a couple of days, how are then the chances for it months or years ahead? Nada. Zero.


    Once you took the agent, you are basically on your own and have to deal with its consequences. Its not rocket science actually. If you dont know the ingridient of something that gets injected directlys into your body, you should at least research the potential dangerous, or if possible its ingredients. If the doctors cannot tell you the ingredients or the possible side effects, you shouldnt take it.


    But i guess you all know that, but somehow your parents totally trust the big pharma industry. Im really sry that it came to that and i hope for the best. But it was their decision, their bodies, so its not your fault either. If someone is an adult and takes this agent, its their health, their life.


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  7. Nasa:

    1990 : We are going to the moon

    2000: No really we are going to the moon

    2005: You guessed it, we are going to the moon

    2010: Yes, i know you might got this confirmation a lot of times, we are going

    2014: The moon it is

    2019: We will go, no doubt

    2021: Yes, you heard right, we will go to the moon

    Continue at will,...its the Neverending Story from Michael Ende


    There will never be a human on the moons surface. You simply cannot survive there.

    Not in 100 and not in 1000 years.

    And somehow i am damn glad about that.

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  8. On 4/8/2021 at 8:57 PM, KingKitty said:

    And why is this not the top story of every fake, 24 hour news station? Not in any of the "trending" news on YouTube, either.


    Ive seen this question so much and i have to intrerpret it soly as to "what does this tell us about the state of the news media in general?"

    Otherwise this question answers itself.

    A thief does not hand him/herself out to the police. Thats the simplicity in it.


    There is nothing to really understand. Someone that is involved in a crime itself does not expose him/herself.


    Anyway, this child-traffic business is beyond comprehension for any human being with a spark of empathy.

    Its to me the sickest thing humans can actually do. There is no worse than that. Its the bottom. There is nothing more evil and a topic i cannot investigate too much on as it would destroy me from the inside.






  9. On 4/6/2021 at 9:55 PM, Shining-one said:

    I have to disagree. I always regarded conspiracy theories with skepticism. Here's why in this case:
    Every single government would have to be persuaded to go along with a plan to depopulate their territories. Now, the fact the Slavic and Russian populations span into serious decline after the fall of the USSR was of major concern to Putin. Putinism made every effort to restore the armed forces and increase living standards. It's most definitely not typical of Putin to be persuaded to lower the population even more. In fact, we're more than ever at the edge of WW3 due to the conflict with NATO.
    Add to that the Sputnik vaccine is likewise a point of economic competition. Here there is no co-operation whatsoever.
    We can look at many other countries from Japan to Chile. All of them would have had to miraculously agree to a secret plot and be convinced it was a viable alternative. Personally I very much doubt it Especially in light of the fact State security has been infiltrated by hackers - huge data bases in the USA accessed.
    If such a plot existed, there would be dissidents, assasinations and whisteblowers.
    So, what is it?
    My good guess is the biological virus exists but has been gradually exaggerated through mass hysteria and social delusion. It started off as "a problem" but is now a global religion. It's the classic fairy tale of the king's invisible suit. How clever people think they are when claiming only they can distinguish the genius of a suit that makes a man only seem naked. Likewise I don't believe Merkel struts about in her muzzle because she wants to fool the German voters into population control. She actually believes in the Covid religion.
    This is all pretty much identical to the mass hysteria over witchcraft that swept Europe. Right down to the bogus tests, social ignorance and manipulation by profiteers.
    Sure, drug corporations are milking the fear to make profit. And that is criminally immoral as well as downright dangerous. Specifically why they can collectively stuff their experimental vaccine in the most appropriate place.


    Lets put this in perspective.

    I live in a country with 83 million people. Right now round about 3-4 people decide the course of action that is taken over those 83 million. That isnt a conspiracy, thats how it works right now.

    Before "Covid" it wasnt much different either. Round about 1000 people in top positions decided whats going to happen and what is not.


    If you realize that this is already an insane relation to the total population of any given country, you realize it isnt that hard to see that soly a couple of people can indeed control the world.

    Lets look from the country to the European Union, a Union that has lots of control over the majority of European States. Put this into proportion of the total number of citizens and you can see again, its madness.


    The elite does nothing by chance. They didnt wait until a virus appeared and suddenly could pull all of this nonsense. Such things need to be prepared for, as 9/11 was prepared for. They know what they are doing, they set dates. They have a timeframe. They even make those dates to some extend puplically available. They dont hide it.


    There is really not much of a conspiracy to be found. You know simply by looking arround yourself, by simply observing the situation by first hand experience that this isnt soly based on each and every country individually.

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  10. 3 hours ago, ItsTheTruthThough said:

    It’s so tough isn’t it - I completely understand that feeling of watching those you love walk to their own doom and that helpless feeling of trying in vain to stop it when all it seems you can do is watch. I think most of us here have a similar story.


    In many cases however I don’t think there is anything we can do or say once someone has made up their mind, especially if they are so brainwashed and/or choosing to stay asleep. With your girlfriend, I see you say that she thinks life will return to normal if she accepts this jab. We know that’s not the case (other than being allowed to work etc) does she know that’s not only against basic human rights and Nuremberg code etc so can be won in court? Also does she know about this future not being normal in any way for those who have the jab, as there is plenty of evidence out there which if she sees may change her mind since she is already partially open. In the UK, those who have had the jab have the exact same life as an unvaccinated person. There is no ‘normal’ either way. 


    Flighing is possible if you obey to the rules, aka face masks and if you get vaccinated.

    But this "freedom" is bought and has implications for others.

    You are correct, taking the jab wont give you your life back we knew. It just gives you some permissions you otherwise are unable to do.


    One also can run away to a different place, but that wont change anything for others too.

    This is a stonecold calculated agenda and it requires hard decisions and standpoints. There is no easy way out anymore. That train is gone.

  11. I had the exact same conversation with one of my neighbours.

    He is 72, is grandfather, knows exactly whats going on and still would take the jab, just to life his last moments on earth without trouble and yes, from his perspective it makes sense and i also understand that view.

    "Understanding" is the word here, but i would not do it myself in his position.

    This is a fight for the whole of humanity and its future generations, especially the young.

    If you accept the jab and fully know why its implemented, know the scientific basis behind it, know why we have lockdowns and so on, you accept tyranny and as i said many times here on this forum and elsewhere, bowing to tyranny has far greater imapcts thatn just your own life. It has consequences that will create suffering for others.


    Just because the consequences are not immediatly seen and cannot be backtraced to you specifically, doesent mean it aint happening.

    Its like someone is comitting sucicide. The effcts and the suffering for others are immediatly visible. The same applies here with the exception that the effcts take a lot longer to kick in.

    By fully knowing and understaning that i cannot accept the jab, let alone the wearing of face masks or obeying to lockdown rules. I just dont accept them.

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  12. 17 minutes ago, rideforever said:



    It is easy to point out the flaws in the world, but who can point out how it should be.

    That is the critical thing ... how should it be?

    When things go well nobody notices.

    How things should be?  Well we need physical-emotional-intellectual activities to remain sane.  These have been destroyed by gigantic corporations that have replaced countless small businessess.  No you are left with 2 options only, stare at the screen or work in a factory.

    It has been incredible damage to human beings.  Because with work, competition, responsibility and wholesome meaningful activities ... you live by slowly dying.

    You must live normally to feel alive, to feel meaning, that means physical emotional intellectual.

    The food is dying, the culture is dying.

    These gigantic corporations, the debt based money, the destruction of family, tradition and natural world.

    All these things means that we are planted in deeply diseased soil.

    Probably the things most important are :

    - corporations

    - debt based money


    ... fix those two and everything else will follow.



    I think people need to learn again how to spend time with themself without the need for others.

    Humans need a lot of healing and it is found when you give yourself a lot of breathing room, when you just relax and spend some time with yourself.

    That opens something up. That gives you the tools to deal with situations and it allows for growth within yourself.

    If you are constantly distracted you are constantly hunting plessure in the outside, addicted to whatever is popular.


    Giant corporations only sell products. They advertise, like they advertise everything. Its always the same principle/method.

    They would not need to advetise you something if you would be perfectly happy with yourself and what you have. That would not work.

    Same with this Covid Bogus. Only trough constant bombardment (advertising this shit), people get afraid. They are no happy beings, they need healing.

    They need to trust in their own bodies and not some stuff that magically fixes a problem, lol. That never occured.


    Problems are fixed if you start to think for yourself, which can happen if you let your mind some breathing room.

  13. On 2/8/2021 at 3:13 AM, Outsider said:

    They won't wake up, I've tried subtle suggestions, direct argument, quotes, newspaper articles, books, films, hours and hours of time and energy! But I've failed.

    I don't know if it's the propaganda (that can only have an affect for a short time surely?) Or the mask, I fear that the mask wearing is causing brain damage to parts of the brain that allow you to think deeply and have a natural curiosity. The more often it's worn, the more damage occurs....no way back. 

    From despair to where?


    Imo it has nothing to do with masks.

    The ignorance was there beforehand, only it was about topics that did not directly influence them.

    They were ignorant back then and are equally ignorant now.

    When we talk about mobile/smart phones then we might be on to something. Social media at all times does something to the human pschy. It makes you dumber and addicted to attention.

    Your whole energy is directed towards that stuff and you are constantly occupied by the general percepition of the masses. Whereever the mass follows, you follow suit.

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  14. On 2/23/2021 at 11:50 PM, shabbirss said:


    sometimes i get this too. i laugh at them and move on


    Ignorance seems to be bliss.

    In what world i would say something is wrong before even watched it. These people are next level and there are millions of that kind.

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  15. On 1/23/2021 at 12:13 AM, mathewtwatson said:

    People actually want forced vaccinations now, my mother works in a co-op supermarket. and shes heard this a few times now. Its a bad bad day when human beings dont even realise that by their own belief system if they follow if  5 people are in the room n 4 get vaccinated n 1 doesnt...hes still a threat...pin him down n inject him.....then it blows wide open there fuckin argument.


    i cant believe that its got to this......


    today this 800 pound fine in the uk............how can people not see that there pricing there fines so theres more chance of them getting paid no questions asked...everythings strategic....... fucking nuts


    When people ask how long this shit will last, i tell them it will last round about 10 years, which is the timeframe i set for myself which i hold possible until an overwhelming part of human society will kick back. But its uncertain.

    What many dont get is, that this right here is the new normal, forever. It wont change for the better in 10,20,30,50 or 100 years, unless people wont accept it.

    And thats roughly the timeframe i think is possible (10 years)

    It all depends on the young folks, which as of right now is a grim outlook as the young to my knowledge and experience are the ones that applaud the restrictions the most/or blindly accept them.


    What was the comment from one guy i met?

    Its unpleasant, but necessary.

    Yeah, right.....

    I like what OP has done and i congratulate him for archieving the next to impossible task. Thats something i couldnt have done. Where i live it wouldnt even have gotten to the point to show anyone a video. All information that could be in there is wrong, before they even have watched it and therfore wont watch it. Lol. Thats the sentiment i receive.

  16. Just now, EnigmaticWorld said:


    I highly doubt these are German decisions.


    We dont know that.

    What we do know is that there is a general consensus on the agenda, which is of course logic.

    How much freedom these political puppets is given to them is however hard to tell.

    I actually do think there is some room to play within these actions. (can't proof that for certain, its just my standpoint)

    I mean why in the nine worlds would germany be the first place to install these?

  17. 1 hour ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


    They ARE the enemy.

    You can check back on my posts going back to last summer stating this.

    A few on here told me I was wrong and should be more compassionate towards the braindead when I said they were as big a danger to us as the vermin perpetrating the covid hoax as their compliance was going to take us all down with them.

    I said it then and I'll say it again.....In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

    fuck the lot of 'em........can't wait to see 'em all eventually keeling over after their injections.


    I totally get your sentiment.

    Actions cause consequences and right now many people are not aware of their consequences.

    If an uninformed human being that clearly has no idea what he or she is talking about talks nonsense on any forum, social media or even does simple things like clicking the like button to an extended lockdown video, it has an effect. Its not an immediatly visible effect, but it does have an effect to some degree.

    Same goes with masks. One might think, what harm does it to simply put on a mask for 15 minutes, if it makes your life easier right?

    Well, in the summary of things you contribute to the problems we have right now if you go along with it.

    Thats why every voice counts, every action matters.

    This is also the reason why i get so fed up with comments on social media platforms that are dumber than bread.

    Uninformed but a big mouth.

    Its especially hard with people you know. I really need to keep myself together when they repeat the nonsense that was fed to them by the MSM.

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  18. The guy on the right would not want to be in the same room with me.

    I can swallow a lot but this dude would have problems right now. I am legit at the verge to throw up.

    I cannot pack it into words how abnormally this is.

    Here sits a dude with his guitar and motivates his children to advertise murder. Ive seen a lot, but this THIS is really sick.


    Yes lets take a biological agent, that got not approved, not tested, is known to have serious consequences for people that can kill them and already did and this self rightous uninformed twisted piece of shit bastard sits there and thinks he is the one who understands science.


    I can't,...i simply can't. I always think i have seen it all, but there is always something that tops even that.



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